College Clinic Doctor Ch. 02


Oh, that pitiful begging. I had Eric just where I wanted him at this point.

My finger pushed in deeper. "Tell me, Eric. Tell me all of it." I was completely buried inside his asshole. His taut cheeks were flexing underneath the hand that was splaying him open. And then I started---slowly and barely perceptibly---to finger-fuck him in the ass.

He choked on the words, and they were nearly inaudible. I had to pause the motions I was making in order to hear them.

"I came."

Only two words. I grinned widely, knowing he couldn't see.

"Don't do anymore, Dr. Greene. Please. Haven't you done enough with your exam?" He squirmed under my grasp.

"No, I haven't done enough, Eric. As a matter of fact," and I withdrew my finger completely, "I need to get a second finger inside you at this point, so you'd best forget about what happened the last time and concentrate on totally relaxing your asshole so I can get both fingers deep inside you."

I knew that would have an effect. His dick was throbbing. We were at the point in this encounter where the virgin boy under my control would be on such a head trip that my use of words like, "cock" and "asshole," would register nothing but sexual arousal and would pass right through any conscious filters that would otherwise make him question a doctor's use of such terms. Besides, using them turned me on, and that was the whole point. This was about my pleasure, not his. I was already thoroughly enjoying myself and knowing things were going to get even better.

Poor Eric, though, was still struggling with some useless hang-up, no doubt machismo driven, about how being screwed in the ass was not something that real men were not supposed to succumb to, let alone enjoy. His begging and pleading were adding to my enjoyment, though, and before this examination was over, I would have broken through his psychological barriers and taught him how thoroughly pleasurable being taken by a woman could be.

Then his begging would make a complete turnaround. He'd be begging me NOT to stop. I moistened more at that thought.

"Let me get some more lube, Eric, then I'll be ready to put two fingers inside you to finish my check." As I stepped to the counter for additional lubricant, I made a comment that was calculated to further embarrass him and prompt even more plaintive entreaties: "Since you've told me that you ejaculated during this portion of a previous exam, we'll have to ensure that won't happen here. I don't want a mess to clean up, so I'm going to prevent you from cumming while I finish checking things inside your asshole. That means, though," and I stepped up behind him, "that I'm going to need one hand free to stop any ejaculation and the other hand free so my fingers can penetrate you. Needing both my hands for the examination means you're going to have to reach back and spread yourself open for me."

His cock was twitching, and I knew that I'd ramped up the battle in his psyche—the battle between his subconscious desire for an orgasm driven by anal penetration and his conscious assessment that having such a desire was wrong and an affront to his manhood. Now I'd asked him to be even more complicit in his own penetration. Now I'd asked him to help me do it to him.

"Don't, Dr. Greene . . . don't make me do this." His tone of voice had lost any trace of truculence. He was like a little schoolboy begging not to be spanked.

(Another delicious fantasy, especially bent over as he was and naked with that muscular ass so invitingly displayed. Sigh. Perhaps I could find a way to make that a reality at some point in the future. I was too sexed up at the moment to deviate from my plan, however, eager as I was to deflower this man with the strap-on dildo I'd secreted in one of the drawers beneath the counter.)

I reached up over his back and grabbed one wrist with my ungloved hand. It was easy to do. He was positioned lying on his chest with each hand gripping the side of the table, and that pushed his elbows in the air. It was easy to grab a wrist and tug it back toward his naked ass, though I had to be firm about it. He was gripping the sides of the table as though his life depended on it.

In his mind, I suppose his life did depend on it---his life as a swaggering stud with the opinion that the only way he and a woman were to have sex was for him to be the one doing the penetrating. This training session would put an end to that part of Eric Destin and open him up---literally and figuratively---to new possibilities. He would be a more evolved, enlightened Eric Destin when he left my examination room tonight.

And he would no longer be an anal virgin.

Finally, the hand I dragged back to his butt was resting on one cheek. "I'm losing patience, Eric," I said from my spot behind him. He moved the other hand slowly into position and rested it on the other cheek.

Pausing a moment to savor the delicious scene before me, and teasing myself a bit by heightening the anticipation of what I was about to see, I let things be for a few seconds. The silence crept by agonizingly slowly for Eric, I'm sure.

Finally: "Now spread your asscheeks apart for me."

He moaned, but he complied.

His asshole was shiny with the lube when it came into view. I again stood admiring the sexy tableau before me. It was important that Eric know I was looking at his naked and vulnerable asshole. It would shame him even further.

"You like showing yourself to me, don't you Eric?" I asked, knowing he would deny it.

"No, Dr. Greene. This is so embarrassing. Please get it over with." He eased up some on how wide open he was making himself.

Smack! My open palm landed on the curve of his left cheek below where his hand was placed. His hands slipped away, and the cleft of his ass again concealed his pretty rosebud.

Smack! Square on the other cheek. "This is not going well, Eric. Why don't you just admit that you like putting on this shameless show for me. Tell me you that like opening up to show me every last inch of you."

"No. No. I don't. I'm not a, not a . . ." He was sobbing softly.

This is the part during these scenarios (though I've only had the pleasure of doing this to two other men so far) when my heart is touched. The men are broken. They've surrendered some powerful psychological part of themselves to me. Now they are ready to be rewarded.

I leaned over his back and whispered into his ear. "You're not what, Eric? Not a little wimp? Not a little plaything? Not a little toy about to be used for a woman's pleasure?" I was reeling off a string of adjectives, knowing that he would remember every one of them. Perhaps some lucky lady in his future would benefit by hearing him beg to be each and every one of the descriptions I was now loading into the mental library that he would carry around forever linked to the pleasure I was about to give him. "Eric, it's okay to be my little eager puppy for just a few minutes. I guarantee that you're going to love it." The term, "little eager puppy," was chosen deliberately, and I said it enticingly, with no malice, and with a calculated sweetness that would make it remain in his memory forever.

Raising back into position, I dropped the sweet demeanor and again issued a no-nonsense command that made it clear I expected swift compliance. "Spread your asscheeks apart and show me your asshole."

This time he did as directed. "Wider." Another moan, but he did it.

I was psychologically torturing Eric at this point, but it was necessary to break through his silly misconceptions about sexual pleasure---his and mine. Again, I lingered, doing nothing but enjoying Eric's complete and wanton nakedness. For a crowning touch, I walked around to the front of the table in order to stand in front of him. Crouching down, I looked into his eyes and said, "You're being very good now, Eric. I like it very much that you enjoy showing yourself to me. You look really, really sexy in this position, in spite of what you might think. And I like it that you're enjoying being my little puppy right now. You really are, you know? You're my little handsome, sexy, macho, sextoy who is shamelessly exposing himself to me because he wants so badly what I'm going to do to him. You know that I'm going to put my fingers inside you now, don't you?"

I was drawing this out in an excruciating fashion for him. Still, he nodded, or at least he did what, in his current subservient position, was the closest thing he could manage to a nod.

"Good. I'm glad we finally got things straightened out. It will make it much easier to finish this examination." I walked back to stand behind him. He had maintained his grip on his asscheeks and was holding them wide apart.

Good boy. His asshole was inviting and shiny. Were it not for the lube, I honestly believe I would have leaned my face forward and run my tongue across his aperture, swirling slowly and savoring the intense pleasure I would be giving him.

But not tonight. I pressed two fingers of one hand against the spot just below his anus and above his balls. It would prevent his ejaculation. "Now open up for me, Eric. Completely."

Oh, how I love this part of the taking of a man! The anticipation of seeing the final surrender is stomach-clenching sexy. Eric's surrender was no exception. A small opening appeared in the middle of his crinkly entrance.

"Please, Dr. Greene. I'm doing what you want. Please hurry and finish."

"I'll not hurry, Eric. You know that. I have to be thorough to provide the proper information for your chart. Besides," I said as I positioned the tips of two lubed fingers at the opening he had provided me, "you don't really want me to hurry. That would lessen your enjoyment, wouldn't it?" I pushed into him, and he groaned. "Wouldn't it?" No answer, so I began stroking in and out slowly. "Wouldn't it?" I felt a spasm beneath the fingers I had pressed below his asshole. He would have come had I not prevented it. "Wouldn't it?" I asked again, this time knowing he could not deny that what I was doing was causing him orgasm-level pleasure.

He sagged completely onto the table, every bit of resistance in any muscle of his torso evaporating. Still holding himself open, he admitted the thing that he had denied for so long: "Yes."

"Yes what?" I asked, continuing to stroke into him slowly and gently.

"Yes, I like what you're doing, and I want you to keep doing it."

"Well, maybe just a little bit longer than what I need to do to get the proper information for your chart." I smiled to myself. Now I was going to move to the next level of Eric's surrender.

"You're doing the right thing admitting it, Eric. Now you can enjoy fantasies of this without worrying. I don't think any less of you that you like getting fucked in the ass. I know how pleasurable that can be."

An unintelligible moan came in reply. That and another spasm beneath my fingers. I was creating a serious case of blue balls in my patient.


"You're going to think of this in the coming days, weeks, and years, Eric. You're going to remember how you feel right now, how it feels to have my fingers sliding in and out of your asshole. You're going to get hard thinking about it, and you're going to jack off to the memory, so just relax and notice everything about how you're my toy right now, giving yourself up to me."

He moaned again.

For another minute of sensuous stroking during which his initially tight asshole started to relax, I talked to him, further messing with his mind. "What a good boy you are, Eric. You're being such a good little toy. Sexy young men like you who strip naked and bend over, then show off their cute little assholes and open themselves up in order to get fucked in their firm little butts by women are so rare. You should be proud of yourself---you're learning to be a great little sextoy for women when you do this. Maybe some other woman will do this to you in the future."

He was moaning and squirming, having lost all control and dignity.

"I think I have what I need for your chart, Eric. You--"

He surprised me by interrupting. "Are you sure you've done a thorough prostrate check, Dr. Greene?"

"Prostate, Eric," I said, correcting. "You mean prostate check. And, yes, I'm sure I have all the information I need." I started withdrawing my fingers. "That's quite a different question from what you asked me before, isn't it?" My fingers were now completely out of his asshole. It remained opened a bit. Inviting. "You're really quite eager for this, asking me to keep on fucking you in the ass."

He groaned in disappointment and frustration. "But I haven't . . . I haven't . . ."

Sad little sextoy---he hadn't gotten the release he was so desperate for. I still held my fingers firmly against the spot between his balls and his asshole. I made sure they were well positioned and preventing any orgasm because my next words were going to drive him crazy.

I leaned over his back and whispered, "What if right now you really give me your virgin little hole?" I placed my fingertips back on his twitching hole and traced circles around the crinkled opening before slipping just the tip of one finger back inside him.

His one-word response---"What?"---held a mixture of excitement, shame, fear, and lust all in one. I was right to keep my fingers against him.

"It's been a long time since I've fucked a little sextoy in his asshole with my pretty strap-on dildo, Eric, and I know you'd like it." Spasm beneath my fingers. "You would like it, wouldn't you?" Another spasm. Eric was in the throes of a full-blown orgasm that was being denied to him. It was overriding everything else going on in his mind or his body.

"Yes, Dr. Greene. Please fuck me."

I held my fingers through a final spasm and then for several seconds beyond. I wanted to be sure he would not come until he was given permission.

"This will be our little secret, Eric." I released my fingers and stepped back. He relaxed his grip on his asscheeks and started move his hands away. "No. No. Stay in position showing me where you want to be fucked."

A moan of contentment came this time. His training was going so well. Again he opened himself to me. "Stay just like that, Eric." I had moved to the drawer hiding my surprise. Before I drew it out, I took out my cell phone lying next to the harness and silently snapped a picture of the splayed open Eric. Quietly, I laid the phone back down into the drawer and picked up the harness with its protruding dildo---a pink, flesh-colored one that would look exciting sliding in and out of Eric's ass.

With my eyes fixed on the young stud draped across my exam table and holding himself obediently open for me, I stepped into the harness and drew it up my legs and underneath my skirt in order to buckle it around my waist. The straps slid into place on top of my panties. When I made the final adjustments and the base of the dildo made contact with my panty-encased clit, which was distended and throbbing, I nearly came.

Checking myself in the mirror on the opposite wall, I was satisfied that I was producing the proper effect: fake cock protruding obscenely from my crotch and sticking out underneath my skirt, about half the six-inch length in view. I wanted Eric to remember forever the sight of the first woman wearing a strap-on that he knew would be sliding up his ass in the next few minutes. I reached into the drawer and placed the cell phone into the pocket of my smock.

"You can stand up now, Eric." I stood several steps behind him, knowing that when he turned around he would see me, faux cock erect and ready to penetrate him. "Turn around."

His eyes widened in—what, shock? I'd bet that he had surfed the 'net pretty thoroughly to find pictures like what he saw before him in person right now. So maybe "shock" wasn't the right word. Let's say, "Anticipation." I smiled. "I'm going to fuck you. Bring me the lube," and I darted my eyes to the counter indicating where he would find it.

What a sexy, sexy scene. His cock was very hard, and it bobbed when he stepped to the counter. There was pre-cum leaking from the tip. Any contact with his erect dick would have caused him to spurt, I was sure. He handed me the lube.

"Smear it on my cock."

He choked back some kind of sound. I couldn't make out what it was, but I imagine it would have been something like a muffled groan of pure lust. I looked directly at him. "And make sure you do a good job and get the lube all the way up and down the shaft because I'm going all the way inside you."

He almost dropped the jar. I was really, really pressing all his buttons. He had no idea how fortunate he was, at his young age, to be tutored in giving himself up to a woman.

Pulling three fingers from the jar with multiple globs of lube clinging to them, he reached forward tentatively. "I imagine you know how to lube up a cock, Eric. You've undoubtedly done it to your own many times." He started slathering on the lubricant. "Why don't you step behind me and reach around. That's probably a much more natural position for you for lube up a cock." He looked up from his task and I smiled at him. "But don't dare let your dick make contact with any part of me or my clothes in the process."

I knew he was keyed up to the point that such a contact would have released a geyser of cum.

He did as he was told—--what a good student!---and was soon expertly covering the dildo with a generous coating of lubricant.

"That should be plenty. Now hop up on the table."


"You heard me. Hop up on the table."


"I will enjoy seeing your face as I fuck you. You do want me to enjoy myself, don't you?" I had started to thrust the dildo in and out of his fist, mimicking an action I knew he'd taken innumerable times with his own cock.

He released his hold and backed away from me. I turned, wanting him to see the sexy fantasy in person that he'd no doubt played out in his mind many times. It would erase any resistance. I was sure he'd always imagined being taken face down, ass up.

"It would be a pity to waste the fine job you've just done coating the fake cock that's going up your ass."

Just a little more begging at this point would be truly delectable. It came.

"But I don't want you to . . . to, you know--"

"You don't want me to see how much you enjoy it? Is that it?" I emphasized the question with a little bobble of my fake dick.

He swallowed, and then bless his young toy-in-training heart, he walked to the exam table and slid up on it. I saw that his dick had deflated a bit. Good. It would be exciting to see it erect as I slid the dildo up his ass.

I pulled up the stirrups. "Pretty self-explanatory, Eric," I said, and stepped back to watch.

And now, though I thought it absolutely impossible, I became even more aroused. His self-conscious struggles to position his legs in the stirrups, the way he laid a forearm over his eyes to hide his embarrassment, the entire scene made me incredibly aroused and desperate beyond measure to fuck him.

"Scoot down on the table. Your ass needs to be more available to me. And take you arm away from your eyes."

He did what he was told. I took the opportunity to tease him one last time before his deflowering.

"What do you want me to do right now, Eric?"

He whimpered out a sad little excuse for a response: "You know."

"I know what you want, Eric, but I'm not going to give it to you unless you ask me for it."

At that point, feet in the stirrups, his cock and balls plainly in view along with the rippling abs and sexy chest, he closed his eyes and said, "I want you to fuck me."


He groaned in exasperation. "In the ass."

I took the opportunity to pull the phone out and snap another picture. With his head back and eyes closed, he had no idea he was being memorialized this way. Before coming to work, I'd made sure that the phone's memory card had plenty of open space on it.

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