tagLetters & TranscriptsCoffee Table, Rope, Ice, Clamps

Coffee Table, Rope, Ice, Clamps


2:02:13 AM - Armitage: one more to beethoven??

2:02:52 AM - Armitage: lmao

2:02:53 AM - Sylibus: Sure ;)

2:04:43 AM - Armitage: ok give me a scenario

2:04:55 AM - Armitage: mr. story writer

2:04:57 AM - Armitage: let's hear it

2:05:08 AM - Sylibus: Any particular genre strike your fancy?

2:05:19 AM - Armitage: --something--

2:05:20 AM - Armitage: lol

2:05:31 AM - Sylibus: OK

2:05:44 AM - Sylibus: Naked

2:05:56 AM - Sylibus: On the floor on hands and knees

2:06:30 AM - Sylibus: Thick heavy rope creating breast bondage and torso bondage

2:07:06 AM - Sylibus: With the crotch rope holding in a massive sculpted ice cock inside you

2:07:10 AM - Sylibus: Filling you completely

2:07:30 AM - Armitage: :$

2:07:35 AM - Sylibus: And as the ice melts inside you

2:07:36 AM - Armitage: :-O

2:07:50 AM - Sylibus: You crawl toward the coffee table

2:08:04 AM - Sylibus: Drape a leg over the edge

2:08:17 AM - Sylibus: The beveled edge pressed directly against your clitoris

2:08:28 AM - Sylibus: Pressing your chest to the tabletop

2:08:41 AM - Sylibus: And slowly you use the table to masturbate yourself

2:08:49 AM - Sylibus: As the ice continues to slowly melt inside you

2:08:53 AM - Sylibus: Chilling you

2:08:55 AM - Sylibus: Freezing you

2:09:10 AM - Sylibus: The cold water dripping down your thighs

2:09:17 AM - Sylibus: Pooling underneath you on the table

2:09:28 AM - Armitage: uhhh

2:09:32 AM - Sylibus: provindig you with additional lubrication for your use of the table

2:09:45 AM - Sylibus: You find yourself unable to stop your actions

2:09:59 AM - Sylibus: It is as if your body is no longer obeying your commands

2:10:11 AM - Sylibus: Your nipples send electric sparks through your chest

2:10:28 AM - Sylibus: While hotter, brighter, more powerful jolts of electricity radiate from your clit

2:10:49 AM - Sylibus: You continue to press your clit into the edge of the table

2:10:57 AM - Sylibus: And you absently reach for the nearby clamps

2:11:10 AM - Sylibus: Lifting yourself up on one shaky arm

2:11:20 AM - Sylibus: you grab one clamp

2:11:24 AM - Sylibus: Open it wide

2:11:31 AM - Sylibus: bring it to your right breast

2:11:37 AM - Sylibus: close your eyes

2:11:52 AM - Sylibus: and allow its teeth to bite your tender bud

2:12:11 AM - Sylibus: You can barely bite back the cry that wants to rip past your lips

2:12:39 AM - Sylibus: A tear comes to your eye, yet you know that the other clamp needs to be affixed before you can allow your body the pleasure it seeks

2:12:48 AM - Sylibus: Again, you reach

2:12:53 AM - Sylibus: Again, you seize a clamp

2:12:58 AM - Sylibus: Againm you open it wide

2:13:06 AM - Sylibus: You bring it to your left breast

2:13:22 AM - Sylibus: And just as your clit brushes against the edge of the coffeetable

2:13:24 AM - Armitage: more...

2:13:34 AM - Sylibus: The second clamp seizes upon your tender flesh

2:13:41 AM - Sylibus: And this time, you do cry out

2:13:47 AM - Sylibus: You cannot hold back the sound

2:13:51 AM - Sylibus: The dam has crumbled

2:13:57 AM - Sylibus: Slowly

2:14:12 AM - Sylibus: Sounds of pleasure and desire and lust and ecstacy spill from your lips

2:14:23 AM - Sylibus: And you lower your chest back to the table

2:14:42 AM - Sylibus: The impact of clamps upon table sending jarring sensations through your breasts, your chest, your entire being

2:15:03 AM - Sylibus: The pain thwarted and held at bay by the continual movement of your clit across the table's edge

2:15:10 AM - Sylibus: You pant heavily

2:15:13 AM - Sylibus: You mona loudly

2:15:28 AM - Sylibus: The ice continues to chill you and consume you

2:15:37 AM - Sylibus: The melting water continues to leak

2:15:52 AM - Sylibus: And suddenly you feel someone pulling your hair'

2:15:57 AM - Sylibus: But you do not care

2:16:04 AM - Sylibus: It could be anyone seeing you like this

2:16:11 AM - Sylibus: You are too far gone to care

2:16:21 AM - Sylibus: The pain, the cold, the pleasure, it is all coming to a head

2:16:36 AM - Sylibus: And when you feel the long fingernails scraping down your spine

2:16:40 AM - Sylibus: You know it is her

2:16:44 AM - Sylibus: The girl of your dreams

2:16:48 AM - Sylibus: She is the one watching you

2:16:49 AM - Armitage: ;)

2:16:58 AM - Sylibus: She is the one silently cheering you on

2:17:03 AM - Armitage: nah, forget her

2:17:08 AM - Armitage: not really feeling chicks tonight

2:17:09 AM - Armitage: ;)

2:17:13 AM - Armitage: besides, I'm good ;)

2:17:14 AM - Armitage: :)

2:17:19 AM - Sylibus: OK

2:17:32 AM - Armitage: now i'm REALLY hungry tho

2:17:35 AM - Armitage: ::giggles::

2:17:46 AM - Armitage: actually

2:17:49 AM - Sylibus: I would make a quip here about feeding you some sausage, but I won't

2:17:50 AM - Armitage: there are boys in my hallway

2:17:53 AM - Armitage: and I'm a little suspicious

2:17:58 AM - Sylibus:??

2:18:06 AM - Sylibus: They may have heard, is that what you mean?

2:18:30 AM - Armitage: lol

2:18:35 AM - Armitage: I think they heard and stuck around

2:18:36 AM - Armitage: honestly

2:18:36 AM - Armitage: lmao

2:18:50 AM - Sylibus: Heck - I probably would ;)

2:18:53 AM - Armitage: ;)

2:19:03 AM - Armitage: thanks 4 the story

2:19:27 AM - Sylibus: Glad to be of assistance

2:19:33 AM - Sylibus: Even if it is only via a screen

2:19:46 AM - Armitage: LMAO

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