tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCollege Camping Experience

College Camping Experience


This is a longer story. If you are looking for instant gratification, this is not the story for you. If you decide to read, I hope you enjoy.


Her mom told her she needed to get out more often and start exploring the world. It wasn't that she was a home body. She was simply focused and her education and planning her career.

Ally was an average looking girl. She was a little shorter than most girls, standing at 5'4". She had a little extra cushion on her hips and waist. She wasn't heavy by any means, she had just never worked out.

A few of the girls in her college philosophy were talking about their annual camping weekend one day. The experience sounded like fun. She had known most the girls because they shared many classes through the three years of college. This would be a good chance for her to take her mother's advice. It had been a while honestly, since she had gotten away from school and her apartment, other than study in the local cafe.

Mandy headed up the organizing for the trip. Ally sat on the front steps of her apartment waiting for a ride from Mandy. She rested her arm on her bag of belongings. Her and Mandy had begun to hang out the last few weeks. They took a shopping trip to find Ally clothes for the camping trip, they hit the bars last weekend and spent time in the library studying twice in the past week. Ally grabbed her bag and made her way down the steps as Mandy pulled up and honked the horn.

"You ready for a good time this weekend?" Mandy asked as Ally sat in the passenger seat.

"Yes. This will be a good experience for me. I need to get out and experience more." Ally said returning a smile to Mandy.

"Oh you will experience some new thing this weekend I am sure. We play all kinds of fun games, sing songs by the fire, do girly things. I am glad you decided to join us. We have a new girl join us each year." Mandy explained as she pulled onto the road.

"All the other girls have been went before right?"

"Yes." Mandy replied with a grin. "We have all attended the camping weekend before. My first time was 3 years ago, during my first year in college. I was so naive. This weekend taught me so much. I have attended every year since."

"Anything special I should know or be aware of in preparation for the weekend?" Ally inquired.

"All I can tell you is go in with an open mind and don't be afraid to participate. The more you are involved, the more exciting it will be for you and everyone else." Mandy answered.

They pulled up to a house and stopped. Mandy opened her door and gathered her bags. Ally grabbed her bags and followed Mandy to the front door. They knocked on the door. Kate answered and hugged the girls. Kate was a basketball cheerleader. She was always wearing the latest fashion and showing off her beautiful features.

"Molly and Beth the girls are here. Let's go." Kate called inside the house.

They four girls finished packing the SUV and climbed inside. The hour ride consisted of sing along with the radio, talking about boys, and references to Ally's rookie initiation. Ally wondered what the initiation was about. When she asked the girls just laughed and told her it was something all first time girls go through.

Molly tried to comfort Ally by telling her, "Don't worry. It won't be too bad. Just have fun with it."

The four girls began unpacking upon arrival. Cloe had arrived earlier and started setting up the camp. Ally scanned the camping area. A large teepee stood erected next to a large oak tree. A few feet away was a fire pit. Several cut tree stumps acted as seats around the campfire.

Molly took Ally by the hand and lead her to the teepee. "You can put your bag in here. A few of us are going swimming. Want to go?"

"Sure. Sounds fun." Ally answered.

Ally was a little surprised when Molly began undressing in front of her. Other than seeing her little naked here and there, she had never seen another woman naked. She couldn't help but stare at Molly.

"Come on, get changed into your bathing suit." Molly said encouragingly.

Ally felt a little awkward as she slipped of her shoes and sock and began removing her clothes. Molly had turned away briefly to grab her bikini from her bag. Ally looked at her bare ass and began blushing when Molly turned around and caught her looking. Molly now stood facing Ally. Ally took a quick peek at her large breasts. She quickly lowered her eyes and caught a glimpse of her shaved vagina.

"I don't mind you looking. You have a beautiful body Ally. No need to be shy or embarrassed. We are all adult females here."

"I am sorry. I have never been naked or seen a naked woman before." Ally replied.

"Well take a look." Molly said as she stood for a moment before lifting her leg and sliding her feet inside her bikini bottom.

Ally was amazed at Molly's beautifully toned body and perky breasts. She shouldn't have been surprised. She knew Molly worked out often at the gym. Ally quickly removed her panties and slid her one piece suit up her body and over her breasts, fixing the straps on her shoulders. Mandy and Beth stood at the teepee entrance.

"We are ready girls. Kate is going to stay behind and help Cloe finish arranging things."

Ally grabbed her towel and followed the girls down a trail to the lake. Ally looked all around at the wide open space around them. There wasn't a building within sight. The only sounds were birds chirping and the rustle of leaves. The sun shown down on her shoulder.

Everyone dropped their towels at the edge of the beach where the sand met the grass. Mandy and Beth splashed each other with water as they grabbed an innertube. Molly and Ally dove in.

Ally enjoyed swimming and sunbathing on an innertube with the other girls. She thought all the girls were nice. They made her feel included as they chatted.

The girls decided it was time to return to camp. They dried off and headed back up the trail. Beth grabbed Ally's butt cheek from behind, causing Ally to jump scared.

"What a cute ass you have." Beth said as she winked at Ally.

Ally found it weird that Beth touched her ass but laughed it off with the other girls. She figured Beth was just having fun and kidding around. They returned to camp and Ally entered the teepee.

There were two stakes driven into the ground about 5 feet from the center post of the teepee. The two stakes were about three feet apart. Each stake had about a foot of cloth tied to them. Ally didn't remember them being there earlier.

A small fire had been started around the center post of the teepee. Ally and Molly dried off in the teepee and changed back into their clothes. Ally felt a little more comfortable changing in front of Molly this time.

"Beth was right. You do have a cute ass." Molly commented.

The girls turned on music and spent the rest the afternoon chatting, throwing frisbee, preparing the fire pit and drinking. Cloe and Kate had set up a large two room tent on the other side of the fire pit from the teepee. As the sun began to set, the girls began cooking hotdogs on the campfire.

At night, Beth told a scary campfire story. Ally knew it wasn't real, but it was still scary. Ally sat next to Molly. Kate, Beth, Mandy, then Cloe completed the circle from left to right.

"Let's start night one of the rookie initiation." Kate suggested.

The other girls were in agreement. Ally became worried. She had forgotten about the rookie initiation. Mandy handed a black piece if cloth to Molly. Molly stood up and walked behind Ally.

Molly leaned in and whispered, "Remember to keep an open mind and have fun with this. This is just a stupid game we all played our first time."

Ally took a deep breath as Molly tied the cloth over her eyes. Ally didn't know if they were going to take her someplace or have her play a game or what. Molly helped her stand and lifted both of Ally's arms until they were held out in front of her.

Ally heard a voice she believed was Beth say " Okay. Girls line up and get ready. Ally you have to guess which one of us is standing before you by touch only. The faster you guess all of us correct, the faster the game ends. We will play this game until you guess everyone of us."

Ally was a little concerned. Was she to touch their face and guess? She heard movement and giggling in front of her for a few seconds before she heard everyone say "Begin."

Ally felt a pair of hands gently touch her wrists and adjust them. Her hands were open wide. She felt something soft and felt to see what it was. She realized her hands were wrapped around a pair of breasts. Her first reaction was to pull back, but she remembered the advice they had given her earlier.

She tried to envision the size of the breasts in her hands and match them with one of the girls. She honestly had no idea who was standing before. She tried to smell who it was but she could only smell smoke. She couldn't believe she was feeling up one of her friend's breasts. She felt a weird tingle between her legs. Hoping to get this over with, she guessed Kate.

"Damn." Kate answered. "Lucky guess. Beginners' luck."

Ally's arms were getting tired so she lowered them by her side a few seconds while the girls moved around. She felt another pair of hands on her wrists and once again felt a pair of breasts pushed against her hands. She could feel hard nipples pressing against her palms.

The next set of breasts were more than a hand full. Ally was starting to get horny. She had never thought about girls in a sexual way before. She didn't know why she was feeling this way.

This was an easy guess. Mandy was the only one with extra large breasts. She had gotten the first two correct, but struggled with the next three girls. She was allowed only one guess per person so she had to keep feeling each girl's breasts until she finally got them correct.

It took her several tries to guess correctly. At one point she thought the girls might be telling her she was wrong even if she had guessed correctly. Ally finally finished the task and removed the blindfold. To her surprise, all the girls were sitting around the fire shirtless.

"Take off your shirt and come join us" Molly said.

Ally could feel her face turn red. She was getting hot inside. She was reluctant to take her shirt off in front of everyone. She was starting to wonder what type of camping trip this was. She decided she would feel odd sitting around the fire as the only girl with a shirt on so she slowly removed her shirt and bra. She laughed as the other girls cheered.

"Wow. You have fabulous breasts!" Mandy said.

Ally sat next to Mandy and Molly. She tried to look at the girls as they talked, their breasts kept getting in her line of sight though. She could also feel the other girl's stares.

At bedtime Molly and Ally shared the teepee. The other girls shared the large tent. Molly set a small fire in the center teepee fire pit to keep them warm overnight. The girls changed into their pajamas. Molly lay their sleeping bags out. Ally's was placed between the two stakes. Molly lay her's right next to Ally's bag.

Ally could hear the girl's laughing and giggling in the tent until she finally dozed off, cuddled up in her sleeping bag. Half way through the night the fire simmered down and it started getting cold in the teepee. Molly woke Ally and asked if they could cuddle together to stay warm.

"Why not?" Ally thought. They folded Ally's bag in half to lay on and used Molly's bad as a blanket. Molly cuddled next to Ally and spooned with her.

The next morning the girls headed to the lake to bathe. All the girls stripped at the lake except Ally. She walked into the lake with her bra and panties then took them off once in the water.

"You should loosen up Ally. We are all girls here. You have a beautiful body. No need to hide it or be embarrassed." Cloe said. "I was the same way last year until I realized no one else here cared."

The girls finished washing up and swam back to the shore. Beth rushed to dry off and dress then grabbed clothes and a towel. She rushed up the trail. When Ally reached the shore she looked around and realized her clothes and towel were missing. She stood naked looking around as the other girls dried off and dressed.

"What are you doing?" Molly asked.

"I can't find my clothes or towel" she said as she covered her pussy with her hands.

The other girls had already began walking back up the trail. "Here use my towel. Beth must have took them. I saw her rushing up the path with clothes in her hand. She is a jokester."

"Thank you so much Molly."

"No problem."

Ally dried off then used the towel to cover herself as they headed up the path. Ally was so happy Molly was here this weekend. She felt as though Molly was her emotional support on the trip.

"Don't worry about it. I am sure Beth did it in good fun for a laugh. I will let you know that you have more initiation today though. I can't say what it is, but just go with the flow. After today you will be all done with initiation then we can enjoy the rest of the trip with no worries."

Ally was glad she was given a forewarning so she could prepare for it mentally. When they reached the camp Ally collected her clothes and dressed in the teepee. The girls cooked breakfast on the fire and enjoyed the rest the day swimming, playing frisbee, listening to the radio and sunbathing and munching on snacks. Ally admired how the girls were free enough to sunbathe without a shirt.

The sun began to set and Ally knew her initiation must be coming soon. She could feel a knot in her stomach as she wondered what the next task would be. Would it be worse than the first task? If so, how much worse?

Night time set in and the girls were listening to the radio by the campfire. Ally tried to stay calm and enjoy herself. Mandy suggested they play a game of dare.

Cloe volunteered to go first. Mandy dared Cloe to eat a piece of dirt. Cloe growled at Mandy before completing the dare. Cloe dared Kate to take a picture of herself acting crazy and send it to a random number. All the girls laughed.

Kate dared Molly to swallow a mouthful of Ketchup. Molly dared Beth to take a carrot in her pants and take a picture then send it to her boyfriend. These dares were not too bad Ally thought. Then Beth upped the stakes.

"Ally, you and Molly seem to be close. I heard you two cuddled last night. I dare you to lick Molly's nipples for 15 seconds."

"What?" Molly asked. "That is so unfair. That dare is worse than all the other dares combined!"

"A dare is a dare." Beth quipped. "Or is Ally too chicken?"

Ally was freaking out inside. She wasn't a lesbian. She was beginning to think Beth had something against her. She finally gave in and decided to go along with the dare. Molly lifted her shirt and bra. Ally tentatively began to lick the right nipple. She almost stopped when the nipple became hard. She moved to the left nipple which was already hard and licked it. She felt a twinge in her crotch when Molly released a low moan.

Her time was up and it was her turn to give a dare. Mandy had not been dared yet so Ally dared her to massage Beth's breasts for 30 seconds. She figured Beth deserved a teasing of her own. The girls cheered upon hearing the dare.

"You go Ally." Molly cheered.

The girls cheered Mandy on as she sat on Beth's lap facing her and massaged her breasts.

"Time out. I have to pee." Kate said.

Mandy dared Kate to climb the oak tree and pee off the branch. Kate threw a fit before removing her pants and climbed the tree. She sat on the branch, giving everyone a full view of her vagina, and peed. Everyone busted out in laughter. Kate climbed down and put her pants on then dared Beth to drop her pants and masturbate for 30 seconds. Ally realized things were getting crazy and feared for her next turn.

Beth had no problem with the dare. She lifted her skirt and removed her panties then began massaging her lips before sticking a finger inside her pussy and masturbating. She started moaning and pretended to orgasm, causing the girls to laugh.

Beth dared Cloe to rub Beth's clit for 30 seconds. "Hell, I am already horny now." Beth explained.

Cloe shook her head in disbelief. She sat next to Beth and rubbed Beth's swollen clit for everyone to see. Ally could not believe how horny she was becoming.

Cloe dared Molly to take a naked picture of herself playing and send it to her boyfriend. Molly felt so embarrassed, but completed the dare.

Molly dared Ally to sit in her bra and panties until the morning. Ally was relieved to not have to do a sexual action on another girl. She thought this was an easy dare, until she removed her pants and realized she had a wet spot on her panties, covering her crotch.

The girls all hooted and hollered. Ally was thoroughly embarrassed. "Someone is enjoying the show." Cloe pointed out.

Ally decided to take the focus off her and dared Mandy to lick Cloe's outer labia for 30 seconds.

"Wow. I thought you and I were friends." was all Mandy could say.

Cloe removed her pants and panties and spread her legs for Mandy. Mandy started tracing Cloe's outer lips. Cloe threw her head back and let out a loud moan. The girls gathered around to get a good view.

"I should take a picture of this and send it to her boyfriend." Beth joked.

Mandy paused and said, "Don't you dare bitch. You know all this stays here."

Mandy finished and announced this was the last round. Mandy dared Molly to stick her finger inside Cloe's dripping pussy and then suck the juices off her finger.

"You bitch" Molly said as she made her way over to Cloe. She slid her finger in and pulled it back out quickly. Her finger was glazed. She took a deep breath, then stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. She chugged a beer afterwards. The girls decided it was a good time to take a beer break. They drank a few rounds from a beer bong then returned to the game. Ally was really concerned about the way this round was going.

Molly dared Beth to tease Kate's clit with her tongue for a minute. Beth stood up with a smile on her face.

"Sounds good to me." She said.

Kate pulled down her sweatpants and panties then propped her legs up on Beth's shoulders. Ally wondered if Beth was a lesbian. Beth started out slowly and barely touching Kate's clit. By the end of the minute she was flicking her tongue madly. Kate was moaning and rocking her hips.

"Minute is up." Molly declared. Beth stood up and licked the glaze off her face,"I was almost there you bitches." Kate growled.

Beth dared Cloe to masturbate Ally with a carrot for 30 seconds. Ally was shocked. Did she just hear what she thought she heard? She was really starting to despise Beth. Cloe grabbed a carrot off the table and walked over to Ally. Ally had never shown her pussy to another person. Now she was about to expose it to several girls. Ally slowly slipped her panties off and sat back down with her legs closed.

"Spread em girl" Cloe stated.

Ally was almost in tears as she spread her legs and watched the carrot move towards her pussy. She gasp when Cloe slowly slid most the carrot inside her. The carrot felt so cold and yet she felt a rush of warmth flow all through her body.

Cloe began to slide the carrot in and out, increasing the pace with each stroke. Ally couldn't believe how wet the carrot was. She lay her head back and closed her eyes. She felt her hips bucking and heard moans come from her lungs. She temporarily forgot everyone was watching her.

Ally felt a surge racing towards her pussy when she heard Beth announce, "Stop. Thirty seconds is up."

Ally wanted to grab Cloe and tell her to finish. She was so close to having an orgasm. She could hear herself gasping for breath.

Ally heard Mandy say, "That was so hot."

Those words snapped Ally back to reality. She opened her eyes and almost fainted in embarrassment as she saw all the eye upon her. She reached down to pull her panties up and realized she was soaking wet. She could feel the inside of her walls squish as she moved her legs. To her dismay, her panties soaked up her juices causing them to show an ever larger wet spot. Her nipples had become hard and were aching to be squeezed. This was pure torture to her.

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