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Coming Home


I came in the house through the garage door. I was early, about a day early. I was just about to call out, announcing my arrival home, when I heard a sound that caused me to pause.

I had been out of town on business but the offers made were unacceptable and I didn't need that kind of business anyway. They said their position was absolutely non-negotiable, but in the two days of meetings they had changed their position so many times it was apparent the whole deal was a wash. So I returned to my hotel room, packed my small bag and made for the airport and the return trip home.

On the two-hour flight home I fantasized about being in my beautiful wife's arms. She was awesome. She stood five feet four inches and weighed in at one-hundred-and-one pounds. Her face was gorgeous. She had big brown eyes and a small nose. Her lips were full and her complexion reflected her Asian ancestry. Her breasts were magnificent, full and pert. She always said they were small, but they weren't. They were almost perfectly proportioned to her size, maybe even too large for her small frame. They were firm with gorgeous brown nipples as big as the tip of my pinky finger. Her stomach was extremely flat, rippled with the musculature of her abdomen with absolutely no fat. She exercised religiously to maintain her figure. Her ass was awesome in both its tininess and shape. She could make her ass as hard as rocks when she flexed the muscles in her buttocks. She could hold a tooth pick between her cheeks so tightly that you could not pull it out. She kept her already sparse pubic hair trimmed close, affording a wonderful view of and easy access to her womanhood. Her legs were shapely and thin. In my fantasy we were in bed, naked, making love. She lay below me with her legs spread wide as I slowly stroked my big cock deep into her dripping pussy...

I listened with my head cocked to one side.

The sound was altogether too familiar and was coming from the far side of the house where the bedrooms were located. The sound was rhythmic, punctuated occasionally by a low mewling, moaning. I silently moved through the kitchen and dining room into the hall leading to the three bedrooms. My blood pressure was rising, my heart pounding, as I crept down to the end of the hall.

The sounds were emanating from the spare bedroom. I could hear the steady creak of the bed and a female moaning in obvious pleasure. Who could be having sex in our spare room?

The bedroom was to the right, down a short hall past the second bath. I crouched down low and crawled around the corner. On my hands and knees I crawled up to the bedroom door, keeping my body as close to the far wall as possible. I peered around the corner into the spare bedroom.

They were on the bed, naked, making love. My wife was on her back, her legs spread wide, thighs bent to her chest and held by the man on top of her. Her head was turning side to side, eyes pressed shut in ecstasy as she moaned in pleasure. Her boss, Jim, was leaning forward over her, propping himself up with his arms, driving his thick cock deep into her juicy pussy. Her legs were around the outside of his upper arms toward his shoulders, her pussy was wet and wide open, as he fucked her hard and fast with his big tool.

It took my breath away, seeing my wife fucked good, really good, by another man. All at once I was pissed off and turned on and was at a loss as to what to do.

I stayed there, watching in awe, as Jim pounded his big cock into Leigh's dripping pussy. His cock was long and hard as he drove his thick member deep into her, thrusting himself into her cunt, burying his cock to the hilt. Her wetness glistened on his thick shaft as he stroked it in and out of her pussy. His cock was big. It was very thick and probably ten inches long. From my position I could see Jim's cock stretching Leigh's pussy as he entered her. Over and over he fucked his big cock deep into my wife, thrusting deep and pumping, pumping, giving her every inch of his great length and thickness.

Leigh enthusiastically received his huge penis into her, taking his cock deep into her cunt, moving with him, returning his thrusts, joyously working her pussy onto his big hard cock. She was loving it, her pussy was gushing her wetness as that mammoth cock filled her cunt again and again, opening her wide and filling her beyond belief, penetrating so very deep.

Leigh liked her sex hard. She liked to be fucked hard with a stiff, hard cock and I could tell she was getting just what she liked.

Leigh was panting and gasping, her juice running from her pussy, down the crack of her ass. She was humping and bucking against Jim, taking his huge cock deep within her to the depths of her womanhood, grinding on his great manhood and crying out her pleasure as he thrust deeply into her.

I was hypnotized by the sight of Jim's huge cock invading Leigh's pussy. The sight of him plunging his thick member deep into my wife's cunt, stretching her, filling her to capacity-then withdrawing, wet with her juices, only to plunge again, driving deep into her excited pussy. Again and again Jim thrust his fat cock into her as Leigh wantonly spread herself for him, taking his ten inches of thick-veined manhood deep within her hot little cunt.

I was getting excited watching my wife being fucked like this. They had been at it for fifteen minutes and my cock was now rock hard as I watched my wife fuck Jim's huge thick dick with wild abandon.

Leigh was in ecstasy, approaching orgasm, thrashing her head from side to side, her thick black hair flying. Her body was damp from the perspiration of her passion as she thrust her hips, taking Jim's length deep within her. Her pussy was sloppy wet, gushing her wetness and making slurpy, sucking, gushy wet sounds as Jim pistoned his raging penis deep into her. She cried out, "Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oohh, yes! Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! I'm goingg too cummmm!"

Jim continued to drive his cock hard and deep into Leigh's pussy as she began to cum. She was delirious, yelling out, "Ohhh Yess! Ohhh God Yesss! Ahh! Ahhhh! Yes! Ohhhhuuunngghhhhh! Ohh Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Jim was relentlessly driving his massive cock deep into Leigh's ravaged pussy, pumping, pounding his hard, thick manhood into her throbbing cunt. Leigh was endlessly cumming, yelling, crying out, thrashing, frantically thrusting her hips as over and over again Jim drove his huge penis to the depths of her cunt, causing wave after crashing wave of orgasm. Leigh was making guttural animal sounds as Jim held her by the hips, fucking his entire length and girth deep into her soaking pussy. Leigh was having multiple orgasms, her pussy was throbbing, contracting, sucking, milking Jim's huge penis as he fucked her. Leigh was continuously moaning, throwing her head from side to side, delirious with orgasm as for several minutes Jim continued to pound his big cock into her.

As I watched my wife get her brains fucked out I was amazed at the intensity of her orgasms. She was cumming and cumming and screaming for Jim to fuck her harder and deeper. I was amazed at how her pussy stretched to accommodate Jim's huge cock, accepting it, swallowing it completely, surrounding it, taking that amazing length and width deep within her tight folds. Their pelvic areas were drenched with the wetness flowing from Leigh's pussy. I was in awe as Jim kept driving his huge penis deep into my wife's pussy, over and over, thrusting, driving, pounding, causing her to scream as she climaxed again and again. Her cunt was throbbing and quaking, gushing her wetness as Jim's massive cock pistoned deep into her over and over, causing her to experience multiple, shattering orgasms.

Soon Jim slowed his pace until he was languidly stroking his still hard and bulging member in and out of Leigh's soaked and ravaged pussy as she came down from her orgasms. Leigh was as limp as a rag doll and her breathing came in ragged, panting gasps. She was still moaning as the last of her orgasms ebbed from her body. Jim then slowly slid his cock very deep and completely into Leigh's cunt, causing her to moan loudly in pleasure. In that position, pelvis to pelvis with his ten thick inches of hard cock buried completely within her, Jim reached his right arm under her and around her waist, lifting her and holding her as he rolled over onto his back.

Leigh was now laying full length on top of Jim with his big cock still penetrating deep into her pussy. Leigh pushed herself up to a sitting position, leaning slightly forward, propping herself up with her hands on Jim's chest. Leigh tilted her head back and cried out in pleasure as she leaned back and sank farther down onto Jim's massive penis, her small body quaking in orgasm, her tight pussy clenching and contracting around the stiff manhood filling her so completely.

After her orgasm subsided, slowly, she began to ride him, raising slightly off his huge erection, then sinking back down upon it, taking him deep into her cunt, grinding down onto him, milking his marvelous penis.

"Oooh, yes," she cooed, "Your cock is so fucking big! Oh it's so...good!" Leigh was moaning quietly with her head thrown back as she gently rode his monster cock. She would raise slightly, an inch of his thick member withdrawing from her slick pussy, then she would grind down hard upon him, exulting in the depth to which he penetrated her, moaning from the exquisite pleasure his huge cock gave her. For a long time she rode him like that, being fucked and fucking so deeply and completely it was incredible.

As I watched my wife ride Jim's cock I had taken my erect cock out of my pants and had begun stroking it. Seeing my wife so wanton, so intoxicated by sex, so taken over by lust and animal passion had me turned on like I had never been turned on before.

Leigh's pace began to increase. Her strokes were still short, but now faster, more insistent.

Jim was reaching up, squeezing Leigh's firm tits in his hands, his fingers pinching her erect nipples as he thrust his cock deep up into her wet pussy while she ground down upon him.

Leigh's juices were flowing from her cunt in a torrent. She was leaning forward, pressing her tits into Jim's hands, moaning continuously as she rode Jim's raging cock. "Oh yes! Oh God yes! Oh yes, yes, yes! I want to feel you cum! I want you to cum in me! Oh, yes, fill me with your cock, fill me with your cum!" Leigh was panting as her strokes became longer and longer until finally a full six inches of hard thick cock was pummeling in and out of her drenched cunt as she rode it with wild abandon.

Jim was ramming his huge erection hard up into Leigh's cunt as she slammed down upon him, his cock driving, pounding, deep into her tight pussy. His toes were beginning to curl as Leigh furiously rode his mammoth cock.

Leigh's cunt was gushing, slurping and farting as Jim's giant rod rammed into her again and again. She was bouncing on top of his big cock now from the force of his thrusts, crying out "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" every time he rammed his ten inches home. She was a wild woman. She couldn't get enough of his big cock as he pounded it into her. Suddenly Leigh stiffened and shouted as she orgasmed, then she screamed in a shattering climax as Jim's huge penis erupted within her, exploding, throbbing, jerking and pulsing, loosing a geyser of his hot sperm deep into cunt, splashing his hot cum inside her, spraying his seed to the very depths of her pussy. Her cunt was throbbing, pulsing contracting and clenching around Jim's cock as he filled her with his sperm. His ejaculation was gargantuan, his huge cock spasming, jerking, throbbing, pumping torrents of cum into her cunt. For more than a minute he continued to cum, pumping jet after jet of hot sperm into Leigh, sending her into orgasm as each spurt of his cum erupted into her already cum-drenched pussy.

Soon they slowed and finally stopped, Leigh again laying upon Jim's chest. Come was oozing out of her cunt all around Jim's cock, down the sides of her legs, running down his cock. Both their crotches were soaked in cum. Leigh began to move off Jim, raising up off his semi-erect cock. As his cock withdrew from her cunt, great wads of cum flowed from her, it was running down her legs, dripping onto the bed and onto Jim. Just as Leigh disengaged from Jim's cock and flopped onto her back with a heavy sigh, I felt a hand placed on my back...


I almost hit the ceiling when I felt someone touch me. I whipped my head around to see who the hell it was. I was ready to yell something at them, they had given me such a scare, but when I turned I saw Amanda, Jim's wife, standing there holding her finger to her lips shushing me.

She was five feet ten inches of woman. Her hair was long, fiery red and flowing. Her face was gorgeous, her features seemed to have been sculpted with exquisite care. Her nose was small, her nostrils flaring. Her eyes were a scintillating shade of green and her full lips were red and pouty. Her skin was fair, not a blemish to be seen. Her breasts were magnificent to behold. They were very large and full. They did not sag at all but were firm and upstanding. Her body was magic, with all the right curves in all the right places. And her legs-Her legs were very long and slender, the shape and musculature of her calves was superb. Her thighs were trim and where they joined her crotch they were separated by a wondrous gap within which her pussy resided. I had never seen her naked, but in a bathing suit she was a sight to behold. Her ass, perched atop her slender legs, was as firm and tight as an ass could be. Right now she was wearing a very tight pink dress that came down to just below her crotch and it appeared she was wearing little else.

I quietly backed up from where I had been watching Jim and Leigh and stood up. Amanda grabbed me by the front of my shirt and with her finger still pressed to her lips pulled me toward the master bedroom.

When she got me into the bedroom Amanda said, "Well, isn't this a nice surprise?" and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue darting into my mouth, fluttering and dancing with my own.

I didn't know whether she meant a nice surprise for her or for me. I returned her kiss, responding with a pent up passion.

Amanda broke the kiss and looked down at me. The front of my shirt was untucked and my belt and pants still undone, my semi-erect cock waving in the air. I had been jacking off while watching Jim screw my wife and hadn't done anything about it.

Reaching up she started to take my tie off, pulling one side from the knot, then pulling it from around my neck. She asked, "So you like to watch your wife get fucked? Hmmm? Did you like to watch Jim pump his big, fat cock into your little wife? I bet you did! By the sounds of it, she liked his big cock alright!"

I didn't say anything. I knew that it had turned me on no end to watch Leigh being screwed by Jim, but I hadn't really analyzed my thoughts on how I felt about it.

Amanda continued to remove my clothes and talk to me. She had removed my shirt and undershirt and had slipped her hands into the waistband of my underpants, pushing them and my pants down. I kicked off my shoes as she nibbled her way down my bare chest slowly removing my pants as she went.

"How did you like seeing your wife cumming all over another man's cock?" she asked between nips. "Hmm? What do you think of her pussy being filled with his cock, filled with his cum! Does it turn you on? It turns me on!"

I thought about it a second and said, "Yeah, it turns me on!" I had a giant erection by this time. Between watching my wife get thoroughly banged, Amanda slowly undressing me and talking about her husband fucking my wife, I was extremely excited-more excited than I have ever been.

Amanda just laughed. "I thought so," she replied. She had pushed my pants and underpants down to my ankles. She was on her knees and I lifted each leg in turn, letting her slide the clothes completely off, taking my socks with them. "Ooh, this is exciting," she said as she grasped my hard cock in her hands. "Jim has wanted to fuck your little Leigh for some time," she stated as she began to stroke my immense hard-on while looking up at me with those beautiful green eyes. "Do you want to fuck me?" she asked, still stroking my erection, looking up at me from her knees.

"Yes, I want to fuck you!" I said. "I've wanted to fuck you since the day we met!"

"If I let you fuck me, will you do what I say? Will you do everything I tell you?"

"Yes," I groaned as she continued to masturbate my engorged penis.

"Good-I've often wanted you," she said as she lowered her head and slipped her soft full lips over the head of my cock.

Her mouth was hot. It was delicious. Amanda grasped my cock around the base with one hand, gently milking. Her other hand gently pulled and squeezed my balls as she fluttered her tongue over the head of my cock and applied a little suction with her mouth. She began to move her mouth on my rigid cock, bobbing her head forward and back. Soon she was stroking my whole eight inches with her lips and mouth, taking me deep into her throat as she continued to jack my cock and squeeze and tug on my balls.

"Oh, yeah!" I moaned. I was already close to exploding after watching my wife get so thoroughly fucked that my cock was drooling with precum. I was rock hard. I reached out and placed my hands on Amanda's head, curling my fingers in her luxurious hair as I pumped my hips, fucking my cock deeper into her hot, wet mouth.

Amanda released her grip from around the base of my cock, letting me fuck her mouth, moving her head in rhythm with my hip thrusts. My cock was sliding smoothly between her lips, her tongue lapping the underside of my swollen member as it drove deep into her mouth.

After several strokes I was ready to cum. I could feel the tension starting in my balls, the pressure building, my cock swelling, becoming harder until I couldn't hold it back anymore. With a loud groan I let go, my cum exploding from my cock in a torrent. Amanda started to grunt and coo as she swallowed spurt after spurt of my semen. I felt as though I was ejaculating lava. My cum was hot, leaving a burning, tingling sensation in its wake as it erupted from my twitching member. There was so much of it I was surprised. I had been without for several days, and my excitement at the current events was helping to fuel my orgasm. I looked down, watching as Amanda continued to stroke her mouth on my cock, swallowing my cum as it burst from my penis. Some of my juice oozed from the corner of her mouth and down her chin as she sucked my hard, throbbing cock.

Amanda had sucked me dry, milking the last of my cum from my cock with her hands and mouth. She stood up, smacking her lips. "Ummm, I like that!" she said, wiping cum from her chin with her finger. She put her finger to my mouth, saying, "Now you can do me." I opened my mouth and sucked on her finger, cleaning my cum from it as she stroked it, fucking my mouth with her finger.

She pulled her finger from my mouth and turned toward the bed, pulling her pink dress off over her head as she did so. She wore nothing underneath her dress. Amanda crawled on her hands and knees onto the bed, waving her fabulous ass as she went. She went to the middle of the bed and stopped. She pulled a pillow to herself, hugging it as she held ass up in the air, offering it to me.

The rear view of her ass and cunt was magnificent. Her tight, puckered, brown asshole winking at me and her pink cunt lips, parted like petals of a flower dappled in dew, surrounded by a halo of her red pubic hair was incredible.

I followed her to the bed. Moving up behind her I kissed the bottom of her left foot, tickling her a little with my tongue, causing her to jerk a little. Then I kissed the bottom of her right foot, again tickling her, then kissing and licking her ankle. I moved to her opposite ankle and up her firm, curvaceous calf, licking and kissing, switching from one to the other, moving up and up, licking the inside of her thighs, kissing the backs of her legs until I was kissing, licking and nipping her tight ass cheeks.

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