The Commuter

As the train rolls through the night

I think of the world pleasures and heavenly delight

And I watch the world reflected in the glass

My thoughts go quickly to your hot little ass

My thoughts evolve to walking through the door

Knowing this is the beginning of more

To the sight of your body glistening in the glow

And the juices from your pussy begin to flow

Your hands quickly grab and tear and pull

My mouth on yours and the passion so full

The boy shorts and chemise that looked so right

Are now on the floor as I pull you so tight

Your honey pot is wet and embraces my cock

Our bodies are one, our eyes interlock

The passion builds, release will soon come

Our bodies, our souls, our obsessions are one

My mouth on your breast, your hands on my butt

We attack each other like animals in the rut

You scream out my name as you lose all say

My control is gone as I have my way

We fondle and snuggle for a minute or so

Because the intensity remains and again I grow

As the train rolls through the night

And dream of your pleasures and heavenly delights

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