My sweetie is an Internet wiz. She finds the best shopping coupons and bargains, books and movies we'll both enjoy and once in awhile, something a little different.

For instance. This is about "pegging." How many of you know what that is? I'm an experienced man and I thought I knew everything there was to know about sex. I was so wrong.

We're a normal couple, I guess. We've tried a little of this, a little of that in the bedroom. When I was asked to take all my clothes off that was very normal. When I was told to kneel on the bed, with my hands also on the bed, that was, well, very different.

She came out of the bathroom in my favorite: High heels, sexy stockings, and not much else except a bow in her hair.

She used her great hands to massage me. She took careful care of my shoulders, full of tension, and my nipples, always a little ticklish. She teased down my sides and stomach. She bypassed my middle, hard as a diamond, and rubbed down my legs. She always said she liked my strong thighs.

She then started to rub my balls, literally hanging down in the position she had me in. She knows exactly where and how to touch to get me moaning. Lots of time spent on this over the years. After a good bit, she reached for my dick and made it even harder if possible with some kisses, some licking and a moment of sucking.

Then she exited the bed -- now that was different -- and reached underneath it for a large jar of, gulp, Vaseline type stuff. She started to play suggestively with my ass which, if you remember, was poking up into the air. Now she's touched my behind plenty of times. Usually a playful pat when I was dressed. Once in a great while when she caught me exiting the shower. But never in a real sexual way.

After a bit she lathered the jelly on and stuck one finger up my ass. I had, of course, heard about this before. I knew if she found my prostate, she could make my dick even harder, if possible. She searched and after a bit, more jelly, and a second finger.

I was conflicted. It felt so good. At first it was pain mixed with pleasure. I guess that's how a woman feels when we first enter here. Than much more pleasure than pain. After a bit, she dropped to the ground again. Reached under the bed and came up with a very small...dildo. The battery kind and she hit the on button. She strapped it on and she moved it into my ass very slowly, very cautiously. Then when she realized I could handle it, she started to move it around, in and out, with more force. Wow.

After a goodly time, she reached under for my prick and balls. I came immediately. But it was like I was 18 again, great amounts, huge shots, pulsing again and again. She cleaned me up and we kissed and cuddled. I said: I have some, hum, questions.

Was I gay to enjoy that? No way, she said. It's just a largely unexplored sexual area that most straight men want to leave unexplored.

And that was "pegging" I asked. Yes, she said. A sex columnist held a contest to name a sexual act that seemingly had no name. "Pegging" won. She admitted it was a niche thing. Said there are some web pages devoted to it. Said most women couldn't imagine strapping one on, would find the whole thing dirty, and most straight men are happy to be left alone there.

What did she get out of it, I asked? She said some women get power. They control the fucking, its speed, and timing. Some women like the way they look with a "penis." But she said her reason for doing it was that it gave me so much pleasure. She said she would have stopped in a second if the pain was too much or if I wasn't enjoying it.

I thought of one more question. I said: You were so expert at this. Have you done it before? Now we got married in our late 20s and we both had plenty of partners. We never talk about that...but this time, I needed to know.

She hemmed and hawed for awhile and than admitted, yes, she loved doing it and had done it before. How did you find the guy? I asked.

Coffee, she said. Coffee, I asked. Yes, she said, she'd invite a guy out for coffee on a first "date," and somehow turn the topic into "pegging." If the guy was willing, they'd try it. Most left their coffee behind and paid the check. Not me!

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by Anonymous

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by akeyesx07/03/17

Nice. Way too short!

A too-fast buildup and a too-abrupt ending (though I liked it the way it was phrased).
I'd love to have coffee with most any woman; this one especially.

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