tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCold Reception

Cold Reception


Erin gazed into the fire and nudged closer to Todd, the man she married twelve hours earlier. Outside could be heard the howling winds of a winter storm that threatened to bury the cabin and surrounding woods in a foot of new snow. Erin could care less.

"This was a wonderful idea," she mewed. "And if we get snowed in, all the better."

"I'd say this storm put an end to any ideas my friends at work may have had of following us and playing tricks," Todd said. "No phone. No visitors. I like it."

Erin leaned over and started a long, passionate kiss. Todd ran his hands through her thick, blonde hair and pulled her on top of him as they stretched out on the couch. Their legs intertwined while they rolled onto their sides. Erin instinctively reached down for Todd's crotch and he sought out her full, firm breasts.

They were both fully dressed, but that didn't stop the frantic search for the known hot spots that had long initiated many of their sexual encounters. Erin could feel the beginning of her husband's erection and he detected her hard nipples, even through her clothes.

At twenty three and just out of college, they rarely had opportunities to have sex without some fear of interruption. Just the thought of their honeymoon at the remote cabin had caused them arousal for many months preceding the actual day. Now, totally alone with only a fire looking on, they were more than ready for a week of bliss.

Erin caressed Todd's lean, athletic body with her own, using the combined friction to awaken every sensual nerve they had. Her tongue found his. They moaned together and Todd rolled on top of her. He kissed his way down her neck and into the deep v-neck of her sweater. His lips felt the supple skin of her cleavage and he licked her, watching the sweater rise where her nipples were hid.

Her hand was between his legs, clutching at the ever-hardening cock she needed so bad. Erin knew what it would feel like; how long and hard it would be and how it would bring her to a never-ending climax. She wanted to rip off his pants and suck on the cock until Todd begged her to fuck him.

His hand was on her sweater, ready to pull it away from one of her tits so he could...

Suddenly, a log noisily tumbled from the grate and rested against the screen, just inches from the throw rug in front of the fireplace.

"Shit. I've got to put that back, hon," Todd said with disgust. "And I should get some more firewood while I'm up. That will last us the rest of the night."

Erin smiled as he rolled off, the bulge in his pants more than obvious.

"Hurry back," she said.

"Don't worry."

Outside the cabin, two men stooped behind a large woodpile, less than twenty yards away. A long walk through the woods from a secluded parking spot left them covered in snow and very cold. Lights from the cabin cast soft shadows on the white ground.

"This better be worth it," one of the men said in a hushed voice. "I'm fuckin' freezing."

"Trust me," his companion answered. "When I saw them register for the cabin, I knew they were the pair we wanted. You'll be hard the moment you see this blonde."

Jeff and Adam had planned the assault for weeks. A solitary backpack was filled with all the supplies they would need. Adam, a part-time employee of the people who rented the cabins, had the job of picking out the ideal victims. Jeff, a long-time friend of Adam, knew that little stood in their way if they could successfully get into the cabin. They were both in their early thirties and agile enough to overtake an unsuspecting couple like Erin and Todd.

"Now remember," Jeff said. "I'll knock on the door. You take out whoever answers. I'll go after whoever is left. We've got to get them quiet as soon as possible, but there shouldn't be anybody else around for several miles. We should be OK, but let's not allow the girl to scream for too long."

"OK," Adam said.

Jeff rose into a hunched over position and started to step out from behind the woodpile.

"Let's move...oh shit."

He dove back into place as the cabin door opened and a young man hurriedly moved towards them. Jeff and Adam heard the door slam shut and the sound of footsteps in the snow quickly approaching them. Todd shivered out loud as he got to the wood, reaching for the nearest log as soon as he arrived. Before he could grab a second one, Jeff pounced on him from behind the pile, rapidly followed by Adam.

"Don't make a sound," Jeff told Todd, with a gloved hand over Todd's mouth from behind. "Drop the log."

A switchblade in his face, held by Adam, convinced Todd to do as he was told.

"We're going back inside. If you're good, nobody will get hurt. Make a sound or attempt to run and the girl pays. Understand?" Jeff said.

Todd nodded, his eyes wide with fear. The three men took the short walk to the cabin, Jeff's hand remaining firmly in place over Todd's mouth.

"Adam, I want you to open the door and get the girl quiet," Jeff whispered.

Adam nodded, waited a couple seconds, and then burst into the cabin. He saw Erin standing by the couch and was on her in three long strides. Erin managed a single shriek of terror before Adam had her flat on the cushions, on her stomach, with his hand over her face.

"Shut up!" Adam told her. "Don't move or your hubby dies."

Erin froze at the words. Jeff closed and locked the cabin door with Todd standing next to him in shock.

"Let's get this straight from the beginning," Jeff announced. "There will be no screaming, or attempts to escape, or lack of cooperation. Do you both get that?"

Erin and Todd nodded and Adam rolled off the couch, standing guard over the frightened girl. The two intruders threw their coats onto chairs around the kitchen table and Todd moved towards Erin.

"Oh, no you don't," Jeff warned him. "We'll tell you when it's OK to move and where to go. Nothing you do from now on will be without our orders. You don't speak. You don't budge unless we say so. You already met Adam's little knife. He's really good with it. Don't tempt him."

Once Jeff convinced himself that his commands registered with Todd and Erin, he looked at Adam.

"Do you have the camera?"

Adam nodded and walked over to his backpack. He opened it and reached inside, pulling out a camcorder no bigger than the palm of his hand.

"Find a good spot for it. Somewhere that it will capture the entire room without us having to move it later," Jeff said.

Adam searched for a spot for a moment, and decided the fireplace mantel was ideal. With the click of a button, the camera was on.

Jeff said, "Just to make sure neither of you have any ideas of going to the cops when we leave, we're going to record this. I'm pretty decent with video editing software and I can make this look like you two took part willingly in every way."

He grinned at the look of panic on the faces of his two captives.

"I can have it posted online within seconds after I suspect anything. Are there any questions?"

Erin and Todd shook their heads and mumbled 'No'.

"Excellent," Jeff said. "Let's get started by introducing ourselves."

He looked at Erin and when he paused, she said softly, "Erin."

Jeff looked at Todd. He gave his name.

"Good. You two learn fast," Jeff said. "Adam, let's bring Todd over to this chair. And bring some rope with you."

Another search of the backpack resulted in Adam pulling out a short string of rope which he delivered, along with Todd, to Jeff, who stood near a kitchen-style chair opposite the fireplace. Todd was told to sit, and Jeff tied his hands to the back of the chair.

Jeff watched the terror grow in Erin's eyes. He wondered how much she suspected of what was to come. He was pretty sure she was underestimating the threat Jeff and Adam represented.

"Now," Jeff said, leisurely moving over to where Todd sat, "we need some type of visual clue that what we are about to do is having the proper effect. It wouldn't be fair to have me and Adam be the judges. So, we need another volunteer...and I think that leaves only you, Todd.

"How would you like to be the one that determines what happens to the lovely Erin?" Jeff asked.

Todd's answer was spoken in emphatic terms. "If you lay a hand on her I'll..."

Jeff leaned down and slapped him viciously across the face. "You'll what, Todd? You're fucking tied to a chair. You'll do what we say, remember? And right now I'm appointing you the negotiator of what we do or don't do to Erin. But you won't speak to us in the normal fashion. You have another means of answering."

Jeff reached for the top of Todd's pants and unbuttoned his jeans. Jeff pulled down the zipper and yanked the pants down his legs, as far as his knees. Jeff forced off Todd's shoes, and then completed the task of removing the jeans. A moment later, Todd's boxers were off and he sat naked from the waist down.

"Much better," Jeff said. "Now we'll be able to see how you are voting. Here's the deal. We're gonna start stripping your little bride. We won't stop until you are good and hard. So, Todd, you are in complete control of what happens to her. Let's get started, shall we?"

Adam moved over to Erin and pushed her into the center of the room, directly in front of Todd and Jeff. With all eyes focused on the girl, Adam stepped behind her. His hands inched up the outside of her sweater, starting at her waist and proceeding onto her ribcage. Erin stood motionless, the tension on her face and in her body strong enough to be felt by all the men. When Adam reached the sides of her tits, he halted.

His fingers slowly moved onto her chest and, even more deliberately, up onto the lower halves of her tits. The soft flesh was pushed in such a way that it began to fill the v-neck and appear to be ready to spill out over the sweater's edge. But then Adam's hands were directly on top of the breasts and he was compressing them against her body.

The movement of his hands alternately stretched and scrunched up the sweater. Every now and then, a brief hint of a bra could be seen before disappearing behind the sweater once more. After a moment of this treatment, Adam moved his hands down to the bottom of her sweater, pulled it up slightly, and slid his fingers back up to where he was.

He felt the tiny, silky bra, and he squeezed it hard. He found her nipples and tightly pinched them, getting the first audible gasp of fear and pain out of Erin. Then he gripped the sweater below her tits and raised it up until it reached her neck.

"Raise your arms," he demanded.

Erin did so, and the sweater was lifted over her head and tossed aside. She quickly lowered her arms and began to place them in front of her, but Adam grabbed her wrists and held the arms down at her side. Todd and Jeff, but especially Jeff, took a long look at the lovely curves of Erin's chest.

Jeff peered down at Todd's crotch and noticed only a slight increase in the size of his cock.

"It doesn't look like we're there yet, Adam. Better keep going. Maybe he's into something a little rougher," Jeff said. He looked at Adam, and tilted his head toward the backpack.

Adam smiled and retrieved a much longer piece of rope this time. In fact, it was several feet long once Adam returned to Erin and uncoiled it. He looked up at the ceiling and was very happy to see a thick, wooden beam extending the entire length of the room, a couple feet below the actual ceiling.

He stepped back and swung one end of the rope in an attempt to have it wrap around the beam. It took a second effort to have enough of the rope around the beam to allow Adam to reach up and pull it down. He reached for one of Erin's arms and began to tie a rope end around her wrist, much to her dismay. A quick tug on the rope extended her arm high above her head. Then he took the other arm, lifted it to the same height and tied that wrist with the rope.

Everybody saw her struggling to either get loose or comfortable, neither of which was going to happen. Adam stepped back and surveyed his work.

Jeff said, "Good job. Now do something about those pants of hers and maybe old Todd here will finally start to react properly."

Adam took his time opening her jeans. Her thin waist and small hips did little to hold up the pants once they were loosened. Her panties came into sight even before Adam started to push the jeans down her legs. He kneeled down and pulled them completely off, leaving the young woman hanging in just her bra and panties.

"Very nice," Jeff said in an appreciative tone. "It seems to be working, too."

Jeff and Adam, as well as Erin, saw the first indications of a hardening of Todd's cock. Of course, every time Jeff mentioned it, Todd felt his cock begin to soften no matter how hard he tried to save Erin from further embarrassment. Both Todd and Erin suspected, however, that nothing was going to stop their intruders from getting what they came after.

The truth was, Jeff and Adam were both much harder than Todd and DID know that Todd's cock had little to do with the outcome. Still, they enjoyed the fact that they just might yet get him hard if they continued to strip his beautiful wife.

Adam stood in front of Erin and slid his hands up and down her legs, making sure to concentrate on the inside of her thighs and across her pussy. He continued up her body and around her tits, along her shoulders and neck, before moving behind her and doing the same all the way down her body.

It was evident that Erin was squirming while making every attempt to avoid Adam's hands. All it did was arouse the men, including Todd, whose cock commenced to enlarge little by little as he watched. The strain of Erin's tiny bra and panties against her writhing body was having its affect...finally.

"I believe you have a knife that would work nicely on that bra, Adam," Jeff told him. "She won't be needing it any more tonight."

Adam pulled the switchblade from his pocket and, with a loud click, extended the blade in front of Erin. Her eyes followed it when Adam ran the flat side over her cheek. She looked on with undeniable fright as he moved the tip down her neck and into the opening between her tits. Adam used the blade to push aside one cup of the bra just a little. Then he turned the sharp blade upward and placed the knife at the bottom of her bra where the two cups met. The tiny bow was not going to be any deterrence.

With a sudden jerk, Adam pulled the knife up and sliced open the bra. Erin's screech filled the cabin as the bra swung back into place, barely covering the outer portions of her tits. Adam used the knife again to brush aside the cups and expose her pink nipples.

"Almost done," Adam said softly to Erin.

He reached for the strap on her nearest shoulder and quickly cut it. He walked behind her and, with the bra hanging in shreds, cut the remaining strap. He threw the tattered garment onto the floor and moved around to have his first look at the woman's naked breasts.

Jeff gave a whistle of approval and Adam grinned while putting away his knife.

"Now we're getting somewhere," Adam said, staring at the semi-erect cock rising from Todd's lap. "But it looks to me like he wants her naked. What do you think, Jeff?"

"Yep. No doubt about it."

Before taking that final step, Adam was intent on benefitting from Erin's current state of undress. He roughly kneaded her tits with both hands and moved ever closer to her. When he attempted to kiss her and she swung her head away, he grabbed her by the hair and held her in place while his tongue probed the inside of her mouth. He could feel her body against his and felt his cock straining to be freed from his pants.

After the kiss, he leaned down and ran his tongue over her right nipple. He put it between his lips for a moment, and then bit it lightly, causing Erin to scream.

"Not so loud, sweetheart," he told her. "We've only started."

He spread his lips and, with the help of his hand, forced a large portion of the tit into his mouth. The sounds of his licking and sucking could be heard plainly, along with Erin's moans and the distinctive noise of rope scraping across wood as she struggled. Adam attacked her tits one after the other until they both shimmered in the light from the moisture left by his mouth.

The nipples stood out and glowed a bright red from his ministrations. Only the color of the head on Todd's rigid cock could match them. And Adam wasn't nearly done yet.

He walked behind Erin and cupped her tits in his hands. Then he slid the hands down her stomach, past her navel, and onto the top of her panties. The first swipe over her pussy made him chuckle.

"She's wetter than a fountain, guys," he exclaimed with glee.

He pressed the panties tighter against her body and felt the warm, wet juices. Erin arched her back in protest but all that did was push her ass against his hard cock. That frightened her almost as much and she moaned in despair.

Adam gradually worked his hands inside the top of her panties and sought out the moisture laden area between her legs. He massaged her calmly. But then he settled in on her clit and the tempo picked up.

"Ohhhh no," Erin whined. "Please. No."

Adam ignored her. He rubbed her clit for half a minute. Then he moved his fingers to the entrance to her cunt and slowly inserted one; followed by a second finger. Jeff and Todd could see Adam's hand fucking her by the rise and fall of the panties. Erin's eyes were closed and her mouth was opened in a silent expression of distress.

Despite all that was happening around her, Erin's body was responding to the man's hands. Just like her body would respond to Todd. Everyone in the room could see it, and smell it.

A moment later, Adam was pushing the soaked panties down Erin's legs. When they were off and she hung naked, Adam backed off and all eyes were on her. Todd, like the other men, was as hard as a rock. His cock rose nearly to his navel and pointed up like a pole.

"She's quite the babe," Jeff said to nobody in particular, but intending it for Todd. "I bet you were really looking forward to getting some of that tonight. Well, I'd hate to leave you two totally unsatisfied, so I think we'll do the next best thing. I think it's only fair that poor Erin should get to cum. And I think you should too, Todd. Just not as you planned."

Jeff walked over and let his hands glide all over the girl's body.

"Adam made it sound like she's already pretty close," he continued. "Why don't we finish her off and then we'll give your pathetic erection a break."

Jeff took his place in front of Erin and kneeled down. With his face right in front of her pussy, he leaned in and kissed it softly.

"Spread your legs, honey," he told Erin.

She obeyed and Jeff's mouth found her clit. She cried out at the first contact between his tongue and her swollen, throbbing clit. He licked her and sucked on the clit for over a minute, gripping her by the ass and pulling her tighter and tighter onto his face. He could feel her body tense up and he knew she was close.

At the onset of a new series of moans from Erin, Jeff backed away and played with her tits while she came down from her near orgasm. When his mouth returned to her pussy, his tongue avoided her clit and, instead, plunged deep inside her cunt. Erin twisted and turned as the invading tongue explored every inch of her hole. She tugged on the rope in response to her body's continuous shuddering.

Still, Jeff wouldn't let her cum. After a while, he stood and moved behind her. He whispered into her ear, "OK. Now I'll let you cum. Put on a good show and you won't get hurt."

The mixture of fear and lust inside of Erin caused her to equally loathe and crave the sensation of Jeff's hand searching her pussy for the clit he had recently licked. Once he found it, she arched her back and begged him, "No! No, please! Don't touch...oh God, please stop!"

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