tagNovels and NovellasColonization Ch. 01

Colonization Ch. 01


Edited by RogueLurker

Part 1 of 6

Casey was standing by the bed, unblinking, her blue eyes staring into nothing. She was completely nude, her small breast swaying lightly in accord with her soft breathing and her arms hanging freely.

Behind her, an inch-wide tendril was emerging from a reddish pod and climbing up her smooth and shapely legs. Using the back of her knees as support it moved forward, her thighs shivering with the delicate touch as it caressed the sensitive skin just beside her pussy lips. Casey gasped softly with numbed anticipation.

For a moment, she felt a little scared, a faraway thought roaming in her head suggesting that she shouldn't be doing this but... it felt so good. The impulse of moving away crossed her mind but vanished an instant later.

Casey felt the tendril digging between her ass cheeks, spreading them apart just enough to reach its destination. And then, it was there. The limb found the girl's anus and pierced through.

"Ahh..." Casey cried softly. Her eyes opened wider as she felt the warmth of the tentacle pushing deeper - two inches, then three and more, much more.

Casey felt the appendage digging slowly and painlessly inside of her. The chemicals flowing in her blood numbed the small punctures all along her spine as microscopic tendrils linked the alien probe to the girl's nervous system. Even if she could feel them, she wouldn't care. The heightened stimulation of the delightful anal penetration had her on the brink of her first orgasm; it was just a matter of seconds, but then... nothing. Her mind became a blank space, her conscious being completely overtaken by the intruder. Every electrical impulse that traveled across her body was in control of something alien to her. Something alien to this world. She was now being controlled like a hand puppet.

"Do you want this body, Sondra?" Casey spoke. The flat voice sounded like her, but without the perkiness that had always distinguished the lively teenager.

The woman standing in front of Casey was unsure how to respond or what she should do. She had been rubbing her pussy as she observed the surreal scene developing before her. Sondra's chest was heaving from excitement, and a hint of fear. The strangeness of the situation was hard to take in, even though she was the one that created the situation.

Having Casey standing zombie like just five feet way was almost too much for Sondra as she had dreamed of making love to the young woman countless times before this moment. She had fantasized about Casey's silky black hair, bright blue eyes and she had memorized and every curve of her body

As the college swim team instructor, Sondra would watch Casey walking around the pool area, her suit bottoms always trying to hide between her rounded ass cheeks. No matter what she did, she always looked incredibly sexy, at least in Sondra's eyes. For Sondra, keeping the secret that she was a lesbian was one thing, but restraining herself from openly admiring that gorgeous body was torture for her. She couldn't take it any longer and she was even considering moving to another college, to another town, just to avoid such torment.

But one day, he came. He made a promise to her. Only if she'd help him... and now, he provided.

"Yes...please. I want your body...her body," Sondra said to Casey's controller.

Sondra walked forward stopping just inches away from her student's face. Casey's beautiful blue eyes remained unfocused and vacant, staring right through her. But Sondra didn't care, Casey's face was perfect, her nose, her full lips, everything. Sondra grabbed Casey's face gently and pressed her lips to the teen's. A sparkle of excitement rushed from Sondra's mouth, causing her body to shudder and her nipples to swell hastily.

Sondra moved down to Casey's neck, running her tongue over the tender skin while her hands roamed over the woman's beautiful body. She cupped Casey's breast with one hand and started to squeeze it in rhythm with the strokes of her tongue. Her other hand caressed Casey's leg, starting on the outer thigh and gently touching her with just the tips of her fingers.

* * *

The alien released a small part of Casey's consciousness. The young woman didn't know what was happening, but she knew she was aroused. A strange cloudiness seemed to fill her mind. She was barely aware of where she was and fought to remember... what was she trying to remember? She gasped as a spike of pleasure drove into her mind. There was a pause and then another spike. She tried to focus her eyes to find the source. She saw her coach, Sondra, kissing her body. Sondra's mouth engulfed one of her nipples and the wonderful pleasurable sensation hit her again.

Ohh, yes, she thought, it feels wonderful.

Casey's mind indicated that something was wrong, but she couldn't place it exactly. Sondra's mouth moved to her other nipple and Casey's worries were swept away by another jolt of pleasure.

Casey felt Sondra's tongue swirl at her belly button. She loved the sensation. She loved what Sondra was doing to her and suddenly Casey realized that she had a strong attraction for the woman in front of her and she wondered how it happened. She wondered if this was how it felt to be in love.

Sondra's fingers were still squeezing the teen's nipples, first one then the other. The pleasure was growing and Casey was more conscious of her situation every second, and more aroused.

Casey sensed that she could now move her arms at will but rather than pushing her teacher away, she moved her hands over Sondra's head, her fingers entwined themselves in the woman's hair and pulled her closer.

* * *

Sondra felt Casey's hands on her head and smiled. Her student, the love of her life, was enjoying this. Casey wanted this - wanted to share her pleasure. Sondra now looked at her student's pussy inches from her face. It seemed as beautiful as the rest of her body, the clit protruding from the velvety folds revealing the girl's excitement. Sondra wanted to make Casey feel so loved, to bring her endless joy.

Sondra leaned forward, her head moving between her lover's legs and extended her tongue while using her fingers to spread Casey's pussy lips. She licked, circling the entrance of her slit and lashing her clitoris in rapid successions before capturing it within her expert lips.

* * *

Casey threw her head back and opened her eyes wide. Something incredible was happening in her body. In her crotch. In her ass. A feeling she never experienced before was expanding outwardly from her most delicate place. It was unbearable... it was... Casey exploded in the greatest orgasm of her life. Her abdomen contracted forcefully over and over, her legs shaking around Sondra's head. A bright light was flashing behind her eyes and it was more that she could take. The conscious part of her mind blacked out and her legs almost collapsed beneath her. But the alien tendril regained control just in time. Casey stood straight again; her arms limp to her sides, her eyes empty and her love juices pouring down from her tight cavity.

* * *

Sondra pulled away and looked up, her lips and chin smeared with Casey's juices. The teen was a puppet again. No mind. No will. Only total submission to him . Sondra looked at the red pussy lips in front of her and rejoiced, knowing that those lips now belonged to her whenever she wanted them. But then, she looked beyond the lips to the tendril that connected the young woman to the alien pod. The tendril that penetrated Casey's anus and went deep inside her, to the center of her soul and that connected her to him .

That tendril reminded Sondra that Casey was just on loan to her, a reward for her good behaviour. Casey belonged to him , just as she did.

Sondra remembered how it all started a few days before...

* * *

Too weeks ago, Sandra was in her backyard lying peacefully in the hot tub, taking a comforting bath and feeling lonely as usual. The warm water caressed her body as she relaxed after a long day on the school grounds. The State competitions were close and most of the students were not ready. To make it worse, there was that other issue that troubled her mind, the craving for the beautiful body of Casey; and if that wasn't enough, there were others girls in the team that caught her eyes. She had to do something about it before she ended up in trouble.

The sun was sinking below the horizon but she was too comfortable to get out of the water and turn the lights on. In the twilight, she noticed that some animal had been digging a hole at the far end of the garden.

I have to take care of that...but later, she thought.

The feeling of the bubbles was so soothing. One underwater jet was spraying directly between her legs. It was her favorite position and she knew that if she stayed like that long enough, she would have to do more than sit there and relax. Then, something happened. Something other than water touched the sensitive space between her legs. Sondra jumped, startled and sat on the edge of the hot tub, her legs spread apart.

What the hell just happened? Sondra thought confused and alarmed, Did something just slip inside of me?

Sondra still felt some tickling inside her vagina and it scared her. She pushed one finger carefully within her cavity, checking herself. Nothing. She turned off the water jets and checked the blue bottom of the tub. It was completely clean.

Maybe it was just the water jet, she rationalized, trying to reassure herself.

She sat there for a while, concentrating in her pelvic area. Waiting. The tickling was gone and she felt nothing out of the ordinary. It had to be the water. Sondra got out of the tub, grabbed a towel and walked into the house.

That night she did the same as the night before, and the previous before that; she had a light snack, watched some TV and went to bed. But, after she fell sleep, there was a small difference. Sondra had the most erotic dream of her life. She dreamt of Casey. She imagined the teen's warm and delicate tongue licking her clit over and over while she squirmed delightfully on the bed.

But Sondra was not the only one immersed in the joyful sensations. A life form, unknown to her, was now inside of her, analyzing, understanding and recording her brain activity. Every time an interesting electrical impulse was detected, the hidden being replicated it, increasing the woman's arousal and leading her into a sexual spiral that ended up with the most satisfying climax. She moaned and gasped for a few seconds, briefly waking up, but she soon relaxed and went back to sleep.

This was nothing new to the invader. He had seen this sexual behavior before in other species, on other planets. He knew that this particular characteristic would be very useful in the near future.

Sondra woke up the next morning with a big smile on her face, What a dream! So gratifying! She felt almost as if she had made love for real.

She did her usual morning chores and was ready to leave when she stopped by the mirror to check her makeup. She blinked. Strangely, she felt a little dizzy afterwards.

How odd, she thought, I could swear it was 7:30 am

The clock indicated 7:45 am.

* * *

The alien arrived the day before in a small capsule, two inches long and one inch wide. It had been traveling through space for thousands of years and finally reached a planet. If it was lucky enough, the destination would be suitable for colonization. The capsule landed diagonally into the grass, making a hole in Sondra's backyard. The shell opened to let out a red life form the size of a pea. The atmospheric conditions were favorable to its survival and now it was just a matter of time until finding a host. The life form detected a large concentration of hydrogen molecules nearby and dragged itself towards it. After a few hours of painful journey, and after dealing with several local residents like ants and beetles, the alien crawled into the hydrogen source -the water of the hot tub- and waited.

The opportunity came soon. A host large enough to accommodate him entered the concentration of hydrogen molecules. It was only after it penetrated the new host that the alien began to understand everything about this planet. The native host called itself Sondra.

* * *

Over the following days, Sondra began to realize that she was blanking out for short periods of time and it worried her. She knew that she needed to see a doctor but a tiny voice within her mind told her that it was not necessary. It was during these blank periods that the small alien learned the most. First of all, it learned that his strength only allowed him to take full control of Sondra's mind for periods of fifteen minutes at the most. It had to grow larger to do more than that and he was planning to do so.

The alien discovered that its host belonged to the dominant species on the planet. In fact, humans were the only life form on this world that was fully self-aware and had a complex way of creating thoughts. Sondra would do just fine for colonization purposes.

The alien knew that it was always best to follow the local planet's natural rules. Sadly, after further investigation within Sondra's brain, the alien found out that the human social behavior was not the most effective on the planet. He decided to use the best native model for social organization; the method used in a colony of ants. He was going to use the dominant skills of humans and the effective colonization tactics of the ants: one controlling entity and thousands of mindless slaves. It was just a matter of time until the whole planet could be controlled. It would take a very long time, but time was his main resource.

* * *

After one week of being unaware that she was hosting the alien, Sondra made conscious contact with her unwanted resident for the first time.

She blinked several times as confusing thoughts filled her mind and she found it impossible to concentrate. She had no idea why she felt the sudden need to remain still, but a pleasant thrill of excitement made her shiver as she rooted her feet on the soft carpet of her living room.

A disembodied thought, winding its way inside her brain, erupted in her consciousness. Her eyes fluttered as she felt herself give in to it.


Sondra felt a warmth centering on her sex.

Fear rose and dissipated, forgotten almost as soon as it came. She swayed on her feet, while a pulse of pleasure flared between her legs. She thought of her dreams, her favorite fantasy... Casey, and it didn't feel all that different from now. She wondered why didn't object to the onset of this strange bliss, but the voice continued its sweet whisper inside of her head.

I am inside you and you belong to me...slave.

Sondra's nipples peaked.

It was soon the only thought she could sustain. It was hot and exciting. She could feel herself surrendering to it. It was a strange sensation, as if she were witnessing her own helpless struggle from a distance. She was floating now, caught in the fantasy, watching herself as she stood rigidly, her mind making feeble protests while an unseen, unnatural force quietly gained control of her mind.

"Who are you?" she was able to mumble softly.

I am your Master and you are my slave.

Sondra's pussy twitched.

She moaned this time, sensing the clarity of the strange thoughts and how they so easily suppressed her own. She was growing more receptive to the commands with each passing second. She recognized the presence within her, voicing the commands in her mind.

Her legs quivered in anticipation as her eyes glazed.

You will obey and will be rewarded.

Sondra's pussy twitched again.

"Yess..." she whispered.

Sweet delirium was overtaking her. The awareness of her gradual slip into mindlessness felt almost as hot as the echo of the dreamlike voice.

She could still feel a vague sense of concern clouding her judgment, as though her desire to yield and obey the alien impulses was wrong. She wanted to get rid of that feeling. She wanted to give herself completely to the voice, to him.

* * *

The alien was pleased. The human stood perfectly still. Its mind had proven easy to subjugate. This species was remarkably susceptible to induction. Waves of mind-numbing submission cascaded down through the mind link. To its surprise, the alien perceived a complete lack of resistance. Obedience filtered back in response, as though the woman had always been ready for her mind-control. He knew then that human females would make perfect slaves; with excellent hosting capabilities and anything lacking could be transformed and adapted.

* * *

You have responded well. You will be rewarded slave.

As soon as these words echoed in Sondra's mind, a powerful orgasm exploded inside of her and she lost her balance, plunging down onto the carpet, her pussy contracting on itself over and over. Her eyes rolling up into her head, she clenched the rugged fabric beneath her as her convulsions continued for a minute, then two... she was losing her mind, if it could be consider hers anymore. Then, as sudden as it began, the ecstasy stopped.

Sondra lay on her back, breathing heavily, staring at the ceiling. Her mind had been released but she was not sure she wanted that. It had been the single most satisfying experience of her life and she wanted more, much more.

She knew now that there was an alien form growing in her womb and she didn't care. She wished she could keep him inside of her forever. Sondra moved her hands over her abdomen and caressed herself softly.

"I am yours."

* * * Two weeks after her initial induction, Sondra was lying on her bed watching TV, but it wasn't she who selected the channels. The alien was watching through her eyes, learning, planning. Sondra knew that later that night, she was going to be rewarded for obeying him and she was longing for it.

She felt a soft tingling in her vaginal cavity.

Yes... she thought, tonight the pleasure will start earlier.

She soon realized that tonight was going to be different. The pleasure usually started in her brain and spread out to every cell of her body, concentrating on her pussy, but now, the pleasure felt more physical. He was not only touching her soul, but her flesh as well. Her abdomen shuddered from the inside out and a form began to move within, pushing downward into her vaginal tract. Her mouth opened forming an 'O' but no sound came out. Every inch of her inner walls was caressed and pushed outward in the process. Within a few seconds, she felt fuller than ever before. Then, she saw it...

Her eyes, clouded by overwhelming bliss, saw a dark-red protrusion coming out from her vaginal cavity. It looked like a red cucumber pushing its way out into the world. Sondra was at the brink of a huge orgasm. She was pushing instinctively to help her master free himself, her fists clutching the bed sheets tightly. Finally, she climaxed and with the first contraction, He came out.

After a few minutes, Sondra came back to her senses and lifted her head to watch her newborn, the owner of her soul. Sondra had an upsetting feeling of emptiness. Her Master was not physically inside of her anymore. Nevertheless, she still felt a connection with him, although not as strong as before.

The alien had changed its shape to a half-sphere, about the size of a melon.

Sondra saw a tendril extending out from the top of the alien's body, making a squishy sound as it moved slowly towards her. Her heart jolted with excitement. She was fully aware of what was happening now and a small hint of fear showed in her eyes for the first time in days.

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