College Girls Take On Developers


He nodded, enjoying his neck being kissed and said that sounded okay.

"Great, Brian, now I feel like I owe you a little reward for agreeing to play the game, so..." She leaned up and kissed his mouth fully while unbuttoning his shirt.

He loved the feel of her fingers on his bare skin and was becoming anxious to keep pleasing her. "What should I do now?" he asked.

"I do not know, Brian, what can you do for me?" she teased.

He tensed up, realizing that he was pretty helpless.

Samantha continued, "I will give you a hint; I like compliments, cutie."

Brian began telling her how beautiful she was, how sexy she was and how she was driving him crazy.

He was receiving instant rewards, as she completely unbuttoned his shirt and began licking his chest and nipples.

After teasing him that way for some time, she sat up and said, "Any other ideas, Brian?"

He was breathing slightly hard and was obviously turned on, but he managed to tell her that he was open to her ideas.

Sam was eager to rely, "Okay, sweetie, how about we pull off your pants? That would be alright, wouldn't it?"

Before he could answer, she was gently rubbing his cock through his pants and playing with his belt. He nodded his agreement and began trying to thrust his cock into her hands.

"No, Brian, you must not move; you bad boy," she sweetly said as she swatted his cock. "It must be slow or the end will not be as fulfilling. Now we will try again, unless you are ready to be done."

Brian said that he did not want to be done and that he could be still. Samantha tested him by slowly undoing his pants and easing them down his legs, but he remained as unmoving as possible. When she had his pants completely off, she dropped them on the floor and pushed his legs apart.

"That was so good, Brian, you really did it; I am so proud of you." As she was telling him this, she was moving her tongue slowly up his leg, then up his, now naked inner thigh and finally to his boxer shorts. She positioned her mouth on his cock, yet through his shorts, and took it into her mouth. His involuntary pelvic thrust as her warmth enveloped his cock led to her jumping up.

"Oh, Brian, I thought you could stay still, baby. I guess you do not want to play anymore," she was acting as though she was very disappointed.

"No, I do; I do; give me another chance, please; please," he pleaded.

Smiling sweetly again, she said, "I guess one more chance won't hurt, will it?"

He grinned and agreed with her and when she added that she had a way to make sure it did not happen again, he looked relieved not worried. Of course she was pulling his boxers off as she spoke so he was probably a bit distracted.

She moved her tongue back down his leg and proceeded to give him what she calls a "toe job." She takes his toes, one or two at a time and simulates a blow job on them.

I have never done it, or had it done to me, but she swears by it and claims that every guy loves it.

While her lips and tongue were working their magic on each foot, she was very gently securing each of his ankles to the bedframe with some soft, but very strong, nylon cords. When she was confident that they would hold, she finished her toe job and stood up.

"There you go, Brian. I secured your legs so they cannot move anymore and you did not fight or argue so you get a reward." She acted thrilled as she said this.

Obviously, this alerted him to the fact that his legs were now tied up, but he did not want to risk his reward so he remained silent.

Samantha stood next to the bed and announced, "I will now become your dream girl, Brian."

She started performing a strip tease unbuttoning her suit coat, slowly taking it off and moving on to her blouse. Brian Sullivan was oblivious to everyone and everything else in the world at that point, but he did manage to ask her how she knew who his dream girl would be.

Samantha had just finished unbuttoning her shirt and letting it drop off of her. She did not respond; she just licked her lips and slowly unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor as well.

She was now standing before him in a red, satin corset, with garters connecting it to the tops of her stockings. The corset appeared to be defying laws of nature by keeping those boobs contained.

As his eyes widened, she lay on the bed next to him and whispered, "Baby, I am every guy's dream girl."

She crossed her leg on top of his, creating an unbelievable sensation for him as the stockings rubbed his leg. "Tell me what you will do for me, baby," she whispered in his ear.

"Anything, Samantha, anything," he said. She was now completely up against him; her satin corset against his side and his stomach, and she bent her leg and raised it so that the side of her knee (more importantly the soft stocking was rubbing his naked cock.)

"Anything?" she repeated.

After several assurances of this, she sat up, still stroking him slowly and took a sip of the wine. She kissed Brian, letting the wine drip into his mouth. That led to him realizing how thirsty he was and allowed Samantha a little while to feed him some fruit and let him sip some more wine. She did not really need a break, but she knew that Brian did. He had been on the verge of an orgasm, and that would have been the end of her plan.

After the break, she was active again; she moved her tongue around his body and teased his cock with her legs and fingers.

When she had him nearly returned to his previous state, she asked, "Brian, what is the most important thing in the world to you right now?"

He gave a quick, "I don't know," as a response.

He clearly did not want to be thinking about anything other than getting off right now.

Samantha kept her rhythm with her strokes and continued, "Because if I felt you would give me that, whatever it is, I would let you have anything that you wanted from me right now."

She had his attention, but he said, "I do not know what to say, Samantha, anything that you can think of will be fine."

"Great, baby, I love it when you give me power like that." She climbed on top of him and positioned herself on top of his bare cock. Only her thin panties were preventing him from being inside of her. Heck, even this felt really great as his cock could feel her tight, warm, moist pussy.

"I tell you what I will do, baby, if you want. I will unhook one of your hands, and you will sign this letter. (She held up about a half page letter) After signing it, you can keep your hand free and rub me anywhere you wish. She then whispered, "You can even push my panties to the side if you wish and slip on in."

He nodded, and she unhooked his hand; he almost signed it without looking at it, but he asked what it was as started to sign.

"Just a little form pledging to vote against the park project, honey; it lists all of the reasons why you have changed your mind about the vote."

As she was answering him she lay back next to him after allowing her boobs to spill out of the corset so that they were now rubbing against him.

Additionally, she pulled her leg back near his cock, but this time she performed a move that she calls "the hook." She basically puts her leg against his pubic hair and allows his cock to nestle into the bend behind her knee. She then squeezes his cock by bending her knee. Aside from creating an ecstatic feeling, it allows her to hold his cock in place while she reaches down and sensually teases the underside of it with her one hand that can reach.

"I cannot sign this, Samantha. I proposed that project," he was fairly insistent but making no real move to get away.

"Well, we can be done, I guess." Samantha pouted, "Sure is a shame though, I know your little friend does not want to be done." As she finished talking, she tightened her knee which squeezed his cock and almost made him cum right then. "I just wanted to win the game by getting you to give up something important to you."

"It is just a game?" he asked.

"Of course, baby," she climbed back up on top and took his free hand and guided it to her wet pussy. She slipped a finger or two of his into her panties and let them inside of her.

"What will happen to the paper when we are done?" he asked.

"When we are done, I do not care, baby; you can have it. I do not need to keep it." As she spoke, she let his fingers go a little deeper into her.

"I can have the paper immediately, when I leave this room," he clarified.

"Baby, I promise you the paper will never leave this room unless you take it somewhere." She stood up and pulled her panties off, then returned, her pussy just millimeters above his cock. She reached down and guided his cock about a quarter of an inch inside and stopped.

"Well, what now?" she mischievously teased.

He could not possibly resist; he grabbed the pen and signed the paper, quickly discarding the pen to his side. He grabbed her ass with his free hand and pulled her down on his shaft. When he was fully inside of her, she twitched her pussy muscles and he nearly came. She then pulled back up and off and grinned at him.

"I win," she said, "Are you ready to go?"

"What?" he was panicking, "You said we would have sex."

"When?" Samantha teased, "I do not think I said that."

"Yes, when we started, Samantha, please." He begged.

"What I said, baby, was that you would have a few hours that would be the best of your life and that you would never forget." Samantha clarified.

She was starting to get dressed, and he was confused. "What about the sheet I signed?"

"Oh, you can have it," she answered nonchalantly, "I said it would never leave this room, and I told you I would not lie to you. I just wanted to see if you would sign it."

She picked it up to hand it to him, but he just dropped it and pleaded, "Samantha, please, please, I want to keep playing the game."

"Really?" she said, "I did not think you really liked it. You just acted like all you wanted was sex."

"Really, really, let's go, please," he was begging, "How can I prove it to you."

She stopped getting dressed and smiled, "Okay, you seem to really want it, Brian. Tell me how much you want me." Brian started telling her how beautiful, how perfect and how sexy she was; Samantha was soon down to just having her corset on again, and this time she was building him towards a climax quickly.

She was allowing his free hand to rub and touch her anywhere that he wanted, and each spot he touched excited him more than the last. He would run it along her silky stockings, stroke her inner thigh, rub the satin of her corset, squeeze her ample breasts, and trace her lips with his fingers. The last was his favorite, as she would inevitably take a finger or two into her mouth and lick or suck them.

Meanwhile, Samantha skillfully played with his cock until it was as hard as it had ever been. She would let up, though, whenever he got close to an actual explosion.

"Brian, I need to feel that you truly need this, in order for me to feel comfortable and let you back inside. Is that okay?" she quizzed him.

"Oh I do, I do, Sam, please let me inside," he panted.

"But, how do I know?" she asked. "How can you prove it to me?"

"Whatever you want me to do, just tell me, and I will do it. Please tell me," He knew he needed this orgasm more than he had ever needed anything in his life.

"I can think of one way," she grinned.

"Okay, great, tell me." He was relieved as he thought that he would probably get some instructions that would allow him to cum.

She got up, and he looked distraught as she walked across the room, but she settled him down. "It is okay baby. I just need to get something out of my briefcase."

As she returned, she leaned across him and placed her nipple in his mouth. "Suck that baby, while I get everything ready."

After a few seconds she pulled away and moved her face to his balls; she playfully tickled them with her tongue.

Between licks and kisses on his cock, she said, "Baby, sign that sheet that I placed next to you, and we will finish this until you explode. I promise."

When she finished speaking, Samantha placed her tongue at the base of his cock, next to his balls, and slowly brought it up the length of his shaft on his sensitive underside with one long lick.

"Sure, what is it?" he managed to ask during a long groan caused by her tongue on his shaft, but he was already signing.

While licking the top of his cock like a lollipop, she answered casually, "It is a form that says you are resigning from the Park Board, effective immediately following today's meeting."

He did not know what to do; he did not want to end this incredible sensation, but he had questions and did not want to resign. Of course, he was at her mercy as he had just signed the form and tossed it to the floor.

"This is like the other form, right?" he asked.

"In what way, sexy?" she teased him by raising her eyebrows while pulling her face to his and kissing him.

"About it not leaving this room, Samantha," he tentatively said this as his first priority was not angering her.

"Oh, sure, Brian, it will never leave this room."

She gently took his hard cock and held it straight as she lowered her pussy back onto him.

She began rocking and thrusting, wanting this sex to be incredible for him. She had him nearly ready to cum when she took his free hand and guided it to her boob.

He squeezed, as she asked, "Brian, can I ask you something, baby?"

She moved up and down a couple more times as he nodded. She kept going, patiently waiting. As his face started to tighten, she knew he was close.

She chose just that time to say, "Brian, baby, would you really have given up that project and your position for me?"

"Yes, yes, of course, Samantha," he practically yelled; he started to cum instantly, and Samantha let him keep thrusting and allowed him to cum as much as he could.

"Thank you, baby," she said when she finally climbed off. She walked the few steps to the shower.

"That was awesome, Samantha; let me up, please, both legs and one arm are still not free," he was finally relieved and back to normal.

"Just a second, honey, I am rinsing off; you got me all sticky," she yelled back into the room over the noise of the shower.

Brian relaxed as best he could; he was still smiling from his experience. A few minutes later, Samantha emerged from the shower and started putting her clothes on.

"You can lay there and watch me, baby; I know you want to remember this," she was rolling one stocking up as she spoke, and Brian did not argue. This was a great view. He watched the other one go on; then the corset went back on and finally the suit and her heels. She turned and started to walk away.

"Uh, Sam, you forgot something," he said. He was still relaxed and almost laughing.

Samantha laughed and walked back to the bed.

Instead of unlocking the cuffs or untying the cords, though, she picked up the two signed forms, reached into his pants and pulled out his wallet and walked across the room.

"What are you doing, Sam?" he asked, finally becoming concerned.

"Faxing these forms to city hall, the newspaper, a couple of radio stations and the two local television stations, baby," she calmly answered.

"What?" he exclaimed, "You said that no one would see them."

"No, baby, I promised that the forms would not leave this room, and they will be right here when you are ready to leave. I told you that I would not lie," she clarified.

"You, bitch, I will just deny that the forms are real. No one will believe them anyway," he angrily stated, though he was probably trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to convince her.

"You can do that honey," she sweetly said, "I do not know how you will explain that the letters are on your company letterhead with your signature and a copy of your drivers license as proof of authenticity though."

He watched as the first fax went through and said, "My letterhead."

Samantha responded, "Yes, did I forget to mention that I took a few sheets from your receptionist's desk this morning? She just leaves it there by her printer, you know."

She added, "Now Brian, I know you might be angry, but at the beginning of our game, I clearly said that there would be no lies, right?" Getting no response she continued, "And you did say that you really would give all that up for me, remember? So, that should not have been a lie."

"I will not go along with this," he showed some resolve. "I will call the police and say that I was kidnapped and forced to do it."

Samantha started laughing which infuriated him.

"That is what happened," he nearly screamed.

"Brian, baby, listen to yourself," she explained, "You will be free as soon as the last fax goes through. No one will find you tied up. And how on earth will you explain a kidnapping. Look at the facts: 1) You are with a twenty year old college student and no one else. 2) You drove us here; my car is still at your office. 3) When we got here, you ordered room service and paid with your credit card; you even met the waiter at the door alone. You obviously were not being kidnapped."

"Okay all the faxes are gone, and my friend is in the parking lot to drive me back to my car. I will toss you the key as I leave. Thanks again," she told him.

"But why?" he asked as the realization hit him that there was no way out.

She answered, "Because the park redevelopment is a bad idea; surely you know that deep down. It is wrong to use your position to enrich yourself. This redevelopment needed to be stopped, and frankly, you needed to resign. You have done this too many times to be trusted anymore."

"Now listen Brian; I have made it easy for you," she went on. "Read these letters that you signed so you can answer questions. The first one simply says that you have changed your mind about the park because you went there this week and saw all of the activities going on there. It is an easy enough to believe story, and you will look like a good guy in the media if you stand behind it. The second says that you are resigning after voting against the park because you need to spend more time with your family and with your business. You also hate being put into a position of having to make decisions like this due to budget issues."

"Stick to my letters, Brian," she closed with, "and you will actually come out of this looking like a really great guy."

And with that, she tossed the handcuff key to him and watched him catch it with his free hand. She left the room and walked outside to Chelsea's car and was driven to his office to pick up her car.


Brian Sullivan got to the meeting at noon and voted against the project. The project did not pass as Joseph McIntosh also voted against it, and Stan Eisen did not even show for the meeting.

The press hounded Brian about his resignation, but all they got were comments like "The letters speak for themselves," or "No comment."

Chelsea, Brittany and Samantha went back to Florida State University and graduated. They all ended up moving to the Atlanta area following college, and they are still great friends having a lot of fun.

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