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College Roommates Pt. 01


Please note that this is essentially the same story as College Days that I submitted a few weeks ago. The principal change is the end. In College Days the end was very quick and rushed. In this version I have deleted Chapter 12 and left the story open after Chapter 11 so that I can continue it in future parts. I would like to thank Samantha for providing the ideas for storyline and characters that this story was based on and for her critique.


Chapter 1

Dave was walking happily down the street. He was so happy that he felt like whistling, but he had never worked out how to do it. He had just won the science prize on the last day of his school career and was heading over to his girlfriend's house to celebrate.

Practically everyone that Dave met seemed amazed that he even had a girlfriend. The reason for their surprise was that Dave was a short, thin, very pale nerd. He had practically no muscle definition and wore thick glasses to correct for his extreme short sightedness. If people were surprised that he had a girlfriend then they were stunned when they saw her; he had done very well for himself. However, Dave could never understand their surprise. He had been with his girl since they were both twelve. Of course it is a lot easier for a nerd to pick up a girl when he is twelve as twelve-year-olds look for different things to eighteen-year-olds. Having a girlfriend felt completely natural to Dave; they had been together through the entirety of both of their puberties.

Their courtship had been a sedate affair by almost anyone's standards. When they first started going out it was very childish and they were really just good friends who maybe stole the odd peck on the cheek; although even these stolen kisses we completely asexual; they were fun and silly. As they grew up and made their way through high school and the dramas of puberty their interest in the opposite sex, and hence each other, grew. However, Dave was brought up in a very strict religious household in which sex before marriage was strictly frowned upon as a terrible sin. In fact sex after marriage was pretty much only tolerated for the sake of procreation. Dave was completely indoctrinated and whilst he certainly fancied his girlfriend he never tried anything on; even now when they were both almost nineteen and about to leave home for college. Their kissing had progressed to French kissing and he enjoyed touching her boobs and bum but they were rarely alone together and he never pushed it.

He had thought that it would be nice to try and make love with his girlfriend when they move to college but he would never suggest it to her. He knew it was wrong and so would only do it if she initiated it.

Dave finally arrived at his girlfriend's house and he rang the doorbell. The door opened and Jill, his girlfriend, was standing in front of him. It is fair to say that Jill was out of Dave's league. She was quite pretty, with a cute round face and a straight blonde bob. She had a flawless pale, although nowhere near as milky as Dave's, complexion with full, juicy lips and massive beautiful eyes that were the richest shade of green you could imagine. Her eyes sparkled; they drew you in. Jill would say that they were her best feature and she may be right; most of the boys at school would have said that her best features were her very big boobs. Jill wore F-cup bras and was a little self conscious of their size; especially with all of the juvenile comments she got from the boys at school (and strangers in the street for that matter). The rest of Jill's body was equally curvy. She was by no means a thin girl but she was certainly not fat. She had big hips a cute round ass and was carrying a few excess pounds on her little belly.

'Well?' she asked; all smiles.

Dave broke into a toothy grin, put his arms in the air and exclaimed, 'I won!'

Jill screamed and practically threw herself at Dave. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek. 'Oh well done. I knew you would do it.' Dave was getting distracted by the feel of Jill's boobs pressing against his chest; he loved that feeling.

Jill lead him inside and they spent the rest of the evening with Jill's parents talking about Dave's success and their impending departure for college. Jill's parents were also very religious which meant that Jill had similar views to Dave but she was slightly more open-minded; probably as a result of the almost continuous stream of vulgarity she was exposed to through puberty as a result of her big breasts. She certainly never considered going against her parents' wishes whilst she lived at home but was beginning to think that her and Dave should use the freedom they will have at college to finally consummate their relationship. She had to admit to herself that her friends' talk about their own sexual exploits was becoming less and less shocking to her and more and more intriguing.

A couple of weeks later Dave and Jill were walking in the park when Jill said, 'Only a week to go now.'

'I know. I can't believe we are really leaving home.'

'It is going to be so exciting. I can't wait.'

'Me too.'

'I've been thinking,' Jill muttered, suddenly feeling a little unsure of herself. 'We have been dating for a long time now; over six years.'

'I know. Time flies.'

'Yes but....I think maybe....we...err...maybe we should think about...maybe, like....err...maybe we should, you know, have sex sometime when we are at college. Only if you want to though.' Jill felt embarrassed and could feel her face getting red.

'Oh, okay.'

'Is that all you've got to say?' Jill asked sternly.

'No. I am just a bit surprised. I thought we were waiting 'till we got married. I really don't mind you know.' Dave's heart was pounding so hard he thought it would explode out of his chest at any moment. He truly never thought this would happen until they got married. Now Jill had suggested it he was excited and nervous at the same time; he fancied her like crazy but he knew deep in his heart that it was a huge sin. However, as with most eighteen-year-old boys, libido won out. 'I can't wait.'

Jill smiled and kissed him on the cheek. They walked off hand-in-hand.


Chapter 2

When the day to leave for college arrived both Dave and Jill were extremely excited. Ever since that walk in the park both of them had been anticipating their first time. They had agreed that they should probably settle in for a couple of weeks and then chose a time that felt right.

By the time that Dave had loaded his stuff into his dad's car, said his good-byes to his family, driven to Jill's house, loaded her stuff into the car and waited for her to say her good-byes it was already past two in the afternoon. The drive to college was six hours; seven with stops for gas, food and toilets. They chatted happily all the way there about their future at college.

They finally pulled up outside Jill's hall of residence at a little after nine. Dave helped her move her stuff into her room and even unpack a little. Jill was sharing a room with a nice religious girl called Rachel. He did not say anything but he was relieved; he had not wanted Jill to share with a wild child or some kind of slut who would try to lead her astray.

It was almost eleven by the time Dave got to the door of his room. He was getting nervous; the thought of sharing a room with a complete stranger for a year was very unsettling for him. He knew he would have no choice but to stick it out with whoever was on the other side of the door. Dave had got amazing grades that got him on the wanted list of many colleges but they only way he could afford to go was with a scholarship that he had been awarded; it was a generous scholarship that paid for his place in the hall and his tuition fees but he certainly could not afford to move out of the pre-paid hall.

Dave was suddenly knocked out of his thoughts by a little feminine squeal emanating from the other side of the door; he was full of curiosity. He put the key in the door and pushed it open. It took him a second to register what he saw before he dropped his bags, covered his eyes with his hands and turned around.

'Oh I am so sorry. I...err...I...' Dave stammered. The site before was of a huge buff naked man. His massive muscles were rippling as he supported himself over the top of a stunning blonde girl who was almost bent double with her legs over his shoulders. She was completely naked except for a tiny cheerleader's skirt. The man was pile-driving her and she was obviously loving it.

The man stopped briefly, but did not take his cock out of the girl, who was now giggling at the sight of the coy Dave. 'Hey dude, don't sweat it. You must be my new roomy. I am Ged and this is...hey what is your name?'

A slight frown came over the girl's face. 'Hey you.' She punched Ged in annoyance. 'I can't believe you don't remember my name you bastard. Hey hon, my name is Beth.' She held out her hand. Dave saw it out of the corner of his eye and did the best he could to shake it without looking. He was completely in shock. He was fully prepared for the fact that most people at college have a lot of sex but why weren't these two getting up and dressed now that he had arrived?

'Oh stop your moaning Beth, or whatever your name is. Do you want this?' He rammed his pelvis down hard and deep. Beth's eye's widened and she let out a loud gasp as his large cock filled her.

'Oh God yes.'

'What's your name dude?'

'I...err...I am Dave.' He could not stop himself stammering.

'Well Dave. As you can see I am a little busy here so you just make yourself at home and we can meet properly when I have finished up here.'

'Oh no. I couldn't possibly. I'll wait outside.'

Ged had already started to pound Beth again as Dave started to make his way out of the room. 'Your choice dude but you could be in for a long wait.'

The last thing Dave heard as he closed the door was Ged and Beth laughing shortly followed by Beth gasping with pleasure as the monster between Ged's legs did its work on her.

Dave was miserable. His first night at college was not at all what he had hoped for. He was stuck outside in the corridor sitting on his cases waiting for his huge jock roommate to finish having sex in his room with a girl whose name he did not even know. Dave was worried about the future; he was right to be.


Chapter 3

Dave had never been a fan of porn. He had seen a few magazines that his friends had but he had never been interested and he had never seen any porn movies. However, despite his sheltered existence he was pretty sure that Beth and Ged were both having orgasms when he heard girly screams and Ged voice saying, 'Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah,' on the other side of the door. He was disgusted but a little relieved; at least they had finished so he could finally move into his room and get some sleep; it was nearly midnight now.

He began to get confused when Beth did not appear ten minutes later. He knew nothing about sex but he was pretty sure that Beth was not a keeper for Ged and that she would be out of there as soon as they had finished. It wasn't long before he knew why she had not appeared. He heard Ged again. 'Come on girl, suck it good. Make it hard so I can fuck that sweet-ass pussy again.'

Dave could not believe it. How long would he have to stay out here? As it turned out he waited out there for another forty minutes. He had to listen to Beth cumming twice more and Ged once before she appeared out of the door. She looked at Dave, shook her head and walked away laughing. Dave picked up his things and carried them into the room. Ged was nowhere to be seen; he must have been in the bathroom.

Dave started to unpack a few things when he was suddenly caught in Ged's vice-like grip. Ged had thrown his arm around Dave's shoulder and pulled him close. 'Man, that was good. That little slut was dirty. Know what I mean.' Ged laughed heartily and slapped Dave on the back.

The pain was immediate and reverberated through Dave's body like nothing he had ever known. His breath had been knocked out of him but Ged chose to not notice. He just stood there next to Dave, who was now bent double over his bed trying to catch his breath.

Dave eventually turned round and he saw the full naked magnificence of Ged. He was at least a foot taller than Dave and his muscles were truly enormous but the thing that caught Dave's eye, the thing that made him horrified, was the ten inches of prime meat hanging between Ged's legs. Dave was in pain and in shock. Did this man ever wear clothes? How can someone have a penis that was so big even when flaccid? Dave's own was just short of five inches fully erect and it was thin. Ged's was almost as thick as Dave's arm (well that was probably a bit of an exaggeration but that is what it seemed like to Dave at the time).

'You could have stayed in you know. That slut would not have minded.'

'Oh I couldn't impose on such a private moment.'

'Shit man. Who talks like that?' Dave heard that hearty laugh again. No matter where he looked it was as if he could still see that huge cock.

Ged continued. 'Can you believe we are at college man? We are gonna get so much pussy.'

'I...err...I have a girlfriend.' Dave muttered quietly.

'Shit man. Who comes to college with a girlfriend? I mean, what's the point? Everyone knows there is pussy on tap at college. Oh well more for the rest of us.' Ged suddenly looked thoughtful. 'Well I suppose for a dude like you having your own personal pussy on tap is good.'

'I would prefer it if you did not speak about my girlfriend like that.' Dave tried to feel strong but he failed.

'Oh come on dude. We're both young and horny. You can tell me. I bet you hit that girl of yours every chance you get. Am I right or am I right?'

Dave was almost unbearably uncomfortable. He had already formed a significant dislike of his new roommate. 'We...err...we are, you know, sort of...well waiting.'

'Holy shit dude. Are you like from the Middle Ages? Fuck, I thought everyone was doing it. What you waiting for dude? Do it while you're young dude.'

'I'd rather not talk about it. It's personal.'

'Fuck you dude. You saw me fucking that cheap slut and you won't even tell me about your sex life or lack of it? Go on, tell me. When you gonna do it?'

'Soon. All right? Will you drop it now? Please.' Ged laughed and got into bed.

Dave had difficulty getting any sleep that night. He did not know how he was going to manage to live with this brute for an entire semester. How was he going to bring Jill over here? When would they get chance to make love? They certainly could not do it in religious Rachel's room; that would be too disrespectful.


Chapter 4

Dave felt physically sick the next morning; he had a long day yesterday and almost no sleep. He also could not get the horrendous sight of Ged's massive member out of his head. To make things worse Ged was doing an impressively long set of morning exercises, mainly push ups and sit ups, whilst wearing nothing but a tiny pair of white undies. They were obviously having difficulty containing Ged's massive bulge.

Dave turned away and pondered his forthcoming first day at college. He had three hours of class before he was going to meet Jill for lunch. He could not wait to see her; to get some normality back into his life after last night's horror show.

'Hey. You awake dude?' Dave was rudely shaken out of his reverie.

'Err, yes. Good morning Ged.'

'Shit. I still can't get over the way you speak man. Anyway, I was thinking. We should celebrate getting to college. You know, as roomies. So, you are coming out with me tonight. We are gonna get so wasted dude.'

'I...errr...don't drink.'

'Shit dude. What's wrong with you man? You don't fuck your girl and now you don't even drink? Are you some kind of monk or something?'

'I just don't. I am seeing Jill tonight anyway.'

'Oh now I get it. You're finally gonna fuck her aren't you? Man, a virgin at nineteen. I bet she is gagging for it. Have fun dude.'

Dave felt his face burn with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. How could he talk about his Jill in such a manner? 'Look. I told you I don't want you to talk about her like that. Okay?'

'Shit dude. Calm down. Take a chill pill. I'm only fucking with you. Okay, so tell me. What are you going to do with sweet innocent Jill tonight?'

'I don't know. Just meet up and chat I guess.'

'You not even gonna kiss her?' Ged was taunting him and had a big smile on his face. Dave was really beginning to hate Ged.

'Of course I'm going to kiss her.'

'You gonna use tongues?' Ged laughed. 'You gonna touch her boobies? Nah, I reckon you're an ass man. Am I right?'

Dave felt ready to explode with rage but he controlled himself. He ignored Ged and ran to the bathroom to wash up. He heard Ged laughing as the morning exercise session continued.

Half an hour later Dave was full of relief to be leaving his room and heading for class. He wouldn't have to see that oaf again until this evening. Hopefully he could be tucked up and asleep in bed by the time Ged got home from what was undoubtedly going to be a night of heavy drinking.


Chapter 5

Dave was for the first time since arriving at college actually enjoying himself. He had just finished his first set of physics classes and he loved them. They were challenging, interesting and they really appealed to his inherent geekiness. In fact he enjoyed them so much that he had almost forgotten about his nightmare roommate as he made his way to meet Jill.

He approached the little grassy area where they had agreed to meet. As he got close he saw Jill chatting to a couple of girls he did not recognise. He hoped they would go away when he reached them so that he and Jill could have some alone time. She saw him approaching and gave a little wave and a big smile.

'Hi Dave.' She said as he reached them. She kissed him on the cheek and gave him a little hug. She introduced her new friends; they were both on her art course. After a few awkward moments of conversation Jill led Dave away to the cafeteria. He was relieved to be spending some time with Jill alone; well as alone as you can be in a massive student cafeteria. They selected a table with no-one else at it and began to chat and eat.

'Soooo. What's your room mate like?' Jill asked happily.

'Oh he is absolutely awful.' Dave sounded and looked dejected.

'Oh now come on. Don't be like that. You only met him last night. He can't be that bad.'

'You have no idea. He is a big jock and he was having sex with a cheerleader when I walked in last night.'

Jill laughed. 'Oh my. That must have been a bit embarrassing.'

'It was for me but it was not for them. They didn't even stop when I walked it. I couldn't stay in there so I waited outside for over an hour for them to finish.'

'Oh no. That sounds awful. He told you to get out?'

'No. I just could not stay in there with that going on.'

'Look. I know that sounds bad but he maybe thought that you weren't going to arrive last night. It was very late by the time you got there. You know I hear that it is hard to stop once you have started and well, you know, I think we are going to have to get used to the fact that most people have a lot of sex at college.' Jill was trying to sympathise but she did find the whole scenario funny. They ate in silence for a few minutes before they heard a large group of rowdy football players enter the cafeteria. Dave's heart dropped.

'Oh no.'

'What's the matter?' Jill's face was full of concern.

'My roommate just walked in.'

'Oh yes? Which one is he?' Jill seemed very interested; almost excited. She always liked meeting new people and she wanted to meet this terrible jock so that she could put Dave's mind at rest.

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