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College is Awesome


This is what I'm hoping college will be like when I start, minus the cheating. I would never cheat on my gf, but it seemed to flow with the story, so I decided to include it. All characters are based on people I know, with accurate descriptions and real first names and nicknames. This is 100% fiction.


College so far had been very uneventful. I was a freshman planning on majoring in criminal justice and minoring in accounting. My name is Matt by the way. So far, no parties, no booze, no pussy, nothing. Until today. I was on my laptop typing a 15 page biology paper when my roommate Cade walked in. I had known Cade for literally as long as I could remember. I'd gone to school with him all the way up to graduation, and played baseball with him for about 12-13 years. We were like brothers. Cade was about 6 weeks younger than me and was quite a good looking guy, about my height, 5'9", and had black hair and hazel eyes. I was quite surprised how he got into college. He was known for copying off people and even texted his mother for answers on English tests. He was also known for being very disrespectful to teachers, and back in our sophomore year, was suspended for swearing at a teacher. I still liked him regardless.

As for me, I was not a good student in high school. I didn't give a shit. For me, it was all about girls and playing guitar. I wasn't disrespectful like Cade, I just didn't care about the schoolwork. I think I graduated with like a 2.8 GPA or something like that. I had decided to get my act together in college though. I had brown hair and gray eyes, and a hooked nose, broken once. I played lead guitar in a band and played baseball and golf frequently. I also had a girlfriend of 2 years named Liv, who also happened to go to the same college as me, recruited for soccer. She was about 5'3" and had brown hair and hazel eyes. Her body was gorgeous, maybe C cup boobs, a nice toned stomach with a navel piercing, toned soccer legs, and a flawless ass, my favorite feature. She was the grade above me in school too. We had finally had sex for the first time on my 18th birthday last April, but that's a whole different story altogether.

Anyway, Cade walked in to our dorm room and went over to his bed and sat down. "What's up, kid?" he asked.

"Nothing man. Just trying to crank out this fucking paper. It's killing me here." I sighed and turned to face him. "What about you? You going out tonight?"

Cade grinned and said, "Hell yes. And you are too. Axe's throwing a party tonight, and it's open invitation. Anyone can go. There'll be a shitload of beer and plenty of girls to drool over. You could bring Liv, if she isn't going already. So, you in?" he looked at me excitedly.

"Oh, I don't know. I have to finish this paper. And it's been a long day and I'm tired."

His jaw literally dropped. "Matt. Come to your senses. This is our chance to see if the parties are as good as everyone says. Besides, plenty of time to sleep tomorrow. It's Saturday tomorrow. National Hangover Day. We're going to get so drunk, we'll be lucky if we can remember today. Come on, you have to come."

I smiled. "Ok, guess you're right. I'll come. I do have some shit to do first, like finish the page I'm on of this damned essay. I'll text Liv and ask her. Hell, I might even bring my bandmates."

Cade smiled. "Thatta boy. I'm going now. It's at his house by the way. I'm getting a ride from Jake (one of his other friends). And hopefully, some hot chick at the party tonight, if you know what I mean." He winked and stood up and grabbed his wallet and phone. "Alright dude, I'll see ya there." He turned and left the room.

I called after him, "I'll text you when I get there."

He shouted back, "Ok. I'll save you a beer."

I pulled out my iPhone and shot Liv a text, inviting her to the party. She replied that she was already there and looked forward to seeing me. Looking forward to the party now, I decided to invite my bandmates, just for the hell of it. The only available one was our bassist, also named Matt. He agreed to drive down to campus and come with me to the party. He was attending community college back in our hometown, the same grade as Liv. They were actually in the same graduating class back in high school too. I answered and went back to the essay. About half an hour later, I gave up on it. "Fuck it," I said out loud and closed my laptop.

Matt arrived in his car about another 15 minutes later. He drives a 1994 Acura Integra, standard transmission. It's a nice car but loud. Matt was 19 years old, about 5'11" and had light brown hair and green eyes. He was also single, so that's probably why he agreed to come with me. After greeting each other, we left in my car for Axe's house, talking about stuff. I drive a stickshift 2003 Saab 9-3, and I love it. It was quite a head-turner when I drove it to school on the first day of my junior year, back when I was 16. Axe's house was about 2 miles off campus. He has a huge house, mostly because his dad owns a business and is very rich. I met him earlier this year when college started. His real name is Alex. He was rather loud but very funny and a great entertainer. His dad recently bought him a Maserati for his 18th birthday. I have yet to meet his parents.

We parked on the street. There were dozens of cars there. I saw Axe's Maserati in the driveway. Damn, it was gorgeous! I sent texts to Cade and Liv informing them of my arrival and walked with Matt up the street and up the driveway. I could hear music blasting and people talking already. We entered the house and were greeted with really loud music and talking. There were dozens of people, and some absolutely gorgeous girls, hopefully single. I turned around and caught Matt eyeing them with lust.

I laughed and shouted over the music, "Like what you see? Maybe you can hook up with one of them. Or three."

He snorted and said, "I wish. The girls on my campus aren't nearly as hot as these."

I turned away as I heard my name. "Hey! Matty!" Cade called from the other side of the room, waving. I waved and walked over, Matt following. Cade handed me a beer and said, "Pretty sweet party, huh?"

"It's badass." I agreed. "This house is huge!"

"Hell yeah! By the way, Axe is having a bonfire out back and his pool's open."

"Sweet. I'll check it out. I'll see you around. I'm gonna go walk around and try and score some girls. Don't tell Liv I said that though, ok?" I said with a laugh.

"Alright man. Have fun. Let me know when you leave, I'll need a ride home." Cade said and followed a group of girls out of the room.

I turned to Matt. "You staying with me or mingling here?"

He answered, "I wanna see the fire and pool. Shit, I forgot my bathing suit. Let's hope the girls are skinny dipping, right?"

"Makes them even hotter," I said heading out the back door.

The pool was huge. It had a diving board and even a fucking waterside! There were plenty of people in it, boys and girls. We walked past as someone did a cannonball off the diving board, hitting the water with a massive splash.

Matt said, "I'll catch ya later. Im gonna go find a girl to rail."

"Ok. I'll come find you when I'm leaving. Have fun!" He waved as he walked away. I continued on.

The fire was huge too and roaring. I spotted Liv standing by it and walked over. She looked really hot in daisy dukes and a crop top.

"Hey gorgeous," I greeted her.

She turned around, "Hey," and pecked me on the lips. "You liking the party so far?"

I finished my beer and said, "Yeah, it's awesome. I hope Axe's parents know about it."

"I doubt it. I don't think they'd like a bunch of horny teens underage drinking on their property."

"Speaking of Axe, where is he?"

"I'm pretty sure he took a girl to his room. It's his party, yet he leaves to go get it in with a girl. What a jackass," she sighed and took my beer can and tried to drink from it, discovering it was empty. "Shit. I could use a beer."

"I'll go grab you one. I need another too. Be right back." I kissed her mouth quickly and went back inside.

I found the coolers and was just grabbing two beers when I ran into a girl. Shit, she was a knockout. I had never even considered cheating on Liv, but damn, this girl was tempting. She was about 5'7", redheaded, stunning green eyes, and D cup tits. She dropped the beer she was carrying and almost fell over, but I caught her, breaking her fall.

I helped her steady herself and let go. "Are you alright?" I asked.

"I'm fine, thanks," she replied. "Wow, that could've been bad." She looked at me. "Do I know you? I feel like I've seen you before."

I jumped at the chance. "I'm a freshman here. My name's Matt. So no, you probably don't know me."

"Of course! You're dating Liv, right?"

"That's right. She's a sophomore."

"She talks about you a lot. I'm her roommate. My name's Erin. I'm a sophomore too."

I was finding it hard to keep eye contact with her awesome rack winking me in the face the whole time. "Oh yeah? What does she say about me?"

She stepped closer. "That you're a very good looking guy and and great in the sack." She came even closer, to the point where I could see specks of colors in her pretty eyes. "Not to mention that you play guitar and that she's madly in love with you."

Was she coming on to me? "Wow. I'll have to ask her about that," I joked. "Speaking of which, I need to get these beers to her. She's desperate. I'll see you around."

"Oh no. Don't go! I was just getting to know you." She was so close now that our eyelashes were almost touching. "I'm sure she can wait. I want to see you. Almost all of you, in fact...." she leaned in and softly kissed my lips. I was caught by surprise but didn't resist. She sure knew how to kiss! I started kissing back harder, then it hit me that I was cheating on my girlfriend. I broke it off with, "Shit! I can't do this, I'm sorry. I'm taken."

"You may be sorry, but I sure as hell am not. I'll bide my time. Like you said, I'll see you around." She smiled and walked away.

I stood there, trying to comprehend what just happened. A smoking hot chick just tried to seduce me. And it almost worked!

I just cheated on the only girl I've ever loved. FUCK! I shouldn't have let her get so close. IDIOT! I thought furiously. I almost started crying with anger, mostly at myself. Get it together. I'll just act like it never happened. But then a voice in the back of my head said, But it did just happen, and you know it. And what's worse, you liked it. You wanted her. I shook the thoughts out of my head and started walking back to the fire. I tried to forget my thoughts by handing Liv the beer and standing behind her, holding her by her waist and burying my face in her hair. "You smell nice," I said, taking in a scent of perfume.

She turned her head and smiled at me. "Thanks baby. I put it on just for you." She kissed me, gently biting my lower lip.

I kissed back, trying unsuccessfully to hide my boner.

She noticed and pulled away with a knowing smirk. " Is that a piece of firewood in your shorts?"

"Wanna go find out?" I said half-jokingly. There were a lot of other people around but I didn't care.

"Actually-" Liv paused and drained her beer. "Yes-" she kissed me. "I-" she kissed me again. "Do." She kissed me really hard. She grabbed my hand and led me away from the fire. I had no idea where we were going but I wanted some ass, so I didn't care. Beer always gets her horny which is a big plus. We walked around the side of the house and down the street to my car.

Liv must've been a little tipsy, because she grabbed the trunk of the car and bent over. "Take me. Right here."

She got no argument from me. I pulled her shorts down and discovered, unsurprisingly, she wasn't wearing underwear. I bent down and was about to lick her when she said, probably from the alcohol, "No, no, no. Silly, I want your cock, not your tongue. Fuck foreplay. I want it hard rough. Make me scream baby!"

She was known for having a dirty mouth, but even by her standards, that last paragraph was obscene. But so fucking hot. Getting Liv drunk was guaranteed to get even the ugliest guy laid.

I said, "Ok," and stuck it in all the way. She was tight, which I loved. We weren't virgins but soccer kept her in great shape. Liv moaned loudly and gripped the trunk even tighter. I started thrusting slowly, doing her doggy style on the trunk of my car.

Liv groaned in disgust and turned her head. "This is like having sex with a goddamn corpse! Did you hear me, asshole!? I said I want to be railed. Hard and fast. Jesus, Matt. While we're young!" Honestly, some of the things she said when she was drunk were hilarious. I picked up the pace and she moaned in approval. "That's it. Come on, harder!" I then grabbed her waist and began thrusting as hard and fast as I possibly could. She really was turning me on now. "Oh! Ohhhh! Right there, RIGHT THERE! OH BABY, DON'T STOP! College never felt so good! OHHHMMMYYYGOOOODDDDD!" She was normally loud sober but she was ridiculous when she'd been drinking. Luckily, the music from the party was drowning us out. I was groaning regularly now but she kept it up with, "FFFUUUCCCKKKKK! Oh God! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH MY GOD BABY! OH GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! OH GOD! OH GGGOOOOODDDD!" She threw her head back and came violently. I grunted and succumbed to the pleasure too. Liv rested her head on the trunk, breathing heavily, still with a death grip on the trunk. I slowly slid out of her and collapsed on the ground against the rear bumper. There was silence except for the music from the party and college kids chatting in the distance.

Shakily, I stood up and buttoned my shorts. Liv stood up and pulled her shorts back up. She said, "Thanks. I needed a good, hard fuck. Now I need another beer." She kissed my cheek and took a shaky step onto the grass before keeling over in my arms, probably drunk. She was completely unconscious.

I smiled and carried her into Axe's house. The music was still blasting. I was getting a ton of looks and even a few whistles. I went upstairs with her to put her in a bedroom until she regained consciousness. The house had a huge corridor with about a dozen rooms, probably all with couples fucking in them. I tried the first door, which was unlocked. I stumbled inside with Liv still unconscious and ran into none other than Matt in bed with a girl. Instantly, the moaning stopped. Matt looked up in embarrassment. When he saw it was me, his face got even redder.

"Oh shit. Sorry. I'll find another room. You should lock the door," I said, smirking at Matt and throwing him a thumbs up as I was leaving the room. The next room was empty. I put Liv down gently on the bed, turning her on her side. I kissed her forehead and whispered, "Feel better babe," and left the room. Outside the room, I ran into Axe, clearly drunk and trying to find the bathroom.

I decided to warn him. "My girlfriend's unconscious in there. That's not the bathroom."

He giggled and said, "Oooh, I like unconscious chicks. Maybe I'll have some fun with her."

My expression darkened. "If you touch her, hangovers will be the least of your problems. I'm warning you, don't do it."

He was getting angry. "It's my house. My party. What I do or don't do is not your business."

I stepped up so I was inches away. "It just became my business! If I find out you touched her, believe me, you'll wish you picked a different girl."

"Are you threatening me, punk?"

I paused. "No. That's a guarantee." I turned away and walked downstairs, leaving the spoiled jackass pondering. I noticed Cade standing by the pool outside, probably checking out the girls. I walked over and stood next to him.

He noticed me and said, "Hey. Some party, huh?"

"Yeah. And some host Axe is." I told Cade about having sex with Liv and my experience with Axe. "I used to like him, but now after the way he spoke about Liv, I think he's a prick."

"Fair enough. If it was my girlfriend, I'd have hit him."

I decided to change the subject. "I'm going back inside to check on Liv. There's no way I'm leaving her alone for long with that drunk, spoiled, asshole stumbling around. You coming?"

"Nah. I'll stay. I'm hoping to score some trim." He grinned and turned away.

I walked back inside and up the stairs. I could hear moaning, which sounded an awful lot like Matt. I smiled to myself and was reaching for the doorknob when the door opened. And the girl I'd met earlier, Erin, stepped out.

"Well, well. It's you again." She paused, blatantly checking me out. "I heard Axe talking about you and Liv, so I came up to check on her. She's fine, still unconscious."

"Oh, thanks. I came up to check on her. I guess I'll go back outside then." I turned to walk away but I felt her hand grab my shirt. The next thing I knew, she was violently kissing me, pushing me up against the wall. I started to resist, but the alcohol in me had increased my desire. So I gave in, kissing back and adding tongue. I hate to say it, but she was almost a better kisser than Liv. She groped for the doorknob and finally found it, opening the door. She pulled me inside and stripped off my shirt. I reached up her shirt and fondled her tits, which felt amazing, especially when I found out she had no bra on. She moaned and quickly took off her shorts, revealing a G-string. I was as hard as a fucking rock by now. She noticed and stuck a hand down my shorts, stroking my rod. I moaned but she got tired of it and impatiently tore them and my boxers off. I was completely naked now. I pulled her in for a kiss and slowly lifted her shirt up, finally taking it off and grabbing her boobs. I picked her up and turned around. That's when I noticed Liv lying on the bed, still drunk and unconscious.

Erin turned to me with a mischievous smile. "Feeling daring?"

Normally, I'd have said no, especially since it wasn't Liv I was talking to. "Hell yes," I said rather drunkenly and set her down on the bed. I knelt down and started licking her clit.

She moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around my head. "Don't stop," she said.

I stuck my tongue all the way in and started tongue-fucking her. She screamed and grabbed my head, pushing me even deeper. About a minute later, she gave in and came violently. I caught some of her juices in my mouth, which tasted funny, almost sweet.

She stood up with a wink, "My turn," and got on her knees, instantly taking my cock in her mouth. She was a pro at this, humming and swirling her tongue around my cock. Her mouth had a different feel from Liv's, which I can't really describe. I lasted about 5 minutes, but was feeling like I had whiskey dick. It didn't help that my girlfriend was lying unconscious about 10 feet away and could wake up any minute.

Erin took my cock out of her mouth and stood up. We walked over to the other side of the bed and I laid down. She straddled me, facing me, and slowly impaled herself on my dick. She was very tight, perhaps more than Liv, and like her mouth, felt different from Liv too. It felt good nonetheless. Really good.

She started slowly riding me, moaning. I reached up and held on to her tits. She suddenly leaned in and kissed me passionately, trying to rape my tongue as her pussy started pulsing and contracting. I slowly flipped her on her side, lifting her leg up, as I lay behind her and started thrusting violently. I grabbed her boob with one hand and stuck a finger on my other hand in her mouth, trying to quiet her screams and moans. She shuddered violently and threw her head back and came yet again. I groaned and did the same, unloading inside her. She collapsed against me, breathing hard. She turned her head, smiling, and kissed me. "Thanks," she whispered. "I'll see you around campus." She got out of bed and dressed quickly, leaving the room.

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