tagGay MaleCollege Sophomores Seek Relief 06

College Sophomores Seek Relief 06


Right on cue, Nick lightly knocked on my door at seven thirty the morning after I had sucked him off for the first, second and third times.

"Cody?" he asked, opening the door crack.

"Nick, come on in," I answered groggily from my bed. "I woke up to take a leak at like 6:15 or so and unlocked the door because I had hoped you'd be coming over before class. I was back in a deep sleep when you knocked."

Nick closed the door behind him and I heard him turn the deadbolt. He walked into my open bedroom doo, taking his clothes off as he walked. I was naked, the way I always slept since leaving home for college. My morning wood was jutting up against the bedding as I lay on my back.

"Looks like you were thinking about sucking my dick," Nick said, pointing at the tent I was making as he shucked off his jeans. I was amused to see he was again traveling commando.

His thick tool sprang out about half hard, hanging full between his athletic legs. He lifted it with his hand as he approached the bed and guided it into my mouth.

I took his big dick in with a slurp, its plump thickness lolling on my tongue. I was glad he wasn't fully hard yet. I loved feeling him grow to his full, fat, filling hardness while in my mouth.

As I bathed his delicious cock with my saliva and swirled my tongue around its head, I felt him swell to the full thrusting monster I had enjoyed so much just six hours before and dreamed of every hour since.

Nick wanted to fuck my face from the standing position a while first. I had dreamed of waking up to his huge tool filling my mouth. I had worried that he would be too spent after last night, or maybe even would have pangs of guilt when he woke up sober. But Nick had planned this round and was not the kind of man who failed to follow through.

I met his thrusts with eager sucks, twisting my head to be the best target for his lust. When he seemed to tire a bit of standing, I turned sideways and presented my waiting mouth from an angle where I was lying flat on my back across my bed with my head handing just off it, in a position I had seen in a porn video where the guy stuffed the throat of his willing receptacle from above his face.

Nick smiled at my inventiveness and stroked his thick tool a couple of times before feeding it into me from above. His furry balls clung tight up against him, brushing my nose as he inserted his cock in my mouth at an angle I had not yet felt any dick yet, and one at which he had not felt my mouth.

He slowly poked it in, allowing my tongue to lap at his head from this new position to us. Then he bent his knees slightly and tried to slide all the way in, causing me to fight hard against my gag reflex.

"That's an interesting angle," Nick said, staring intensely at his cock entering my mouth. "Can you take my cock into your throat?" He pulled out to let me answer.

"I think it takes practice. I'm game to try if you have a little time. If you need to get off fast and get to class, we can do it again later."

"No, I am good till 8:30 so let me try to slide it in real slow and you try to relax your throat."

With that, he slid it back in to where he felt resistance and I grasped his cock with my hand so I could try to control the force feeding. I concentrated on relaxing my throat and not gagging while slowly stuffing his meat past the back of my mouth.

I had to slide forward a little more so he was aimed straight down my throat and not at an angle. I gagged a little but fought back the urge to pull him out. Little by little, I eased him into my eager throat.

After taking way more than I thought I could, I pulled him out and came up for air.

"That looked really hot," Nick almost whispered. "Here, you control how much you take in. I won't shove or anything. See if you can get it all the way in your throat." Nick put his hands behind his neck and looked down as I inserted his cock back into my mouth.

I had taken him to the balls many times the night before, always pressing against my limits from the position of sitting or kneeling between his legs, but this was an entirely different matter. To bury his thick meat in me to his balls from this angle would require me to take him well into my throat.

I wanted to fill myself with his meat and wanted to bring him new pleasure, so I slowly pushed him in as I fought the urge to gag with greater and greater success. Finally, I felt his cock fill my throat and his balls slide past my nose, the bridge of my nose splitting those fat cum-filled prizes until they nuzzled up against my upturned lower lip.

I had him all the way in and the feeling was one of indescribable, if delicate, perfection. I swallowed over and over, working his head with my throat as Nick made a face that told me he had never felt anything like this before.

"That feels amazing," Nick spoke with awe and wonder in his eyes. "I am going to just hold it there, with your throat stuffed with cock for another minutes, then see if you can handle me fucking your face like that at little, OK?"

I gave a muffled hum of approval, swallowing and massaging his cockhead with my throat muscles as stared up at him. I felt so superbly stuffed, so exquisitely used in the best possible sense of that word, as only a deeply satisfied cocksucker could understand that term.

Nick slowly started to withdraw from my throat until the head of his cock was at my lips, then he slowly pushed back in, our eyes meeting in a stare of pure lust. My eyes widened as he again invaded my throat and I felt it expand, with less urge to gag this time. We kept doing the old in-and-out as I got used to this welcome invader and accepted his thrusts with glee. As Nick built into a steady fucking motion, he took his right hand and placed on my throat gently.

"That's great too, feeling my cock expand your throat as I fuck it. That's hot as fuck."

I gulped my agreement as I accepted his insistent but never brutal thrusts. First my mouth and now my throat were eager, waiting sleeves for his pistoning rod.

I lay on my back in utter joy as Nick throat fucked me for my first time. I knew it was only the beginning of new sexual frontiers with this horny twenty-one year old whose need to impale me matched my own need for being stuffed full of his remarkable tool.

Nick thrust into my throat over and over, feeling his cock through the skin on my throat with first one hand then the other. The rhythm was gentler than we had established in a more typical sucking posture, but I felt so beautifully face fucked this was that I was a bit disappointed when he stopped and pulled his meat out of my gulping mouth.

"That felt fucking awesome but I need to get off my feet now." Nick laid down on the bed by me and ripped the sheet off, revealing my strong erection pointing at the ceiling.

"Mind if I touch it?" he asked, staring at my 6 inch rod.

"You just had your cock down my throat, halfway to my stomach. What do you think?" I asked with a laugh.

"It never hurts to be sure," Nick said as he firmly grasped my straining cock with his right hand. "I never touched another guy's tool before and thought it would be interesting to see how it felt."

"Be my guest, Nick. Explore, do whatever feels good to you and I'll bet it feels good to me too."

With that open invitation, I went back to town on Nick's thick meat, licking the tip for a dollop of sweet pre-cum and plunging back to the balls. I bobbed up and down, doing all the wet swirling things I knew Nick liked while he played with my cock in an almost clinical manner.

Nick was dry-jacking me as I sucked him into a state of pre-orgasmic delight. I would have preferred some lube but this seemed to me at least as much for him as for me, so I just focused on the cock in my mouth. Nick seemed to be building toward an orgasm as he stared at my cock in his hand and thrust his own fatter tool in my mouth. Then he pulled out of my mouth, even as he kept jerking my cock.

"I want to try something different this time. I don't think it will be as purely pleasurable as in how explosive my orgasm is, but it is something I'm interested in doing from a visual standpoint. I want you to jerk me off into your mouth, where I can see my first shot on your tongue. Lick at the head but make sure I can see it all shoot out."

I took his big hard-on in my hand and did as he asked, trying to get whatever fantasy or scenario he was after right. Nick was lying on his back and I was hovered over him, licking and occasionally sucking on the head of his dick, but mostly just jacking him off pointing directly at my open mouth. I acted eager for it, because I was and because I wanted to please him.

"You like that cock?" Nick started asking me questions that at first sounded like stilted porn dialogue.

"I fucking love this fat cock," I replied, eager to play along on whatever dirty talk fantasy he had in mind.

"You want that big load in your mouth, on your tongue, in your throat?"

"I don't just want it," I said breathlessly as I took his cockhead into my mouth for a few wet sucks to accelerate the process I was working on with my hands. "I need it. I need to feel your fat cock blast against my tongue and fill my mouth with your white hot jizz."

"But that's not all you need is it? You need to swallow that thick load too, don't you?"

"I need to swallow it all, scoop up any that escapes and lick it off your body, your fingers, my fingers. I need every precious drop of your cum. Give it to me. Feed it to me!"

"Oh I'm going to feed you cum alright. Not just now, but after my last class today and every day. I'm going to shoot so much cum in your mouth that it overflows, then I'll feed you any that escapes then I'll feed you again and again."

"Shoot that cum cannon in my mouth. Give me that seed. I need it so bad. I want your hot load."

Nick then stated jerking me faster and all the cheap porn video dialogue was surprisingly putting me over the top. I said "I'm cumming at the thought of all that delicious creamy jizz you're going to feed me... I'm cumming.... Fuck yeah..."

I thrust upward and unleashed a nice stream of jizz, which Nick deftly caught in the hand than wasn't still jacking me. Then I surged again and Nick caught is as well, making a fist around my spurting cock to catch more.

"Watch this, you cum-hungry slut," Nick scowled at me like I hadn't seen before as he brought his cum-filled hand up to his own fat cock and slathered the gooey white cream all over his cock.

"Now lick your jizz off my cock and I'll feed you some of mine to mix with it."

I eagerly engulfed his glistening gooey tool, tasting more of my own cum than I had ever had before. I devoured his cum coated cock, eagerly slurping up my jizz, licking at the base where he had dribbled some after I got all the cum off his shaft and cockhead. I made an "uhmmm" noise of satisfaction as I licked the last drops.

Then Nick put my hands back on his cock and resumed his plan of being jerked off, by me, into my mouth. I was excited and felt dirty for having been fed my own cum, eagerly jerking his big tool into my mouth as I licked and nibbled at his cockhead, urging him to feed me that big load.

"I need your big load so bad, Nick. Mine wasn't near enough. Feed me big gobs of your cum now, please spurt your hot jizz in my mouth. I need it so bad."

"Here it comes, cocksucker. Open wide, let me see it blast on your tongue... Here's your reward for all getting your hungry throat fucked ... here you go... eat it all... eat my load!...eat this cum!"

I felt the cum surge up the thick cock in my hand and directed the first big blast right on my waiting tongue. Nick's eyes were ablaze with lust as his cock spurted out two then three loads of thick white jizz on my tongue.

I made sure he could see as I swallowed it all with a satisfied smile, then quickly opened back up for any more of the creamy treat I could get. I squeezed his meat softly from the base to the tip to extract some more nectar, licking it off the tip with relish and again swallowing again.

"That tastes so fucking good. I can't wait till four o'clock so you can feed me more of your hot jizz."

Nick took his cock back into his own hands and squeezed up another big droplet for me, presenting it to me and saying, "here's a last taste to help you remember how much you like my jizz until I get back."

I eagerly inhaled the last drop and gave his cock several wet sucks to try to extract more remnants. The time was 8:15 and we had been at this for forty five minutes now. Nick went into my bathroom naked and washed his dick and balls, then his sticky hands in my sink. He came out, drying his junk with a hand towel, then started pulling on his jeans.

"That was a lot of fun. I hope you got into it. You gotta let me know if I step over any line with you. My goal is to make this fun for us both," Nick spoke as I watched him dry his balls with my towel.

"The only lines you crossed were ones that needed to be crossed, Nick. That was amazingly hot, even if I wouldn't have scripted it quite the way you did. I loved the unpredictability and the unexpected twists."

" I have to be in the engineering building in like ten minutes, so I need to get going. But are you sure you were OK with me slathering your load on my cock then shoving it in your mouth, calling you names?"

"Yes, that was incredibly unexpected and hot. I had no idea you would even touch my cock, much less want my cum on your unit. I wanted to eat it because it was on your cock."

"I didn't know I wanted to do that until I saw you start cumming, then it occurred to me to catch it and then watch you eat your own load off my cock. I usually plan everything out in advance, so the spontaneity was especially exciting to me."

"What was touching a cock like, jacking me off, feeling me cum in your hand?"

"It was interesting. I'm glad I did it. Like I told you last night when your spunk hit my leg, jizz doesn't gross me out, so catching your cum was no big deal. I was hot and sticky like mine is. What was exciting to me was the thought of you eating it off my dick. Will I jack off thinking about it? Probably not, but you never what images are going to pop into your head when you're jerking it, do you?"

"You seem to have avoided religious guilt and fear of labels. How?" I was interested in how he got like he was.

"I have no hang-ups about having sex -- with you or anybody that I want to have sex with. I like you sucking my cock. I love watching you eat my cum even though I'm not quite sure why. Unlike some guys who might be worried he was going gay or some such shit, I am not bothered by any of that. I am just seeing what feels good, what I like, what I don't, and taking it from there."

"Cool. That's how it seems to me too. I have no idea where my limits and boundaries are at this point. Doing anything with a guy is real new to me. At this point I know I love sucking cock, so why would I feel bad about it? I wasn't raised with religious guilt or homophobia, so I am just exploring my natural desires and seeing where they take me. So far, only good places, like swallowing your delicious cum."

Nick was buttoning up his shirt and putting his shoes back on as he answered:

"Yeah, no 'sex is dirty' nonsense at my house either. My mother's a lab scientist and my dad was an electrical engineer, very matter of fact people. They gave me a book on human reproduction when I was eight, saying to let them know if I had any questions. When I was eleven, my mother gave me a book on human sexuality that explained how masturbation was normal and healthy, about wet dreams, and all about how people expressed their sexual desires. I have read a lot about human sexuality since and am intrigued by the desire part of it, the stuff I cannot logically predict."

"Well, let's keep exploring. Let me know how I can improve things for you."

"See you about four fifteen. I will have another load built up by then to feed you."

The idea of Nick keeping me "fed" all semester was exciting to the point I felt my spent cock start to swell.

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