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Colleen couldn't wait till her parents left. Her mother was lingering and they both knew it. Her father stood in the doorway of his daughter's new home, and tapped his foot in nervousness. Looking around his daughter's dorm room, he silently reassured himself that she was in a good college, respectable and solid. They raised her with good values and she had never given them reason for concern. She was a good girl, Daddy's little angel. He looked up and saw that look on his daughter's face, the one that says, "Help me Dad - get Mom out of here." He walked over to his wife, took her by the hand and told her it was time to go. Colleen sighed with relief and kissed her father and winked a thank you to him. She hugged her mother tightly, and felt the tears welling in her eyes. Not wanting to cry, she pulled away, wiped her face and said, "I'll walk you out." She waved good bye as they drove off. Suddenly, she realized she was alone. Thank Goodness, she thought. Finally!!

Back in her dorm room, she finished putting her clothes in the drawers and began setting up her dresser top with her make up and jewelry. Placing pictures of her boyfriend and parents on the corner and her pet bird on the other. She heard voices outside her door and before she could react, the door swung open. Standing in the doorway was a beautiful blonde girl. Colleen assumed correctly that this was her roommate. The girl stepped into the room with her parents and introduced herself as Gwen. Colleen was delighted her roommate had arrived and helped her put her things away. Secretly hoping that the faster they worked the sooner Gwen's parents would leave too. Unlike Colleens parents Gwen's mother and father were not interested in hanging around and within the hour they were gone.

Colleen and Gwen swapped boyfriend and high school stories as they finished straightening the room. They had decided that bunk beds would be the best set-up for the small room. The desks were at either end of the room, leaving the center open for entertaining. Gwen took the top bunk and Colleen the lower bunk. When they were finally finished, they were sweaty and hungry. They decided to shower first and then go to the cafeteria for their first college meal.

The girls began to undress for the shower. Colleen watched Gwen slip out of her sweat pants and admired her pink lace panties. Suddenly she realized that her own panties were not fancy or pretty, just plain ole white cotton underwear. No need for fancy panties her mother would say, "Who's going to see them anyway?" Colleen made a mental note to go shopping for some frilly panties the first chance she would get. As Gwen removed her shirt Colleen unconsciously stared at Gwen's bra. It was a match to the pink panties. Before Colleen could look away, Gwen caught her starring and asked if she liked what she saw. Colleen completely embarrassed, quickly mumbled an apology and turned her back to Gwen. Gwen walked over to Colleen and placed her arm on Colleen's shoulder. "Don't embarrassed, it's natural to look."

"I'll tell you what, if it makes you feel better, I'll watch you undress," Colleen smiled and they both laughed. "Hurry up," Gwen told her, "Let's shower," Colleen took a deep breath and finished removing her clothing, pulled her terry cloth robe around her and off to the showers they went. Gwen was wrapped only in a towel and Colleen made another mental note to "lose the robe." Once in the bathroom, Gwen dropped her towel on the floor and turned to Colleen.

To Colleen surprise and delight, Gwen helped her out of her robe. Gwen took Colleen by the hand and led her into the shower stall and pulled the curtain closed behind them. Their nipples touched as they faced each other. Colleen had never been this close to another naked woman. She was incredibly nervous and excited at the same time. She'd heard of stories about lesbians and bi-sexual females at college and couldn't believe this was happening to her. She wasn't about to do anything to stop Gwen either. She liked being this close to her. Gwen's skin had a faint smell of sweet perfume and her nipples were erect and pressing against her own erect nipples. Gwen reached for the water knobs and turned the shower on. The warm water sprayed onto the two of them and Gwen's hand slid up and down Colleen's outer thigh. Colleen felt her body tingle and reached for the hot water handle to turn it up.

Gwen was a few inches shorter than Colleen was and when Colleen looked down at her, Gwen leaned forward and placed her lips on Colleens. Gwen's lips were wet and soft. She slowly licked Colleen's lips and Colleen parted her lips and let Gwen's tongue inside. Gently and seductively the girls kissed and frenched each other. Colleen slowly slid her arms up Gwen's back and caressed her soft silky skin. Gwen returned the favor and added a little butt rub. Colleen followed Gwen's lead and ran her hands down to Gwen's ass. It was round and firm, soft and Colleen was totally turned on. As she rubbed her new friend's ass, Gwen's finger's slipped between Colleen cheeks. Her finger slid past her anus and Colleen felt herself leaning forward allowing Gwen more access.

Gwen took a step back and turned Colleen around. Feeling Gwen's hands on her back, Colleen placed her hands on the wall in front of her and spread her legs apart, inviting Gwen into her world. Gwen slid down and colleen could feel her tongue slid down her back. When Gwen reached her ass, she pulled her cheeks apart and plunged her wet tongue inside. Colleen moaned in pleasure at the touch of Gwen's tongue on her anus. Gwen licked slowly, swirling her tongue around and gently probing inside. Colleen felt Gwen's hand slid up between her thighs. Colleen was already dripping with cum and her pussy ached for Gwen's tongue. Gwen played with Colleen's pussy lips.

They were slick with her love juice and Gwen couldn't wait to taste her. Slipping her finger inside Colleen's pussy, she turned Colleen to face her. Her pussy was trimmed beautifully and Gwen gently sucked on her pussy lips. Using her tongue she licked the inside of her lips and slid her tongue over her clit. Colleen reached down and held Gwen by the hair and rocked her hips into Gwen's awaiting tongue. Gwen flicked her tongue back and forth on Colleens clit, feeling it growing and stiffen on her tongue. She wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked. Colleen was quick to cum and exploded in Gwen's mouth.

Desperately wanting to taste Gwen and return the favor, Colleen pulled Gwen up and went to her knees. With the hot water spraying on her back, she looked at Gwen pussy. It was completely shaved and had a small circle birthmark on the outer lips. Gently but expertly Colleen licked the lips and sucked on them. Knowing what it was that she liked, this seemed to come natural to her. Colleen was surprised how sweet Gwen's cum tasted and just couldn't seem to get enough. She sucked hard on Gwen's pussy, sucking the whole thing in her mouth. Using her hands, she spread Gwen's pussy lips open, exposing her glistening throbbing clit. Colleen, without hesitation, dug right in. Swirling and sucking every ounce of juice that dripped out of Gwen. Lovingly she caressed her clit with her tongue.

Gwen's legs began to shake and quiver and Colleen knew she was getting ready to release her load. Not wanting to miss any of it, she placed her mouth over Gwen's pussy and sucked hard until Gwen pushed her head back, begging her to stop cause she couldn't take it any more. Colleen kissed Gwen's thighs and stood up. Facing each other now, they kissed and Colleen could taste her own juice on Gwen's tongue. Gwen picked up the soap and began to wash Colleen's body. Her body was firm and tanned and Gwen loved touching her. Colleen rubbed her soapy body against Gwen. Not all that hungry anymore they rinsed off and Gwen promised to show Colleen some of her "special" toys.

Once back in the dorm room, Gwen showed Colleen her vibrator, dildo and strap on Sally. Colleen was thrilled and couldn't wait to try them all out. And they did, over and over and over again.

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