tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCoeds European Road Trip Nightmare Ch. 02

Coeds European Road Trip Nightmare Ch. 02


Deep into Eastern Europe on the plains of Poland an adventurous road trip by 3 college babes had quickly turned into a pit of humiliation and despair. Thinking they were helping a stranded local their hitchhiker was in fact a dominating kidnapper. Cleverly restraining all of them they had been forced to drive off the beaten track to a remote collection of ram shackle buildings.

Now held under his bizarre funeral parlour the "undertaker" begins to bit-by-bit break down their resistance to his evil plans.


From her locked bent forward position it was difficult for Keeley to lift her head to look straight ahead. The stocks bit into her shoulders; her tiny wrists snapped through even smaller gaps in the scissor wood beams. Her mouth was dripping saliva from the edge of her lips as she slurped on the big neon ball gag. The feeling was disgusting, this shy and well-behaved British girl now experiencing the darker side of sexual games. She gargled on the rubber bit trying to catch the eye of the kneeling Cassandra. The blonde prim teen with the goldilocks cascading hair was like a terrified rabbit her eyes wide, frozen to her knees watching as the undertaker wrestled with the third co-ed their fiery best friend.

Diora face was a contorted disbelieving picture." This couldn't be happening; it just couldn't!" The man was trying to strip her for action, her resistance was sincere but the inevitability was so embarrassing to all of them.

The man and hot babe grunted like battling hogs; grappling for control until the undertaker spun her pushing the sexy redhead over the worktable. His hands ripping her t-shirt from her shoulders her big melons bouncing free again, Diora's hand rising in reflex to shield them. "Its pointless fighting," he said dispassionately," you are all now my captives, my sex slaves no?" It was more a statement rather than question.

"Just accept your mine bitch," he snapped as Diora's hands swiped and missed his face; his charming eastern manner now long gone, a more detached sinister intent in its place.

He was naked a mountain of muscles in his big work boots, his cock starting to stiffen and unfurl as his hands and body wrestled with hot co-ed flesh. The room was dim and claustrophobic, the crackle of controlled flame mixed with the hum of a weak electric light bulb overhead.

"Look please you can't do this," Diora gasped as their bodies competed for the upper hand, arms flailing legs hooking and kicking, their efforts echoing in the confined underground dungeon. "We have money, our families have money."

But he ignored her bargaining as Diora weakened and weakened.

He clamped his arms over her shoulder, straining to hold one then the other female hand to the edge of long wooden table as he fastened her wrists around leathered manacles. She gave a frustrated howl when both arms were locked out her breasts swaying with gravity beneath her twisting shoulders.

She was now bent over the table arms gripping either side her ass feeling the denim shorts tugged down then dragged from one cowgirl booted foot then the other. The busty woman was shrieking in a high indignant tone the sensation of her bare ass and legs rubbing against stripped denim making her spine tingle. Diora had no bra and the tiniest thong as undergarments and her full round bronzed ass barely showed the tiny piece of fabric tight in her crack.

"No! Stop it you bastard!"

His hands now able to stop pinning her and instead began to grope her big fleshy round buns and she gritted her brilliant teeth. His fingers biting into her flesh like he was kneading two enormous stress balls. "Hmmm great big slave tits," he drooled holding both her boobs from beneath bouncing them in his palms; then griping both in claw hands twisting them.

She grunted at his rough massaging attention with total embarrassment. "Oh for fucks sake, someone help us!"

Fingers then moved to hook inside her gusset pulling the thong to snapping point. Diora shook her head as the fabric gave way the man looking back at the kneeling Cassandra, "Come closer Blondie," he ordered. " I need help lubricating your friends pussy hole."

The poor blonde girl had remained kneeling totally submissive watching the pointless resistance of her friend. In the car she'd had to watch Keeley fucked over the vehicles trunk. The feelings had been horrendous but now she felt more desensitised, as if refusals to accept reality might make it all go away. But he was calling to her, calling her back into the factual world. Her mind was protesting. "He needed her to do what?"

Cassandra snapped into the here and now shaking her head her breathing laboured as she protested in horror. "No you filthy fuck I'm not fucking helping you do anything." She reared back staggering to her feet heading for the stairs. The big virile man his rock hard cock swinging like a standard on stormy deck replied calmly in a terrifyingly arrogant and dismissive manner.

"Very well run, but if you do see what I will have to do my little bondage bride over there." He just didn't seem to care or even believe he was acting in any way wrong; it all seemed like a big game with an inevitable outcome he already knew. His amusement was that his captives didn't seem to realise.

The undertaker was now glistening like an oiled body builder as he stopped molesting the bound Diora and moved towards the prostrate stock clamped Keeley. Cassy halted from her flight, rigid in her heels on the first step upwards her eyes wide chest rising and falling in her damp blouse. She wanted to run but felt compelled to listen and watch she couldn't just leave them; could she?

The man unfastened Keeley ball gag the girl coughing and spluttering as her tongue was freed. "Cough! Oh God Cassy what's he going to do?" Cassandra had no answer but to watch, her big blue eyes transfixed.

His hands trailed over Keeley's back following the curve of her spine to that fine raise rump. Behind the Brits stocks was a hearth built into the wall the flames from a small well-controlled fire crackling adding to the intense heat in the room.

The undertaker never took his eyes of Cassandra fixing her with a holding stare as his hand reach towards the wall pulling down a heart shaped piece of wood and spout.

Cassandra recognised it as a bellows; a concertinaed fabric between two wooden paddles handles. This medieval device allowed you to open and close the chamber; air was drawn in along its length and then spurted out through a narrow metal spout.

He knelt to the fire thrusting the spout into the hot ambers pumping the bellows the whole fireplace roaring with added oxygen; the flames a belching orange.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

He pumped the device a few times before drawing a full chamber of hearth sooty hot air. Diora started to gasp and wrestle more with her binds as she began to understand his actions. "Oh fuck he not; please tell me he's not!" She gasped turning the face of the British beauty porcelain white with confusion and worry.

Keeley couldn't see but she wriggled feeling his hand on her ass the warm metal spout tapping against her flesh making her buck. The tip was touching her slit the warm nozzle a bizarre sensation. Cassandra shook her head looking at her friend's confused face. "No he couldn't!" She thought in horror.

Keeley was all desperate questions." Oh Jesus Cassy oh what he going to uhhhhhhh!" The babe's eyes stood out on storks the naughty spout sliding up inside her pussy as she bent over. Unable to close her legs or even pull away she stiffened in panic the tube deep and straight the man's hands on the bellow paddles.

Cassy put her hand to her mouth the sweat beading on her nose and neckline.

Diora stopped her pointless attempts at escape and she too stared open mouthed her own predicament now less relevant. "No please don't..." she never managed to finish her sentence the undertaker pressing hard forcing the bellow plate's together Keeley's pussy filling with hot gas.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh shittt! " She shrieked her mouth gobbling the air her ass bouncing beautiful mammaries like boulders thundering together beneath her as her hips and back gyrated in spasm. Her tight young chute pumped full, bloated and rinsed with hot cinder air.

"Noooo! I cant take this!" She exploded in panic. The metal spout pulled from her air belching pussy the man thrusting the spout tip back into the embers pumping it again.

"This time shall we leave the spout in a little longer," he said in mock question.

Keeley shook her head her face looking desperate at Cassy. He removed the spout from the fire ready to give the brunette another steamy injection.

"No, No!" The Cassandra shouted her legs almost giving way as she accepted the inevitability of her situation. "Just stop doing that," she groaned as rushed back away from the stairs and into the sex carnival.

The undertaker gave a stern nod putting the bellows away and moved towards her his hand on his stiff cock, now totally oblivious to his pussy pumped brunette.

"So you do as I command pony?" He asked with his head to one side quizzically.

Cassy stuttered in confusion, "p. p. pony..?" The undertaker nodded. "Of course, a man always needs a strong creature to help his toils. I think you will do well little pony."

"Jesus Cassy!" Diora spat frustrated with her own in ability to act sooner and now her friends' compliance, "fucking stop listening to the bastard and start helping us."

Cassy looked around and saw a big piece of wood baton nearby. She gripped it wielding it high like a samurai sword her legs tensed balancing on heels, grey skirt showing her thighs pushed hard against the material ready for battle.

The man thrust out a finger. "Pony put that down immediately," he bellowed. The room echoed to his defending command. Cassy nerve buckled the man's torso a chisel statue like mound his arms almost as thick as her sexy toned thighs.

His command sent a chill down her spine. His cock pointed straight up big balls tight in his sack his muscled body able to snap her in two at a whim. His fine chiselled face was half in shadow as deep-piercing eyes glinted. His chest puffed out like a peacock as his ready himself for battle. What were her chances? 50/1? 100/1? She doubted even that.

"Ok, ok, " she spluttered quickly dropping the stick like it was another hot poker ready for her friends ass. "I'll do what you say, "she added in panic as he neared fists clenched both her friends howling with disbelief.

"Look!" She shouted, the frustration showing in her own tight fist hands," lets just fucking do what he wants." The man smiled in approval as his impressive mass came within a few inches of her. She gulped at his cock, which was now tapping her blouse tummy.

"Please, " she added standing waiting for instruction," just when your finished remember we just want to get out of here."

He looked down impassively before turning back to the worktable one hand on his stiff bulbous cock the other stroking down the spine to rump of the redheaded Diora. He was back in control.

"Enough talking Yankee pony," he said in a dismissive voice not even turning his head from his table bound captive. "Time to take your clothes off and come kneel down here." As he waited for her response he glided over Diora's back and made soothing noises as if he was admiring his favourite livestock.

With final grunts of frustration from Keeley and Diora, Cassy slowly undid her blouse then slipped it from her shoulder. The stunning woman's arms reach back around unzipping her grey skirt the material pooling around her heels. Then she pushed her tiny briefs over her porcelain rear slightly bending her long waxed legs until she was a naked alabaster goddess tits as firm as fruits heels legs and hips like the curved strokes of a flowing artists brush. Her blonde main framed her blue innocent eyes her spectacles still on like some naughty fake teacher at a jocks 21st birthday party.

He beckoned her closer then pointed for her to the side of him.

Diora pushed back the man pressing on her shoulder blades with his free hand the other one now pressing Cassandra's shoulder making her kneel at his side. Now he had the hourglass teen like his favourite dog waiting patiently at her master's side

The angry stunner looked over to Keeley the girl watching the scene from her own private corner. She could see the undertaker at her shoulder feel his presence near her exposed rear. He was talking quietly to the kneeling girl gently coaxing her to his demands. She was whining but obeying her beautiful full-lipped mouth opening to swallow the thick rampant cock.

Cassandra's body was wriggling and tensing her hands up in pitiful objection the man feeding his cock down her throat.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm" She gagged his big cock head on her tongue; then pushing deeper, her sweet lips around the foreskin pushing it back trying to reduce the thrust.

"Yes I know its big," he said sympathetically holding his cock at the base guiding it more into her cheek making her puff up like a chipmunk. The sexy babes expression said it all as another inch managed to get past her lips. "Just take your time," he advised.

Cassandra obeyed.

"Good pony, more spittle," he groaned, then his hips gave two or three controlled jerks, fucking into her face, his hand on her head Cassy struggling to gobble and breathe at the same time. He held the back of her head pulling her onto him as he increased his speed short upward jerks each one being accompanied by a muffled gag.

"Cough!" she finally gave a resonant splutter, saliva dripping from his shaft as he withdrew turning his hips and pushing his wet rod up against Diora rear.

"Now you hot college bitch," he announced with some satisfaction, "time to get up inside you."

His cock tip opened her labia pressing for entry.

"I will give you a good fucking, you wont be disappointed."

The red head in the cowboy boots rattled her table wrist manacles gritting her teeth as his cock slid up her pussy from behind.

"Ohhh fuck you bastard uggggg!"" He jerked his hips her feet almost lifting his rod thrusting up her hole lubricated by her best friends spittle. He gave a satisfied grunt his balls swinging with the thrust slapping against her clit. One, two, three, four hard upward fucks.

He withdrew pushing his cock back towards the horrified Cassy. She had no option but to open and swallow again this time a hint of revulsion in her gagging slurping noises. The taste was more potent.

" Pony, suck all your friends naughty love juice off. She's wetting up nicely."

Keeley could see his alternating game. First a few hard deep strokes up Diora, then pulling out to re-lubricate; pumping for a few moments into Cassy's dripping mouth then back to Diora. The red head had stopped trying to buck or kick, he'd told her she'd be getting the bellows up her pussy if she didn't start behaving and, "let him get on with fucking her big titted brains out."

"Good girls," he gasped pulling once again from his blonde sucker and thrusting up the now complaint Diora. This time he remained a little longer getting his hands around her waist one gripping ripe tits holding her in place as he made more of a fucking rhythm.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh," Diora now couldn't stop from groaning with this continue assault. Up until then she had gritted her teeth. But with his big hips banging up at a rate of knots her tits flapped up and down the fleshy globes slapping together as he pumped her with vengeance.

"Yes, yes take it up inside American slut," he growled his hands tight on her waist allowing her own motion to agitate and bounce her breasts. As he increased his motion she yelped fingers biting the table the upward motion of her melons slapping herself in the chin.

"Aw, aw, aw, aw" She squealed arching her back his steel hard cock now like he was trying to lift her up onto some impaling stake. Her body was tense her thigh rock solid long legs rigid like bronze as she looked to the ceiling for some divine help.

The sensation was deep and heated. The cock was invading at will, his hands all over her nipples, his tongue licking her neck. The heat of the cellar made her a runny mess of sweat. The noise of his flesh slapping hers added to the feeling of revulsion but dark sexual pleasure. She knew full well why she stopped at the side of the road in the first place, that strong barrel chest, chiselled deep eye sockets, that swarthy unshaven demure. But this is not how she'd imagined their first time might be like together.

Her body was betraying her under his virile attentions. She knew that it was no idle boast he made to the kneeling Cassy, and that her friends tongue tasted her excited dripping juice collected by his twisting cock.

The cock slipped from her, the tall girl a dripping mess of sweat and he pushed back into Cassandra. Her cheeks bulged even more as he tried to insert it sideways into her mouth. "Take it all in pony!" The girl's eyes were crossing with effort.

Just as she amazingly accomplished the task he withdrew out again gripping her gasping head his other hand opening Diora's ass cheeks.

"Kiss pony, kiss there." He thrusts the blondes face into Diora's ass crack demanding she slurp on the friend sweaty anus. "Good pony lick her chute clean," he laughed as Diora wailed in humiliation the sensation of soft teen tongue disgusting but sensuous. Cassy had done instinctively as commanded rimming her hole with spittle and Diora's own liquid secretion.

The man pulled the slurping Blonde away the girl blushing in horror and pushed his cock back up Diora's pussy his hands on her tits like two big bags slapping them together as he hammered home.

"Get up, "He coughed the effort making him struggle to speak," Quickly Pony get up and bend over the table ass well."

Cassandra staggered to her feet moving around the table until she had room opposite the fucked grunting Diora, and then she bent over in an inviting manner.

"Oh fuck uhh, you uggh agg!" Diora was cussing and gasping the wet hard slaps of her tits juggled together matching her deep penetrative grunts and the sound of his pelvis on her battered ass. Phut! Phut! Phut!

"Shut up you bitch, " He gasped his thrusting pelvis vibrating her ass like a wobbly jelly mould. "Bounce those big tits, faster, faster!" Diora's body complied more from his physical thrusts than her own efforts her wonderful full tits like two beach balls dancing down long steep steps.

Suddenly she was free of him the man at her side his mammoth hard on springing upright to his flat stomach. He moved around the table looking menacingly at his passive blonde pony. He grabbed her hips roughly the young woman making a slight exclamation but not changing from her bent over wanton stance.

"Ooooooooohhhh!" She gave an echoing coo of sensation his hot rod stuffing up her hole. Her pussy gripping in effort as his tool began to piston in and out of her deep tight shaft.

"That's it pony, ugh very strong muscles good girl, ride, ride my dear." His hips banged back and forth his cock a blur of stabbing meat the big table creaking with the weight of his plugged babe and the force of his ruts up her. In her heels she was able to spread her legs wide his tall bulk still able to push high and in like he was digging a grave up inside his angel.

Cassy gave small gasping mews of sensation her pathetic noise like an injured cat. The voice grew deeper the belly roans longer as his impossibly stiff cock seemed to have the endurance of a god. Her sensation filled moans grew stronger and wilder and she didn't seem to care that her two captive friends watched on in disgust at her perverse excitement.

He pushed her head down on the wooden surface her lips dripping saliva in a steady pool. Her sexy blue eyes were fixed wide like she was in a trance her lips foaming more as her body rocked to his deep thunderous ruts. The room was stiflingly hot and her senses swam with grunting, heated pressure inside her chute and the knowledge both her friends were watching the sight so close by. Her groans were deep echoes of reined in enjoyment the man humping her bones with the style and power of a master over his property.

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