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Coffee & Cream


She hated coffee shops, the smell of the coffee just made her feel queasy, and the tea was always undrinkable. Hells, she was only in there because she had arranged to meet a friend, the weather was too bad to be window shopping, and the sofa by the window had come free.

Settling down with a mug of chocolate flavoured tar, she took a book from her bag and opened it up at the marker. She had at least 20 minutes to wait before her friend actually put in an appearance, if at all. Sammy was notorious for not turning up to arranged meetings, and even less likely to arrive on time. Settling down on the sofa, she spread out and turned sideways, taking up the whole thing so no-one else would crowd her out.

Glancing up at the rain hammering against the shop window, she watched idly as the street cleared of the few brave shoppers, then returned to her book. She shivered slightly as the door opened near by, sending a gust of icy air across her, then it closed again and the heating soon fought away the draft. Turning the page, she slouched down in the corner of the sofa and sighed. Glancing at her watch, she watched the seconds tick by.

The door swung open again and Sam breezed in, her bright orange hair at odds with the black clothes she habitually wore. Closing the book, she slipped it back into her bag and sat up a little straighter.

"Oh I am so glad you are here," Sam declared to the coffee shop as she sat down in a flurry of long coat and oversized handbag. "I've got the most atrocious tooth ache. Just been to the dentist. I swear he was drilling for Australia. I can't feel half of my face."

"Then should you really be here?" she asked in exasperation. "If you've had injections and stuff maybe you should go home and sleep."

"Crap," Sam declared loudly. "I just need a good strong coffee."

Watching Sam head for the counter, she sighed and prepared herself for what was to come. This was going to be a classic Sam Encounter.

"So what's happening with you on the love front?" Sam asked as she sat down, a large coffee in one hand and a piece of chocolate cake in the other.

"Precisely nothing," she stated flatly. "Just as I told you last night on the phone."

"So you did," Sam replied vaguely as she sorted herself out on the sofa and the little coffee table. Setting down the cake, she stared out of the rain drenched window as she drank the coffee. Watching it dribble over Sam's chin and all down her front, she smiled slightly and waited. "Jesus feckin christ!" Sam yelled after a few moments.

"Hot?" She asked mildly as she handed over her napkins. "I assume he gave you a lot of local anaesthetic?"

"Shit!" Sam declared as she threw down the sodden napkins and looked down at her soaked top and trousers. "I'm going to have to head home. Sorry Kit."

"No problem," She said with a shrug. "These things happen."

"On a regular occasion to me," Sam grumbled as she pulled on her coat, wrapped the cake in several napkins and slipped it into her bag. "I'll call you later."

"Take care," Kit called after her as she swung through the shop door, head down against the rain and ran. "Doofus," she said without rancour and picked up her book again.

Turning the page, she paused and looked up at the man next to her.

"Is that seat taken?" he asked, indicating the seat on the sofa next to her and then at the full coffee shop.

"No, not at all," Kit said as she grabbed her bag off the seat and sat up. "Help yourself."

"Thanks." Sidling past, he set down his coffee on the table, then shrugged off his jacket and sat down. Smiling shyly, he took a sip of the hot coffee and reached into his backpack. Taking out a book, he leaned back and got comfortable.

Glancing at the book he held, Kit smiled and buried her head back in the text she was reading. She'd read that six months ago. Not the most edifying of reads, but interesting to someone with her interests anyway.

Registering her interest, he glanced across and smiled quizzically. "You know the book?" he asked softly.

"Read it a while back," Kit answered. Setting her own book down over her thigh, she leaned her elbow on the back of the sofa and her chin in her hand. Yes, his accent was definitely London, but only just. He had obviously spent enough time away from there to lose its strength.

"What did you think?" he asked as he glanced at the cover.

"Rather dry, but interesting if you are into it," she said with a shrug. "You?"

"Utter drivel," he said with a sigh. "Too many niggling inaccuracies."

"Really? Not that deep into it to know," she said with a lazy smile. He was rather cute, but not in a way she usually went for. For a start she wasn't usually into interracial relationships; she'd seen friends try and it had always been too complicated for a start. But she was finding herself attracted to this quietly spoken Asian.

"But that's just me," he said with a self deprecating chuckle. "So you enjoying your book?"

"Not really," Kit admitted. "It's for my degree course."

"Ah yes, been there, done that," he commiserated. "So you are what? About 20?"

"More like 28," Kit giggled. "Always get mistaken for a kid."

"Then you are lucky," he said with a grimace. "I look my age."

"I'm sure you don't," she laughed. "You can't be above 35 at the very most."

"39," he corrected. "And thank you for the compliment. What course are you doing?"

"History," she admitted.

"At the local university? Excellent," he said with a genuine grin. "I believe I am to be a guest lecturer for you all."

"Are you Doctor Toor?" she asked with wide eyes.

"For my sins," he admitted. "Infamy at last."

"Something like that," she agreed. "Look, are you due to lecture us this afternoon?"

"Not today, but I was going to sit in on it," he admitted.

"Cool," Kit said with a smile. "You can sit on the back row with me and explain what the old trout is wittering on about."

"Yes, Muriel can be somewhat dry," he admitted as he packed away his book and picked up his coat. "Shall we go? Only it will take me a bit longer than you to get up that hill."

"Sure," Kit agreed. Shoving her book away, she dragged on her coat and picked up her bag. Watching him pick up a walking stick, she frowned and glanced down. She hadn't noticed that when he walked in.

"I'm afraid I am a cripple my dear," he teased as he caught her glance. "Just an annoyance, really."

"Oh, ok," she said with a shrug. "Let's get going before this weather gets worse."

"Is that possible?" he asked as he held the door for her.

"Oh gods yes," Kit explained as she pulled up her collar and hunched into her coat. "This is nothing."

"Dear God I am in the wilderness," he complained as he joined her.

Laughing at his horror, Kit pulled up her collar and started walking into the rain as it got heavier, the droplets bouncing up off the pavement and soaking her jeans to above the knees.

"Shit," he complained as he stayed close behind her, his stick making a sharp tap on the ground as he kept his balance on the soaked pavement. "There is no way in hell I am sitting through a two hour lecture whilst soaked to the skin."

"Tell me about it," Kit growled as she glanced up at a roll of thunder. "Oh fuck."

"Change of destination," he declared as the rain got even heavier. Snatching her arm, he turned her away from the university and towards a hotel. "I'm staying here for a few days. I'll get you a drink," he explained as they hurried through the rain to the welcoming warmth of the hotel entrance.

Pushing through the heavy old glass doors, she looked up at the faded elegance of the high Victorian age, the gilt mellowed and the velvet faded. Dragging off her coat, she shook the rain off in the entrance way then carried it by her side.

Moving on ahead, he collected his key at the polished wood front desk, exchanged a few words, then turned for the lift.

"If its ok by you, I'd prefer to get some dry clothes," he commented as he frowned slightly. "If you like you can wait in my room, I have a sitting room, and...."

"That's fine," she said quickly, her stomach feeling hollow with excitement and anxiety. She was really pushing her luck. "I can read my book."

"Yes, your book," he agreed with another frown. Shaking his head, he pressed the button and the lift doors opened. Stepping in, he held the door open whilst she joined him. Holding her bag in front of her, she stared straight ahead at the floor counter as it slowly turned. She could smell him, his aftershave subdued but fresh. He was breathing evenly, controlled and soft. Whilst she was out of breath, her body hotter than it had a right to be.

Glancing at her, he took in the way the rain had seeped through her jacket, damping her clothes so they clung that little bit closer to her body. She was curvy, her body full and going in and out in all the right places, so different to the modern fad for skeletal bodies. He much preferred her curves, the warm scent from her body as she stared up at the floor arrow assailing him. What was that? It was perfume, definitely, and he had smelt it before and thought nothing of it, but on her it was intoxicating.

Shaking his head free of such thoughts, he stepped forward as the lift came to a smooth halt and the doors slid back. Stepping out onto the plush corridor carpet, he walked to the end door and inserted the old style key to the large brass lock. He much preferred these old hotels that had retained their Victorian details; modern hotels were so soulless. Swinging open the heavy oak door, he flicked on the lights and glanced around the small sitting room. Heavy red leather sofa and chair filled most of the room, deep red velvet drapes at the window blocking out the rain and most of the insipid grey light. Tossing his coat aside, he walked over to the window and looked up at the heavy black clouds just as another flash of lightening shot across the sky.

"I think we made it just in time," he commented as the door was softly clicked closed.

"So it would seem," she agreed quietly. Laying her coat aside, she put down her bag and joined him at the window. Looking up, she slipped her hands into the back pockets of her jeans and leaned her head back to look up at the clouds.

Looking sideways, he took in the view of her breasts as they pushed against her white cotton shirt, the grey of her bra showing through slightly. Closing his eyes for a second, he fought his body and his imagination. That shirt was damp enough to show her skin.

Glancing down, Kit watched him glance at her chest then close his eyes, a frown marring his brow as he argued with himself. Surely he couldn't be interested in her?


"Call me Rikesh, please," he said, his eyes opening instantly and a smile on his face. "Doctor makes me sound responsible and that's a terrible idea."

"Ok, Rikesh," she said with a shy smile. "Erm, shouldn't you get some dry clothes on, you're soaked."

"Am I?" he asked as he glanced down.

Reaching out, she touched a hand to his chest where his shirt stuck to his skin. Looking up into his eyes, she retracted her hand and turned scarlet. "I...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

"Yes you should," he said calmly. Catching her hand he placed it back to his chest and held it there. Wrapping his long brown fingers around her's, he held her gaze. She had the most unusual deep storm blue eyes, flecks of gold around the iris giving them a sparkle. He wondered how many others had taken the time to study them properly. Probably not many, he decided as she blushed deeply. Fools.

"Kit," he said softly as he traced the back of his fingers over her cheek. "If you want to leave you can."

Shaking her head, she lowered her gaze shyly and fidgeted. Yes, no-one else had taken the time to get close to her. Their loss was his gain.

Stepping closer, he felt the nervous energy in her, the heat emanating from her body as he stroked his thumb over her cheek. So damned soft. Standing a mere inch from her body, he stroked her face and ran his other thumb over her fingers placed against his chest.

Swallowing carefully, she raised her eyes to his and was lost in his dark gaze, the laughter lines at the corner of his eyes softening them. Carefully raising her free hand, she cupped his cheek in her palm and smiled softly as he closed his eyes for a second. He felt so good to touch, smooth warm skin the colour of creamy coffee. So different to her pale skin. Making a move forward, she pulled back, unsure of what she should do.

Laughing softly, he closed the gap between them quickly and pulled her against his chest, her face on the same level as his. Resting his hands on her hips, he held her still as she adjusted to being so close to him.

"Just take your time," he advised as he slid his hands around her and rested his warm palms against her lower back. "Just do what feels right for you. And tell me if you don't like something I do."

"Ok," she said softly, her voice catching in the back of her throat. Leaning forward, she timidly placed her lips to his, the lightest of touches as she tried to kiss him. Smiling softly, he slid a hand up her back and to the side of her neck, his fingers sliding through the fine hair stuck to her skin from the rain. Holding her still, he placed his lips to her's and kissed gently. Moving on her softly and slowly as she savoured the sensation. The men in this area of the country were obviously fools to let this one get away.

Placing his other hand to the side of her neck, he cupped her head in his hands and deepened the kiss a little further, running his tongue across her lips to taste her. There was still a hint of chocolate about her, and a lot of heat. Feeling her relax slowly under his kiss, he rested a hand on her hip as she slid her hands to his waist. Deep in his stomach he felt the heat uncurl and his body began to harden for her. Dammit he wanted to take this slow.

Sighing softly, she stepped closer, her feet caught between his as she rested her body against his unconcsciously. She was feeling so hot and tight, her body reacting so fast to his gentle touches and kisses. She was so sensitive already and the rain couldn't account for everything.

Holding her close, he slid his tongue between her lips and tasted her mouth, the wet heat intoxicating. She tasted so damned good, and his body knew she would taste even better. Reaching up, he removed the clip holding her hair and teased it out of the knot she had wound it into. It uncurled around his fingers, the fine wet strands catching him in a snare. Releasing his hand, she shook her hair out then leaned back in for a kiss with a giggle.

Catching her with his mouth, he kissed her long and deep, his tongue twining with hers as he ran his hands down her sides to her hips. Her jeans were wet, soaked by the rain. The denim was moulded to her body, clinging tightly and revealing every curve to his fingers.

Digging his fingers in gently, he was rewarded by a soft moan from her, the small sound turning him on so much his own jeans felt uncomfortable and painful over his hardening shaft. Continuing the kiss, he raised his hands to her breasts, stroking her softly through the damp cotton of her shirt. Damn her nipples were hard, thrusting through the material. Releasing the first button of her shirt, he leaned back and looked his question at her.

Smiling shyly, she raised her hands and slid her fingers under his. Releasing the first button, she popped the next, her nimble fingers making light work of the fastening. Easing the cotton back, she paused as the shirt hung off her shoulders. Tracing his fingers down her neck, he skimmed them over her shoulders and over the straps of her bra. She shivered softly at the touch, closing her eyes and opening her mouth a little. So soft and sensual. What idiots to let her go.

Pushing the shirt from her slowly, he ran his palms down her arms then placed her hands on his waist as he looked at her. Large breasts encased in a dove grey cotton bra. Her nipples were pushing against the fabric, the large circles around them standing out clearly to him. God he just knew she was going to be so slick with her own hot juices by now.

Watching her shirt slide to the floor, Kit closed her eyes and enjoyed the touch of his warm hands on her arms, his rough palms sliding up her skin to her shoulders. For a moment he stroked his fingers in circles on her skin, then he had snagged the bra straps and was slowly easing them off her shoulders.

Shivering at his touch, she watched his face as her breasts pushed free of the cotton cup. Her nipples were hard, harder than she'd ever known them be. She felt so swollen and sensitive, the rush of warm air on her skin at odds to the chill of her rain soaked clothes.

"God you are wonderful," he declared, then he swooped down and took her nipple in his hot wet mouth.

Gasping at the sensation, she moaned as he rolled it with his tongue, teasing and tasting her as his fingers kneaded her other breast. Clasping her hands to the back of his head, she tipped her head back and breathed heavily. Dear god it felt so good to be suckled.

Moving his hot mouth to her other nipple, he knelt on the thick carpet and slid his hands around to her backside. God it was as full as it had looked. Digging his fingers into her flesh, he felt the wet denim cling to her skin. She shivered gently again, her whole body quivering under his hot tongue and fingers. Reaching up he fumbled with the clasp of her bra before removing it and dropping it to the side. Her skin was still damp, cold from the rain, fine goose bumps covering her as her cold skin met the warm air of his room. Kissing his way under her breasts, his fingers found the buckle of her belt and slowly undid it. As the leather slid through the metal clasp she kicked off her boots, her agile toes pulling off her socks as she stroked the back of his head and around to his ears.

Closing his eyes at her gentle touch, he moaned in the back of his throat and placed hot, urgent kisses all over her stomach. Her soft, rounded stomach.

"Please, Doctor Toor," she whispered breathlessly.

"Rikesh," he answered with a hot smile. "My name is Rikesh."

"Ok," she whispered, her eyes closed tight as she revelled in the feelings he was stirring within her.

"Good girl," he whispered. Releasing the top button of her jeans, he looked up her torso as she looked down at his fingers in fascination. Fingering the tab of the zip, he slowly, agonisingly slid it down, his free hand kneading her backside as he held her close.

Moaning softly, she stroked his ear, her agile fingers playing, her nails catching him gently and sending shivers through his body. How in hell had she been overlooked?

Easing the zip the last inch, he eased his fingers into the waist of her jeans and slowly eased them aside. She had on matching dove grey cotton shorties, the material stretching a little over her tummy, but riding low on her hips. She felt so hot to his touch, and he could see her tummy muscles clenching a little. Sliding his hands inside and onto her hips, he leant forward and place hot kisses to her stomach, then he slowly eased his hands down. The wet denim clung for a few seconds, then it began to slide off her body, the curves of her hips and thighs slowly being revealed to him. God she was so curvy, going in and out just where he wanted her to. Kissing to the side of her belly button, he began to lick her hot damp skin as he slid the jeans down to her knees, then her calves. Easing them off as she raised one foot after another, he tossed them aside then leaned back on his haunches to stare at her stood before him in just her shorties.

"God you are amazing," he said as he looked up at her.

"No I'm not," she said shyly, her gaze sliding away from his.

"You are to me," he declared. "So beautiful."

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