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Cocktails & Strangers


"I seriously can't believe we're still doing this after all this time, Shauna. You call me up, we make up some excuse about a "girls" night to the guys, take more time getting dolled up than we do for them, meet in a sexy bar, and still pretend for the first hour (and first two drinks) that we're just interested in catching up." The girls both doubled over with laughter at what seemed now to be silly. "Why don't you just call me up and say, "Hey - you are the sexiest thing in the world - and I miss you..." and it would definitely take away some of the nerves!"

It was true. Shauna and Alex had known each other for what seemed like forever. They met just after both had finished high school - and had seen each other through so many dud relationships. Their friendship was fun, but they had that history behind them to make it even more meaningful when they got together again.

They were both bombshells - although with very different characteristics. Shauna had long, slightly curly shiny black hair and piercing green eyes with olive skin - and a body that was naturally goddess-like. Long thin legs with a small waist, but very curvy hips and big round breasts. Alex was a honey blonde colour, with very tanned skin and a very athletic body thanks to all the years of gym and swimming. They were both tall for girls and had a presence about them that oozed self-confidence, without being snobby. Both were relaxed, happy and loved to laugh more than anything.

After the fourth or fifth drink in the lobby of the hotel, both girls were decidedly loosened up, and started to forget their surroundings. Although they were never ashamed for people to know that they were more than just good friends, they realised the 'less is more' approach was much more exciting. Every now and then, they would brush each other's thighs cheekily, passing it off to be just a coincidence in the middle of fits of laughter.

As the night wore on and people flooded the bar, the music got louder and their world started to become smaller and more focused on each other. The lounge and table they were seated at allowed enough room for each of them to place their hands on each others inner thighs without being noticed while they happily chatted away. Neither of them were rushing - they had booked a suite for the night, and wanted to delay the pleasure until it was unbearable.

They squealed with delight as they heard the beginning of one of their favourite songs, "Don't Let Go", by En Vogue which had them quickly sashaying up to the dance floor. The song sounded so powerful and sexy - and while it didn't need a slow dance, it was definitely a bump and grind song. Caring about no one anymore, the girls started their moves. Dancing a foot away from each other, they cleverly touched each other's waists every now and then, and manoeuvred their thighs beautifully so they could slowly gyrate on each other's bodies.

After the song, Alex could wait no longer. She ordered two of their favourite creamy cocktails and asked for them to be sent to their room. As soon as the lift doors closed - they realised they were finally alone. Shauna pressed Alex into one of the elevator walls and pushed hard into her body. The taste of scotch and her feminine kiss was so hot. Shauna gently pulled back, realising they were about to reach their floor, and knowing that the best sex with Alex was always done slowly.

They stared and giggled at each other on the walk back to their room. Once inside the suite, the doorbell rang delivering their cocktails. Alex was sufficiently fuelled up on alcohol to give the boy at the door a chance at sweet dreams that night, when she stood behind Shauna and playfully lifted the strap from her dress off of her shoulder and gave the area gentle kisses while keeping complete eye contact with the poor boy at the door.

They screamed with laughter as they shut the door and headed out onto the balcony with their drinks. The view was spectacular. They had booked a suite overlooking the ocean and tonight was absolutely perfect on the water. They could smell the salt in the air, and the breeze was starting to get to work on their bodies, too. Shauna looked down and laughed as she saw Alex's nipples pressing through the tight blue dress she was wearing. Her laughter soon turned to excitement and she reached in to give Alex another kiss - this time, less forceful and more gentle than in the elevator. Alex and Shauna both loved kissing each other more than anyone in the world. It was like they always knew what the other wanted. Their tongues were slowly lapping each other and they soon turned their bodies into each other, softly moaning each time they felt a pulse driving through them.

Shauna was the first to lift her hand from Alex's waist to her breast. She could feel through the dress that as usual, Alex was bra-less. She could feel the soft curve of the underside of her breast, and traced an outline around it with all of her fingers. In the meantime, Shauna's dress was much shorter and Alex followed the curve of her waist, to her smooth ass and down just beneath the black fabric. Shauna again moved Alex around so she could have her up against the balcony wall and kissed all the way down her neck as Alex's head bent backwards over the railing. When she came up to meet Shauna's mouth again, she gasped as she noticed a shadow on the balcony two suites along from theirs. She could tell by the outline that it was a fairly tall man, but could not make out the features any more detailed than that. Shauna looked over and realised what caught Alex by surprise. "Pretend you haven't seen him," said Shauna, and had already started ticking away in her mind what they could do with this uninvited stranger.

They kept kissing passionately, almost ferociously, as the idea of the man in the dark began to turn them on even more because of the power they knew they had over him - hungering at the sight of them, while knowing they were completely out of his reach. Shauna slowly pulled the table up to the wall of the balcony and helped Alex to sit on top of it, with her feet placed on two of the chairs. Shauna moved in between Alex's legs and kissed her again, but this time her hands moved quickly to pull the straps of Alex's dress down over her shoulders, leaving her beautiful tits staring her in the face. The moonlight and reflection off the ocean made her body look even more heavenly, and the breeze had almost frozen her nipples. Shauna's mouth felt hot in comparison, when she started slurping and lapping up every part of Alex's beautiful tanned tits. Alex started writhing around and becoming louder as she pulled Shauna as close to her body as she could. She unzipped the back of Shauna's dress, and let it drop to the floor. Shauna arched up to make sure their bodies rubbed together, and Alex got the sight of her. She only had left a corselet, a black g-string and a pair of red high heel shoes. Shauna's tits were huge - but all natural, and they were spilling out of the corselet, the sight way too much for Alex who groaned out loud at the sight of them. She reached around the back to unhook Shauna and in the meantime caught more of a glimpse of the man on the balcony.

He had come closer to the light now, apparently unable to resist the urge to watch this show. Alex could only make out that he was tall, and fair with piercing blue eyes. She also loved that he had one hand leaning on the railing, as if supporting himself. The other hand, she could only wish...

Alex had removed the corselet and now gave Shauna a taste of her own medicine, by pushing her up against the wall closest to the light so that the stranger could see every single inch of both of them, including Shauna's facial expressions, which were pained because she couldn't stand a minute longer without Alex touching her soaking pussy in some way. Alex gave her a gentle kiss, but placed a forceful hand on Shauna's arm, making sure she was in total control of her body. As she slowly moved down, she started sucking on Shauna's nipples, hard enough to make her cry out. She grabbed a piece of ice from the cocktail, and slowly traced around both nipples, back to her chest, and then trailed it down her waist, to her stomach and let it rest just above the tip of Shaun's g-string. She let the ice fall down and begin to melt within the panties, Shauna now almost forcing Alex's face in line with her pussy - her body completely in awe of the contradicting heat and ice-cool feeling making her legs quiver. She knew Alex well enough to know what would come next. Instead of succumbing to Shauna's obvious pleas, she placed soft kisses with hot breath all down the front of the g-string. Alex could feel the tiny patch of pubic hair, but loved how it felt when her tongue glided up against the grain of panties and the soft hair.

With Shauna becoming almost angry with lust, Alex pulled the g-string to one side. Shauna looked down and almost exploded when she watched almost in slow motion Alex's beautiful pink tongue draw a long line up and down her pussy. Still cold from the ice, Alex's breath was almost enough to push Shauna over the edge. Alex moved under Shauna so that her beautiful ass was in full view of the stranger and started licking, teasing and lapping up Shauna's pussy. Shauna pulled at her own nipples, just hoping that a second's distraction from her pussy being ravished would be enough to hold off her exploding for a few extra moments. But within seconds she involuntarily moved her hands down her body to pull Alex as far into her as she could go. Alex knew this was where she would tighten her tongue and lick ferociously until she could feel Shauna explode on her tongue. She could hear Shauna whispering, "fuck me... fuck me..." so softly, that it made herself moan - which sent even more vibrations through Shauna's pussy.

Shauna opened her eyes to see Alex licking her lips and rising to meet her for a kiss. It was a long sensual kiss, saying to each other that although the initial lust has been satisfied, it was still a very long night to come.

Alex smirked at Shauna and motioned for her to check on the stranger on the balcony. He was still standing there, a little further back in the dark now. Shauna walked inside, put on a robe, checked the room number of the gentleman stranger and called room service with an urgent special delivery for his room. It was a bottle of champagne, with a note attached advising that they needed him for the remainder of the evening, if he wasn't otherwise occupied.

As he walked back on the balcony to acknowledge them, he heard the faint voices saying they were taking a shower, but to let himself in...

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