tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCoerced Cruise Ship Couple Ch. 04

Coerced Cruise Ship Couple Ch. 04



I watched Angel prepare for her mission. Garter-belt and stockings, check. High heels, nun's habit and slutty make-up, check. It was eight forty-five. Zero minus fifteen minutes. She had me strip naked and then wrapped duct tape around my arms and ankles and over my mouth. She then cut the back of the tape so I could pull free when needed.

She looked so hot! I was a little nervous about the plan, but Angel seemed confident. I heard a knock at the door. It's "ShowTime!"

Angel opened the drapes, unlocked the balcony door and answered the cabin door. Cyclone came in wearing nothing but a robe. He was holding a bottle of wine in one hand and pipe in the other.

He looked at me naked and duct taped to the chair. He then said, grinning from ear to ear, "Time to learn how to please your wife, cuckold. I bet you're a bit surprised to see me?"

I uttered a few muffled obscenities through the tape feigning anger and outrage.

"Oh come now, you can do better than that, I can barely understand you!" He teased. "Well, never mind. You're not the one I'm here to see anyway, and dropped the robe exposing his well-muscled body and big cock.

He looked at Angel. His cock immediately became hard. "My god," he exclaimed. "A site to behold! Come on sister, how about some, hello, glad to see you, head!"

Angel replied in a sultry voice, "I'd love to suck that big cock of yours but first, please close the balcony curtains!"

Cyclone went over to the balcony doors, opened them and peeked out. "Anybody here" he asked. Confident that they were alone, he close the door and shut the drapes. "Good idea baby, we don't need to broadcast our love to the whole ship. And believe me, you are going to cum so hard, it will echo down the passageway!" He then looked at me to see my reaction.

Again I pretended to be enraged and mumbled threw the tape gag and shook my head in protest.

Angel said. I think I need a drink to help me relax, I have some Champagne if you would like some?

"No thanks sweetie, I brought my own, and a little dust for the Angel," he quipped offering the pipe.

"No thanks that stuff makes me numb and I want to feel everything you've got!" My wife answered as she poured herself a glass.

She then walked over to the balcony doors, peeked through the curtains to confirm Dan's presence, and said, leaving the curtain and door slightly ajar and taking a deep breath. "I love the smell of the ocean don't you?"

"I really don't give a shit! But I do love the smell of pussy! Come here bitch so I can smell yours!" he answered demandingly.

Angel walked over to him and spread her legs. He immediately fell to his knees and took a strong inhalation of my wife's naked cunt.

"Now that's the smell that I love!" He said. He then sat on the bed and took a drag on the pipe. The odor of PCP filling the room.

Angel then asked, "There's just one thing I don't understand. How did you get that uptight bitch, Jill to loosen up like that?"

"Oh, that was easy, first we slipped her a small dose of ecstasy in her drink, then Pat hypnotized her and while she was under told her that when she said the word, "Smallcox", she would again be under her spell and everybody in the room would disappear and she would be alone and more aroused than she had ever been in her life. Then she would have this uncontrollable urge to strip naked and play with her body. She would not be able to see or hear anybody in the room or know that she was being videoed."

Cyclone took another deep hit on the pipe, and continued. You see, you can't make anyone do anything they wouldn't ordinarily do or that's against their values. Pat merely made her think she was alone and very hot. Jill did the rest. Having hubby walk in at that moment and start masturbating was really more than we could hope for. It was the icing on the cake!"

"Well aren't you clever!" Angel remarked, but what made you think they wouldn't go to the captain and press charges!"

"That's the best part! Just having a tape of her stripping wasn't enough, but having her husband there allowing it and jacking off, was priceless! We do this all the time, you'd would be amazed how many well-fucked wives and broken husbands have paid the price to get their videos back!" He bragged. "Enough talk sister, get busy sucking my cock so hubby can see what a real slut you are!"

Knowing we had enough on him on the camcorder to convince the captain that Jill was drugged, hypnotized, videoed and blackmailed against her will, it was time to put an end to our little charade.

I pulled my hands and feet free and holding the stun gun, told Cyclone. "Thanks, big mouth. You just ratted yourself out!"

Dan then opened the balcony door and came through saying. "Yeah, you asshole, now we have a video too, shall we go visit the captain?"

At first, Cyclone was stunned. He was also high on the PCP and his reaction time was off. He made a threatening move toward Kelly, but Kelly pressed the button on the stun gun and the electric current made a loud crackling sound, shooting blue sparks which frightened Cyclone.

Dan then said, "Call your room and have them bring back the tape and Jill's address book to our door. Then hand it over to me. If you try anything funny, Kelly will fry your balls with the gun!"

Cyclone knew he was beaten. He went to the phone and dialed his suite. He then said, "Hey Sweet Tits, bring me the Jill tape and address book."

In two minutes there was a knock on the door. Cyclone opened the door allowing just enough room to slip his hand out and took the tape and book from her hands.

He then told her to go back to the suite and he would join her soon. It's amazing how compliant someone is when you are holding a stun gun against their scrotum.

I explained to Cyclone that as long as they stayed the hell away from us, there would be no problem but if he tried anything, our tape would go to the captain and we would press charges.

Cyclone agreed and went back to his suite.

Dan said, "Why don't we just turn him in? Why let the bastard go so he can do this to other passengers?"

I told him that that would mean a trial, publicity and the viewing of Jill's tape. He asked Dan, did he really want to go through that kind of exposure?

I then added, we will mail the tape to the cruise ship line after we get home. It will then be up to them to take whatever action they feel is appropriate.

Dan agreed and took the tape and address book and returned to his cabin to tell Jill the good news.

Angel looked at me standing there naked and said, "My hero! You were so magnificent!"

I took her in my arms and said, "No, you are the hero, I'm just the brawn behind the brains! Now how about that blow job sister?"

She quickly fell to her knees and started sucking my cock. I asked her, "Would you really had gone through with it and let him fuck you?"

"Mmmmyyeefff!" was her reply.


I was so relieved to see Dan return to our cabin. I had been worried that something might go wrong but when I saw that big smile and the tape and address book in his hand, I knew everything was okay!

We jumped into bed and held each other tight. I asked him, "Do you still want me to take another man's big cock in my tight little pussy? Would you like to see me stripped and shaved and played with by a hung stud? If you really want me too, I guess I could try it. But what if I liked it? Could you stand watching me fuck a succession of guys and cum like I have never cum with you night after night?"

I could feel Dan's little penis shoot all over my thigh. I guess I got his answer.

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