Coming Clean


It was later in the evening. Everyone had gone home and I was alone in the office. Friday and I was getting ready to go out. No reason in particular, just out. I grabbed my kit and went to the can to change. Usually I would go home to change but I was planning to go somewhere near by and wanted to save time.

I did a quick tour of the office to make sure every one had indeed left before I pushed the door to the Men's room open and walked in.

I took a piss at the urinal and washed my hands. And even though I was alone, I entered into one of the cubicles for privacy. I selected the handicap one since it was bigger than the normal ones.

I untied my shoes, took off my socks and kicked them aside. I removed my shirt and pants, folded them up and put them aside as well. Hooked my thumbs under the elastic band of my underwear, pushed them down to my ankles and flicked them over with my shoes.

I stood there for a minute appreciating my smooth hairless skin. My cock twitched slightly with anticipation.

Digging into my bag I pulled out my new outfit; tiny, hot pink panties. They were very lacy with a high French cut and very snug to secure my male equipment in place. Next a matching garter belt with a small pink rose in the front and then some opaque, coral stockings that I held up with my suspenders.

I reached into my bag and pulled out my padded bra. I loved my bra. It gave me a nice "B" sized pair of breasts.

Finally I put on a silk cami. I love the feeling of silk; it's so cool and soft. It's like being in a pool of mountain water on a hot day.

Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open and someone walk in. From the sound of the foot steps and the voice humming, I could tell it was female.

"Shit!" I thought to myself. "The cleaner!"

There were three cubicles and I was in the furthest one.

"If I stay quiet, maybe she won't know I'm here!" I hoped to myself.

No such luck! I heard her open the first cubicle door; then the second. She replaced the roll of toilet paper.

I heard her move to the third door, my door... I was too afraid to move.

The door opened slowly. It felt like an hour before it was open enough to see the person on the other side!

There she was! She was looking down at first then looked up and saw me.

"Oh! Excuse Me! She apologized. ''I didn't realize some one was here."

I just stood there and looked at her. She stood about 5' 6" tall. Her dark brown hair was in a neat ponytail. The cleaning uniform said her name was Hydn and did little to hide her buxom body. The third button strained to control her large breasts underneath.

From under the uniform, her shapely, nylon clad legs emerged. She also wore white socks and running shoes.

"No. I'm sorry. I thought everyone had left!" I apologized back.

Then I realized she didn't try to avert her stare or leave. She stared straight at me. She looked down from my face to my feet then back up again. A smile grew on her face.

"Well. Aren't you cute!" She said. "This is the Men's Room girl! Looks like you're getting ready to go out to get fucked."

"Er.... Yes. I mean No!" I replied.

"Well what is it?" She asked.

"I'm dressing for a costume party." I lied.

"I don't think that's true." She caught me. "You like dressing up in women's underwear. Don't you!"

She entered the cubicle as I nodded in agreement to her last accusation.

She ran her hands over my body and lingerie.

"You do have very nice taste though."

I smiled on the inside at her compliment, but was worried as to what was going to happen next.

"Very nice tittie." As she cupped my "breasts" with both her hands. Her long fingers reached inside my bra cups and pinched my nipples. My knees buckled slightly.

I stood there stunned and unmoving. I felt some pre-com leaking from my still wilted penis and into any panties.

She kept on twisting and pinching my increasing sensitive nipples. I could feel my horniness build; my knees started to shake and a low moan escaped from my lips.

"Sounds like my little girl like me playing with her." Hydn said taking more and more control. "What else do you like me to play with?"

Now standing behind me, she pulled me close into her body with her left arm while sliding her right hand downwards; over my belly and panties then grabbed my male package in between my legs.

"No wonder you want to be a girl." She whispered in my ear. ''Not much here is there?"

Hydn used her left hand to pull my panties down and took hold of my flaccid 3- inch cock between her thumb and index fingers of her right hand.

"Does this thing even work?" she asked as she tried to jerk me off.

Her efforts did not go without results. My erection grew to its massive 4 and a half inches.

Hydn laughed ''Ha Ha! Look! Even my fingers are bigger then that pathetic, tiny cock of yours. Can't even really call it a 'cock' can you. Really more of a clit!"

She grabbed the back of my neck and turned me towards the toilet bowl. She forced me to bend over. I put my hands on the cold porcelain to support myself. Hydn used her foot to spread my legs, and then pulled my panties down to my knees.

"Don't move!" She warned me.

I heard a bit of noise. Taking a chance I turned and peeked at her. I watched as she opened a package and pulled out a pair of rubber scrubbing gloves.

She saw me watching her with fear in my eyes. She smiled at me. "Don't worry. You'll enjoy this." as she slipped them on.

Hydn grabbed a bottle of pink liquid, ironically matching the colour of my lingerie and liberally poured some onto her gloves.

She then stood behind me and poured some into the crack of my ass. The cold fluid ran down over my anus and balls. I felt my pucker hole trying to suck in the wet.

"Don't worry. It's only soap." She told me.

I felt her fingers roll my testicles like a set of Ben-wa Balls. The soap gave it nice silky feel. Hydn continued to handle my balls as she started working a finger into my back hole.

She pushed a bit of her finger inside.

"Hmmm! Not too tight!" Hydr observed "Some one or something has been visiting here before me!"

She was right! I had been using my pink cock shaped dildo to fuck myself with as I masturbated.

She squeezed my balls as she inserted more of her finger into me. I squeezed my hole in reflex, but the soap provided the lubrication and let her impale me on her digit. She didn't lie; her finger was longer than my short cock.

Hydn started finger fucking my asshole harder and faster. She reached around me with her other hand and started to jerk my small Hard cock. Her finger in my asshole hit my p-spot as I started cumming.

"Ugh! Ugh!" Was all I could utter as I spurted my white goo. I spasmed from the orgasm. I've never cum so hard or so much.

Even after I was totally empty, Hydn continued to jerk me off and finger my ass until I was no longer able to support myself and fell to the cold tile.

I laid there shivering, not from the cold floor but from the continuous orgasm I was still experiencing.

"Well that was a nice break!" Hydn said as she picked up all my "man" clothes. "Don't go away!"

I heard her leave the bathroom and the "Click!" of the door lock.

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