tagLesbian SexCollision of Fantasy & Reality Ch. 02

Collision of Fantasy & Reality Ch. 02


This story is purely fictional in nature. This is the second chapter. Thanks to everyone who has written feedback and comments!

There was something about a man's fists wrapped around my hair, desperate and aching as he urged his cock further down my throat that caused white hot heat to pulsate between my thighs. As I headed for the bar, I absently touched my tousled chocolate colored curls, remembering the hungry grasps of the two male hands in the bathroom, just moments before.

I needed something refreshing to drink and time to both collect myself and to watch the red head moving like a sleek feline on the dance floor.

The liquid went down smoothly, cold in my mouth and warm in my belly. I stood facing the dance floor, one arm draped across the brass bar cloudy with hundred of fingerprints. It was difficult not to spot her and she had caught my eye immediately.

Danny had known which woman would have captured my fancy. The one I would have wanted to be with for my first time. He knew me so completely, it often scared me.

Her hair was the color of burgundy, so rich and deep, I longed to touch it, to lose my fingers in her long ringlets. She looked the epitome of femininity- soft curves, long, sleek legs and slender ankles that I found myself imagining wrapped around my neck.

I watched as her hips rolled in a sexy figure eight movement, wrists crossed and lifted above her head as she turned in slow circles, dancing around the grey haired suit who kept one arm possessively around her waist.

"Would you like to dance?"

My reverie was interrupted by a pleasant looking guy with thick jet black hair slicked back high on his head. I shrugged in agreement and allowed him to lead me onto the floor, if nothing else but to be closer to the red haired raven. I still hadn't decided if I would do it, if she was approachable.

The floor had become more crowded since I was last on it, the evening having gotten later. I lost track of how long we danced for, as the songs became more sensual in rhythm. Partners no longer seemed to matter, people dancing with whomever they were next to, bodies touching, clinging, coming apart, and moving. I was lost to the erotic sensations of being fondled and grasped by strangers, my body temperature high as I pressed myself against whoever was closest to me.

I soon found myself next to her.

She was even more stunning up close. Her complexion was fair, creamy, smooth; mauve colored lips and a glow on her cheeks that made her look ethereal. I licked my lips, thirsty to taste what was beneath the dress of gossamer that hugged every curve, leaving little to the imagination.

I was facing her, my eyes closed momentarily, lost in the sensation of strange hands that had wrapped around my hips from behind me, caressing the naked flesh of my stomach above my skirt. They pushed downward, moving with my body, pulling me into hardness.

He grinded himself into me, and I felt his hardness slide against my ass. I reached back and pulled his hips further into me as his warm hands slid under my shirt and against my nipples, pulling on them through my blouse.

Emerald eyes met my own when I opened them. They traveled down my body and back up, stopping at my nipples for a long moment before again meeting my eyes. Lust flashed between us.

She began to mimic my moves, pressing her ass into the attractive black man who had replaced her grey haired partner. She took his hands, brought them to her chest, to rest on her nipples. He needed no further instruction and began to caress them. Stiff points poked through her gauze dress. I licked my lips. She licked hers, her tongue slowly traveling the fullness of her plump mouth. Our hips moved in time to the music, to each other.

Fire blazed...the air electric between us. I moved my hands down my hips, and up over my tummy...up to my breasts, covering the hands that were on my nipples and then down to run lightly over my pussy. My mirror imitated me. I could see how turned on she was getting, her eyes turning into small slits as she lost herself in the music and in our mutual movements.

I turned, facing my partner, the stiff edge of him pressing into my stomach. I inched us closer to her until we were just touching, my ass pressed into her body. I could feel my skin prickle with excitement. I kept dancing, my legs parted and straddling the thigh in front of me, my hips rolling back and forth, moving against her on each down stroke. I waited for her touch.

When it came, I closed my eyes, my insides fluttering. She had pressed herself into my body, her breasts firm between my shoulders, her stomach against my back, her pelvis burning my buttocks.

We were sandwiched between the two men, but her body was the only one I was conscious of. Her hands came tentatively to my hips and I covered them with my own palms, squeezing them slightly as I ground my backside into her pussy. I wondered what she would feel like, if she was as wet as I already was.

She pushed herself into me, pressing her mound hard in small circles. I felt her breath on my neck and I turned my head slightly toward her. Our lips were only inches apart.

I wrapped my fingers into hers and brought them to my stomach, so her arms were circling my body, hugging me. She squeezed me tighter and I moved her hands higher to my chest. She grasped the full globes and I heard her gasp in my ear as she felt the points of my nipples. I reached behind me and between us, finding her firm ass and pulled her even closer, keeping my hand there as we danced. I could feel her breasts shift inside her dress as she moved, pert points pressing into my shoulders.

"You're so beautiful," I whispered to her.

She moaned, "So are you."

I turned then to face her, taking her hips in my hands and drawing her close as I pressed my knee between her legs, lifting her dress slightly. She gasped as my thigh made contact with her pussy. I could feel hair tickle my bare skin and I realized she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Fuck," I said under my breath excitedly. I pushed her down further onto my leg.

Our eyes met and locked. Everything else around us seemed to stop- it was just her and I on the dance floor.

She was riding my leg in time to the music. Her pussy was wet, juices squishing down my leg, her clit a hard pebble pressed into my flesh. I lifted my hands up and dragged them slowly up the sides of her body until I found her breasts, small, firm melons, ripe to my touch. I kneaded them gently; my thumb and forefinger circling puckered nipples. I heard her gasp and felt her tremble.

My mouth found her neck, placing soft kisses that barely grazed her deliciously scented flesh.

"More," she breathed into my hair.

Harder, my lips pressed against her neck. My tongue soon followed- the tip hard and pointed, circling her delicate skin.

She mewled, a sound that made my belly flutter and pussy twinge.

I pressed the palm of my hand against her breast, rolling it against her nipples. She writhed beneath my touch, impaling herself harder against my leg.

I wanted to ravage her right there, taste the sweet nectar between her thighs. A need that had been held dormant was overcoming me. It was a ferocious need...the satisfaction of what I was doing taking over any remnants of previous inhibitions.

I thought of Danny and hoped he could see us. He would enjoy seeing me seducing her...watching my lust intensify to the point of complete abandon.

Her own ecstasy rivaled mine as she threw her head back and brought my hand down between her legs, pressing it into the flimsy fabric covering her mound. Together, we massaged her cleft, pushing between her vaginal folds until she lurched against me and I knew I found her center.

"Tell me your name," I said, my cheek pressed against hers.

"Anna," she responded, breathlessly.

"Anna..." I began, "I want to make you cum for me right here. I want to feel your pussy tremble against my fingers right here on the dance floor, with everyone around us. Would you like that, Anna?"

"Y-yes. Yes," her voice breaking with urgency. "Please...please..." she trailed off.

"Please what?" I said, my voice firm, almost challenging.

"Please make me cum."

"What do you want me to do, Anna?"

"Touch me...please. I need to feel your hands on me." She was almost begging and it made me feel ferocious, the power of her impending orgasm in my own hands.

"Where do you want me to touch you?" I teased.

"Touch my pussy, my clit..."

Moans took her over as I glided my fingers over her slit, touching her through her dress, unrelenting in my torment of her.

I pulled her, holding her body close to me. Her arms were around me, one hand on my back, another on my buttocks and she was squeezing me, urging me on.

My hand went to her thigh, feeling her soft skin, teasing her as I lingered at the hem of her dress and then just beneath it. Nails dug in my back and ass.

Sliding along the sweet flesh of her inner thigh, I tortured her, moving several inches up...closer to her aching need...and then back down.

She whimpered in my ear. "Pleaseeee," she begged.

I was at the soft curve of her inner thigh, the delicate spot of a woman's thigh just below the crevice that leads to hidden pleasure. My fingers caressed her there, feeling wetness.

I moaned, knowing I was so close to her opening, knowing I had caused her erotic secretions.

I grazed the soft triangle of hair, feeling the damp curls beneath the pads of my finger tips. I pulled on wisps of her hair, tugging at her gently. She breathed in sharply and dug into my ass. Sliding a finger along the opening of her slit, I felt the juices that were coating her hair and longed to taste them. Further, spreading her puffy lips apart, I found her swollen bump and rubbed it, softly up and down, feeling the contours of her clitoral hood, the delicate bumps and curves.

"Ohhhh, God...." She breathed her voice barely a whisper.

Without warning I slid a single digit into her hot box...velvet warmth surrounding it. She was euphoric, pressing herself into me, trying to make me fill her. I fucked her...long slow strokes into slick wetness. Her breathing was staggered, her hips moving.

I slid out of her and brought my finger to my mouth, savoring the musky scent that filled my nostrils, before tasting her.

"Mmmmmmm." My eyes closed, her delicious taste reeling my senses, which whet my appetite. I sucked her sweet honey off my fingers before bringing my finger to her own mouth. It was my first taste of another woman and I was loving it.

"Taste yourself," I urged.

She suckled my finger, her plump lips wrapped around me, her eyes the color of the sea, staring into my own.

Removing it from her mouth, I once again found her wetness, circling her clit. I felt her fingers dig into the flesh of my shoulder, heard her gentle moaning in my ear.

The sounds of Madonna's Erotica entered my consciousness and I had the thought that it was perfect for this moment, as all I felt, all I was doing...was highly erotic and sensual.

That feeling of getting lost in the moment, having your senses...your body take over, so that you lose any feeling of self-consciousness or doubt was incredible... a euphoric high. It was a moment like this that I often felt with Danny even though we had not yet actually been together physically.

My mind wandered briefly to Danny and all the many fantasies he had whispered to me at night as my fingers rubbed my own wetness...him watching me with another woman...wanting to see the look on my face as I tasted another woman's pussy for the first time and as I allowed another woman to pleasure me. I wondered if he could see this all, and I concentrated on memorizing every detail of these moments so that I could replay them with him when we were finally together.

I slid my middle finger into her warmth, feasting in the sensation of hotness, feeling the walls of her vagina open up to me as I slid past her spongy opening. I reveled in how similar, yet different it felt touching her pussy as compared to my own. Moving my finger in and out of her, I felt almost as if I was fucking myself and the thought turned me on.

I added another finger, feeling it slide past her nether lips and into warm darkness where it met the flesh of the other one. I felt her walls open and then close, slick flesh enveloping me.

Now fucking her with two fingers, I resumed circling her clit with my thumb. She started bucking her hips against me, seemingly in time to the music and my own movements. I stopped for a moment and felt my fingers slide in and out of her pussy, guided by her own hips.

Each time she sucked my fingers into her wetness I had the sensation that I was being engulfed by her and my own pussy tingled with arousal. For the first time I found myself longing to have a cock.

I wanted to fuck her and feel her tightness grip the flesh of my hard cock. I wanted to be inside of her deeper than my fingers would allow, feeling the head of my cock pressed against her cervix. To fuck her until she came so I could feel the fluttering of her vagina around me.

I was mad with desire and started fucking her again, the tempo of my fingers thrusting into her with short, rapid strokes now.

"Oh, fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," she repeated in my ear over and over.

I loved the sound of her voice saying 'Fuck'. It made me feel euphoric...as if I had her orgasm literally in my hands. The power of that, combined with the sensuality of the evening and her obvious pleasure was nearly blinding.

"You're so fucking wet, Anna. You feel so good. Your pussy is so nice and tight," I cooed in her ear.

She responded by fucking my hand harder.

"Ah...ah...ah!" she moaned. Her voice was now gone, monosyllables indicating the proximity of her orgasm...the fierceness of her pleasure.

"Cum on my hand, Anna. Fuck my hand like a good girl. Yes....fuck me with your tight pussy, Anna. Harder...fuck me."

Her hips were thrashing against me and I was fucking her in staccato bursts, feeling her pussy open up to me and her wetness flow down.

My thumb was circling her clit swiftly, moving over her stiff, swollen bump in rapid 360 degree succession as my two other fingers drove into her in an onslaught of deeply penetrating thrusts.


She was close. I could feel her walls tighten around me.

"Now, Anna. Now!" With that I drove into her faster and harder.

"Ohhhhh...fuck...oh God....oh fuck.....yes....I'm cumming...I'm cumming...I'm fucking cumming!"

She clutched my body fiercely, almost violently as she found her gratification.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the intensity of her pussy quivering around my fingers...the gush of hot liquid that spurted against them...the slickness of her clit now drenched under my still present finger.

I continued to circle her slowly, sensuously, knowing how sensitive she would be after her orgasm...wanting to prolong her pleasure and not quickly remove myself from her.

Her chest was heaving and I felt her hands grasp and hug the back of my neck, the heaviness of my long hair resting on her hands and wrists. She was trying to catch her breath, to steady herself.

I waited until I felt the contractions of her pussy slow and nearly dissipate before I removed my fingers from her carefully and with great deliberation.

The song had changed by now, the intensity of moments before leaving heaviness in the air between us. She looked into my eyes and leaned into me. Her lips touched my own. They were soft and full, a lightly grazing feather. Her kiss was barely detectable to the touch but was lasting.

When it ended, she reached for the hand that had been inside of her and gave me my middle finger while she slid my pointer finger into her mouth. We licked her juices off together, our foreheads touching, our eyes locked.

It was incredibly sensual and I knew that we were not yet done. She wanted more and I...could not have stopped if I wanted to.

"Have a drink with me?" she asked, her head cocked, searching my eyes.

I nodded and she took my hand, led me through the crowd and to a room that was darker than the rest of the bar. Cushioned seats surrounded tables and couches were tucked into corners. Dozens of people were milling about, drinks in hand, flirting, laughing, talking, dancing in twos, threes and even fours. A few nodded and said 'hey' as Anna pulled me past them to a table in the corner. The grey suit was there as well as some very attractive women and men.

I had the sensation that the roles had reversed now and it was she who was seducing me. I was no longer in control.

She ordered me a drink and looked me over long and hard. Her hand was resting under her chin gracefully, her middle, ring and pinkie fingers slightly raised, half obstructing my view of her lips.

"You've never done this before," she said finally. It wasn't a question.

My look must have been confused as she said, "You couldn't tell from the way you touched me. But I know these things." She removed her hand from under her chin and it came to rest on my thigh. She leaned in closer to me. "You were very hot. I can't remember the last time I was so turned on."

Her hand moved to my inner thigh. "What's your name?"

"Andrea," I replied.

"You're not from around here. I haven't seen you before."

I shook my head in answer although it was a rhetorical statement.

"What brings you here tonight, Andrea?"

I hesitated, unsure what to say, how much to tell. "I'm meeting someone." My thoughts shifted to Danny and I quickly scanned the room, trying to see if I could spot him. The room was too dim and crowded.

Her eye brows raised and she said, "Oh," in an almost telling tone.

The waitress came with our drinks. She lifted her glass. "To first times." She started to bring the glass to her lips but stopped and added, "And to hopefully not last times."

We drank, my heart hammering in my chest. I was so turned on. I wanted to touch her again...be touched by her.

We began to talk. She told me about her work. I told her about school. Her hand never left my leg but her fingers began to rub the soft skin, reaching closer and closer to my panties. I could feel the wetness flow from my pussy. My body felt hot, my skin prickly with heat and lust. I felt my nipples stiff, poking against the fabric of my shirt. I longed for her to touch them.

Eventually we were interrupted, friends of hers coming over to sit with us. She welcomed them warmly but I felt almost annoyed by the intrusion.

"Ed, Gloria, Tom, Sue...this is Andrea." We nodded hellos and they sat and joined us. The drinks and conversation flowed.

There was a high level of sexual energy in the air. The two couples were very attractive. Gloria and Sue were complete opposites. Gloria had blonde hair, cut short which framed her round, heart shaped face and powder blue eyes. She was shorter than Sue and curvier with fuller hips and breasts. Sue on the other hand had jet black hair; brown eyes lined heavily with liner, giving her a smoky, sultry look. She had high cheek bones and long legs.

The men were also attractive and appeared to be older than the two women. Ed had sandy brown hair, graying at the temples. He was tall and had broad shoulders, solid arms and a dimple in his chin. Tom on the other hand was shorter, his short hair black and curly, his chest broad but stocky, his skin olive colored and his smile bright and very charming. I had the feeling he melted women everywhere he went.

Gloria and Sue were sitting next to one another and kept touching, casually at first but I noticed their hands would linger a little too long on the other's hand or arm. Ed and Tom were on either side of the women, their chairs pulled in as if creating a circle.

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