tagBDSMCollege Days – Domination 101 Ch. 04

College Days – Domination 101 Ch. 04


Joe woke up with a raging hard-on. All the teasing and torture from Linda and Lori over the weekend had a lasting impact on him. Even though they had milked cum out of his cock before he went to bed, he was still horny as ever. The milking relieved some of the pressure in his cock and balls, but it added to his horniness.

His cock twitched on its own as he lay on the floor next to Lori's bed in his white silk night gown. He closed his eyes and relived the weekend over again in his mind. It was hard for him to believe that he was seduced into being a slave and seduced into wearing lingerie and lipstick. Oddly, the more he thought about it, the more he became aroused. He was about to reach down and stroke his cock through the silk nightgown, but another hand beat him to it.

A soft voice whispered, "All horned up little slut, aren't we?"

Joe opened his eyes to see Lori peeking over the bed at him. Her one had reached down and slowly caressed his cock.

"Yes ma'am," replied Joe.

It only took a handful of strokes before Joe was on the verge of cumming.

"Please may I cum Miss Lori," he pleaded.

Lori stopped stroking his cock and patted it a few times. "Such a weak slut. You may not cum yet slut. Go make us eggs and toast."

"Yes Miss Lori," replied Joe. He stood up and walked out of the room, his hard-on leading the way.

Joe served his Mistresses breakfast and they took great pleasure in teasing him. His teasing lasted most of the morning. By noon his night gown was damp with cum and his cock and balls were so swollen they felt like they were going to burst.

Lori knew Joe could not take much more. She was ready to give him relief, but not after a little manipulation. Joe was laying on his back naked and Lori was stroking his cock keeping him on edge.

"Well, Joey, you've done well this weekend. I'm impressed," said Lori.

"Thank you mistress. I've had a lot of fun."

"Yes, I know...and you've proven to be quite the slut. I like that. I think I'll keep you as my slut. You would like to continue to be my slut wouldn't you?"

Joe did not hesitate to answer, "Yes, Mistress."

Lori gave Joe's cock a long firm stroke as a reward for his answer. "Good boy. Now I'm sure your ready to cum, aren't you pretty slut?"

"Yes ma'am. Are you going to let me cum?"

Lori looked over at Linda. "He's been pretty good. What do you think?"

Linda teased his cock along with Lori. She looked into his eyes and said, "yes....he has been good, but I think he must do something to earn his orgasm....something to prove that he's willing to be a slut for us and do anything to please us."

Joe was so close to cumming. He desperately wanted release. He pleaded like so many men before had pleaded to Lori and Linda, "Please...I'll do anything.....I'll be your slut....please let me cum."

Lori and Linda enjoyed his reaction. Lori kneeled over Joe's face. Her pussy was inches from his mouth.

"I just love to hear a man so desperate. Let's see how serious you are Joe. I'm going to christen you with my golden juices slut. It will be a symbol of your submission to me. Open up slut," ordered Lori.

Joe had never fantasized about "watersports" but in his overly aroused state the idea of drinking Miss Lori's pee excited him. He wanted to cum so bad that he did not care how degrading it was. Joe opened his mouth.

"Good boy. Start jerking your cock slut. You may stroke yourself while I christen you but you may not cum until the last drop of my golden juice is in your mouth. Do you understand?"

Joe nodded his head in agreement.

Lori immediately released her pee. A steady stream of warm piss flowed over Joe's face and into his mouth. He drank it and stroked his cock fighting back the urge to cum. Joe was surprised at how hard it was for him to hold back. Being in such a submissive and degrading position brought out a deep carnal pleasure within himself. The act of drinking Miss Lori's pee was so intimate and personal that it drove Joe wild. It wasn't more than a second after her pee stopped that Joe exploded in a long and intense orgasm. Lori and Linda giggled as they watched their new slut buck and thrust like a perverted boy. It was the perfect end to Joe's initiation weekend

That one little weekend had a profound effect on Joe's future. He discovered his submissive side and it was a treasure that he decided to hold onto. What was supposed to be a date with Lori turned out to be the start of a Journey for Joe. Through the rest of the school year, Joe learned to be a good slave and began to feel comfortable with his natural submissive tendencies. He also developed a close bond with Lori, Linda, and Pam. He learned what each of them liked and disliked and did his best to please them.

Pam was the Goddess. She loved to be pampered and admired. Joe enjoyed giving her baths weekly. He learned that it was a privilege for him to worship her by washing her body and giving her massages. He was constantly aroused from this form of submission.

Pam also took pleasure in having Joe prepare her for her 'fuck dates.' He would brush her hair, help pick out her lingerie, and dress her. He even learned how to shave her legs and pussy and properly paint her nails. Pam would always pick out lingerie for Joe to wear while he prepared his Goddess. She would also brag about how her date was a stud and she couldn't wait to feel his cock inside her. At the same time she would remind Joe of how much of a sissy he was.

One Saturday night, Pam locked Joe in her room before leaving for her date. He was dressed in a red corset, silk panties, and stockings. He was also wearing a butt plug and cock ring. Joe enjoyed the tightness of the corset and stockings on his body. The butt plug and cock ring added to his confined and submissive feelings. Pam's dominant energy consumed Joe's thoughts and kept him aroused even when she was not in the room.

During the evening Pam called Joe several time to give him updates on what was happening on her date. She would tell Joe how wet her pussy was from being with her stud date and how she was dying to feel his cock. Joe was always required to stroke his 'pussy' during the call. Pam's dirty talk aroused Joe and made him want to cum or fuck her.

Later in the evening Joe answered the phone but there was no reply from Pam. He was ready to hang up but stopped when he realized there was moaning in the background. His cock instantly swelled at the sound of Pam's sexual moans. Pam had left her phone on so he could hear her being fucked by her date. Joe stroked his cock and listened intently to the sound of her being fucked. Her moans were filled with deep emotion. Joe easily visualized the contorted look of sexual bliss on her face. The sounds of fucking drove him crazy. Listening to her experiencing erotic pleasure almost sent him over the edge. When she screamed from orgasm, Joe tensed his body to hold back his.

When Pam returned later in the evening, she could see that Joe enjoyed her game. His panties were damp from precum. She made him lie on her bed and she straddled his face. "Clean me up," ordered Pam.

Joe licked her pussy, cleaning out the remains of her date's cum. He was not excited about tasting another guy's cum, but he was glad to be able to eat Pam's pussy. He loved the way she smothered his face with her sex. He licked her juicy pussy until she came all of his face. Then she kissed him and sent him to bed hot and horny.

Pam loved to be worshiped and pampered. Then there was Linda.... Linda was the dominatrix. There was no pampering with her. She manhandled Joe and controlled him like a slave. He was constantly cleaning her boots and shoes with his tongue, crawling at her feet, and bending over to be spanked by her. She loved to tie him up helpless and tease and torture him. Linda played on Joe's dark erotic fantasies. Joe found great pleasure in being her mindless slave. It was actually relaxing for him to have no worries other than following her immediate command. It was rare that Linda would dominate Joe alone. Most of the time she was accompanied by Lori.

Lori was the leader of the trio. She had a nice blend of the Dominatrix and the Goddess personalities in her. Joe soon figured out that Lori was more into girls than guys. Her fascination with Joe was all about domination and control. She was molding him into the perfect slave. Her favorite kink was feminization. Joe could actually see her excitement and arousal grow whenever she dressed him up in feminine clothes. The more girlish he was, the more excited she became and the more she would touch him and allow Joe to touch her. Overtime this reaction from Lori conditioned Joe into wanting to be more like a girl. He learned that Lori could never resist feeling his 'pussy' when it was covered in silk and so he developed a strong desire to wear silky night gowns. He discovered that Lori's pussy gushed at the sight of him in a corset and stockings, with his lips painted a deep glossy red. He would not hesitate to beg to be dressed in these clothes in order to please her. Joe even became a pro at buying sexy corsets to wear for his mistress and he knew the best places to shop for lipstick and pretty stockings.

Joe knew his college days were strange compared to other guys. Instead of spending his money on beer, he was spending it on gifts for his mistresses, and panties, lingerie, and sex toys for himself. Instead of partying on the weekends, he was busy serving Pam, Linda, and Lori. This did not bother Joe. In fact he loved how things were turning out. Although he never really fucked his mistresses, the sexual pleasure he received from them was unimaginable. Joe figured that he was getting far more action with girls than any of his buddies. He was willing to be feminized and enslaved in pursuit of his erotic thrills. As time went be he even grew fond of wearing panties and silky night gowns.

Joe did not know it, but he was the textbook case for female authority. All the things he was discovering about his submissiveness and feminine side were deliberate and carefully planned by his captors. He did not view the girls as his captors, but they were. That was the beauty of his situation. He was being turned into a slave without realizing it. This is what made Lori's pussy throb and pulse at night. Her arousal was fueled from seeing a man serve her, humiliate himself, and do whatever he can to please her, all because of her female power.

Joe was an easy victim to female power. For him it was a great thing that brought exotic pleasures. It wasn't until the end of the school year that Joe was hit with an unexpected dose of reality. It was then that Lori brought to light something Joe had never thought about. He was kneeling at her feet, giving her a foot massage when Lori said, "Joe, you have been a wonderful sissy slave for me. I don't know what I'm going to do after I graduate this year."

"What do you mean," replied Joe.

"Joe, you must know that I will be leaving after graduation. I'm going to go to the UK for awhile. I've met some women over there who share the same interests as me in female domination. There is a great opportunity for me to further explore my dominance."

Joe was having a hard time comprehending the news. He had grown close to Lori and the other girls. They had become the center of his life. He was not sure what he would do without them. "I'll go with you. I'll be your live-in slave," he pleaded.

The offer was tempting to Lori, but she knew it was not right for Joe. He had a lot going for him and she did not want him to think irrationally on such a big decision. "Oh Joe. You are so dedicated. I can't let you do that. You need to finish college. Maybe after college you can come see me."

It was hard for Joe to accept her answer. No matter how hard he pleaded, Lori would not give in. The last day of the semester was a sad day for Joe. He felt empty and lost after the girls drove away.

Over the summer his manly habits started to resurface. However it was clear that the domination experience created new habits and changed his view about women and sex. During his time with Lori, Joe was always in denial about being feminized. He told himself that the feminization was just a means for him to get close to Lori and ultimately derive sexual pleasure. Now that she was gone, he realized how much he missed dressing pretty for her.

After being exposed to feminization and domination there was no way for Joe to escape its sensual lure. Whenever he walked past the lingerie section in a store, he couldn't help but linger a bit and stare at the sexy items. Occasionally at home he would slip into something silky and sexy and masturbate while fantasizing about being dominated by Miss Lori, Miss Pam, and Miss Linda. Many times when he masturbated he would stop before cumming, teasing himself. He would enjoy denying himself orgasms for weeks at a time.

Joe also found himself wanting to please all the women he encountered. He would go out of his way to open a door for a girl or help them carry something. He felt more connected to girls and more comfortable around them. Joe didn't realize it, but he had developed a submissive nature about him that would easily be recognized by a dominate.

Fortunately for Joe he encountered such a dominate at a party his first week back to college. Call it fate or natural tendencies, but somehow Joe and Tina gravitated towards each other during the party. There was a lot of flirting going on between the two. As the night went on, Joe made sure Tina's drink was never empty. She was very appreciative and rewarded him with the chance to walk her home.

Once in Tina's apartment, she led him back to her room. "Joe, you've been such a gentlemen tonight. I love men who are attentive to my needs."

Joe smiled at the compliment, "It's my pleasure. I love to please women. Especially a beautiful goddess like yourself."

Joe's response confirmed Tina's suspicion about his submissive nature. Tina had been observing Joe all night and she could easily see he was a submissive. During the night she had tested him a few times by commanding him to get her drinks or give her a shoulder massage. He had always responded without hesitation and she even noticed that he had a hard-on while he was around her. His obedience and growing excitement were clues to Tina that he had been trained by a mistress before. It was time for her to take control of this submissive.

Tina rubbed her hand over his hard-on. She whispered into his ear, "Yes Joe, I could see that you love to please and worship women. Tonight you will please me the way I want to be pleased, won't you?"

Joe's heart rate jumped. Memories of being dominated flooded back into his mind. The words were simple and few but Joe knew their meaning. "Yes, ma'am," he replied.

"Mmm. Very respectful. I like that. Call me Mistress. Ma'am makes me sound too old."

"Yes Mistress."

"Now undress for me my precious new slave. Show me what you have to offer."

Joe undressed down to his boxer shorts and was ready to remove them when Mistress Tina spoke, "Hmm. I'm a little surprised you aren't wearing panties. I could see a lot of sissy qualities in you."

Joe was baffled at how she could pick up on this. He replied, "uh...how did you know?"

"So you are a sissy?"

"Well.... my last mistress made me wear panties. She liked dressing me as a girl."

Tina laughed. "I bet you make a cute girl."

Tina fished through her panty drawer and pulled out a red silk thong. She threw it to Joe, "Put these on slave."

Joe slid the panties up over his cock. They felt comfortably familiar. Joe was thrilled to be back under the control of a mistress. The cum dripping from his cock was proof of his excitement.

Tina commented, "You look sexy in panties. I can also see how much it excites you. Why did you stop wearing panties?"

"My mistress moved away and it just wasn't the same without her."

Tina rubbed Joe's cock through the silk. Her soft strokes kept Joe on edge. He was desperate to cum. Tina asked, "I'm sure you still thought about wearing them. I bet you even slipped on a pair every now and then and jerked off in them, didn't you?"

"Yes, you are right," admitted Joe impressed at how well she could read him.

Tina laughed. "I know what boys like you think about. I know what you dream about and fantasize about. You are weak and at the mercy of your cock. Kneel down and worship my feet with your tongue."

Joe dropped to his knees and began to kiss and lick Tina's stocking covered feet. While he worshiped her feet she encouraged him.

"That's it slutty boy. Worship my feet. Inhale their scent. Show me how much you desire to serve me."

After a few minutes of foot worship she ordered Joe to get on his hands and knees. Then she moved behind him and spread his ass cheeks. Joe's ass tingled with excitement at the stretching feeling. His ass had not been filled since Lori left. Being exposed and inspected by Tina brought a sudden feeling of emptiness in his ass. It was an emptiness that craved to be filled. His insides suddenly awoke and wanted to be stimulated. Joe dramatically moaned hoping it would encourage Tina to probe further.

Tina inspected his hole. Her finger lightly traced the rim. "Hmm. You've got quite a pussy here. I can see you've been fucked quite a few times here, haven't you? You like having your pussy fucked don't you."

Cum leaked out of Joe's cock as Tina pushed her finger slightly into his hole. Joe moaned, "Yes. That feels so good. Please fuck my pussy Mistress Tina."

Tina applied some lubrication to her finger and then moved her finger in and out of his ass a few times. Joe bucked against her finger, savoring the pleasure. Tina brought him to the edge of orgasm and then retrieved a butt plug from her closet. The plug was attached to a harness. Tina slid the harness up his legs and around his waist. Then she inserted the plug into his ass and tightened the harness so that the plug remained secure in his ass.

"That should keep you excited and attentive to my needs," commented Tina.

Next Tina had Joe lay on his back on her bed. She took her time tying Joe to the bed with a nylon rope. Joe could tell he was dealing with a bondage fanatic from the way she tied him up. When she was done, his wrists and elbows were tied together and secured tightly to the center of his chest and stomach. His ankles were spread wide and tied to the bed posts, leaving his ass and cock vulnerable. His whole body was tied tightly to the bed, keeping him from moving around. She even tied a shoe lace around his balls and cock, creating her own custom cock and ball harness.

Tina took her time removing her clothes infront of Joe. Then she straddled his stomach and leaned forward and kissed him on the head. She whispered, "mmm. You like being tied up and helpless don't you, my pretty slave?"

"Yes," whispered Joe.

"You are so weak slave. You've only known me for a few hours and already I have you tied up, wearing panties, with a butt plug up your ass. Why is that slave?"

"I don't know Mistress. I am weak. You are so sexy. I can not help myself."

Tina let out a soft sultry laugh. "Yes precious. You are weak and defenseless against my female power. You crave to obey me and serve me, don't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

Tina stroked his cock a few times and milked out some cum onto her fingers. Joe watched wide eyed as she massaged his cum over her nipples, moaning in delight. She lowered a nipple to Joe's mouth. "Suck it naughty boy," she ordered.

Joe sucked and licked his cum off her nipple. Tina moaned and then placed the other nipple in his mouth. While he sucked, she commented, "Lick up your cum bad boy."

Joe thought Tina was going to erupt in an orgasm just from him sucking her tits, but she eventually pulled away. She got off of Joe and retrieved a ball gag. It was a round ball with an elastic string attached to it. She held it up to Joe's mouth.

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