tagGroup SexCommon Ground Ch. 3

Common Ground Ch. 3


Cammie thought the wedding had been beautiful. She couldn't remember ever being more happy. Alec was now her husband, and in the double ceremony, her best friend and lover, Terry, had become Mrs. Mike Parker.

The four of them had just left the huge reception celebrating their marriages. Now that they were safely ensconced in the limo, they all breathed a collective sigh of relief at getting through the weddings and reception without a hitch. They were on the way to the hotel where they would spend the night, then tomorrow they all boarded a plane to Hawaii for their joint honeymoons.

Cammie turned to Alec with a grin and said, "I hope you're not having any second thoughts baby, because it's definitely too late now!"

"No way, Mrs. Masters," he replied, "today I am the happiest man alive because the most beautiful woman on the planet just said 'I do' to me." He leaned over and tenderly kissed Cammie's lips to punctuate his point. Cammie sighed in complete contentment.

"Ahem," said Mike. "I would like to formally dispute your statement that you are the happiest man alive and that you married the most beautiful woman on the planet! I think that distinction belongs to lovely Terry and I."

"Oh, excuse me!" Alec said in an amused tone. "I think in order to keep the peace we should consider this a tie."

The four of them laughed heartily. Cammie thought once again how lucky she was to be loved by three such special people. She loved Alec completely, and she had no doubt that marrying him was the best thing she'd ever done. Terry, her best friend since second grade, had also been her lover for the past six months. Mike was also a wonderful man, and he worshipped the ground that Terry walked on.

The two couples had formed a unique sexual friendship. Once or twice a week they would all get together for what they had come to call their little "sex parties." Cammie and Terry would do each other, and the men would either watch and masturbate or they would would participate as the ladies requested. Mike and Terry would also watch Cammie and Alec, and vice versa. They had all become quite addicted to the added voyeuristic/exhibitionistic thrill of it all.

The one thing they had not done yet was a full swap of partners. None of them had wanted to rush into that since things were plenty damned hot as they were. They all had talked about it, and agreed that they would do it when the time was right...when everyone was absolutely sure that there would be no jealousy or possessiveness.

What Alec and Mike didn't know was that Cammie and Terry had been making plans for the big "swap meet" for several weeks now. They both felt that everyone was ready, and now it was just a matter of when it would happen. Terry had been the first to come up with the idea of doing it the second night of their honeymoons, the first night in Hawaii.

Cammie immediately fell in love with the idea. The wedding night would be the special night of consummating their marriage with their new spouse, and the second night would be the beginning of a new level to their sexual friendship. Cammie was to tell Alec about their plans tonight and see if he agreed, and likewise Terry would talk with Mike. Neither of the women thought the men would say no.

Just thinking about it made Cammie go wet between the legs. She could just picture Alec's huge cock penetrating Terry's perfect tight pussy. She could easily imagine herself getting off while Mike fucked her. She believed this experience would be as mind-blowing as all the others had been.

Alec broke into her speculative thoughts by whispering into her ear, "I know that silly grin on your face, baby. You have to be thinking about sex. Well, so am I. I can't wait to make love to you for the first time as my wife."

"Oh God, Alec, me neither," Cammie affirmed.

"Well, none of us will have to wait much longer," Terry interjected. "We're here!"

The limo pulled up in front of the hotel, and Alec and Mike helped their new brides out. As they walked into the lobby, every head turned to look at the them. Cammie knew they were quite a sight with the men in their charcoal gray tuxedos and she and Terry in their magnificent white gowns.

As the men checked in, Cammie put her arms around Terry and gave her a huge hug. "I'm so happy, Ter, for you as well as myself. I love you. I hope you and Mike have a wonderful night tonight."

Terry blinked back tears as she hugged her friend back. "I love you too, Cammie. Alec is a lucky, lucky man, and don't you ever let him forget it!"

Cammie released Terry and whispered, "Are you still game for tomorrow night? I want to make sure before I say anything to Alec."

"Oh hell yeah," Terry responded immediately. "I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I don't have one single doubt. Oh, honey, can't you just imagine how fucking hot it will be?"

Cammie giggled. "Yep, it's crossed my mind a time or two!"


Alec patiently waited for his new wife to emerge from the hotel bathroom. He was sitting in the chair on the far side of the room, wearing nothing but the navy blue silk robe Cammie had given him for his birthday. The robe was conspicuously tented out in front as he eagerly anticipated making love to his new wife.

He was so happy. He loved Cammie more than he ever thought possible, and having her with him had made his life complete. Their friendship and the sex with Mike and Terry was icing on the cake. He couldn't imagine what could possibly make things more perfect.

The door to the bathroom opened, and Cammie appeared. His heart skipped a beat as he took in the sight of her. She was truly a vision. She wore a traditional white nightgown that reached down to her ankles. The long gown was silk, and it clung to her body, accentuating her curvy form. She wore a white flower in her luxurious auburn hair.

Her green eyes were filled with a smoldering glow, and her gaze never left his as she slowly crossed the room to him. She stopped a few feet from him, and she slowly turned in a tight circle, allowing him to see her from all angles. Alec struggled to memorize every detail of how beautiful she looked at that moment.

When she faced him again, she said in a low, sultry voice, "I am yours now, Alec. Really yours. And you are mine. Come show your wife how much you love her." She held out her hand to him.

He took her hand and stood. "Camille, you look simply stunning. I can't believe you're mine. I've never wanted anything before like I want you now."

Alec took her into his arms and held her tight. He breathed deep, inhaling her clean scent, which to him was finer than the most expensive exotic perfume. He just held her for a long time, savoring the warmth radiating outward from her lovely body.

Finally, he stepped back and faced her. He leaned down and kissed her, softly at first, then more deeply. She yielded to him completely, her body melting into his, creating a perfect fit. He teased her pliant lips with his tongue, and she parted her lips, allowing his tongue to find hers.

Both of them began breathing shallowly as the heat between them grew. He slid his lips downward from hers, and he kissed his way down her long, graceful neck. She let her head fall backward, giving him complete access to the sensitive skin of her throat. He could feel her rapid pulse in the vital artery in her neck, and it excited him further.

He ran his hands over the creamy white skin of her shoulders and arms, and Cammie shivered lightly in response. His fingers found their way to her breasts, and he traced their shape through the fluid silk of her nightgown. When his fingers passed over her erect nipples, she gave a low moan that thrilled him as much as any touch would.

He returned his lips to hers as he slid his hands behind her, gripping her ass and pulling her tight against him. She automatically ground her pelvis into his, creating a delicious friction between his massive erection and the silk fabric still covering them both. He groaned with delight at the sensation.

He could wait no longer. He had to see and touch every inch of her body. Stepping away from her, he untied the sash of his robe, and he pulled it off. He tossed his robe aside and stood before her, completely naked. His cock was brick hard and stood out proudly in front of him.

"Take that beautiful gown off, Cammie. I want to see your even more beautiful body," he said hoarsely.

She smiled at him and she seductively slid the gown's spaghetti straps off her shoulders. Then she turned, facing away from him. With amazing agility, she grasped the zipper at the back of her gown and very slowly pulled it downward. Alec watched, enthralled, as she exposed the smooth skin of her back, inch by inch.

The zipper ended just above the curve of her ass, and when she had it pulled down all the way, she turned to face him again. Still holding the gown up to cover herself, she smiled teasingly at him. As he grinned back, she slowly lowered the gown, exposing her full breasts. Alec's heart thumped hard in his chest as she pulled the gown down all the way and stepped out of it.

She straightened up and struck a sexy pose for him as his eyes feasted on her nude form. Her full, round breasts were capped by pale pink nipples. They were fully erect, beckoning for his touch. Her waist was slim, and her legs were long and toned. Her dark auburn pubic hair was trimmed into a neat V, and Alec knew that she was clean shaven from the bottom of her patch to her anus. He could see her rosy pink labia, and he shuddered when he realized that there were already dewy drops of arousal forming there.

Alec had to have her, right now. He quickly stepped forward, and he effortlessly picked Cammie up and carried her to the king-sized bed. He softly lay her down then stretched out on the bed next to her. In seconds they were locked in another sizzling kiss, their hands exploring each other's bodies as their tongues mingled sensuously.

Cammie gasped loudly into Alec's mouth when his fingers parted her pussy lips and trailed upward over her aroused clit. Cammie responded in kind, grasping Alec's hard dick and stroking it lovingly. As his probing fingers worked her clit with more urgency, Cammie looked into his eyes and shrieked, "Oh god baby, I'm going to come already! Ohhhhh!"

Alec had to fight not to come himself as he felt her body go rigid, then shudder uncontrollably. Her face was contorted in pleasure and her hand automatically clamped down harder on his cock as she stroked him.

When Cammie regained some measure of control of her body, she urgently said, "Alec, I want you now. I can't wait another second to have your cock in my pussy. Please."

Alec smiled at her, and with deliberate slowness, he lifted his hand to his mouth and licked each finger clean of her delicious juices. Cammie's face was a mask of pure lust, and her eyes were begging him to fuck her.

With Cammie still on her back, Alec climbed on top of her, pinning her to the bed with his bulk. Using his knees, he gently forced her legs farther apart with the strength in his legs. Finally, he had his cock poised at the entrance to her soaking pussy.

He began gently rubbing his cock over her labia, caressing her clit with excruciating slowness. He could feel her trying to thrust her hips forward to get his dick into her, but he kept her pinned tightly beneath him.

"Are you sure your pussy is ready for my cock, baby?," he teased while nuzzling her neck.

"Yessss, Alec! Oh, please baby, fuck me!" she nearly screamed.

With that, Alec thrust forward, burying himself to the hilt inside her impossibly wet hole. Even after a year of loving her he still couldn't believe how tight her pussy was. She enveloped his cock in silky wet bliss.

Cammie moaned loudly then said, "That's it, baby. Fill my pussy with that beautiful cock of yours!"

Alec pulled back then pushed forward again, causing Cammie to writhe in pleasure beneath him. He kissed her hotly as he thrust his hips more urgently, pumping his cock into her harder and harder. Cammie met each thrust with one of her own, meeting his rhythm perfectly.

When she began to moan louder, Alec knew that she had another orgasm on the way soon. While still pumping his cock into her, he leaned down and took her left tit into his mouth, sucking hard on the nipple. That did it for Cammie. In one blinding moment, all her love and passion for him coalesced into a fireball of sensation, and she came again with dizzying force.

She screamed his name over and over as her body rode the tidal wave of climactic sensations. When Alec felt her pussy clenching tight around his cock, his own orgasm crested and he let go, filling her pussy with what felt like a massive load of cum. Then it was his turn to scream her name as he lost himself in the multitude of pleasurable feelings.

They lay there for a long time, locked together, trying to regain control of their breathing. Finally, Alec rolled off of her and lay on his side facing her.

While gently caressing her cheek, he said, "I love you, wife."

With a tender smile she replied, "And I love you, husband."


Some time later, as they cuddled together and rested, Cammie decided it was time to tell Alec about her and Terry's plan for the partner swap.

"Alec, I would like to talk to you about something. Do you remember a few months ago when we were at Mike and Terry's and we were all discussing the partner swap thing?" she asked tentatively.

"Sure, Cam, I remember that. We all seemed to like the idea but we didn't want to rush things. We wanted to make sure there would be no regrets," he said.

"Yes, that's what we said. Well, Terry and I have been talking..."

"Uh oh, sounds like trouble," Alec teased, interrupting her.

Cammie punched him lightly on the arm and continued. "Very funny. Like I said, Terry and I were talking about it, and we both think that we're ready to do it. I want to know if you're still interested, and if you have any reservations at all about switching partners. You know, a new game for our sex parties."

"Wow," he replied, "I always wondered if we'd get back around to this. Cammie, I still find the idea very exciting, but I never would have done it unless I was absolutely sure you wouldn't be hurt. Not just you, but Terry and Mike too. If everybody is really cool with it, then count me in!"

"Oh, Alec, I'm so glad you feel that way. Terry is going to talk to Mike about it tonight and make sure he's still game. If he is, what would you think about going for it tomorrow night? Make our first night in Hawaii extra special?"

"Sounds great to me. But no matter how great it turns out to be, I want you to know that nothing will ever be more special than you and I making love together." He kissed her sweetly, meaning every word.

"I feel exactly the same way, baby. In fact, I want some more of your supremely special cock right now," Cammie said with a sexy smile. She licked her lips seductively then began to kiss her way down his muscular body.

Alec groaned, immediately knowing where she was heading. He closed his eyes and once again thanked his lucky stars for bring this incredible woman into his life, and into his bed.


Bright and early the next morning, the two newlywed couples met in the lobby of the hotel. Everyone was excited to be on their way to Hawaii, but even more than that, an air of sexual tension surrounded them.

With a few whispered words, Terry told Cammie that Mike was thrilled at the prospect of 'trying Cammie on for size,' as he put it. "Alec is ready to go too," Cammie told her in an excited tone.

With an evil grin, Terry announced loudly, "You boys had better get plenty of rest on the plane. You'll need every ounce of strength you can get tonight!" Her wide dark eyes glittered wickedly.

Without missing a beat, Mike said in a more hushed tone, "That goes double for you, Ter. Have you forgotten how big Alec's cock is? "

Alec's cheeks went pink and they all cracked up at his modest blush as they left the hotel and climbed into a cab for the ride to the airport.

At the airport, they got their luggage checked in and boarded the plane smoothly. The flight left on time, and soon they were all comfortably settled into their seats on their way to beautiful Hawaii and the new experiences that awaited them there.

Terry and Mike sat directly behind Cammie and Alec on the flight, so they were prevented from talking much during the trip. Cammie tried to read a book, and Alec, apparently taking Terry's advice, promptly fell asleep.

Cammie soon found that she was unable to concentrate on the book's plot as her mind kept wandering to the night ahead of them. As she let her imagination go wild, she found herself getting more and more aroused. She couldn't believe she was this horny already, after all, she and Alec had made love three different times the previous night.

Setting her book aside, she shifted in her seat, unable to sit still. She studied Alec as he napped, and she was overcome with the desire to touch him, feel him. Impulsively, she grabbed the light airplane blanket she had stashed next to her and covered Alec and part of herself with it. Alec shifted in his seat, but didn't open his eyes. She wasn't sure if he was still asleep or not, but she would find out momentarily.

She briefly looked around, checking out the other passengers. A few people were napping, and the rest seemed to be engrossed in their own time-killing pursuits. No flight attendants were in sight. Perfect.

Feeling naughty and overwhelmingly horny, Cammie slid her right hand up under the blanket into Alec's lap. When her fingers grazed his cock through his jeans, Alec's eyes snapped open and fixed on Cammie's face. He didn't move or speak, he just watched her intently.

Keeping her eyes locked on his, Cammie rubbed his cock harder, relishing the feeling of it's growing hardness beneath her fingers. She could hear Alec's breathing speed up as his body responded to her insistent touch.

By the time Cammie unbuttoned his jeans and carefully pulled the zipper down, Alec's cock was already fully erect. By the time she pushed his underwear down as far she could and wrapped her fingers tightly around his hard-on, his cock was throbbing urgently.

Cammie didn't speak as she began slowly stroking Alec's cock. She merely stared into his eyes and relished the sensation of his silky smooth erection sliding through her grip. She could feel every bulge and vein of his dick passing through her fingers, and she loved it.

On each upstroke of her hand, Cammie ran her thumb sensously over the plum-like head of Alec's cock. Soon Alec was thrusting his hips as much as he could while sitting, striving to increase the hot friction between his hard rod and Cammie's expert grip.

His mouth dropped open, and she could hear tiny sounds of pleasure deep in his throat. She knew he was struggling hard not to make any noise that would draw attention to them. Her green eyes and his hazel ones were still locked together, communicating more than mere speech could.

Both of them shuddered with pleasure when Cammie's thumb discovered the pre-cum gathering on his cock head and spread the moisture over it's hyper-sensitive surface. Cammie automatically tightened her grip and pumped harder, sliding his erection through her hand even more vigorously.

Alec was now sucking air in rapidly between his teeth, fighting to take in oxygen and remain quiet at the same time. Cammie saw his eyes open wider and felt his body go rigid at the same time. On the very next stroke of her hand, she felt his cock explode and her hand immediately became slippery with his warm cum. She kept her hand tight around his dick until his body stilled and the aftershocks from his climax stopped.

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