tagNovels and NovellasColonization Ch. 03

Colonization Ch. 03


Edited by slutkimmi

Author's note: This story falls in the categories of incest, mind-control and nonhuman

Part 3 of 6

Detective Laura was a recruiter and she had a job to do. She was looking at a young woman walking in the Mall. She had followed that woman since she left home and now Laura was just waiting for the right moment to approach her.

This was a special assignment, very important for the colony. Not that it made any difference in Laura's mind since every command imprinted by the creature was to be obeyed regardless of the priority.

The moment came. The young woman entered a clothing store and went into the dressing rooms to try on a new skirt. Laura followed her inside the small cubicle.

"Hi Melissa," Laura said as she grabbed the young woman and covered her mouth.

Melissa didn't even have the chance to scream.

* * *

In another part of the city, reporter Brenda Miller was investigating the strange disappearances in town. She knew about most of them thanks to her informants inside the police department and her conclusion was that something out of the ordinary was happening. One of the missing persons was Susan Baker. Brenda found a photograph of the woman and tracked down her address. Then, she went to Susan's house trying to find more details about her. To her surprise, it was Susan who opened the front door.

"Hi, can I help you?"

"Susan Baker?" Brenda asked with a startled tone.

"Yes. Who are you?"

"Hi, I'm Brenda Miller. Do you know that you were reported missing a few days ago?"

"No. I didn't know that. I went away for a few days but I'm back now," Susan's voice denoted some nervousness that didn't escape Brenda's attention.

"Well, someone reported your disappearance and the police are looking for you. Can I come in for a moment?" Brenda wanted to find out more and she knew how to put pressure on people.

"Well... ok, but I am kind of..." before Susan could finish the sentence, Brenda was already walking through the door. There were a few suitcases near the entrance.

"Susan, you need to tell the police that you are ok. They will want to know what is going on with you. Who called the police to report your disappearance?"

"No. I can't... Please, you have to go," Susan was getting very nervous. It had been a mistake to let Brenda into her house.

"Just tell me where you have been and I'll be on my way," Brenda responded.

"No. Please go," Susan pushed Brenda's shoulder and the reported stayed put.

"Hey, don't push me"

Susan pushed harder and Brenda grabbed Susan's wrist. Both women began to struggle, ending up in the living room floor. Brenda was on top of Susan trying to calm her down.

"Susan, calm down! I'm here to help you."

* * *

Susan had been taken by the alien five days ago. She had been transformed to be a feeder-reprogrammer, just like Kristy and Lisa. At this moment, Susan felt panic. The reporter was going to discover her new nature and this was not good for the colony. The tendril hidden inside of her body detected the danger and sent a command to Susan's brain. Then, it began to snake out from Susan's womb and vaginal cavity, pushing away her panties and her short skirt.

Brenda noticed that Susan froze for a second and thought that the woman was calming down. Even so, she remained straddling Susan's body until she was sure that it was safe to move away. Brenda noted Susan's glassy eyes just before she felt something touching her thighs inside her business suit and pushing her panties aside. Brenda could not understand what was happening. She had Susan's hands pinned down to the carpet and yet someone was feeling her up.

"Oh my God, what are you doing?" Brenda screamed releasing Susan's hands as she reached down to cover her crotch.

Susan took the opportunity to push Brenda aside and rolled over on top of the reporter. Now Brenda was the one pinned down to the floor.

The tendril moved swiftly until it found the reporter's anus and pierced through. Brenda screamed from the pain. The tentacle pushed farther in and immediately sent tiny fibers that connected accurately to the woman's nervous system.

"No, please! Stop..." Brenda cried as she felt minor punctures in her pelvic area.

Susan's tendril was not able to subjugate Brenda's mind. It was only the alien who could do that. But the tendril could still send feelings and sensations across the reporter's body that her brain could easily understand.

Brenda felt the invader squirming through her anus. Her heart was beating almost out of her chest from fear but strangely the pain began to diminish. Then, the reporter sensed a tickling growing in her clitoris. This couldn't be. She was being rape by something she couldn't even see. Being excited was unthinkable. But the fire in her crotch grew rapidly and undeniably. Brenda was astonished. In less than five seconds, her nipples were as erected as humanly possible. Brenda's whole body tensed for an instant as she stared into Susan's glassy eyes...then, Brenda climaxed.

Her hips jolted up while her vagina contracted on emptiness and her anus constricted the phallus within. Then again, and again. Brenda held her breath and rode the moment with an overwhelming sensation of unwanted pleasure and unavoidable guilt. Finally, the spasm stopped and Brenda could breathe again.

"Please... let me go"

As Brenda made a weak attempt to push Susan away, the tentacle replicated the sensations. Brenda's eyes rolled back into her head and her body began to shake again through another ravishing orgasm.

"You have to love him," Susan whispered to the reporter's ear.

Then a third climax was released across Brenda's nervous system and the woman just lay there, enjoying and suffering immensely at the same time, until blackness filled her mind.

Brenda woke up an hour later. She was still lying on the floor with her skirt rolled up to her belly. She looked around and Susan was gone. The house appeared to be empty. The suitcases were gone too.

Brenda got up, fixed her smart-suit and ran out of the house.

* * *

Up town, in an elegant residential sector, Senator Robert Healy was entering his house when he heard loud music coming from his daughter's room. He went upstairs and screamed at her,

"Melissa, turn that music down!"

He looked into her daughter's room and there was nobody inside. He walked over to the stereo and turned down the volume. As he looked down through the window, he saw Melissa sunbathing beside the pool.

How many times have I told her not to play the music so loud damned!

The senator was really going to have a talk with her this time. As he turned to walk out of Melissa's room, he saw a notebook lying open on her bed. There was a line in the first paragraph that read "...daddy was penetrating me harder every time, taking me to heaven as I wrapped my arms around his strong back..."

What the hell is this, the Senator thought, as he took the book and turned it around.

Then, he dropped the book to the bed and stepped back. It was Melissa's dairy. His heart jolted as he considered the situation. He looked through the window again and Melissa was still there, lying peacefully on the lounge chair. Reluctantly, he lifted the book and checked it again, confirming that it was in fact his daughter's dairy. He turned the pages until he found the paragraph again. He turned back one page and read...

"Today, I had the same dream again. That delicious dream of my dad making love to me. This time we were in my mother's room. He ripped my clothes off and threw my naked body over the bed. My pussy was moistening even before I reached the mattress..."

The Senator stopped reading. His heart was pounding fast. He placed the diary back on the bed and hurriedly walked out of the room. He realized then that he had a big hard-on in his pants and he felt ashamed of it.

He entered his room and sat on the bed, thinking, analyzing. He was used to analyzing everything all the time but this was beyond his understanding. How his beautiful and only daughter could think about him that way. He sat there for a moment. Then he stood up and approached the window. He looked at Melissa and for the first time he looked at her as a sexual being. As the sexy woman she was. That tiny bikini he always complained about, look very good on her tight body, her luscious body.

No. I can't think about her like that, he reprimanded himself.

Later that day, Melissa walked up the stairs wrapped in a towel. Her father's room door was closed. She entered her room and looked at her diary. Someone had moved it. Melissa smiled mischievously.

The days passed and Senator Healy could no longer look at his daughter the same way. And to make it worst, she wore the sexiest clothes ever. He wondered if she had always dressed like that but couldn't remember; he never paid attention before. But now he couldn't take his eyes off her; in the morning, when she came down wearing just a t-shirt that barely reached her legs; at noon, when she spent most of the time wearing a bikini; or at night, dressed to kill before going out somewhere. The Senator was going crazy trying to fight the sexual images that filled his mind over and over.

One night, the Senator was walking by Melissa's room and her door was partially open. He tried not to look inside and walked faster but just as he passed, he heard Melissa's voice,

"Take me daddy..."

He stopped abruptly. He slowly opened his daughter's door. Melissa was on her bed, completely naked, submerged in a sea of self-indulged pleasure, rubbing her clit with one hand and squeezing a nipple with the other. He realized that she didn't know he was there as he heard her mouthing again,

"Yes, take me like that daddy. Fuck me hard! Please, fuck me hard!"

The Senator considered leaving the room but he didn't. He was spellbound by the gorgeous woman masturbating in front of him. He was determined to put an end to this but not in the way he intended initially. He couldn't take this anymore. He wanted to fuck her. He needed to fuck her.

The Senator silently approached the bed and looked closely at his daughter's body. She was perfect. He sat down on the mattress and Melissa opened her eyes. Their eyes met for a moment and suddenly, Melissa jumped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him on the mouth. He was startled for a second but immediately kissed her back, as tongues dueled with unbounded passion.

Melissa started to undress him hurriedly and he helped her. Moments later he was completely naked and Melissa pulled him on top of her. The Senator was too horny for foreplay and he sank his cock all the way to his balls into his daughter's pussy. It was the most tender and warmest woman he had ever fucked. He thought he was in heaven.

The Senator started to pump Melissa with eagerness while she wrapped her legs around his buttocks.

"Yes daddy, fuck me... fuck me hard... fuck me," she pleaded between moans.

* * *

Melissa's father wasn't thinking anymore and Melissa knew it. He was now a frantic beast that cared only for satisfaction. Melissa's moans quickly turned into screams. They fucked in the missionary position for several minutes until something clicked inside Melissa's brain. Like a timer set to a precise moment. The young woman turned her head to look at the closet and then pushed her father over so she was now on top.

The door on Melissa's closet was partially open and someone was moving inside within the shadows.

Melissa was straddling her father as if she riding a wild bull. Her hair flew as she bounced up and down. Her father's hands were firmly wrapped around her breast as he tried to keep up with her, following an opposite rhythm, smashing his cock upward every time she fell down onto his lap. She kept turning her head toward the closet every few minutes.

The Senator wanted to prolong this moment forever but there was only so much he could take with that heavenly body on top of him.

A short while later he yelled, "I'm coming, let me pull out."

Melissa swiftly jumped off of him and sank his cock into her mouth. The Senator could not believe what he was seeing. This was just too much for him and exploded in a huge climax, sending a river of sperm into Melissa's mouth. She swallowed all she could but a few drops escaped her lips. Once he had finished, she looked up at him and said,

"I love you daddy." A drop of sperm was sliding down her chin.

* * *

Moments later, when the rush of the sexual encounter faded down and the analytical consciousness came back to Senator Healy, a sensation of fear started to replace that of passion. He looked at Melissa crumbling down beside him on the bed and he heard her say,

"I want you to fuck me everyday daddy."

Finally, reason sank in his mind, What have I done? I am an idiot!

He jumped off the bed saying, "No Melissa. We cannot do this ever again and you can't tell anyone about this, do you understand?"

The Senator didn't wait for an answer and walked out of the room carrying his clothes and hoping that his wife hadn't arrived home yet.

As soon as the Senator left the room, Casey walked out of the closet holding a video camera by the strap.

"You have done very well baby, Laura chose well when she recruited you," Casey said as she approached Melissa and kissed her on the lips, "you even made him look into the camera several times!"

Melissa's pussy twitched while a mini-climax made her weak on the knees. She knew her father was a powerful, influential man, not to mention a close friend of the President. That video of her daddy fucking her brains out represented the perfect tool for blackmailing the Senator and ensuring higher protection for the nest and ultimately for the alien, her Master.

The Senator had been in heaven but it would turn into hell pretty soon.

* * *

Brenda Miller was in her home sitting in front of her computer, but the screen was blank. Her hands rested on her lap; still shaking a little as she remembered the events that just occurred in Susan's house.

How did she do it? What was that thing between my legs? Why did I...

Brenda couldn't bring herself to think about the tremendous orgasm she enjoyed. She felt terribly ashamed.

She replayed in her mind every second of the fight with Susan but still couldn't resolve how the woman had managed to insert that thing in her ass. She kept thinking,

Her hands were pinned down... Then, that thing entered me. How many seconds passed before I...

Again the blushing, but this time her pussy jolted. Brenda got scared. She didn't want to think about the orgasms but she couldn't help it. They had been too overwhelming. They had been too good. Brenda's hand moved down to her crotch.

End of part 3

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