tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCollege Camping Experience Ch. 02

College Camping Experience Ch. 02


This is part 2 of a continuing story.

I hope you enjoy.


Molly's fingers traveled up and down Ally's bound body as she cuddled up next to her. Molly straddled her naked legs around Ally's left leg and slowly grinded her pussy against Ally's hip. Her fingers rose up Ally's ribcage, moving up her arms and down the otherside. Ally writhed in pleasure.

"What are you doing to me?" Ally asked with carnal lust in her voice.

Molly leaned in and whispered, "I am keeping your sexual awareness on edge. I hope you enjoy."

Even Molly's whispers were making her mad. Ally could hear moans and groans in the tent just ten feet away. The sounds of sex, combined with her built up frustration and the roaming hands, were more than she could take. Ally could feel Molly humping her leg. Ally's hips tried to gain friction as well.

Molly's hand brushed Ally's breasts and nipples over and over. Ally closed her eyes. Molly leaned in and passionately kissed her on the lips. She could feel the heavy breathing of Molly on her nose. The torture was making her mad. She wanted to grab Molly and molest her, but her restraints stopped her.

Ally heard her own thought and scolded herself for thinking that way. "It is not me saying that, it is my sexual frustration." she told herself.

Ally could not help but press her lips back against the soft, juice lips of Molly. Without warning, Molly adjusted her body and was now straddling Ally's waist. Molly reached in and placed a blindfold over Ally's eyes.

She began to grind her hips against Ally's stomach as her hands pinched and twisted Ally's nipples. A hard groan slipped through Ally's lips joining the moans of the girls next door.

Ally could feel Molly's wetness up and down her stomach. Just when Ally formed a visual of Molly's position, it changed again. Ally felt the pressure release from her stomach, then suddenly caught a whiff of a strong odor. It smelled similar to her female juices. She realized what the scent was just as she felt pressure against her mouth.

Ally could now feel wetness run down her cheek as the scent overtook her nostrils. Waves of electricity jolted her body as she felt a tapping on her engorged clit.

Ally's hips shot off the ground. The continuing tap came once every few seconds as she felt the pressure on her face begin to rock back and forth. Ally wasn't sure why, but she felt her mouth open up. Her tongue slid out and tasted nectar she had not before. Her tongue became her eyes, looking around, navigating the area.

Ally heard Molly moan as she moved her tongue around the grinding hips. The tapping on her clitoris picked up rhythm causing Ally to moan deep inside Molly's vagina. Ally felt Molly shudder and return the moan. The occasional tapping on her clit made her unable to think of anything else. It kept her on the edge of horniness but didn't give her enough to move closer to an orgasm.

She felt Molly adjust her body on top of her. Molly's vagina now swallowed Ally's nose and began rocking over her nose. Ally gasp air through her mouth, now unable to breath through her nose. Ally could feel Molly's wet pussy slid up and down, grinding her clit against the tip of her nose.

Ally was getting light headed as she gasp for air, her head full of the strong, musty scent. Just when she felt she was going to black out, she felt Molly's pussy move back down to her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and let Molly grind her face. In response, Ally felt Molly's tongue on her mound.

Molly's hands pressed down against Ally's hips. The tongue inched down her body at snail's pace, dragging over her throbbing clit and making its way down her slit until it reached her honey hole and slowly slithered inside her. Ally tried to raise her hips to apply more pressure, but was denied by Molly's hands.

Ally felt her body shudder as a bolt of lightning shot toward her pussy. Ally darted her tongue in and out of Molly's pussy hoping she would receive the same in return. Instead, Ally was treated with a retreating tongue that slithered out of her and crawled back up her slit at snail's pace until it stopped just before her clit and make circles just inches away.

Ally tried to beg for more but her moans were muffled inside Molly's swallowing pussy. Molly began moaning over and over as she mashed her clit against Ally's tongue.

The hours of sexual tension finally flowed from her pussy, coating Ally's face. Molly collapsed on top of Ally, sliding her hips just out of reach of Ally's mouth. Ally felt Molly shudder on top of her. She wished it was her body shuddering.

"Please make me come. I am not lesbian, but I need you to make me come, Molly."

Between gasps, Molly replied "I am sorry Ally. We are not lesbians either."

The girls lay in a heap of deep breaths. Ally was able to start regaining some composure. She felt Molly's weight move off her body. Ally's ears followed Molly's movement as it headed out of the teepee. All was silent now. Ally listened to her own breathing and worked to control it.

She pulled at her binds hoping to break free. She groaned after realizing she wasn't going to get free.

Tired from all the day's events, Ally began to drift off. She was ready to get tonight over with and enjoy tomorrow. The sound of crickets in the background lulled her into a relaxed state.

Molly and the girls waited for Ally to fall asleep so they could finish her initiation. They sat outside the teepee and waiting until they heard her sleeping.

Molly looked in the entrance and watched Ally for any movements. She looked at the beautiful female body, free for the taking. She thought back to the previous year and remembered being in that position herself. She remembered the awakening the weekend provided her.

Ally's breasts raised up and down as she sleep. Her body was now in a relaxed state. All that was about to change.

Molly gave the girls the signal. All except Beth chose to participate. Beth was peeved that she had to go the weekend without an orgasm and refused to join the other girls. Kate carried the bag of goodies quietly inside the teepee, following Molly.

Mandy and Cloe crept around the left side of the teepee and took their position. Mandy quietly sat the bag down at Ally's feet while Molly took position above Ally.

Each girl pointed to their spot of pleasure and silently pointed their number of order. Molly unclasped the front of Ally's bra and gently slid it up her arms, resting it around the restraints.

Molly started by softly applying lavender lotion on Ally's face. She alternated massaging her cheeks, forehead and jawline. Ally started to come back to consciousness. The warm, soft hands felt good on her face.

The smell of lavender crept inside her nose. She also smelled a soft hint of a familiar scent. She knew it had to be Molly. After she finished rubbing in the lotion on Ally's face, she handed the bottle to Mandy.

Mandy squirted some lotion in her hand and began rubbing it in along Ally's collarbone. Her hands slowly moved down Ally's body until she reached the top of her breasts. She applied more lotion and rubbed it into Ally's breasts. Ally didn't hear Molly move but assumed she just reached down to apply the lotion. The hands felt relaxing on her skin.

Mandy took a third handful of lotion and moved down Ally's breasts, applying it over her areola and nipples. This caused Ally's breathing to pick up. The relaxing touch was now joined with a mild touch of excitement as she felt the hands on her breasts. When the hands concentrated on her nipples, she felt her body reignite itself.

The fingers rolled over her hard nipples then softly began to rub the lotion into her nipples. A momentary tweak sent a chill down her spine and caused a burn in her pussy.

The girls watched as Ally's body began to respond to the touch. The watched as her hips began to move ever so softly. Mandy turned to Cloe and pointed in her direction. Cloe shifted her body and straddled Ally's hips, hovering just above her body. Cloe rubbed the warming lotion in, just below Ally's breasts and moved down to her stomach and ribs.

Ally heard the shuffling and figured Molly readjusted. She was surprised when her stomach began to warm while her chest felt cool from the mild breeze. Cloe applied more of the warming motion to her hands and spread it down over Ally's midriff and hips, stopping at her mound region.

Cloe handed the warming lotion over to Kate who began applying the lotion to Ally's toes and feet. Ally wiggled a little because the touch tickled.

Kate applied lotion all the way up Ally's out legs and up to her knees. Kate pointed to Molly. Molly shuffled around before leaning down and asking Ally "Do you want me to continue?"

Ally nodded her head up and down and said "Uh huh."

"Lift your hips for me then, Darling."

Ally listened as she heard shuffling move toward the bottom of her body. She lifted her hips and Kate slowly cut off the panties and removed them. Ally felt a cold breeze on her pussy that caused her to twitch.

Cloe turned around and again straddled Ally's hips, now facing towards her groin. Cloe took the warming lotion and applied it to the inside of Ally's legs and slowly moved toward her groin. Ally's hips tensed each inch Cloe's hands moved toward her vagina.

Slowly Cloe rubbed the warming lotion inside Ally's groin area and circling her outer labia which were quickly filling with blood. Cloe could feel the heat radiating off her groin. Cloe raised her hands signaling the next phase. Kate started massaging Ally's legs again. A few seconds later Cloe joined in, massaging Ally's groin.

Ally thought it was skillful Molly was massaging two places at once until she realize there were more than two hands. Initially, Ally tensed up until her body's senses started taking over her mind. Mandy joined in massaging Ally's mound and the top of her labia.

A few seconds later Molly began massaging Ally's breasts and nipples. Ally did not know where to focus her energy. She was receiving pleasure in too many areas to focus on one specific area.

She began moaning as her body danced under the skillful hands manipulating her. Kate reached into her bag and pulled out a thin vibrator. She handed it to Cloe who began running it between Ally's pussy lips. Ally bucked her hips wanting more.

Cloe slid the tip of the vibrator in her pussy and waited for her to adjust. A few seconds later she slid it further inside. Molly was alternating between pinching and rolling Ally's nipples. Ally could not help but moan and groan and beg for more.

The girls were getting turned on as well by Ally's body reactions and their own actions. Mandy rubbed circle on Ally's mound, catching a part of her clit hood once in awhile. Ally's hips began to roll too much to play in a controlled manner so Cloe sat down and rested her hips on Ally's hips.

Ally was frustrated with her lack of motion again. Cloe turned the vibrator on low and began sliding it up Ally's pussy, circling her clit then sliding it inside her pussy.

The girls were careful to pay attention to how close Ally was getting to an orgasm. Her breathing was becoming erratic. Sweat was beginning to form all over her body. Ally could feel her juices running down her groin. The massaging of her mound was causing the lotion to warm up and make the area burn with desire.

"Ohhhhhhhh that feels so good. Ohhhh yes. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah. Don't stop. Yeahhhh. MMMMMMMM"

Ally was on fire once again. She was on the edge. She desired more consistent pressure on her clitoris or inside her pussy. The alternating of the vibrator was driving her insane.

"Okay girls" Kate whispered.

The girls stopped and changed positions. Kate took the vibrator and straddled Ally's waist, facing her pussy. Cloe climbed between Ally's legs ready to kiss the vagina. Molly put her back to Kate and straddled Ally, facing her breasts. Mandy straddled Ally's face.

Ally felt a low moan press against her mound. The vibrations pushed towards her clit. She begged for more. At that point, Mandy lowered her hips on top Ally's face. Molly reached forward and began massaging Mandy's clit. Mandy threw her head back and rolled her hips. Ally's tongue danced inside her while Molly fiddled her clit. Cloe began kissing Ally's sloppy lips. Her soft kisses teased Ally's pussy.

Ally could smell a different scent and knew it was no longer Molly on top of her face. Mandy's gyrations were different. She was also positioned lower so Ally could breath easier. Ally swirled her tongue around the inside of Mandy's pussy, licking up her nectar while Molly pushed her towards an orgasm.

Kate moved the vibrator a few inches to Ally's clitoris. Ally moaned as the vibrations increased. Cloe's kisses moved to Ally's clit. Ally did all she could to thrust her hips. Mandy was getting close to an orgasm. She reached down and began twisting her own nipples as her pussy was pleasured. Each lick and each circle massaged on her clit pushed her towards the clouds.

Kate sensed Mandy was getting close so she placed the vibrator just an inch from Ally's clit. Cloe began licking the inside of Ally's walls while fingering the entrance of her butt. Ally licked faster as her orgasm began to gain strength. Molly reached down with her left hand and began massaging her own pussy as the two other girls received pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah. Make me cum. I am so close. Oh yeah Ally, lick that pussy. Oh Lord, Molly you are making me feel so damn good. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Mandy said as waves of warmth began flowing through her body.

Kate pressed the tip of the vibrator against Ally's clit and held it there. Ally screamed and bucked her hips almost pushing Kate off her. Cloe tickled the entrance of Ally's pussy with the tip of her finger making tiny circles.

Ally shoved her tongue deep inside of Mandy. Molly pressed hard against Mandy's clit pushing her over the edge. She bucked Ally's face. Ally could take no more and came over and over. Her hips thrusted right and left, up and down as the vibrator manipulated her now sensitive clit. Mandy rolled over and collapsed beside Ally.

Molly grabbed a double dildo from the bag and inserted it inside her pussy. Cloe moved and Molly lay between Ally's legs. She inserted the other end inside Ally's pussy. Ally was too tired to move.

Molly was very horny and needed the dick deep inside her. She pushed on the dildo until her hips met Ally's hips. Ally was completely filled. She was not used to having a dick inside her. Ally lay there as Molly fucked her pussy.

Kate was ready for her own orgasm. She climbed off Ally and straddled Mandy's face. Mandy grabbed Kate by the hips and rolled her tongue along Kate's clit. Moans filled the teepee once more as the girls pushed themselves over the edge.

Mandy rolled Kate off her and started a small fire in the teepee pit. Molly removed the dildo then slid up Ally's body and gave her a long kiss and hug. All spent from the long day, the four girls cuddled up around Ally and fell asleep by the fire.

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