tagErotic PoetryCoitus Nocturnus

Coitus Nocturnus


A strange mood has come over me
An after midnight sense of whimsy

Is this disease affecting my brain
Caused by all the humidity and rain

Now what's a single girl suppose to do
With thoughts that turn a crimson hue...

Such unexpurgated tales she could devise
When imagination is set free to fantasize

No editorial comments or gratuitous sex
Not even a magic spell or words complex

Just a few musings of the risque kind
That hopefully won't make you go blind

The darkness of a muggy night
In ribald rhetoric for you I delight

I only have to think of your omnipotent cock
And my nipples swell, grow hard as a rock

I rub your toes and massage your feet
To worship your body is a special treat

And when you lay bare my full round ass
Whisper words that are nasty and crass

By day I am a lady who knows the score
By night I become your wanton whore...

To taste, touch, suck, stroke, lick the skin
I'll do anything to satisfy your every whim

My juices flow, releasing a sweet confection
My grove is ripe and ready for your erection

I long to feel your savage, feral fury
For you-my master, judge and jury

So now let the sensual games begin
For in erotic pleasure we both will win

Be it a candlelight and romantic tryst
For your gentle caress I can't resist

Or we can play it even more hardcore
With a wild, bawdy display for encore

Whatever the your salacious inspiration
You have my obeisance and an ovation

But alas the hour has grown quite late
For more 'tasty tidbits' you'll have to wait

Your poet of the profane,

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