tagMind ControlCollared Ch. 01

Collared Ch. 01


I started talking to a guy on line and having cyber sex with him. It started innocently enough…he lived in a different state, was married and me being the kind of girl who dislikes commitment, our flirting and fun was a great alternative to actually having to go through all the dating rituals. He was eager to please, and always does. Our talks were fun in the beginning – I guess because we didn’t know each other that well, each other’s likes and dislikes – they were your average sex conversations. We both would peak in orgasms but it wasn’t anything to write a story about.

Now after we’ve been talking for a while our conversations are anything but ‘vanilla’ and he turns me on in ways I didn’t think were ever possible – never mind the fact that he does it all with his mind and over a computer. I now belong to him and if I ever talk to someone else online for sex, it’s only because He is not available. It’s never as good with anyone else though and I’m usually left unimpressed, dissatisfied and eagerly waiting for a message from Him to appear to rescue me.

I never thought I was one of those women who would like to be literally taken over by a man. Who would like being tied up and degraded. Called slut, cocksucker and whore. Violently molested and put on display for others to witness and sometimes to fuck, like a piece of meat and as if I weren’t even there. And no I’m not crazy, I DO realize this is all happening in my mind with the images and words He gives me to put together but you really couldn’t understand it unless you experienced it. As I said, I never thought I was one of those women….oh but I am, and He has discovered a true slut in me and I happen to like her very much! She’s wild and free and only cares about one thing…Pleasing Him. When I touch myself during our conversations I am surprised by how wet my pussy is. I sometimes think He is pushing it too far, and think to myself, no I wouldn’t like that, but I’ll go along with it for sake of conversation. And then I touch my pussy and find it soaking wet!!!

He and I role-play in our conversations. It’s so incredibly real and I cannot wait for the time when I get to meet Him face to face and He takes me in the ways He’s already described to me. The following story is my fantasy about finally meeting Him.


I’m standing at the baggage claim at an International Airport. He said He’d meet me here but I’m not exactly sure who I’m looking for. I feel like I’m being watched but I’m certain it’s just paranoia. I’ve seen His picture a thousand times and I’m sure I’d know His face in a crowd of millions. Although it’s His cock more than anything that I can’t wait to see. To worship. We’d been talking on line for months now. Almost a year actually. In fact, this was a bit of an anniversary celebration. He sent me a ticket over the Internet to come and meet Him. We’d talked about meeting up all the time, and even when He talked about flying me out, I didn’t think it would ever really happen. Yet here I was – wearing the Cornflower Blue halter dress I picked out because the color accented my eyes and the plunging neckline accented my tits – hair done up like a model – lips painted like a porn star – waiting for Him to come get me.

That feeling of being watched came over me again and I darted my eyes around the terminal searching for Him. Or at least for the person who was watching me. I’d gotten a lot of looks dressed the way I was, but this feeling was more menacing.

Suddenly my breath was taken from me as two arms wrapped around me. One went around my waist and the other around my neck and throat. He pulled me close into Him and ground His hips into my ass. My knees started to give way from sheer exhilaration of finally being here with Him. I didn’t care about the other people in the airport – I wasn’t aware of any other being on the face of the planet in the moment when He first touched me.

He didn’t speak at first. We didn’t need to. I knew it was Him. And we were both enjoying the moment we’d been waiting for all this time. To hold each other, to feel each other, to be close enough to touch. His embrace was firm and experienced. Somehow familiar and strong. As He tightened his hold on me, He finally spoke and whispered in my ear, “Hey Baby. I can’t believe you’re here.” That voice pierced through me and I could only gasp in reply.

When you’re having sex with someone over the Internet or on the phone you can stimulate yourself to an extent and even mimic the actions of the person you’re wishing you were with. But the one thing you cannot substitute is kissing. Whenever He wrote or spoke about kissing me I would melt. And now, as he spun me around and took my face in His hands…we stared deeply into each others eyes. Face to face with the man who’d discovered the real person inside me and who liked me even more so for it. I felt so in love with Him – I trusted him with my very life – I was completely ready to give myself over mind, body and soul.

With his fingers burying themselves in my hair on the back of my neck and shoulders, he finally kissed me. I lost myself there. Any notions I had of coming into town for the weekend and leaving my own person again were completely gone. He repeatedly told me I was His. That I belonged to Him and Him alone. I never protested it, but I didn’t truly believe it until this moment.

I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth – our heads twisted and rotated – tongues danced and darted – hands groped and caressed – until He broke our kiss and took my face in his hands again.

“YOU are MINE – you may be here for only this weekend – but this is only the beginning of the rest of your life with me. You will experience pleasures you did not even know were possible until now. You will experience pain you did not know was possible until now. You, my little slut, will do things you’ve never even read about. I am going to please you. I am also going to hurt you, you do understand that don’t you?”

“Yes Sir”

“Oh good! You already understand your place here with me. You want me to please you don’t you slut?”

“Yes Sir”

“And you want me to hurt you as well, don’t you whore?”
“Yes Sir”

“Tell me, cocksucker, who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you Sir”

:”And who are you here to please you fucking cunt?”

“I am here only to please you Sir”

“mmmmmmmm that’s exactly right. It seems as if you have been paying attention all those times we talked. So tell me bitch, what do you want me to do to you first? Hmmmm? Should I lick your sweet pussy? It is sweet isn’t it slut? You haven’t been lying to me all this time have you? Because now it’s too late if you have been.”

“No sir, I have not been lying. My pussy is very sweet. It’s even wet for you already.”

“WET! Already! Hmmmmmm you ARE a slut aren’t you? Slide a finger inside your cunt and let me see how wet you are.”

Without hesitation or even a second thought I slide my hand up my dress, pulling the material up with my hand and exposing my thigh to anyone who happened to be looking. I’m not wearing any panties and I’m so incredibly wet I don’t have to go far to get my fingers sticky and sloppy. I bring my hand between us and hold an extended finger between our lips.

“Suck it bitch” He tells me. And I do. “Mmmmmmmm very nice slut. You’ll do just fine with me.”

“I hope I please you ….AH!” A tweak to my right nipple cuts off my words.
“Did I say you could speak bitch? Did I? No, I did not. You are NOT to speak unless you have been granted permission. There may be times when I will allow you to speak on your own free will this weekend, but you are not to speak at all unless I ask you a direct question or explicitly tell you that you may speak. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir”

“That’s better. That was disappointing though, after I just told you how well you were going to do this weekend and then you go ahead and speak without permission. I was going to suggest we leave now and head over to the hotel room I’ve reserved but now I think you need a punishment. Do you agree with me slut?”

“Yes Sir”

“Hmmmm I think your punishment will be public humiliation. Spread your legs bitch. Go on…spread ‘em”

I’m suddenly very aware of my surroundings. All those people that were in the terminal had ceased to exist until you pointed out that we are in fact in a very public place. Travelers are coming and going all around us. I’m wondering who’s already witnessed our displays. My eyes are scanning the crowds for onlookers as a sharp tweak on my right nipple again returns my eyes to yours.

“I said spread your legs. DO IT. Now.”

I do and your hands go directly to my ass. A loud slap is heard echoing through the terminal. The material of my dress is thin and taught across my ass. You might as well have slapped my bare ass.

:”Mmmmmmmm no panties. At least you listen to me sometimes. Very nice slut.”

Your hands move from my ass and slowly slide up to my hips and grab at my waist. Then slide down my outer thighs and you then slide them back to my hips dragging my dress with your hands. In about three second the entire airport is going to see my ass as well as be able to see the wetness that is now dripping out of my pussy. Just before I’m completely exposed your hands move again. They’re tracing the inside of my thighs. Caressing and poking. Rubbing and scratching. The hem of my dress is just at the bottom of my ass cheeks. If I so much as breathe they will be exposed. I don’t even care anymore. Without realizing it I’ve started to rock too and fro. My hips are curving towards you and I’m beckoning your hands into my pussy lips. As one of your fingers caresses my inner most thigh you note my wetness.

“Damn bitch, you’d like it too much if I touched you now. You’d probably get off if I just flicked your clit once with my fingers wouldn’t you? You are SUCH a slut! Well we can’t have you screaming in the middle of an airport now can we? Grab your bag, we’re going now.”

I reach for the bag I packed it’s small and compact, I didn’t think I’d be needing many clothes this weekend. Though your hands have dropped and you’re no longer holding my dress up, it stayed raised up and when I bend over to pick up my bag one of the porters lets out a whistle. My cheeks redden and my embarrassment is obvious.

“Don’t be embarrassed slut. You have a very nice ass. I don’t blame him for admiring you. In fact, I want to show you off. Lets go, we’re gonna go for a ride.”

You take my bag and sling it over your shoulder. You take my hand in yours and half drag me along behind you as I’m trying to fix the hem in my skirt. As I catch up to you and walk at your side you lean down to me and kiss my cheek. We walk out to your car that’s parked in front and you throw my bag in the back as you open the door for me.

“Shivery is alive and well here but make no mistake, you are MINE. I respect you to every degree imaginable and I cannot wait to please you just as much as I look forward to using you and having you please me.”

“Mmmmmm where are we going?”


“Do NOT speak to me unless you are directed to. Geez woman, I guess your punishment wasn’t suitable after all. It will be now.”

…………………….to be continued.

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