Comforting My Step-daughter


"To be honest, we both couldn't stand the thought of being abnormal, and I started dating David the next week, so we never did anything more. But, I must admit, she probably got me hotter that one night at her house than David ever has."

"Now, that's too bad. Not that she got you so hot, but that David is such a lout."

"Let's not talk about him. Hmmm, did Mom ever, uhhh, do it with another woman?"

"Well, yeah a couple of times, but to be honest, her wild tastes went in a bit different direction."

"Let's just say your mom thrived on being the center of attention, and she liked it when more than one man was giving her attention."

I watched Amy's face as recognition set in that her mom liked being used sexually by several men at once. The color drained from her face, as her mind grasped the concept.

"Whoa," she said. "I probably asked for it, but that may be TMI."

I smiled inwardly, having finally gotten the upper hand in our dialogue. I had no clue how much of her behavior was driven by her low sexual self esteem, thanks to David, and how much was driven by her desire to impress or shock her step-dad. Not that it mattered; I was pleased to finally slowing down her journey towards a sexual cataclysm. My self satisfaction was short lived, because even before she restarted the TV as I expected her to do, she was back at me with yet another intimate question.

"So you mean that the two of you included other men in your sex life?"

"Yep. That is what I'm saying."

"And this didn't bother you? At all?"

"No, not really." By that time, I figured it was time to let Amy know the reality of the life that her mom and I had shared. Her mom had been abused by her first husband, Amy's dad. Unfortunately, like mother, like daughter, as her mom had a very low sexual image of herself when we first met. By the time I had met her mom, I had been through a marriage, and had explored a wide variety of sexual opportunities and diversions. I was a world traveler, and had made a bit of a hobby in exploring sexual mores around the world. It was a surprise that her mom, who had only fucked one man before me, and I, who had fucked more women than I could count, actually hit it off. As I discovered, soon after we had started dating, her mom was a sexual dynamo, only waiting to be unleashed. Where I had expected my history to shock her and scare her off, it only turned her on. I could still remember the first time I had shared one of my previous sexual experiences with her mom. Before I had finished telling my story, her mom had undressed in front of me and started playing with herself, demanding more and more detail. That was the first time her mom had ever had a man ejaculate in her mouth, and she had become an extremely skilled cocksucker after that. During the nearly twelve years that we were together, I had taken Amy's mom on an international journey of sexual exploration that would make even the most lecherous of men blush. If there ever was a nymphomaniac, her mom fit the bill.

Before I started sharing anything, I figured I'd better check on Amy's perception of her mom. "So, how does it make you feel to find out your mom was not a monogamous woman?"

"I'm not sure. I guess I just assumed that the two of you were monogamous. Actually, I had only barely contemplated the two of you having sex at all. From the sound of it, that's not very fair. I guess that like most young people I pretty much assumed that old people didn't have sex."

"Well, it is time for you to learn otherwise; old people have sex, assuming I'm old. I'm not done having sex, and I don't intend to stop anytime soon."

Glancing at the bulge in my pants, she said, "Yow, I can see that. So the two of you had a pretty active sex life?"

"Yep, you could say that. I'm not an expert on other people's sex lives, but I'd say we were quite active."

"So, how often did the two of you fuck?"

"Do you literally mean fucking, or how often did we partake in sexual activity?"

"You mean, they're not the same?"

"Nope. Not by a long shot."

It was clear that I had her full attention now; the TV show having long since been forgotten. I was thankful for that, as my hard-on had died down a bit. Even though we were talking about sex, it wasn't as intense as dealing with my hormones when confronted with sexy visuals or a wanton woman.

"Ok. I heard what you said, but I don't understand. Isn't sex about fucking?"

"Absolutely not. Sex is about enjoying the pleasures of the body with someone you enjoy being with and trust. It doesn't have to include the literal act of fucking. Fucking is great; don't misunderstand me, but there are so many ways to pleasure another person. One doesn't need to limit it to just fucking."

She was clearly trying to digest all that I had said as she wrinkled her now and pursed her lips. "So, I'll rephrase my question. How often did the two of you engage in sexual activity? Is that a better question?"

"Much better. We probably averaged some form of sexual activity five to six times a week."

"Fuck! You're playing with me now. No way! Five to six times a week? David's been fucking me about three times a month. And I haven't gotten anything out of it at all. My fingers have been my only source of pleasure for way too long."

"Oh, yeah! And I can tell you that if you were my wife, you'd get fucked a whole lot more often than that. That is, assuming you wanted it more often. And you would be sexually pleasured more often than that."

She paused before responding. I let her contemplate all that she had heard, wondering how her mind was integrating everything. It was apparent to me, that even though she was an adult, she suffered with a quite naïve understanding of adult sexuality. I had probably driven her mind into total overload.

Finally, she said something. "It seems like my intent to shock you tonight is an absolute failure, since I had no idea that you and mom were so, ummmmm, wild. I guess I'm the one that is shocked. I know how much you two loved each other. I just hadn't realized that a wild non-monogamous sex life could coexist with the love the two of you had for each other."

"Well, it's true. We most definitely loved each other, and, yes, our sex life was most definitely not monogamous."

"Was she like that when you met?"

"No way. Until she met me, she had only fucked with your biological father. She was an absolute believer in monogamy."

"So, what happened?"

"That could be a long story, but I'll give you the short version. Your mom and I fucked on our second date. I don't mean to be egotistical, but it was the best sex she had ever had up to that point. We kissed, caressed, teased, and played with each other for over an hour before I undressed her. Then I ate her pussy until she was creaming and begging to be penetrated. I fucked her for over an hour, and to her surprise, I didn't ejaculate in her. After all, I didn't want her to get pregnant. So, I pulled out and stroked my cock a few times and came all over her tummy and boobs. We didn't stop there, but continued to play with each other for at least another hour. We fell asleep in each other's arms, and the next day, she begged me give her more. We never looked back. Honestly, your mom was a sexual animal, and I loved her and I loved every minute of our time together. Sexually, there was very little we didn't do together. I had been quite active sexually before I met your mom, and she begged me to tell her stories from my past. When I did so, she got so wet and horny, so we both benefited. Then, at her request we started exploring our sexuality together, and, as it was only fair, I allowed her to explore anything she wanted to do. And explore we did. Your mom became as wild as I was. A real sexual dynamo."

She fell back into contemplation mode, trying to absorb everything I had shared. I sat back, letting her mind deal with the onslaught of information that she had just received. There was no doubt in my mind that we had progressed way beyond my just comforting her to help deal with David's stupidity. I was now dealing with an adult young lady trying to wrap her mind around the reality of the wild world of adult sexuality. As a sexual adventurer I contemplated the possibilities of the shared world that she had just opened for us. The brain in my cock was screaming to me that this young lady was ready to be fucked by a sensitive caring male who focused on pleasuring a woman, while the brain in my head said that this poor young woman was in complete sexual overload, and likely to go into shock. My cock screamed in happiness when she next spoke.

"So, Dad, I have a big favor to ask. Will you teach me how to enjoy sex? I'm afraid I might be more like my mom than I am willing to admit."

"That's quite a request. I'm not going to say no, but before I say yes, let's wait a day or two at least. You're dealing with a lot of stuff right now."

"Okay," she answered, clearly not happy with my response. "But, that doesn't address my immediate desires. I am so horny right now. I don't want to wait."

I had a pretty clear idea of what she was feeling, and decided to at least turn the heat up a notch or two. So, I responded, "Well, you can turn the show back on, or if you would like to watch something more explicit, we can put on an x-rated DVD."

She responded immediately. "Yes, please. If you're going to see pussy, I want to see hard cocks."

With that response, I sent her up to my bedroom, telling her in which cabinet to find my collection of porno DVDs. I told her to go pick one out, and we could watch it together. She was up in an instant and headed off for my bedroom. I took the opportunity to hit the restroom, and noticing that the wine bottle was empty (I don't know how that happened), and opened another bottle, refilling each of our glasses. I had finished all of that and was once again on the couch sipping my refilled glass, and starting to wonder what was taking her so long. After what seemed like forever, she finally returned, holding several DVDs.

She handed them to me and explained, "I couldn't decide which I wanted to watch, so I want you to choose. All of these appealed to me, but I don't know which one we should watch. You pick."

She handed me five DVDs. The first was an all-girl one. I figured she picked that based on my earlier comments. The second one was an all-orgy video. I knew she picked that one based on what I had said about her mom. The third one was a compilation of sex scenes with one of my favorite porn stars, Asia Carerra. The fourth one actually had a plot line. The last one was all about BDSM with lots of bondage. Her choices made it quite easy for me, given our current circumstance. The BDSM one was out, as was the one with a plot, since it took forever to get going. The lesbian video would deny her the opportunity to see hard cocks, and the all orgy one, wasn't nearly as good as the cover pictures implied. On top of that I never resisted watching an Asia video, as I considered her one of the hottest porn stars ever. I handed her the Asia video and enjoyed the view of her ass as she bent over to insert the DVD into my player. She returned to the sofa, picked up her wine glass and seated herself back on the sofa; this time much closer to me. She leaned against me, putting her head on my shoulder, and then hit the play button on the remote. Making ourselves comfortable, I put my arm around her shoulder, and as I did so, she snuggled in even closer.

As the usual phone sex adverts played, Amy asked me if I ever did phone sex. I replied in the affirmative, telling her I enjoyed masturbating with an anonymous woman over the phone, or even with someone I knew when we were separated by travel requirements. It wasn't long before the video started. I had watched this one many times, and knew that it didn't take long before hard core sex would be playing. My cock reawakened in anticipation and I wondered just exactly how the rest of the evening would play out. Given the conversation we had had, I figured that I would just go with the flow, and let whatever happened happen.

The first scene was one in which Asia and Tom Byron played out a duo scene, and it wasn't long before his cock was in her mouth. Amy gasped at the first sight of his long cock, but she quickly followed that with a comment whispered into my ear, "That's better. I get to see a hard cock." My cock responded, twitching at the thought of this young thing next to me getting off on watching Asia in her delightful sexual escapades. We watched in silence for several minutes as Asia did her magic on Tom. Soon, I could feel Amy's breathing quicken as she took in the hard core sex occurring in front of her. It was a surprise to me that she hadn't watched hard core porn before, as I had assumed it was common practice in the current age, but her responses told me that it was all new to her. Before I knew it she was gasping next to me, whenever they changed position. I took the opportunity to squeeze her shoulder with my arm, letting her know that I was right next to her.

As soon as I did so, she turned to me and whispered into my ear, "This is fucking awesome. My pussy is already wet."

I responded, "I take it you've never watched hard core porn before?"

"No, never. Does it excite you, too?"

At that point, I decided to be bold and took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my pants, asking her, "What do you think?"

"Oh, gawd. You are so hard. And so big."

When I let go of her hand, she didn't move it from the bulge in my pants, letting it rest there as we continued to watch Asia suck on Tom's cock."

Naively, she turned into a hell of a tease, as she just left her hand there. She didn't slide it up or down, squeeze my cock, or do anything. She just left it resting on my bulge. She did snuggle in closer, and as a result my arm draped around her neck was enabled to fall lower. As it did so, she used her other hand to move my hand over her breast. She whispered into my ear again, "Touch me, please. I am so fucking horny! Please show me what it is like to be pleasured by a man."

By this time, any intent on my part to treat her like my daughter was long since dispelled. She had become sexual putty in my hands. Little did she know how much I loved opening up the world of sex to a naïve woman? But, if that was what she desired, I knew that her mom would want me to be the one to do it. I allowed my hand to rest lightly on her large breast, enjoying the feel of her young body. I could feel her hard nipple under the material of the tee, but I refrained from giving it any special attention, knowing that the longer I waited, the hotter this young nympho-to-be would become. And, besides, I knew the movie had only begun. We sat like that for quite awhile, my hand resting on her breast and her hand on the bulge of my pants as the scene between Asia and Tom played on.

Before long, Tom was between Asia's thighs, and he had one finger in her pussy, as he licked up and down her shaved pussy. As he did so, I could hear Amy moaning next to me. The combination of alcohol, my cock under her hand, my hand on her breast, and the hard core playing in front of her in bigger than life fashion was clearly driving her arousal level to new heights. I could feel her heavy breathing as her chest rose and fall in excitement.

I pushed her a little further, now whispering in her ear, "Is this getting you really excited?"

"Oh my god, yes," she answered. "I'm not sure I've ever been this wet before."

"Go ahead. Play with your pussy," I whispered. "I know you want to."

"Really? That's okay with you?"

"Oh, yes. I want you to. I love it when a woman plays with herself. Your mom used to really get off masturbating in my presence. And I know you want to."

It was if she needed my permission, because she instantly slid her free hand inside of her shorts and between her thighs. Her gasp told me that her fingers had arrived at the nirvana between her legs. At that point I realized that, in fact, the daughter was as easily as hot as her mom. Having been given permission to touch herself, it was obvious that she was already building to an orgasm. We continued to watch as Tom ate Asia's pussy, his fingers pushing in and out of her twat. I finally succumbed to the heat of the moment, and started massaging Amy's breast. As near as I could tell by feel, it was bigger than her mom's, and her nipple was most definitely protruding.

She continued to moan as the onslaught of visual and manual stimulation continued to invade her senses. I caressed her breast, slowly but surely zeroing in on her nipple. I let my finger brush across it eliciting a gasp from her. I didn't want to rush her, but I could tell that she was building quickly. And, I knew that if she was a typical female, and had any of her mother's sexual tendencies, she was likely to enjoy a multitude of orgasms before the night was over. On the TV, Asia had repositioned herself and was once again lavishing oral attention on Tom's engorged rod. I looked at Amy and saw that her eyes were riveted to the action on the screen.

Once again, I whispered into her ear, "Asia really knows how to suck cock. She is the one porn star that I wished I could have suck my cock. She is so fucking hot."

Between moans, Amy found a way to answer. "He certainly seems to be enjoying it. Did mom like to suck your cock?"

"Oh, god, yes. She loved to suck cock. Once she got a taste of male cum, I think she was addicted."

"Oh, fuck!" was the only response I got. Moments later, Asia and Tom changed positions with Tom lying on his back. Then Asia mounted him, sliding his cock into her very wet pussy. The close up vies of his cock sliding in and out of her twat was getting to both of us. As much as I wanted to prolong the foreplay, I knew we wouldn't last much longer. And I knew that Amy had yielded control to me, although I wasn't sure how long she could passively sit there, before erupting. As I continued to massage her breast, I used my motions to slowly pull her tee up over her tit, until my hand was in direct contact with it. I started squeezing it between my finger and thumb, and she responded with guttural moans of delight. And finally, her hand on my bulge started to move. I groaned as she started sliding her hand lightly up and down my shaft.

Her other hand was busier as well. By now, Amy had spread her legs open, allowing her other hand full freedom as she played with herself. The aroma of sex was evident; she no longer had to tell me that she was wet. We continued like that as the couple on TV continued fucking. After awhile Asia dismounted and returned to sucking Byron's cock. While she sucked she played with her own pussy, fucking herself with three fingers. Amy was moaning next to me, and I knew that she was getting close to a self induced orgasm, so I egged her on."

"This scene is so hot, isn't it? Look at Asia as she slides her lips up and down his shaft. She really knows how to suck cock. See how she strokes his lower shaft with her hand while her lips surround the head. And look at the gorgeous shaved cunt of hers. Look how engorged her pussy lips are, and how wet she is. I'm sure she would taste so good right now."

As I talked, Amy increased her tempo. Her hand was now fully stroking my shaft, and I could sense that she was pounding her pussy with her finger. I wanted to see her naked and I told her so. She responded immediately by getting off the couch and then pulling the tee up and over her head. Then she lowered her shorts, and spread her legs giving me a full view of her wide open glistening pussy. She had a well trimmed landing strip of pubic hair above her pussy lips. It was very nice, but I figured it had more to do with her tiny bikinis than it did with her wanting to have a sexy pussy. After she was undressed, she moved back onto the sofa, and I started running my hands over her body.

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