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It was my first time, I had never really needed it before, perhaps it was just me but when I moved past the fine carved doors and stepped onto the marble floor my first inclination was to turn and run away. I probably would have followed that inclination if an attractive older woman hadn't immediately stepped forward, held out her hand and graciously welcomed me.

Taking her hand in mine I was surprised first by the firmness of her grip and then by the incredible softness of her skin. After shaking her hand, I took a better look at her, noticing the slight tint in her blonde hair as the gray had just started to appear. Actually the appearance of the gray seemed to lend an air of confidence to the woman, she was obviously comfortable with herself, unafraid of her age, in fact quite proud of her maturity.

Her face was attractive, the hint of crow's feet at her eyes and the few small wrinkles around her mouth seemed to lend an feeling of accessibility to her. She was not an untouchable porcelain model, so beautiful and self-worthy that only the richest and most powerful men could dare even to talk to them, no, it was more like she was almost encouraging you to reach out and touch her cheek, her hair and perhaps more.

Her words cascaded elegantly from her lips as I glanced first at her dark brown eyes and then down to her lips. She wore makeup, but not very much and was it not for the sheen on her lips, I might have thought she wasn't wearing any lipstick. Finally letting my attention slip from her face, I tried to make sense of what she was saying, "...help you?"

"Ah, excuse me. I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

Smiling she started again, "Welcome, I'm Rebecca Montreau, how can I help you?"

"Oh yes," I replied nervously, "I've never done this before and..."

"Surely you've been in a place like this before," she interrupted, tilting her head slightly.

"Yes, but I've never... well I've never ah, ugh, I've never taken out a loan before," I stuttered, glancing down at the floor noticing the wavy reflection of her dress.

"Oh there's nothing to it," she whispered, reaching her arm around me and pointing to an office. "Come into my office and we can talk about getting you a loan Mister....?"

"Bewson, William Bewson, but my friends call me Bill."

"Well Bill, can I call you Bill?" she said, pausing until I nodded. "Well Bill, have a seat there and tell me what kind of loan you need."

"Well Ms. Montreau..."

"Call me Rebecca," she said closing her door and then gracefully settling into her chair.

"Okay Ms. Rebecca Ma'am, I work on cars a lot, I'm head mechanic at Revy's Auto Specialist on Third Street, but I've wanted to open my own shop. My granddaddy has a big garage and seems with a little work I can fix it up. We'll need some equipment though, I made up a list Ms. Rebecca," I said, reaching into my shirt pocket and handing her my folded up list.

Smiling, she reached out for the list and said, "Just call me Rebecca, like you would one of your friends." Unfolding the list she continued, "Do you know how much this equipment will cost, how much you'll need to borrow?"

"Well Rebecca, I think it's about twenty-five thousand, maybe a little bit more?"

"Okay, you'll need to fill out a loan application, do you have any collateral"


"Yes, something of value that we can use to guarantee the loan? Since you haven't taken out a loan before you won't have any credit to speak of. "

"Well the equipment, could that be collateral."

"Some of it we might be able to use, but what about your grandfather's garage, could you use that as collateral?"

"No, I wouldn't want to do that."

"Well here's the load application, but I am not sure what we can do without some other collateral," she said, standing up and walking around the desk. She placed the paper in front of me and pointed, "See right here on page one, after your address, they ask about your credit history. If this is your first loan, well you don't have any so they'll want some collateral."

As she leaned over me, I could smell her fragrance and when her breast accidentally brushed against my shoulder, I could feel my pants tighten in my crotch. I tried to concentrate on the form in front of me, the loan application form, not Rebecca's, as I grabbed the pen and began filling in blanks. She remained beside me, her arm around the back of my chair, making recommendations in areas where I paused, not sure what the best answer would be. By the time I finished the form I was so aroused by her that I had a full erection.

Hoping to get it under control before I stood up, I leaned back in the chair and moved my legs to conceal the obvious tent in my pants. I had expected to see Rebecca move around to her desk to do whatever it was she needed to with my application, but apparently she had noticed the form to, the form of my cock in my pants, not the application form. When I glanced up at her I could see her face was flushed and I noticed she was not looking back at my face, instead her gaze was fixed on my lap.

Uncomfortable with the intensity of her stare, I squirmed a bit and said, "Well is there anything else?"

Without moving her gaze from my cock she whispered back, "You tell me, do you have anything else you want to comment on?"

"Ah, well I don't think so. Is there something important I left out?"

"From here I'm not exactly sure, it could be important or it might be no big thing," she said, reaching down toward my lap. Wrapping her hand around my aching rod she asked, "So, what do you think? Should we take a peek and find out?"

Completely entranced by Rebecca all I could do was nervously grasp the arms of the chair and lean back as she unfastened my belt, unzipped my pants and reached a hand under the elastic band of my underwear. She gripped my cock with the same firmness that he shook my hand with earlier. The soft skin of her fingers and palm wrapped me in her silken grip and she began to slide up and down.

The sensation was magnificent as the softness of her skin coupled with her firm grip moved over my cock. I began to raise my hips, thrusting my cock up into her hand in unison with her movement. Just as the pleasure rose in my cock and I was about to explode she stopped, pulling her hands away as I arched my back and pumped my cock up into the air.

I looked up into her eyes and moaned, "Please."

She smiled seductively, kneeled down and spread my legs further apart as she moved between them. Her hand gripped me again but she also leaned forward and I watched as the head of my cock disappeared between her lips. Her hand began moving up and down and she slid her mouth down over me with such incredible suction that it seemed to lift me off the chair. As close as she had me to coming with her hands, it was just seconds before I felt the electric jolt of pleasure run through my groin.

Lifting my ass up off the chair and arching my back I raised my cock up to her mouth and came, shooting my cum as she sucked and slurped loudly on me. She held me firmly in her mouth as my cock spurted again and again. After a few moments she pulled her head back, then licked the last bit of white jism oozing from me. With the last of my cum cleaned from my cock, she stood up, moved over to her chair on the other side of the desk from me, grabbed a facial tissue and dabbed her lips, wiping away the last bit of cum and saliva.

I zipped up my pants and smiled confidently asking, "Does that mean I get the loan?"

She pulled her chair up to the desk, grabbed my application and said, "All things considered I can't recommend the loan for approval at this time."

"But what about what just happened?"

"Quite frankly Bill, you're simply too short..." she paused, looked down at my lap and then continued, "of collateral. You need to find a co-signer, preferably with some more collateral," she said, slowly raising her gaze from my lap to look me in the face. "Bring a friend with ample collateral and come back and see me in my office. I think we might be able to work something out."

Nodding I stood up, reached out my hand and said, "Thank you for your time," savoring the feel of her firm handshake. I walked out of her office remembering the feel of her firm grip.

I spent the following weekend getting in touch with Jackson, and old high school friend of mine, one who amazed me and most of the other guys in PE when we hit the showers. The way word got around so I think he also amazed a lot of the girls in our class too. Anyway, when I finally got in touch with Jackson, it took a little bit of convincing, but after offering him a piece of the business and explaining the type of collateral that Rebecca was really looking for, Jackson agreed to meet me at the bank. I made an appointment for us to meet with Rebecca on Thursday around ten in the morning.

I pulled up to the address Jackson had given me and was shocked to find a very expensive looking two story house. Once in the driveway I was unfastening my seat belt when I saw my old friend step out of the front door and then turn around to kiss an attractive blonde haired woman. He turned, waved to me and headed to my car.

"Hey Bill," he said opening my car door, "how long has it been?" He reached his hand out to me and when we shook I noted how rough his hands were.

"You didn't tell me you were married. If I knew I wouldn't have asked you about the collateral."

"Oh Janey? Yeah, we're just friends. I'm doing some handyman work around her place and well, it saves time if I spend the night," he said, pulling down the sunshade and looking at the mirror. He pulled his hand across his scruffy face, "I didn't get a chance to shave, I hope that's not a problem. It does make me look a bit older I think."

"Nah, shouldn't be a problem as long as you haven't worn yourself out taking care of Janey there."

"Oh no, don't worry about that. Her husband is home so all I'm doing is working and sleeping downstairs on the couch."

I smiled at him, looked into his dark eyes and asked, "And when her husband is gone?"

Grinning, he ran his hand through his jet black hair and replied, "Well, that's another story."

"I can't wait to hear it but we better talk a bit about this loan. You do understand that she will have you sign some papers basically covering the loan if something happens to me."

"Look man, I have some money I need to invest, so hey, you said you'd give me a piece of the company, so I'm ready to buy in and sign up with you," Jackson replied. Moving his hand to his crotch he said, "Now tell me about that other collateral."

"It's like I told you the other night. I went in and filled out the paper work and while I'm working she's leaning over me, her hair brushing my shoulder, her breast bumping into my arm. And she smelled so good, damn I had a hard on the whole time I was filling out the paperwork."

I looked at Jackson and then glanced down at his lap, confirming to myself he still had what we needed. Continuing I said, "Now I finish up and figure she'll walk over and sit at her desk, but instead, she grabs my cock. In no time she has my pants open and is jacking me off with the softest hands and fingers I've ever felt. I damn near shot my wad then, but she suddenly stops, kneels down and gives me an incredible blow job."

"After which..."

"Yeah, after which she tells me I'm too short..."

"Of collateral," Jackson finished for me.

"Yeah, how's that for a slap."

"Hey man, you still got a hell of a blow job and who knows, we might get this loan yet."

I pulled up to the bank, put my car in park and we climbed out. I noticed Jackson pausing a moment to adjust himself and I couldn't help but wonder what it might be like to be endowed like him. Yeah he had to fight off the women, but hell it has just got to be a nuisance sometimes.

"We goin'?" he asked me, waiting at the front of my car.

"Let's do it," I replied, heading to the entrance to the bank and stepping in through the door Jackson was holding for me. I then grabbed the inner door, held it open for him and followed into the lobby. We headed over to the main desk to announce our arrival when I saw Rebecca step out of her office and motion to me. I waved, nodded my head and walked across the lobby and entered her office.

"Hello again Bill, I see you brought along a friend, your partner right?"

"Right, Rebecca, this is Jackson Hewitt, Jackson, this is Rebecca Montreau," I said, stepping back as they shook hands.

"It's nice to meet you Jackson, please have a seat, you too Bill," she said, closing and locking the door.

Rebecca sat down at her desk, opened a draw and pulled out a small stack of papers. She then stood up, walked over to the other side of her desk where Jackson and I were sitting and leaned back against her desktop. Placing the stack of papers in front of Jackson she said, "Okay, I have highlighted the information you will need to provide. Once I have that I can get one of my assistants to handle the rest." She then put both of her hands on the desk and boosted herself up and sat on the desk.

I noticed that Jackson was intently filling out the paperwork but I also noticed how Rebecca was sitting, her legs enticingly open, as if begging for one of us to slip a hand up under her dress. I think Jackson did notice her too, because I saw a big smile appear on her face and when I followed her gaze, I could see she was focused on his, now surging, cock. She began to fidget a bit and her breath seemed to deepen and she finally reached over, pulled the pen out of Jackson's hand and said huskily, "Just skip those last two pages, we don't need them anyway."

Then all I could do was watch as she took his hands and pulled him up to stand in front of her, her knees pinching against his hips. Without a word she unfastened his belt and pants, pulled down his zipper and then tugged his pants down over his hips. She then pulled the elastic band on his underwear out around his fully erect cock and then pushed them down his legs, letting the pants and underwear fall to his ankles.

I stared as she took both her hands and began working them all along his enormous cock, starting at the faintly blue head, sliding down the long, thick shaft and then gently down to his balls. Jackson's eyes were closed as he began moving his hips back and forth in response to the sensation on his cock. I figured she'd move to kneel in front of him and I wondered how she'd ever wrap her mouth around him, when she moved her hands and pulled up her dress, exposing her garter belt and then her naked pussy.

Taking in the incredible sight, I saw her take three fingers and open herself, exposing the light pink inside her pussy. She then pulled his cock with her other hand and guided his massive member slowly into her. Jackson then pushed quickly forward and I saw Rebecca wince and say, "Slow down a bit baby, just a little at a time."

He withdrew a bit and then slowly pushed forward. I watched as her lips stretched open, sticking to his cock for a moment and then slipping over him as he pushed and gently withdrew. Bit by bit he entered her, each push a little further and with each withdrawal I could see her glistening juices covering more and more of him. It was a good minute or two before he had pushed his cock entirely into her, but it was worth the wait. The sight of him, pushed to the hilt, his dark black pubic hair intermingling with her furry, light hair was enticing, but the sight of her pussy stretched open, her clit exposed and firm, grinding against him, and the juices trickling out with just the slightest of motion had me about to go nuts.

I reached to my cock and began squeezing as Jackson's cock began to piston in and out of Rebecca's pussy. Just as I was about to pull my cock out and jack off, Rebecca leaned back onto her desk and moaned, "Bill, come over here, I want your cock in my mouth."

I moved quickly around the desk, opening my pants and presenting my cock to Rebecca. She eagerly took me in her mouth and immediately began sucking me with the same intensity as she had several days before. I knew if she continued much longer, I'd be filling her mouth with my cum once again, but she suddenly pulled her mouth away. Looking down I could see her rubbing it all over her face, over her nose, her closed eyes as she opened her mouth and groaned, "Fuck me Jackson, I'm coming, I'm coming..."

Her hand squeezed my cock hard as her entire body tensed up and then released as she fell back onto the desk, gasping for breath. She continued pushing her pelvis up with each of Jackson's thrust, grinding her clit against him. Slipping my cock back into her mouth she hungrily sucked me, with an intensity even greater than before. In just moments I arched my back and came, spurting into her mouth as she gasped for air and swallowed. Even with the furious sucking and swallowing, my cum spilled out of her mouth and ran over her cheek down onto her neck.

Rebecca didn't notice the spilled cum as she tensed her body again, grinding hard against Jackson as she released my cock and grabbed his hips, pulling him hard against her. Glancing up at Jackson's face, I could see he was on the edge, so I moved to get a better look as he wildly thrust his cock in and out, in and out, in and out of her until finally he arched his back and drove himself so deep that the desk actually moved some from the force.

From my vantage point I could see his balls tighten with each spurt as he came again and again, filling her cunt as I had filled her mouth. When he finished, he quickly pulled back out of her, leaving her pussy gaping open, suddenly empty except for the cum that dripped from her. Jackson fell back onto the chair as Rebecca remained on the desk catching her breath. I simply watched in silence as her beautiful pussy slowly closed and her flowing lips became a single slit, seemingly incapable of taking anything as large as Jackson's cock.

Finally the silence was broken when Rebecca asked, "Bill, could you go over to my gym back there and pull out a towel. I think I have some cleaning up to do."

I grabbed the towel from the bag and watched as she dabbed the cum from her desk top and then from her thighs and pussy. In the meantime, Jackson and I were getting ourselves together, wondering if anyone else in the bank had any idea of the "loan processing" that was going on in Rebecca's office. Rebecca finished cleaning herself off, slipped down off her desk, grabbed the paperwork Jackson had finished and moved back into her chair at her desk. She placed the papers in her outbox and said, "Excuse me while I send my assistant an email. I'm directing her to finish up the paperwork so we can get it ready for final approval. While one of the bank directors will need to give final approval, I can pretty much guarantee the loan will be approved within a day or so."

She had smiled seductively when she guaranteed the loan would be approved, so I was sure it was a done deal. Continuing, she said, "Once it is approved I can either mail you the check or give you a call and have you come pick it up. If you come in, I'll need you to come into my office and sign off. So what do you think, should I mail..."

"I'll come pick it up," I quickly said.

"Okay Bill, I'm looking forward to it, and say, why not brink Jackson along just in case we need to work a little more on that collateral."

Jackson and I shook her hand and headed out to my car. Once we passed through the doors and stepped outside Jackson looked at me and said, "Thank goodness for collateral."

"Yeah," I replied, "Big or small, thank goodness for collateral."

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