tagSci-Fi & FantasyCoco Dynamo Ch. 02

Coco Dynamo Ch. 02


"Well," Ben said, eying the thirty foot Easter egg, "this is certainly turning into one-of-those-days."

Coco sighed, "I suppose we're going to have to handle this..."

Ben kicked a tiny doll on the ground, it was plush and dressed in a green schoolgirl uniform, "and things we're going so normally, too."

The egg monster roared, sporadic groups of people running and screaming, trying to get away or hide. Ben walked over to a glass display case and kicked the glass out of it. He broke off the top metal bar that held the glass in place. He bent the metal bar in half, turned it over, bent it again, turned and bent it again, causing it to break in to two pieces of metal about 3 feet long each. He grabbed a t-shirt from a nearby rack, tore pieces of it off and wrapped them around the bottom five inches or so of the metal bars. He swung around the impromptu weapons, eskrima-style sticks, getting used to the feel and weight of the things.

The egg monster was turning, beginning to move down the aisle in which it formed. Ben moved behind it, getting a view of the monster's behind, seeing it's large floppy feet shuffling it around. Coco was approaching stealthily, moving through the wrecked and empty booths.

Ben charged the monster, quickly moving up behind it, it's oval body arching over him. He launched a few strikes, wriling the bars as smoothly, quickly, and hard as he could. The shell cracked, ruptured, fell off. The monster roared and a bright, glowing, green ooze poured out. Ben hopped up to a table, not wanting it on him, and moved off.

The monster turned and spotted him, growled, he crouched on the table, "Coco! I could use some help here!"

She appeared near him, throwing a curtain open. She moved her hands and fingers in a swift motion, a blue arcane glow emanating from them, an after image of the glow forming a symbol in the air. The two metal pseudo-eskrima sticks began to glow. The straight, blue beams stretched, lengthening to two forty-foot sticks. There was no additional weight, so Ben swung them around easily, clipping off the tops of the nearby booth set ups and creating large rents in the ceiling. Coco lept back, blue sparks coming off of her heels and she skidding out of the range of Ben's weapons, not wanting to get knicked by one of them accidentally.

Ben thrust the two poles forward, poking at the egg monster's eyes, connecting with one of them. The yellow orb exploded, shooting yokey material out in a small fountain. Ben swung the blue sticks, cracking the face and head of the monster, more green ooze splattering out of the cracks and holes. The monster wobbled, tried to roar again but couldn't, Ben whacked the mouth, moving the enchanted sticks around, creating damage all over the giant round shape. It leaned sideways and fell onto its side, smashing into the ground, it's shell crumbling from the impact, sending a torrent of its green innards across the center's floor.

Ben surveyed the place, it's stands and displays were in shambles, glowing green. Coco was crouching on a table near the entrance, but not paying attention to what was behind her. A second growing egg monster was behind her, it wrapped a black hand around her, pinning her arms at her sides, preventing her from using them. As it came to full height, she was squeezed in it's hand, her candy cane legs kicking. Ben moved from table-to-table, the spell on his improvised weapons fading.

The egg monster pulled her top off and chuckled pervishly. Coco recoiled in disgust as the egg monster groped her. It showed it's black tongue and slathered her breasts. Ben growled and threw one of his eskrima display case supports at the egg monster. The weapon so fast it turned into a glowing disc, arcing up and under Coco. The sawing attack hit the monster's hands, crushing the weak material they were made of and releasing the topless, slimy Coco Dynamo. She fell, but moved her hands in thrusting motions around her controlling her fall with arcane energy. She landed on her heels, easily balancing. Ben was beside her, his metal bar weaponry now returned to normal.

"Are you okay, Coco?!" Ben exclaimed, standing beside her.

"I'm fine," she pulled a nearby t-shirt off its rack and wiped herself off then pulled the latex top back together over her breasts, "that was way to creepy."

She was pissed, eying the egg monster with a gaze so intense Ben could swear lasers would shoot out any time. But, she lacked that ability, so she raised her hands and swung them in fast arcs, forming a complex arcane circle in front of her. Circles-within-circles of energy, pointed shapes and runic symbols filling the bordering shapes. She drew back her right hand and thrust it forward, palm open, passing it through the ornate energy circle. A shockwave crushed the egg monster's face, concaving it, decimating the shell's structure in the area. A green, glowing geyser gushed out, the monster fell back and exploded under its own weight, much like the first.

An inch high sea of the stuff was ebbing and sloshing around the floor, congealing quickly, whatever it was. Ben moved across the table tops and display cases, Coco leaping behind him. She was a gazelle, with black plastic hooves and gracefully bound through the wrecked landscape of bent lightsabers, splattered plastic-encased comicbooks, and green stained Pokemons.

They came to the booth that had the nurse selling the cartoony egg toys. It was now devoid of latex clad, blonde attendants, and three eggs were sitting on the ruined tables and cases. One was the size of a person, rocking back-and-forth, growing by inches even as they laid their eyes on it. Ben smashed it with his remaining weapon, bending the material as he did so. Coco picked the other two up, smashing them on the ground below the table on which they stood.

Ben was panting, he looked around and made sure there were no more hidden about them, he turned to Coco and said, "okay, I guess we should mosey."

Coco nodded, "might be kinda hard to explain...well...any of this."

They moved towards the exit, saw some authorities moving in. Coco layered on the panic, "omigod, omigod, egg things, slime! Waahhhgg!"

They were escorted out, moved away from the convention center's entrance, and before they were could be questioned, they disappeared.

In the hotel room, they were leafing through the books they brought with them. Journals and manuals, analyzing the villains they knew existed, especially the ones they encountered and defeated recently, who were still at large.

"The nurse knew who I was and the egg monsters starting attacking after that," Coco said, thinking aloud, "maybe it's someone we ticked off before. I can't really recall a toy-themed baddie we defeated recently."

"Could be," said Ben absentmindedly, only half-hearing her. He had gotten a far off stare in his eyes, looking out the window at something, "or we could be missing a stupefyingly obvious answer," he pointed.

Coco followed his gaze to the object floating in the sky above the convention center, three small orbs dropped out of the bottom of it. It was a blimp, much smaller than a real airship, more like a hot air balloon with a cigar shaped bag, instead of a spherical one. The front of the bag was shaped into the distorted image of Dr. Ivan von Rottenwurst.

"You've got to be kidding me," she said, standing and moving to the window, "how often do we have to deal with this psychotic."

"About once a week," Ben joked, "around 22 weeks of the year."

Coco shot him a look, telling him this wasn't that funny, but smiled slightly, letting him know it was okay. The three orbs grew into egg monsters, roaring and giant. They had free space to grow now, able to fully form themselves. They definitely seemed stronger and scarier than the others.

"Let's go," Ben said, standing, grabbing a long tube of something, wrapped in burlap.

They ran down the street. Well, Ben ran, Coco sort of strode in hopping floats, seeing as she didn't bother to change out of the heeled boots. Eggy-1 was above them, smashing the center's entrance decoration, a stylized rose exploded and sprinkled shards all over the ground.

"Down there!" a raspy voice ordered from a loud speaker on the blimp, "your target is right there!"

Eggy-1 turn toward Ben and Coco, it roared and reached for them. When it's hand was almost upon them, Ben swung his left arm in a long arc, a silver line following his hand. The monster reeled and screamed, a vicious draconic howl. The burlap was gone, in his left hand was a long piece of steel, over 3 meters of it, glowing in the light of day. A small section was glowing and green where it connected with the monster's hand, obliterating the thin digits. The bright sword blade terminated at a golden crossbar, long quillions, and had a round, gold pommel. In his right hand, there was a black lacquered scabbard.

Coco stepped forward and spun, sending a thin distortion of force throw the air, nailing Eggy-1 between the eyes, causing it to actually launch off the ground and impale itself on an antenna structure behind it. The monster slide down the structure, the antenna tearing open the back of the creature.

Soon-to-be-an-Omelet-2 and Great-with-Bacon-3 appeared above them. Number 2 lept and almost landed on them. Coco hooked her arm around Ben and shot them across the ground on blue sparks, narrowly avoiding the eggdrop. Number 3 moved around them and slammed it's arms into the cement, creating enough force to cause Coco and Ben to be launched into the air. Coco landed smoothly and easily, Ben clapped onto a car hood.

"...ow." he said, staring at the sky. He slowly got up, groaning, hearing glass tinkle around him. Coco was beside him and the eggs were regrouping for another stomping assault.

He looked at her, "can you launch me?"

She nodded, but was beginning to protest, when he hopped up and posed, sword held back, like a baseball batter stance, but far lower. She stood behind him, moved her arms, enveloping him in a blue glow, she hopped forward and thrust both of her arms behind him. He was shot off the ground like a strange black frog. Ben sliced before he hit Soon-to-be-a-Omelet-2, knocking both of it's eyes out and crushing it's facial features, but he miscalculated this stunt and collided with the egg, smashing into it's shell, entering it's body. Soon-to-be-an-Omelet-2 fell over and smashed.

No sign of Ben.

"You bastards," Coco said to herself. She got into a Tai-chi like stance, moving her arms in wide arcs, forming a stream of arcane energy around her. She focused it as Great-with-Bacon-3 moved towards her, reaching down with its large black hands. When its hands were right in front of her about to crush her, she released the build up, a sundering wave blasted the arms away, hollowed out the front of the egg, and blew out the back of it's oval shape. Great-with-Bacon-3 launched into the air and landed on Soon-to-be-an-Omelet-2, the structures collapsing into each other, a mammoth wave of green, glowing ooze shot out, a title wave of the stuff heading down the streets.

"Opps," she said, as the wave collided with her, the green goop rolled over her and threw her down the street. Several minutes must have pasted.

"Ahem," someone said above her, "napping again."

Coco looked up, rubbing the green crap out of her eyes. Ben stood there, covered in the stuff, probably as much as she was, holding his sheathed blade.

"You're alright," she rambled a bit, "I thought that you hit it too hard and then you didn't come and you...what..."

He was sniffing the green goo on his hand. He licked up a huge dollop off of his palm. She gave him a grossed out look.

"Hollandaise," he said, "it's dyed hollandaise sauce."

She tasted it, "what the hell!?!?!"

The blimp was gone and people were coming to investigate what was happening, Ben and Coco retreated to the hotel to clean off and get some rest.

They were in the tub together, candles lit around them, producing an orange glow that contrasted to the water's eery glow. Though they cleaned themselves thoroughly and separately before getting into the bath together, there must have been a film of some kind left over, the green ooze film had mixed with the soapy, bubbly water and was now causing it to glow. They were lit from below with a soft green, a heavy orange from above coming from the candles around them, heavy shadows exemplifying the rounded shapes of their bodies, Coco's breasts stood out especially well.

Her hair was held high on her head, away from the water, her cheek bones stood out, her lips appeared rounder than usual. Ben moved forward and gently kissed her, her hands moved over his chest and shoulders, bringing him closer, causing him to kiss her deeper. When they pressed full length under the ghostly water, she sighed, the contact beginning to make the connections of pleasure in her body.

"I love you, baby" she said, as he pulled away and pecked her neck, his erection pressing against her.

"I love you, too," he said, grabbing her breasts, squeezing them, "you sexy little vixen," she blushed, and he brought one of her breasts to his lips, sucking a nipple in. She closed her eyes and let out a tiny, "mmm."

He kept one hand on a breast, wrapped the other around her narrow waist, lifting her out of the water. He kissed her wet, flat stomach. As her hips lifted, her pussy ran against his chest, and eventually his kissing and her hot sex met. He had both of his hands on the small of her back, her shoulders on the edge of the tub, cool air tickling her bare, wet flesh. He gave her a long lick, up oneside of her pussy and done the other. Coco gently moaned, "mmm, I like that."

Ben smiled, wrapped his mouth around her womanhood, pulling a long hard draw on her clitoris, Coco bit her bottom lip and ground her hips forward. He moved his mouth and tongue faster, probing her wavy lips, swirling around her pink bean. She shuttered, reached down and ran her fingers into his wet hair, "arrrrhhmmm," she whimpered, "that's it."

Ben chuckled evilly and moved off her pussy, lowering her back into the water, Coco whined, but moved up and kissed him deeply. She tasted herself, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He sucked her tongue. She sucked his. She motioned for Ben to sit on the side of the tub by pulling him up slightly with her hands, his legs following the subtle command.

His erection stood pointing up at a 45 degree angle, a solid column, rounded by the intense, saturated light. Coco wrapped her full lips around it, instantly engulfing Ben's throbbing manhood. He shrunk back at the sudden warm, wet sensation of her mouth. Her lips sealed around the base and she slowly moved her head up, placing her hands on Ben's thighs, holding him down. Her head went up, but he didn't follow, holding his breath as she went higher up his turgid rod. When she finally popped off his top, he shook and shuttered with a "uuhHGGWAaa".

She smiled up at him, stroking his yard, she teased kiss, forcing their lips to not touch, then took his length back into her mouth. She began an intense oral pummeling, her cheeks concave, her lips squeezing, and her head bobbing quickly. Ben was gripping the edges of the tub, head thrown back, eyes closed. He was breathing heavily and she was moaning, slurping and sloshing sounds coming from her mouth as spit coalesced on his manhood.

She pulled off of him and Ben fell back into the water, catching himself before ramming his back into the spout behind him. She had a large smile and a horny gaze in her eyes, rubbing herself. She spun around and presented herself to him, pulling her round butt apart, giving him a delicious view of her wet, pouty pussy. Ben got on his knees behind her and positioned his length at her waiting entrance. He leaned forward and whispered, his breath tickling her ear, "say you want it."

She moaned, "urrrr, don't tease me, baby. I want that big, swollen cock in my pussy."

He grinned wickedly and thrust into her. Her head threw back, she moaned. His hips pressed against her round, soft butt. His hands gripped onto her waist and he held her there, letting her feel his full penetration. He slowly pulled out, his cock reappearing, Coco groaned at losing the full feeling. He thrust into her again, she gasped. He continued his long, slow strokes.

"Hhnnng, come on baby, go faster, faster," she begged. He obliged, increasing his rating of fucking. She whimpered and moaned as he sped up, she matched his strokes, pushing herself down him in rhythm with his thrusts. He moved one hand up to her neck and gently but firmed grasped on. He pulled her head up next to his, bringing her blushed and moaning visage next to his. He moved his lower hand to her pussy and rubbed her clit, swirling his hand in a circle, matching the speed of his thrusts. They were at full speed now and Coco had her hands on his thighs, trying to bring about some semblance of control, but the heated carnal penetration didn't slow.

"Yeah," she moaned weakly, locking her eyes with his, "feels so good."

He nibbled on her ear lob, moved to her cheek, then to her lips, sucking on the bottom one, pecking the upper one. Coco's eyes were closed as her building orgasm rapt her. The glowing water sloshed as they intensified the mutual love making. The consistency was beginning to fall away as they neared the climax.

Ben let out a long, deep groan and Coco let out a throaty scream. They came at the same time, Ben pumping a huge load of seed into her shuddering body. Everything stripped away, colors blurred, the world exploded in a symphony of shapes and bursts of light. Their connection completing, spines snapping straight, legs spasming, his arms wrapped tightly around her, and her arms grasping his.

He slowly stopped his thrusting as he softened, her shaking subsiding as reality came back to them. They lay in the tub, spooning amongst the cosmic bubbles.

They were in bed, Coco cuddled in the crook of Ben's arm, he was rubbing her back as she clung on to him. They were watching TV, unwinding from all the weirdness of the afternoon, cleaning of the evening, and love-making of the night. A platter of food was on Ben's chest, well-picked-over meats, cheeses, veggies, and crackers were spread around it amongst crumbs.

News Reporter: Nobody exactly knows what happened today at the convention center. Some reports indicate that the large egg-like shapes were monsters, of a sort, expanded to life and attacked the town. Others report seeing them drop from the sky and explode. An airship was spotted near the scene, which may have had something to do with this incident, but no one saw a serial number on it. The most common theory, however, states that this was a bizarre stunt concocted by a local breakfast food restaurant. The shape and color of the egg containers and the style of the Hollandaise sauce they contained resembles the "Space Food Meal" at the restaurant.

"Mmhmm," Ben said.

"What is it?" Coco asked, bending her head to look up at him.

"That crazy doctor used local materials this time," he said, swirling a carrot stick in some of the dip on the platter, "he may be mad, but there's at least a little logic in the crazy."

"I guess," she said, rubbing her head into his shoulder, "still doesn't change the fact he follows us everywhere and gets us into scrapes and jams."

"Well, at least it can be good exercise," he said, crunching into the carrot, "I take it you don't wanna go back to the convention tomorrow?"

"I guess not, cleaning that green crap off one of my favorite pairs of boots once was trouble enough."

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