College Bound: Summer to Remember Ch. 02


As I kissed each of their enormous shafts, they were extremely patient with me. They were in no rush to fuck, knowing that would eventually come, and that once it started it would go on for days. They were quite content with having a sexy, white, 18 year old kissing every inch of their huge black-as-coal cocks. The popping sounds from my pouty lips filled the room with the sinful sounds of naughty lust. White and black, very old and very young, it was the ultimate taboo and I was going crazy to be in it. At one point I was grinning up at my professor and my braces showed across my sly smile.

"Very innocent looking Allison," he said as he ran a finger across my upper braces.

"Not as innocent as you thought professor," I said as I kissed his huge black cockhead then darted my tongue across it while looking up at him coyly, showing him my braces again then teasingly running the tip of my tongue across them.

" Are you protected baby," he asked after I told him I wasn't so innocent.

"Since I was 14," I said popping my lips against the huge crown of his black cock, while I looked straight into his eyes grinning slyly again.

"Very naughty baby. Very naughty," he said with a sly grin as he watched me worship his huge cock in the same arrogant way he watched all the young co-eds he fucked

"I love to fuck," I added in my hottest voice as I looked up at him grinning slyly. "Especially huge black cocks," I emphasized lustfully, wanting him to think she only fucked black cocks.

"Wonderful. Just wonderful," he added with a devilish smirk, then moaned when she kissed his huge grapefruit sized cockhead again. "So you've had black cock Allison," he said in a questioning voice, that came from years of skilled interrogation to verify a students knowledge of a topic.

"All through High School," I lied, but said it in my most convincing voice.

"Very sexy my dear. Very sexy,"  he responded in a voice that told me he believed the lie. "As big as this Allison," he asked already knowing the answer.

"The father of the star basketball player on our team. I was dating his son (another lie) and he called me one day when I was at school and asked me to join him for dinner. During dinner we kissed lightly then ended up back at his law office where we fucked all night.  " He was a lot bigger than his son, five times as big, but not as big as you," she added hotly.

"We are thoroughly going to enjoy fucking you Allison," the 80 year old black African chimed in as she moved to his massive cock and started kissing it. 

Although my professors black cock was enormous, well over 12 inches, and if him and I were alone I would have spent all night kissing his huge cock. I found myself lingering a lot longer on the massive python of the 80 year olds pitch-black cock. It was so huge and so wide around it actually dwarfed my professors foot-long monster, making his look almost twice as big, and twice as frightening. I would kiss my professors cock 3 or 4 times then kiss the freakish cock of the African's about 20 times before I went back to my professors great, big cock.

When I finally went back to his cock I looked up and saw the irritated look on his face from having to wait so long and as soon as my pouty lips met the black flesh his cock it twitched as his eyes closed and he groaned in a deep voice. Although I tried to be fair kissing each of their cocks, I was mystically drawn to the enormous, almost grotesque looking cock of the 80 year old African author. As I kissed all over his cock, there was a big part of me that wished it was him and I alone, so that I could focus all my attention on his massive, black cock.

When I went back to my professors huge cock I was feeling so naughty, loving the hunger in his eyes, knowing he fucked so much and that I turned him on.

"Do you like the way I'm pumping your great, big black cock professor," I said in a throaty voice as I looked up at him slyly.

"Very much so Allison,. Your hands feel exquisite," he said hotly as his massive black cock throbbed between my outstretched hands.

"Umm, I love pumping black cocks, especially yours professor," I said hungrily wanting him to believe I've fucked black cocks before and wasn't as innocent as he thought.

"Your hand looks lovely wrapped around my black cock Allison," he said in a deep voice.

" God. I can't wait to have my white 18 year old pussy wrapped around your huge black cock professor," I said hotly as I felt his massive shaft expand and nearly break from my grasp, which I could barely hold due to his massive girth anyway.

"Yes, that sexy white pussy that has haunted me everyday I fuck," he said confident that I knew he fucked constantly, and more important to me, that I turned him on, and that he had wanted me.

After almost two hours of just kissing their huge cocks, passionately, in a trance-like-state, going from one to the other, as they sipped their wine and looked at me with a dark, penetrating hunger, I began going wild spitting on them and pumping them as best I could through my outstretched hands. As I pumped them with hot excitement, confident I was pleasing them, each would bend down at different times and I would meet him in a sexy kiss which let me know that they loved what I was doing, loved pleasing him, and that they were going to love fucking me.

As their giant cocks both throbbed, I told them in a sultry voice I didn't recognize, that I needed to see them both cum. I knew they were ready, because of the deep moans they were each making, happy, beyond words that I was thrilling them. I also knew they were ready to explode by the way their massive black cocks were expanding and oozing pre-cum all over my hands. I never saw so much pre-cum ooze out of a cock before. It was 10 times more than most guys cum! The feeling of their huge cocks throbbing, excitedly in my hands as they moaned had my pussy going crazy.

Suddenly, cum started flying out of their enormous black cocks, shooting all over the living room. My professor came for almost a minute, releasing an enormous load of cum, but the gigantic cock of the African author kept shooting, spraying long jets of cum that didn't stop. It was so hot to watch loads of hot, white cum explode from there ultra-black cocks, shooting all over the room like an out-of-control fire hose.

As soon as my professor stopped cumming, I focused all my attention on the giant cock of the 80 year old African. I instantly let go of my professors cock, and pumped the African's huge cock with both hands, lustfully and with a devoted passion to please and turn him on. Never in my life did I feel a more powerful cock, as it sprayed, shooting jets of cum in long ropes well over 4 feet long. He shoot so much cum that it even splashed onto the coffee table across the room, splattering onto the covers of the five books he had written. 

After pumping them both off and seeing cum shoot all over my professors living room, we went into his bedroom with me in my all white stockings, high heels and garter belt and straps, where we got onto the bed and fucked through the night. The contrast of being so white and fair-skinned next to their pitch-black frames and huge black cocks made it the ultimate taboo I have never experienced. The fucking was jungle-like, and savage, as they used every inch of my body for there sole pleasure, which I was more than happy to give them.

When each one fucked me from behind I nearly died when I looked back and saw the amazing sight of a pitch black cock over a foot long and as fat around as a beer can lined up with my pussy. The contrast of being very fair skinned and them being as black as coal was the ultimate taboo. Also, the age difference of 60 years between us fueled my lust even more. All of these combined factors made it absolutely combustible, and rose the act of fucking 100 notches for me. As each of their huge black cocks made contact with my pussy, I realized why so many white women and teenage girls love black men, and only fuck black cock.

I learned one very important thing that weekend, and that was I loved huge cock, the bigger the better. I knew that my pussy exploded like never before, each orgasm grater than the one before it when I had a real big cock inside it. I came like a volcano when I had each of my professors giant cocks inside my pussy. All of the sports jocks I fucked with their average sized, 6 to 7 inch cocks, never made me cum as hard, and my boyfriend who did have a 10 inch cock never got me off like these huge cocked men. And, I never came anywhere near as hard as when I fucked these two huge black cocks.

The night fucking my black professor and the African was a blur of raw, sexual excitement that coursed through every vein in my body. With my white high heel pumps anchored to the side of his giant frame I straddled the 80 year Africa and rode his 14 inch horse cock, kissing him hungrily as my professor waited for his turn to fuck me, a wait that would be over an hour. After the giant African came, my professor and I would hungrily kissed until he got behind me and fucked his angry 12inch cock into me as he held onto my white garter straps as he guided my pussy over the huge, straining veins that ran along his fat shaft.

I went wild when he fucked me like a mad dog ,squatting up on his feet, while leaning over me, holding my face to him and frantically kissing me while he pounded his massive black cock into me. I couldn't stop cumming and was amazed at his strength to fuck me wildly like this. At 78 he was a marvel of physical definition and strength. It was no mystery why every young teen my age was lining up, dying to fuck him. My pussy never exploded so fast and so hard as when my black professor fucked me, which I'm sure it was the same with every teen! In a word," He was Incredible," a master at fucking, and extremely confident of his incredible talents.

At one point he pulled his monster cock out of me which caused me to moan loudly, "Nooooo." He brought his massive black cock to my mouth, that was actually dripping my wet pussy off it. I eagerly licked it clean for a few minutes then he brought it back to my pussy and continued fucking me while he squatted over me. He was fucking me so hard, his huge hanging balls were smacking the bottom of my pussy making the sounds of carpenters hammering wood.

I was so fuck crazed by my professors huge, pounding, black cock that I bit down on the pillow and came like flood all over his massive shaft, until I leaned forward and started kissing the huge cock of the black 80 year old African who was ready to fuck me again. There would be times when I was getting fucked missionary style by one while I greedily sucked the other and times when one would be fucking me from behind while I kissed the other hungrily. The hours passed like seconds as my pussy exploded in waves and waves, hundreds of times, as if they were connected together. 

During that week I fucked both men together and a lot of times separately. After the wild three-way first night, I got out of bed and went to take a shower in the morning. As I left the king sized bed I looked in disbelief of the two massive cocks that were flaccid, each almost a foot long, and swelling up and down, as if they were breathing. hey were frighteningly huge, and because they were each so black made their monster cocks look even more frightening, especially the Africans huge monster.

They fucked me in every position all through the night, until the sun came up, and late into the afternoon, as  each cock stretched my pussy out in ways I will never forget, especially the 14 inch monster cock of the 80 year old African author.  When I finally woke up that afternoon my entire body and hair was covered in so much cum that I needed a shower in the worst way. I crawled out of bed and stripped my stockings, garters and garter belt that I fell asleep in and went to the shower. After 5 minutes in the shower the bathroom went dark and the giant 80 year old African came into the shower with me.

As soon as he closed the door we kissed hard and played with each other, picking up right where we left off the night before. As he kissed me and sucked my big tits he told me that he wanted me all to himself, and that he wanted me to come to New York the next month where he was going to do a lecture at two of the Universities in the city. I eagerly accepted and told him I couldn't wait to be alone with him for the weekend. After I dried off, I stepped into my white high heels, because I wanted to look sexy for him, and we went to the living room where we kissed and fucked for 4 hours straight.

As we fucked I would tell him I needed to suck his huge, black cock and would pull him out and suck all over him until then put him back into my burning pussy. I blew him over 20 times during the 4 hours, as we went from position to position. During that fuck, I rode his massive cock facing him, then with my back to him, and even over the side of his knee, with his monstrous black pipe punishing my pussy from every angle. He fucked me from behind and in the missionary position then on our sides as he kissed me hard until he shot a bucket of cum all over me.

While he slept I fucked my black professor, whose huge 12 inch cock made me cum in waves, as we fucked in a hundred different positions, from his study to the jacuzzi area in his house. I remember being in one position that drove me crazy. After fucking in the jacuzzi I dried off and stepped back into my pumps and we worked our way to his study which had a bar and two big stools. I remember him sitting on the stool, holding the arm-rests as I fucked onto his huge cock with my back to him. It was the most wild experience I ever felt as my pussy dropped onto his massive cock without me holding onto anything for support.

With just the help of my high heels anchored to the carpet I would drop my pussy down onto his endless black shaft until I hit bottom and spiraled my ass around and around as he enjoyed the fuck I was giving him. I fucked him like this for almost an hour, until his huge black cock exploded inside me. After he came he told me to keep fucking him, and that he needed more of my sexy, white pussy. As I fucked him harder and harder, he lifted off the stool holding the backs of my thighs pushing me up against his hard, chiseled chest and walked to the middle of the room where he pounded that 12 inch black pipe way up inside me.

As he fucked me, I turned my head and we kissed, our tongues making frenzied contact that sent sparks into my smoking, hot cunt, and caused his monster cock to swell and twitch inside me, as he yelled that he was going to cum again. As soon as I felt my pussy doused with the sensation of his hot cum I exploded all over his massive shaft. He kept fucking me like a wild machine for over ten minutes until he put me down and we kissed like lovers.

As we walked to the couch there was a pool of white liquid right at the bottom of where he was fucking me. The big pool was a mixture of our hot fucking, his cum mixed with mine. Once on the couch I licked his fat black cock like a sex starved white teen, sucking him and kissing him until he exploded all over me. Going to the shower we kissed and fucked for two more hours before I went for a nap, and woke up to the nightmarish sight of the giant black African's huge 14 inch cock, hard and ready to fuck me again. 

Before I left, my professor gave me a ruby pendent, on a gold chain. It was absolutely breathtaking and after he put it on me we fucked one last time. During the weeks to follow I noticed a lot of girls on campus wearing the same ruby pendent. At almost a hundred I stopped counting how many were wearing the same pendent as mine. I learned quickly that the pendants all came from my black professor and was a symbol for fucking him. When girls saw the pendent there was a sly exchange between all of us, some even spread their hands far apart to emphasize that they had fucked his enormous cock. Except for a few Asians like my roommate Crissy, all the girls were all white except for a few Asians. There were groups of girls that even met to talk about their incredible experience with the 78 year old black professor. What I learned was that we all craved his enormous cock and loved the way he fucked.

That week turned out to be a wild experience, filled with sexy, non-stop fucking, and was what really prepared me, or rather my pussy for my rock-star uncle's giant cock!....TO BE CONTINUED!

At one point, after the three of us had been fucking for almost five hours the giant African left the room suddenly. I had just finished fucking him, riding him while he sat back in a large, chair in the bedroom, with me facing him, with my high heels anchored on the edge of the chair, as I fucked his giant 14 inch cock, bouncing up and down like a crazed teenager, as we kissed hotly, until he exploded deep inside me. After he came I immediately went to cleaning off his giant black cock, which looked almost grotesque, because of the endless maze of thick veins, as it hung deflated, but still massive, over 12 inches long. We then stood and kissed hotly for 10 minutes when my professor came over and I bent at the waist to suck his cock which was huge again and anxious to fuck. When I looked up the giant African had left the bedroom.

"I wanted time alone with you Allison. It was the deal I made with him during the party when he said he had to fuck you," my professor said to me as he lead me to the bed. "He wanted to fuck you himself all night, and even asked if he could have you all week during his visit, but I was not going to allow that Allison," he said as he kissed me hard. "He said he has never seen a teenager as sexy as you and that he wanted you all to himself this week," but as I said to him, there was no chance of that happening, so we share and have our private moments with you," he said while kissing me than my swollen, rock, hard nipples.

The thought that they were making deals about fucking me was really thrilling to hear. When he told me that the older African wanted me all to himself for the week I got especially turned on. I had to admit that the thought of the 80 year old African and I fucking all week really turned me on. Getting stuffed by that 14 inch black cock all week sent chills up my spine and deep into my pussy.

For the next two hours it was as if my professor and I were lovers, going from intense, passionate kissing to molding into the sexiest 69 position, as he ate my sex starved pussy masterfully while I worshiped his huge, black cock as it towered and swung in front of my face, way over my head, then shifting to me sucking his enormous black cock while he laid back on the bed watching me as our eyes made contact, and finally to him eating my pussy while I laid back and watched him lick all over my pussy lips and my swollen clit, as he ran his hands up and down my stockings and along my white garter straps that hugged my slender thighs snuggly.

While fucking me, he would suddenly stop and say he had to eat my pussy, his mouth and pouty lips making me cum so hard, and while I was cumming he would put his massive black cock back inside me and go back to fucking and kissing me, as my turned on pussy continued to explode over his shaft without stopping. As he fucked me, he always told me how sexy I was and that I was the best fuck he ever had.

When I was riding him, I would tell him how much I loved his huge, black cock and that I wanted it in my pussy since the first day I walked into his class. I'd pull it out of my pussy and bounce off and lick it all over then get back on it and fuck him hard. As I fucked him I told him how his great, big cock got me off better than any cock I ever fucked, which was the truth. During those two hours, fucking like sex crazed lovers I was never more hot and never exploded more in my life. During that incredible fuck, we both let each other know that we wanted this to happen again, and throughout the school year it did, many times I'm happy to say.

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