tagInterracial LoveComing Home Ch. 02

Coming Home Ch. 02


Sorry about the long delay. as usual, life got in the way. The next chapter will be here much sooner. Hope you enjoy.


Maya fretted about what to wear for dinner. She'd made a green chile macaroni and cheese dish that she'd had once in New Mexico, to serve alongside skirt steak and salad. The macaroni was in the oven and the steak was coming to room temp, just waiting to be thrown on the grill.

The phone rang and she answered it despite it being a number she didn't recognize.


She could hear the smile in his voice. "Ms. Butterworth, it's Ryan."

"Oh, hi."

I just wanted to let you know that I'm on way and to ask if there was anything that I could bring with me."

"No. How far away are you?"

"About ten minutes, what do you need?"

"Nothing, just wondering. What are you wearing?"

"Maya, are you trying to seduce me over the phone?"

"No no, I just wanted to know what I should wear tonight."

With a different type of woman, or this woman at a different time, he might quip that all she needed to wear was the scent of him.

"I'm wearing jeans and a dress shirt. Is that okay?"

Maya pictured his long legs clad in jeans and nodded absentmindedly.

"Maya, are you there?"

"Uhm, yes. No. I mean yes, that's fine. See you in a few minutes."

Maya hung up the phone and rushed into her bedroom and picked up a sundress from the choices on her bed. Tugging it over her head she eyed herself in the mirror and touched up her lipstick before grabbing heeled sandals to slip into later. In less than ten minutes Ryan was at the door, knocking on the screen and peering in. He smiled as he watched her walk down the hallway to unlatch the screen door and let him in. She smiled shyly at him and accepted the potted plant he was holding and held out her arm for his jacket.

Ryan handed her the jacket and looked around. Her home seemed comfortable. Plump sofa and chairs around a fireplace complemented by a box beam ceiling and throw rugs with houseplants spilling over

He stopped her as she got ready to hang up his jacket and pulled something from a pocket of the jacket.

"Is that a cd?"

He nodded. "I figured we could do a bit more dancing."

Maya watched as he ejected the current CD from her stereo and slid in his own. Strains of a slow country song, some man imploring a woman to miss him, wafted out. Ryan held out his arms and she moved into them easily, pressed against him. Outside, anyone driving down Waverly Court could see them dancing through the open curtains.

Ryan slid his hands up her back, stroking the skin above the top of the sundress before sliding back down to her waist.

He dipped his head and kissed her bare shoulder. "Thank you for having me for dinner."

She cocked her head, giving him greater access to her neck and mumbled something into his shoulder. He pulled away slightly.

"What was that?"

She looked at him dreamily. "What was what?"

He grinned. "I think it's time for dinner."

Ryan followed her into the kitchen, watching as she bent over to pull something out of the oven.

"Would you mind throwing the steaks on the grill while this sits for a few minutes?"

Ryan followed her out onto the patio off the kitchen. The gas grill was preheated and she handed him tongs and the plate before heading back into the kitchen.

"I like mine medium well" she called from the kitchen.

Ryan looked out over her backyard as he placed her steak on the grill. She'd managed to create a sense of privacy through the use of plants and fencing, though she had neighbors to both sides of her and directly behind. In the distance he heard children laughing and a screen door slam.

There was a spray bottle full of water on a yellow metal table next to the grill. As the flames licked at the fat of the steak, he used it keep the fire manageable.

Maya was delighted. He had had three helpings of the macaroni and cheese, apologizing for doing so.

"It's been a while since I had a home cooked meal." He grinned sheepishly.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it. I rarely get a chance to cook for anyone."

Ryan put down his napkin, all teasing gone. "I don't understand why not. I get the sense from your letters and in meeting you, that you're sweet and kind. You're beautiful. Is there something I'm missing?"

He watched the blush climb her cheeks as she looked away.

She fumbled with her words. "There's nothing wrong that I know of. Just... small town, I don't put myself out there...I really don't know. "

She sought a way to deflect attention from herself. "What about you? A girl in every port I bet."

The barest hint of a smile played about his lips. "That's sailors. No ma'am. We soldiers are solid, steady and true to the core."

Maya wasn't put off. "So you have one special someone instead of a bevy of women."

Ryan stood and placed each of their plates into the sink behind the kitchen table. His back to her, he ran water into the sink. "I was engaged two years ago to a girl I've known forever. She called off the engagement when I received orders."

Maya scraped her chair back and stood next to him. "I'm sorry, Ryan."

He didn't face her. "She was right. Going off to war is hell. Being left behind is worse than hell. Not knowing if they'll make it home and if they do, what scars they'll carry. She wasn't strong enough to wait and I wasn't selfish enough to ask her to wait."

After dinner they sat on the love seat on the back porch, watching the storm clouds roll in. She kicked off her shoes and curled her legs under her. Lightening in the distance illuminated her face.

"There's nothing selfish about wanting to be loved, Ryan."

He turned to face her. "I'm a soldier. My life doesn't belong to me. I don't think that would be enough for a woman like you."

Ryan pulled her to him, and cradled her head in his hands. "Are you sure?"

Maya wondered why he was still talking.


His hands drifted to the zipper at the back of the dress and he slowly lowered it, watching himself in the mirror on top of her dresser. He then slid the dress straps over her shoulders and bared her torso, slowly. By the time he got to her waist, he had to stop and steady his hands.

She was beautiful. Dark skin, unmarred by blemishes. She'd not worn a bra under her dress and he was presented with full breasts, perky and topped by erect nipples just a shade darker than her skin. He ran his hands over her shoulders and down her back as he laced kisses along her shoulders and dipped his tongue into the valley at the base of her neck. Her skin tasted fresh.

He swiveled her around so she was facing the mirror as he stroked one breast, teasing her without touching her nipple. In response she arched her back, offering herself up to him. Still he teased, light grazes against her nipple, hefting the weight of her breast in his hand.

"Touch me, Ryan."

He slid his mouth over hers just as his hand covered her breast, the distended nipple pressing against his palm before being taken by his fingers and tugged. Her deep growl giving him license to tug harder.

He ravished her mouth, sucking her bottom lip between his own pulling away only to replace his fingers with his mouth, his teeth gently raking against her sensitive flesh and alternating with suckling.

Maya slid one hand into his hair.

He lightly tugged the dress over her hips and stood back. She was clad only in panties that exposed the entire length of her leg and hip.

He guided her to the bed and pushed her back, lying on top of her fully clothed as he once again fed himself on her mouth. She moaned at the sensation of his cotton shirt rubbing against her skin.

He leaned his forehead against hers and against his body's orders, spoke. "Maya, I can't promise you...I head back soon and don't know if I'll make it back home. I don't want..."

She tugged his head up and traced his lips with her tongue. "Don't promise me. Just give me what you can."

Ryan suckled her neck roughly, tasting the salty sweat on her skin before standing and unbuttoning his shirt. He let it drop off his arms and Maya's belly clenched. He was beautiful. Trim, muscled physique. She wanted to trace the patch of hair leading down his abdomen into his pants with her fingers and then her mouth.

He unzipped his jeans and pushed them along with his shorts, down his legs. His erection jutted away from his body.

Ryan returned to the bed, lying alongside her, his hand learning the contours of her body, the contrast in their skin tones turning him on more than he'd expected. He dipped his finger into her navel and then stroked over her silk covered mound. Her hips eagerly rose to meet his hand.

He moved to kneel between her thighs and pressed his mouth against her panties, pushing the fabric aside with his nose as he inhaled. His tongue gently lapped against her lips, while his nose bumped against her sensitive nub.

She bent her knees and he placed a hand the inside of each thigh, pressing them down toward the bed, opening her to him. He took his time, gazing at the parts of her swollen labia not covered by panties before lowering his head.

Her hips steadily rose as he sucked her swollen lips into his mouth. He ran his tongue up and down her seam before twirling it around her clit finally.

He used one hand to hold her panties to the side while the other tweaked her nipples. He slid one finger inside her pussy, loving the steamy wetness before sliding the finger into his mouth. He began to circle, stroke and suck her clit in earnest as she moved against his mouth, her fingers straying to his hair to lightly tug. With no warning he felt her bucking against his face, her thighs quivering and soft moans escaping her.

He moved from between her legs and pulled her panties down her legs before grasping one nipple in his teeth, tugging and swirling.

Maya couldn't help herself as she pulled him to her. She licked his lips, tasting herself there. Her hands stroked his chest, flicking his nipples and loving his moan when she pulled gently.

She traced his flat stomach, her fingers curling in the hair before sliding down to stroke him, just once, enough to know that she would love having him inside. She ran one finger over the head of his cock, her fingers coming away sticky and cupped his balls in her other hand. She grasped his shaft sliding her hand slowly up and down until he laid his head against her shoulder.

"Now, Ryan?"

It sounded like a question to his ears, but he couldn't be sure. He settled between her thighs and held his cock in one hand as he slid on a condom. He stroked along the length of her sex. He tapped it against her clit as he slid his tongue into her mouth and as he sucked her tongue into his mouth he slide himself inside her, pausing slightly and opening his eyes to watch her as she took him in for the first time.

She was staring right into his eyes and biting the corner of her lower lip as he pumped lightly. She frowned a bit, as he pulled out but sighed when he slid back inside. She pressed her thighs against the sides of his ass as he increased the pacing of his thrusts.

Ryan couldn't believe how tight she was, so much so that he knew that if he hadn't been wearing a condom he would already have ejaculated.

Maya's head was thrown back as she convulsed around him and seeing her pleasure was all Ryan needed to cum, he pressed his mouth to her neck as he pumped rapidly, spilling himself.

Just then a bolt of lightening cracked the silence outside and lit up the sky. A cool wind blew a spray of rain into the bedroom. Ryan was loathe to move. He wanted to stay inside her, on top of her as long as he could. Her fingers were tracing random patterns up and down his ass.

He moved over in bed and discarded the condom in the trash can next to the bed before turning back to her, pulling her into his embrace. He sought out her mouth, making love to it tenderly, his fingers moving through her hair.

At some point, Maya got up and locked up the house and put away the food. Standing at the foot of her bed, she watched him sleep, sprawled sexily across the bed, his dark hair vivid against the pale sheets.

Ryan woke the next morning to the scent of coffee tantalizing close by. Her turned his head and watched steam rise from the cup on the nightstand to his right.

Maya turned from the counter to grab a banana from the fruit bowl on the table to add to the fruit salad and found Ryan leaning against the door doorjamb, cradling the cup of coffee. The look in his eyes made her flush and she looked down to see fi she was accidentally exposing herself in some way.

"It doesn't matter what you're wearing."

"It doesn't?"

"Nope." His smile was predatory, like a big cat cornering it's game.

She turned back to the preparation on the counter peeling the banana only halting as his forearms came to rest on the counter on both sides of her. His lips nuzzled the back of her neck and her head dropped forward. When his fingers found their way under the silky short robe to trace the curve of her spine, she dropped the knife on the counter. As he inserted a jean-clad thigh between her legs and pressed against her bare junction, she closed her eyes and moaned.

Ryan wished he had more time.

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