tagMind ControlCoed to Cockslut Ch. 01

Coed to Cockslut Ch. 01


My girlfriend Claire had just started university and was keen to socialise and make new friends. I'm not the jealous type, but I knew that if she was going to stay with me, I would have to go along with it and get to know her new friends.

Anyway, I met her classmates several times and they seemed fine. As I was the outsider so to speak, some of the lads were a bit off with me, but not that I cared, my relationship and sex life with Claire was never better.

One of her friends, Lucy, was very pleasing on the eye. She was of Asian descent, with long straight black hair that went down to her shapely bum. She had legs that seemed to on forever, and the fact that she wore micro skirts with high heels accentuated them even more.

One day Claire came home from University as normal, and over dinner she said, 'I'd like to invite the gang over for a barbeque on Saturday, what do you think?'

'Not a problem, I'll get the beers in tomorrow, you organise the food,' I said, hoping that Lucy would be there.

Claire came over to me and kissed me passionately, her large 36DD breasts pushing hard against my chest. 'I'm really pleased with the effort you're making to get on with my friends.' She kissed me again, but this time I felt her hand move down to my trousers, and open my belt.

'You dirty bitch,' I said; my hand already moving between her legs as she pulled out my hardening cock.

Her nipples stuck out like bullets as I peeled her skin tight top from her body, there was no bra, and her full round tits bounced free. She moaned softly as I moved my mouth down to suck on her left breast.

Unconsciously opening her legs to allow me better access, I stroked her swollen pussy through her knickers.

'Take them off,' she said. I didn't need telling twice, and within seconds she was stepping out of her white lacy g-string. Her shaven pussy was sopping wet and her juices flowed as I inserted a finger into her hot sticky cunt, whilst at the same time rubbing her engorged clit with my thumb. Her moans were getting louder with every stroke and I could tell that she was about to cum. I inserted another finger and this was enough to send her over the edge. She screamed loudly as her vaginal muscles clamped around my fingers.

'Fuck me now,' she said with pure lust in her eyes. She moved over to the table, and lay back, waiting to be fucked. Her skirt rose up, and her clean shaven pussy was in full view. I positioned myself at her opening, and pushed the full 9 inches of my cockmeat into her.

'Fuck me, fuck me like the cock slut I am,' she screamed as I got into a rhythm. I mawled at her tits as she orgasmed again, squeezing my cock, my balls slapping into her bum as I fucked her.

'I'm going to fill you with my seed, you sex crazed bitch,' I said as I felt my balls begin to rise.

I increased the pace, knowing that I would cum soon. With one final thrust I pumped what seemed like gallons of spunk into her sex starved pussy.

As I pulled out she said, 'Let me clean that for you,' and with that she bent down and licked my cock and balls clean, as I played with her amazing tits.

Anyway, it wasn't long before Saturday arrived, and I got everything ready for the barbeque. Her friends arrived, and sure enough Lucy was there. The beers flowed, and everyone was getting more than a little drunk. Having drunken all the beers, the party seemed to falter a little, as there seemed like nothing to do.

I had been researching into hypnotism for some time, reading as many books as I could, but I'd never tried it on anyone. I had asked Claire, but she was reluctant. Eager to practice what I knew, and the fact that the students were a bit drunk, I piped up 'Has anyone ever been hypnotised before?'

'Don't start that again,' said Claire.

'I have,' said Lucy, 'one time just after prom. My boyfriend took me to a variety club, and the guy on stage hypnotised a whole gang of us. Apparently I told everyone the next day that I had a leprechaun as a friend, and he was hiding in my bag.'

Everyone laughed.

'Would you like me to put you under, just for some fun. I promise I won't make you see any invisible creatures!!'

I knew though, that if I played this right, I could plant suggestions that would make her my sex slave, and boy did that thought make me horny.

'Sit down in the comfy chair, and relax. I want you to stiffen all your muscles in your body. I'm going to count backwards from fifty. As I do so, you will gradually start to relax, until when I reach 1, you will be completely relaxed and content'

Lucy stiffened up, and I began to count backwards. By the time I reached forty she already had her head back and was clearly relaxed. When I finally reached 1, she was completely out of it.

'Lucy, can you here me?'

'Yes,' she said in a monotone.

'Lucy, put your left hand in the air.' She did so. 'Lucy, when I count to three you will wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated, you will feel great. You will leave your left hand in the air, you will think it is natural for your hand to be in the air, in fact you will like it there. When I say 'Trance Lucy' you will automatically go back into an even deeper trance.'

'One, two, three' Lucy woke up with a start.

'How do you feel Lucy?'

'I feel great, was I hypnotised?'

'Lucy, why is your hand in the air?'

'I like it there, it feels good that way.' Everyone laughed.

'Trance Lucy,' she immediately relaxed into the chair. I removed the suggestion about her hand and woke her as before.

After a short time, most of Claire's friends had left to back to their digs, as it was getting late. Lucy had stayed behind, to help clear up the house with Claire and I.

Having cleared up, the three of us sat down to have a glass of wine before Lucy called a cab to go home. Claire got up to go to the loo, and I saw my chance.

'Trance Lucy' She immediately relaxed into the chair. 'Lucy, tomorrow you will wake up and shave your pussy. From now on you will keep your pussy completely shaven. You will shower, and dress provocatively, but not slutty. You will not put on any knickers. You will not think anything of this. In fact it will seem natural that you do not wear knickers. You like to feel the breeze between your legs as it cools your hot pussy. You know that your tits are pert enough to do without wearing a bra, and you will not wear one. At 5pm after Uni you will turn up here, not knowing why, but knowing that it is the right thing to do. When I count to three, you will wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated. One, two, three.'

Lucy woke up, just as Claire walked into the room.

We chatted for a bit, and then Lucy's cab arrived and she left.

'What do you plan to do with Lucy?' Claire asked, completely taking me by surprise.

'What do you mean?'

'I heard you, when I went out to the loo, you hypnotised her again. She's coming round here tomorrow at 5, wearing no underwear and having shaved her pussy.'

'That turns you on, doesn't it?'

She smiled. 'Do you really think it will work?'

'We'll find out tomorrow!!!'

I couldn't wait, and neither could Claire. She came home from university early, and waited in the kitchen to see if Lucy would show up.

Five o'clock came, and the door bell went. 'Are you ok with this?' Claire nodded, and I opened the door.

Lucy stood there, looking slightly perplexed.

'Hi, I'm not sure why I'm here, is Claire in?'

'No, she's not back from Uni yet. Come in though, I'll make you a cup of coffee.'

Lucy looked amazing. There was no bra, and she was wearing a very short, low cut red dress that just about covered her bum. There was no vpl either. Her tits were practically on display, the tightness of her dress showing every ample curve. I was looking forward to this.

Lucy sat down in the chair, I brought her some coffee and sat opposite her. 'Trance Lucy.' She collapsed into the chair. 'Are you wearing any underwear?'

'No, I don't wear underwear anymore.'

'Lucy, from now on when we are alone, or with Claire, you will call me Master. If anyone else is around you will call me by my first name. You will become my sex slave. You will want to please me sexually. Being around me turns you on. You will love my cock, and you will obey anything that I tell you without question. When I wake you, you will feel very hot, and horny. Do you understand?'

'Yes master.'

'One Two Three' Lucy woke. I watched her closely. She started to shift her legs uneasily. 'What's wrong Lucy?'

'Nothing Master, it's just that I'm very hot.' I was pleased, she had called me Master.

'Why don't you take your dress off; that should cool you down a bit?'

'Ok' and she shrugged off her dress, revealing her amazing body. She had shaved her pussy, and it looked inviting. I could smell her musky scent and knew she was aroused. Her dark nipples were rock hard. I moved over to her and kissed her. She responded, and I moved my hand between her legs. She moaned softly as I felt the texture of her newly shaven pussy.

'Claire,' I called, and she came out of the kitchen, she too had changed but she was wearing a shear fishnet body suit. Her breasts were out, and there was no crotch in the suit.

'Something I picked up earlier today.'

I smiled, Claire really did seem up for this.

'Lucy, do you find Claire attractive?'

'Yes, I have always fantasized about being with another woman, but I do like cock though.'

Claire smiled, she looked absolutely amazing in her body suit. She moved over to Lucy and kissed her. Lucy's hand caressed Claire's ample tits, while Claire went for Lucy's cunt. I watched as these two beautiful women made out on the sofa. I pulled my cock out, and wanked it hard. My only dilemma was which one I wanted to fuck. I chose Lucy.

'Lucy, why don't you lick Claire out?' She obeyed without question. Claire lay back on the sofa; Lucy knelt between her legs, and began to tend to Claire's aching pussy.

'Lucy, I am going to fuck you now, fuck you like you've never been fucked before. As I fuck you, you will want to cum, but you mustn't. I will tell you when you can cum.'

She raised her bum in the air, as if in anticipation. I looked over at Claire, she was in sheer ecstasy. She was lying on her back, with one hand squeezing her left nipple and the other rubbing her big fat clit. Lucy was lapping at her juices.

I positioned my throbbing cock at Lucy's sex, my pre-cum mixing with her juices. I pushed into her, stretching her outer lips.

'You're so tight, but so good,' I said, taking my time, easing my full length into her clean shaven cunt. When I was buried up to the hilt, I began to pull out, and push back in, slowly at first, until I started to get into a rhythm. She really was tight. Muffled moans came from her as I reached forward and grabbed her large tits. This whole picture was getting too much for me, and I knew I was going to cum soon. I could tell Claire was too, so on the point of no return I shouted, 'Cum now Lucy, cum now.' She screamed loudly as I pounded into her, her cunt muscles squeezing my cock. My balls rose and I spayed her womb with spurt after spurt of my seed.

Claire was cumming too, thrashing about the sofa, her hand pushing Lucy's head deeper in to her cunt.

I pulled out of Lucy, and she got up clearly flushed. Claire lay sprawled on the sofa, exhausted.

'Lucy, get dressed, go home and shave your pussy. Be back here tomorrow at 5pm.'

'Yes master.'

As she walked over to her dress, I could clearly see my seed running down her leg. What a sight it was, this beautiful woman, with my cum seeping from her cunt.

I wanted more, much more.

To be continued...

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