College Life: How I Got In


I was so glad his secretary called to say everyone was gone for the day because we were no longer, by any definition, being quiet. The sounds of him fucking me were intense from the desk banging against the wall, to his balls banging against my ass on every stroke, to my uncontained pleasure moans. My whole world became about sex. In fact, the whole room even smelled like sex and it only turned me on more.

While his hard cock pounded me like the slut I was, my hands began playing with myself alternating between rubbing my clit like a crazy person and torturing my sensitive nipples while he looked on. With a surge my orgasm descended upon me like a freight train.

"Oh fuck! Shit... I'm going to cum... Yes! Don't fucking stop... I'm going to cum so hard on your hard cock."

"Fuck yes you dirty girl. Cum on my cock! Cum right here on my fucking desk... Mmmm fuck yeah... You want my cum don't you, you horny girl? Tell me you want me to cum right up your slutty cunt!"

"Yes! Yes! God yes, please cum inside me. Cum inside me! Yes! Fuck, oh god! I'm cummmmmingggggg!"

And cum I did.

As my orgasm hit, my pussy clamped down on his cock milking him and apparently setting off his orgasm as well. I could feel him explode inside of me, his cock swelling even bigger than before as he dumped rope after rope of cum inside my now creamy pussy. Each time he swelled to fire again, my pussy clamped down tighter setting us both off in wave after wave of intense, pure pleasure.

Eventually both of our orgasms subsided. Gasping for air, reality slowly began to return.

He pulled his cock from my now very sore, spent, pussy. It was glistening in our collective cum but still hadn't quite deflated. My inner monologue couldn't help but comment on what a beautiful cock this guy had. I don't know if it was the fact I still wanted to kiss his ass, or because I still needed him to get me into college, or if it was because I really was that horny and slutty of a girl, but something made me climb off the desk and kneel in front of him again.

I desperately wanted to taste us. I let my tongue explore his cock again, smelling our sex and tasting that intoxicating mixture of cum. I gently bathed his cock with my tongue taking him into my mouth one final time cleaning him of our dirty, kinky sex. Fully clean, the taste of us still lingering in my mouth, I stood.

"So... does this mean you'll put in a good word for me?" I asked, almost too cheerily.

"Ashley, after today, I think it's safe to say that I will do anything I can to keep you as close to me as possible because that was amazing. I'm sure you'll make a great addition to our community. I can't wait to get you on our campus permanently."

I wasn't quite sure how to take his last comment. Was he still flirting with me? Did he want to do this again? My mind ticked off possible scenarios, but I realized I didn't care about the answer. Either way I realized it was an awesome experience. Then, I kissed him right then on the lips, letting him taste us. I think it caught him off guard but he recovered well. I figured hinting at a possible future wouldn't hurt my admission chances.

Afterward, I straightened my skirt, returned my breasts to their rightful bra-covered homes. He also dressed, pulling up his boxers and pants and all of a sudden we both looked like to normal people who didn't just have sex with each other. I crossed to the other side of the room and picked up my light blue panties from where they were resting on the floor. They were still damp from earlier and I handed them to him.

"I think you should keep these," I said, "that way you don't accidentally forget about me."

He smiled and grabbing the panties and bringing them to his nose deeply inhaling the smell of my pussy. My heart swooned. Turning I headed for the door.

"I really can't wait to come to school here," I offered, my hand on the door.

"And, I can't wait to see you again," he replied.

I smiled, turned and left his office heading back down the long corporate hallway. Once in the late-afternoon sun, I started walking quicker toward my car as I felt a warm blob of his cum poke past my well-fucked labia and start its slow creeping decent down my leg.

And that is how I got into college.

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