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Coming Home


It was about 4pm when he phoned her. "Hey sweetie, how are you?" he asked as she answered the phone, her voice was warm and loving when she said hi and that she was fine, just missing him so much. He had been away for 3 days on business and he was due to fly back this evening. Her voice also gave away a hint of excitement, hoping she would see him when he got back.

"I want to see you tonight my angel" he replied, "but I have something I want you to do for me."

Elisabeth gasped slightly at the request and with a slight nervousness in her voice asked, "What baby?"

"I want you to be ready by 8pm, I will come and pick you up and I want you to wear stockings, heels and that leather coat of yours, the long one... and nothing else" Henry said calmly. This made Elisabeth gasp again and after a moment's silence she whispered out "ok... but"

Henry cut her off there and told her to do this for him, he would explain his plans for the evening later and then told her that he was about to board the aircraft and he would chat to her later.

When he hung up he knew her mind would be all over the place but that she would be ready for him, probably very anxious and that the next 4 hours would cause her mind to race to so many conclusions.

They had known each other for about two years, talking regularly and found that they were perfect for each other but due to life, they were kept apart for way to long. She had only been home for about 2 months and they had spent every waking moment they could together. They loved each other completely and being together was like living a fairytale, the one they had both been craving for so long.

At 8pm she heard his keys unlock the front door. She was standing in the passage, all the lights in the house was off and she was ready, he wondered how long she had been waiting there for him but did not ask. He walked up to her and kissed her passionately, she tasted so good and smelled wonderful. After the passionate kiss she quickly looked him over, he was wearing a black suit and a white shirt with a red tie, he was such a stunning man and every time she looked at him she could not believe how lucky she was to have him in her life. His build was cuddly, not too big but his slightly overweight frame was also covered with tight muscles and she always felt safe in his arms. He took her hand and led her out and locked the front door behind them. He looked at her, her coat was buttoned all the way to the top but he knew she would have followed his instructions.

He led her down the 4 stairs to the pathway leading to the gate at the front of her house and then stopped her, reaching in his jacket pocket he took out a black silk scarf and placed it over her eyes and tied it behind her head.

"Does that feel ok?" he asked, she adjusted it a little and said yes, it's fine. "From now on there is no more talking ok?" She wanted to say yes but stopped herself and just nodded. They had played games like this before and when one was in control the other one submitted to their will.

They were not heavy into BDSM but they enjoyed playing and being kinky, both taking turns in being the dominant one... but tonight there was no doubt who was in charge.

Elisabeth thought of this and frowned a little as she was led to the car, she was not sure if she was sure she wanted him to be in control tonight. He had been gone so long and her hands were itching to play with her personal playground but if this is how the evening was to start then she knew her hands would not be touching much and definitely not in the ways she wanted.

He led her to the passenger side of the car and opened the door and helped her in. The smell of the car was different, something was different but she could not put her finger on it, probably just her senses heightened because of the blindfold she thought. She heard Henry get into the car as well and then the engine starting. Once again the noise was different... could it all be because of her senses being on high alert because of the lack of vision?

Her vision was completely cut off but sharp lights did light up the material slightly, allowing her to distinguish between very light and very dark places. As they drove she could sense as they drove under each of the street lights and she was in her mind counting the turns and working out where they were. She had been to his place many times so she knew the route well enough to know how far away they were.

After the first 5 minutes she felt his hand against the top of the coat. "I think we should play a little game" he said as she felt his hand undo the top button. "Every 5 minutes I am going to undo a button and we will see if we run out of buttons before we get to our destination.

As the first button was undone she felt the fresh evening air blow over the top of her cleavage. Her heart started beating faster, she knew parts of the way home was well lit and by the time they got there anyone around the car could get a very good view of her exposed body. She wanted to blurt out an objection but his command of her silence hit home.

About three quarter of the way to his home and several buttons later, Elisabeth was feeling rather exposed, her breasts were only partly covered by the coat and the buttons were undone to below her belly button. At this rate she would be completely exposed a few kilometers before they got to his place. This was causing a strange feeling of nervousness mixed with excitement, not knowing who might see her in this vulnerable position other than her man. This strange feeling was also stirring a unexpected arousal... she could smell as her wetness started to fill the air as her juices started flowing out of her pussy.

Suddenly she felt the car leave the motorway, followed by a few stops and turns. She was confused, this was not the way to his house but he told her she could not speak. Where was he taking her, what was his plans?

She felt the second last button being undone just as they left the motorway and her pussy was so wet, her juices flowing down her legs and down the crack of her ass. There was only one more button hiding her wetness from his view... and anyone else close to the car.

Her sweet scent was hanging in the air of the car, filling her censes and she was hoping his two but Henry did not say a word. They rounded a corner when his hand reached over and undid the last button, the coat felt like it fell completely off of her body, exposing herself completely. She sat there in the moving car, hands clenched to the seat as she felt the coat drop to her sides and a soft moan escaped from her lips. Henry's hand ran over her breast, pinching the nipple slightly before sliding his fingers over her tummy and down over her clit and her wet pussy. Her legs spread a little from the sensation and it felt like a small orgasm washed over her as he touched her so gently. A loud moan escaped her lips which caused Henry to laugh softly. He was obviously enjoying her torturous ride.

She felt the car slow down to almost what she thought was a stop and then slowly turn. She felt a bump like they were going up a driveway and then stop. The squeaking sound of moving steal next rung out and then the car started moving again, slowly for a few seconds and then stopped.

She heard Henry turn off the engine and open the car door and felt the car move slightly as he got out. The door closed and then her door opened. As it did the one side of her coat fell all the way away from her leg, revealing her gorgeous body to his view, her legs were covered by the long stockings, stopping at her upper thighs. Her mound was shaved smooth and her lips were so swollen, she thought to herself she is sure he can see her wetness in what ever light was lighting her body up. Her one breast was now completely exposed while the other was partly covered although she could feel both her nipples were exposed to his view, the tight buds felt so stiff that it was painful in the evening air.

He could see the confused look on her face. Where were they? Who else was there? What was his plan? But Henry kept quiet, only taking her hand and helping her up out of the car.

He led her over some slightly uneven but hard ground, her heels causing a clacking noise on them, probably bricks or cobble stones or something she thought to herself. He led her up a few stairs slowly, only about 3, far less than he had leading into his place and then several paces until he told her to stop.

She heard him fumbling with a few keys and then unlocked a door and led her inside. She could see a slight flickering light and hear the crackle of wood, from the direction of the flickering light she could feel a bit of heat as well, it was a good feeling on her cool skin from the night air.

He told her to stay right there and as she did she heard his footsteps over the wooden floor as he walked away, suddenly she heard a loud pop and then the sound of liquid running. Then she heard a clicking sound, each one accompanied with a flash of light.

She knew he was taking pictures, they had spoken about it so many times and she had allowed him to photograph her a few times in the past but never like this. It was always in private, always in a place she knew and only after she consented to it, this was none of those although she did not object. She loved him and trusted him with her life... and if she had to be really honest with herself, she was getting so turned on by what all he was doing, she did not even care if there was anyone else watching.

She wanted to be his, to be his playground.

She heard him put something down and then walk up behind her, he took off her coat and moved away from her. She stood there, just waiting for a few seconds and then heard the clicking again and saw the flashes through the silk scarf.

"Turn around... slowly" his voice commanded and she did. She was acutely aware of her exposed body, her wetness running down her legs as she slowly turned around for him. She could hear the clicks and see the flashes of the camera as she did. Once she had turned all the way around and was once again facing what she thought was the same direction she started from, she heard him put down what must be the camera and walk over to her. He told her to reach out her hand and placed a glass of Champaign in it. The cold glass was a slight shock to her sensitive fingers. It was like every other sense in her body was on fire with her eyesight no longer available to her.

She sipped on the liquid and as she did she felt his fingers gently run over her right breast, causing her body to jerk slightly, the sensation was so wonderful.

"You trust me hey?" he whispered to her softly. She took another quick sip before blurting out, "I do" and then gulping down the rest of the Champaign... suddenly remembering that she was not told she could speak yet. She felt his hand cup and caress the cheek of her ass but surprisingly he just laughed softly and whispered, "I have not told you that you can speak yet have I?" She was expecting punishment for her breaking of the rules but he just squeezed her ass.

He took the glass from her and then took her by the hands and led her a few paces, closer to the fire. He turned her and told her to sit down. As he helped her down she felt the cooler feel of leather on her ass as she sat down on a smooth flat surface. It had a bit of give, lightly padded but still a hard bench. He pulled her legs apart and moved it either side of the bench and then she felt him tie her ankles with straps. They were soft and warm but they were designed to keep her legs in place, there was no doubt about that.

Once both her legs were tied he told her to lay back and get comfortable. The bench was long, a bit wider than her shoulders and was fairly comfortable. He took her hands and stretched her arms out behind her and she felt him tie them down too.

Here she was laying, on her back, her legs spread, all her most sensitive areas exposed to who knows how many, her pussy was sopping wet and her nipples were as hard as two little diamond rocks. She was so excited, unsure of what he had planned but so excited none the less. She trusted him.

"Are you comfortable?" he asked.

She nodded yes

"You can speak" he said softly

"Yes" she whispered

"Where are we baby?" she asked but he did not say anything, he just picked up the camera again and took a few more pictures of her exposed body before answering... "Somewhere special"

This was not helping her place where she was but moments later her mind was ripped away from her thoughts as he gently ran a feather duster over her left nipple.

The sensation was so unexpected that her body tensed as if she had been shocked by electricity. "OH MY GOD" she screamed out between clenched teeth. Her lips parted to say more but before she could she felt the feather duster run over her other breast. As he let the feather duster slide over her nipple he whispered to her softly, "no more talking."

A long moan erupted out of her while he gently ran the feather duster over her breasts one by one, tracing circles around her hard nipples before tracing a trail over her tummy and over each side of her hips.

"Did you like that?" he asked.

Her head nodded yes.

But he did not bring it back to her body, her face pouted in her disapprovement of him withholding the feeling of the soft touch to her body. Suddenly she felt a sharp cold sensation on her left nipple as a drop of water ran off of the ice cube he was gently holding over her nipple. Her body twitched almost violently at the feeling of the cold drop. She had barely enough time to get use to the feeling before feeling a second cold drop on her right nipple.

The coldness was painful on her sensitive flesh and as suddenly as the cold had hit her rock hard little buds she felt the warmness of his mouth on them, sucking away the cold water.

The sensation along with the unknown of what was happening next was driving her crazy. When his mouth had licked away the cold water he moved away. She laid there, trying to work out what was next. She heard him moving a few feet away. What was he up to she wondered. Then she heard him move closer.

She suddenly felt something warm press against her lips, tracing them. She instinctively pushed out her tongue and tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum from the tip of his cock. As she pushed her tongue out he pulled away. She greedily licked off ever drop on her lips and then pouted her face again, wanting more. He once again ran the head of his cock over her lips and as soon as her tongue came out to lick him he pulled away, disappointing her once again. He could see she was getting frustrated. She wanted to taste him, lick him, get him back for everything he was doing to her and he just would not let her.

She felt something brush against her lips again and this time she had a plan, quickly opening her mouth and lifting her head, allowing the object to enter her mouth and allow her to suck on him but as she did she was disappointed to find it was not his cock, instead only his finger.

She still wanted to suck on him badly and if she could not suck his cock she was determined to show him what he was missing, she hungrily and greedily sucked on his finger until he pulled it from between her lips.

She smiled naughtily, pleased with herself but it only took moments for her smile to disappear as she suddenly felt a sharp stinging cold pain on her clit as he dropped a drop of ice water from an ice cube right on her swollen love button. She gasped for air and wanted to scream out.

When her body started to relax again he gently ran the ice cube over her swollen pussy lips, the sensation of the cold ice cube on her tender flesh made her squirm around but she could not pull away from it and he let it gently run around all over her pussy, spreading her outer lips and letting the cold wet block melt away on her warm folds of skin.

The ice cube melted in seconds in the heat from between her legs and he quickly replaced his mouth with where the cold ice cube had been stroking her tender flesh.

The sensation of such cold and then replaced with the heat of his hungry mouth made her squirm and thrash as a huge orgasm rocked her body, making her juices flow out of her and forced her to release a long quivering moan.

As he sat up he wiped her juices off of his mouth, it looked like he had been eating a very juicy fruit and the look on his face was one of pure excitement and joy for making her cum for him like that.

He stepped away and she heard the clicking of the camera again. Her breath was still rapid and her chest was rising and falling with every breath, her breasts almost swaying on top of her at the rate of her breathing.

After a few pictures and a few moments to allow her to regain her breath he told her to lift her ass off of the couch. She did and as she did she felt him slide something under her lower back, lifting her ass even more off of the couch.

"Lay down again, is that comfortable?" he asked her

She nodded again yes.

He then pulled something along the ground and she heard him move to between her legs. She felt a cool liquid run onto her smooth mound, just above her clit and ran down her pussy and over her asshole.

She then felt his finger gently rub her clit for a few seconds... it felt so good for her but soon his finger moved further down, running thorough her pussy lips and then she felt his finger gently run over her asshole.

They had spoken about anal sex and she had always wanted to try it but she had never trusted someone enough to do it with them. She had told him that she wanted to do it with him but they never seemed to get around to it and here he was, gently pressing his finger on her sensitive asshole, the feeling was strange but exciting, she felt a new flood of juices push out of her pussy just from the touch of his finger and her whole body shuddered.

"Oh my god" she let loose out between clenched teeth.

This time she had definitely broken his rule of silence and she did not care. She felt his finger pull away and she was almost ready to moan out loud for him to put it back there then she felt his cock push into her dripping pussy. It caused her to moan out loudly as he quickly stroked in and out of her. His strokes were deep, quick and with purpose and as quickly as he entered her he pulled out of her and allowed his hard member to slap over her pussy and clit, causing her body to twitch and pull away and making her gasp for air. She bit her bottom lip not to scream out to him and just as quickly as he started he stopped and moved away.

Every inch between her legs felt like it was on fire, she wanted him back there but she could not sense him anywhere near her. Then suddenly she felt a stinging feeling on her ass cheek as she felt his hand spank her, the sensation of the burning desire between her legs and his hand placed firmly on her bottom made her gasp for air once more.

His hand remained there... the spank was not sore but unexpected. His hand was now massaging her firm bottom where he just spanked her as she heard his voice, "No talking... remember?"

The question was rhetorical and as she pondered it she felt his hand move away from her ass. She felt something push on her lips and she instinctively opened her mouth.

Henry was pushing his cock into her mouth, feeding her his hard shaft, still dripping from her wetness mixed with the subtle hit of the strawberry lubricant.

She hungrily sucked and licked at his manhood and suddenly had to gasp as she felt his finger again gently running over her asshole.

"Do you like that?" he asked as his finger made slow circles around her sensitive sphincter. This time she nodded slowly, his cock still in her mouth.

Elisabeth could not believe the feeling of his gentle touches. She loved it. In the past she had played with her ass before, even slipping a dildo into her sensitive asshole but it had never felt so intense before. His touches were driving her crazy and making her only want more.

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