tagNonConsent/ReluctanceComplete Dentist's Exam

Complete Dentist's Exam


After an intensely thorough physical examination by my new doctor and his medical students (see Complete Physical short story), I was rather happy with my choice to settle down in this new town. My job was fulfilling and I could afford to buy a nice little house on the edge of town. The locals were very friendly and seemed to keep their noses out of your business. I liked the nearby walking trails and the clear view of the stars at night.

It was a sunny Saturday morning in early June when I went to see the dentist for the first time. I had a filling fall out a couple of weeks earlier so needed that fixed as well as a routine check up. I was hoping it wasn't going to be a difficult procedure since I had planned to walk around a nearby lake after my appointment. I had dressed for the warm day in a white, short-sleeved cotton blouse and blue wraparound skirt. My bra and thong set was white and new. Who says a big woman can't wear pretty undergarments? There was no need for nylons so I had slipped into a pair of well-worn leather sandals for the comfort I knew they would provide on my walk.

The office was located at the side of a stately older home near the centre of town. As I entered the door, a little bell rang from the top of the door jam. There wasn't anyone around in the tidy little reception area but I heard some rustling from down the hall and a man's voice call out that he would be with me shortly.

I've never been comfortable with dentists. I've had a couple of bad experiences with them before. Plus, I don't seem to freeze very well from the needles. So I was very nervous as I paced the floor waiting for someone to appear.

After a couple of minutes, the man came out to greet me. He introduced himself as Dr. Dave, the dentist. He looked to be about 50 from the grey in his hair and the crinkles at the edge of his eyes. He was a tall man of slender build with pale blue eyes and bushy eyebrows. As I shook his hand, I noticed he had long, thin fingers like those of a pianist. Dr. Dave explained that his dental assistant had called in sick so he was unable to conduct the check up. Apologizing for the inconvenience, he offered to replace the filling, if it was straight forward. Darn, and just when I thought I could get away and enjoy the rest of the day without the weird feeling of having half my face frozen and the pain that usually follows when it disappears.

Dr. Dave could see the disappointment on my face and apologized again for the trouble so I had to tell the nice man that it wasn't the bother that upset me. It was just that I was very fearful of those in his profession and I would be tense and jumpy throughout the procedure. Dr. Dave offered to give me some nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, as it more commonly known. He explained that it relaxes the patient and reduces their anxiety level. It doesn't knock you out and it has no lasting effects so I'd be back to normal just 30 minutes after I stopped using it. That sounded like a godsend to me so I eagerly agreed.

Dr. Dave led me down the hallway to a treatment room. It was the typical dental room – futuristic chair, big light on a massive steel arm, trays with scary-looking instruments, little sink beside the patient chair and pictures of teeth on the walls. After I sat down, the dentist moved the chair back to a reclining position and placed a small rubber cup over my nose. It was attached to tubing and I heard a soft hiss as he opened the valve for the laughing gas to flow. The smell was sickly sweet. He told me that he would be back in a few minutes, after the gas had taken effect.

I lay there breathing in the sweet gas and closed my eyes. Already, I felt myself starting to relax. I drifted for who knows how long. It could have been hours, or seconds. My mind had gone to a nice place and I didn't care whether a tooth was about to be drilled or not. I was so relaxed that I wasn't sure the dentist had returned or if I was dreaming it. He chatted to me as he prepared his tray, asking me if I was happy in his town (to which I nodded, I think), and whether I liked Dr. Jones, the local physician (to which I nodded again, I think). He told me that Dr. Jones had mentioned to him that we had met the week before. He joked that Dr. Jones told him to treat me well since I was a nice lady. I was only half-listening since the gas was still flowing so I smiled at his joke and kept my eyes closed.

Dr. Dave asked me to open my mouth and he probed inside with his little round mirror to see what work was required. He told me that the filling was small so it would be easy to fix without any need for freezing. That was a relief to hear. At least I wouldn't be dealing with that for the next few hours. He started up his drill and got to work. I'd never been so calm in a dentist's chair before and I was sold on laughing gas. From then on, I wouldn't have any dental work done without it.

I must have drifted off to sleep because when I woke up, my mouth was closed and I could feel a filling where once there was a hole in my tooth. I could still feel the rubber cup on my nose and hear the hiss of the laughing gas. I was far too lethargic to move or even consider opening my eyes. My mind drifted off into a nice place again.

A hand was stroking my breasts through my blouse and bra. I couldn't tell if I was fantasizing or if it was actually happening but I was too relaxed to care. Then it wandered down and stroked my tummy. It ran down the top of my thigh over my skirt and then massaged my calves. As I felt two hands on my chest, one cupping each breast, I softly moaned from the sensation. My C cup breasts were still encased in my new bra, my nipples hard and wanting some attention. The hands started unbuttoning my blouse, stopping after each one to touch the newly exposed flesh. When all the buttons were undone, my blouse was pulled open and the hands ran from my belly up to my shoulders and back down again. They created a jolt of electricity that ran down to my pussy when the fingers brushed across my puckered nipples. I felt the tie of my wraparound skirt being undone and the material spread apart.

Lying back on the dentist's chair, with a small mask over my nose and my ample body on display, I was getting rather aroused. My heart was beating a little harder and my breaths came a little faster. Still in my happy place, I was willing to experience whatever came my way. Whether it was real or not didn't matter to me at that point. If it was real, it was rather naughty and that made it even more exciting.

The clasp holding the two orbs of my bra was released and hands held each side together while lips brushed along the tops of the mounds of flesh. Lips moved down to my cleavage licking and kissing en route, leaving a trail of tingles in their wake. As one side of my bra was moved aside, lips followed and engulfed my hard nub. The mouth sucked hard while the tongue made circles around my growing nipple. I could feel it jutting further out in response to the sensation. My back arched slightly in silent approval. The mouth was replaced by fingers, roughly squeezing and pinching and twisting to the edge of pain. While one nipple was being molested by fingers, the other one was exposed and hungrily sucked. Never before had I experienced such abuse rained down on my sensitive breasts and never before had I been so turned on by simple breast play. I moaned loudly and bucked my hips reflexively. It felt exquisite.

The mouth moved up to my neck and then to my mouth while both breasts were being groped harshly. A tongue pushed past my lips and I kissed back just as deeply. I could feel stubble on my chin so I knew it was a man doing the honours. The manhandling continued for a few minutes as my level of arousal ratcheted up.

My pussy was getting soaking wet and it throbbed intensely, almost painfully. He stopped what he was doing and moved away from my body. For a moment, I thought my pleasure had ended but I was quickly corrected when he tugged at my thong, pulling it down my legs and off my feet. He pushed my feet up towards my butt and then spread my legs apart at the knees, fully baring my shaved pussy and slippery inner lips. I loved the wide open position I had been placed in. His fingers pulled my pink inner lips up and apart, stretching them so much I had to lift my butt up to stop them from hurting. I have slightly longer than average inner lips and he was trying to make them even longer. I could feel his breath on my exposed labia and knew that he was taking in the sight from close range. He continued to stare for a while and I squirmed with anticipation. I was on fire and wished he would touch my clit and pussy.

My wish was soon granted. He lowered his mouth to my clit and sucked hard while scraping his teeth against the underside of my button. His fingers found my dripping tunnel and three of them forcefully entered. The sudden insult on my vagina and the rough handling of my bud was intensely exciting. He soon had me writhing and moaning with abandon. He pumped his long fingers in and out while keeping them slightly curled so he was rubbing against my G-spot with every thrust. His mouth was locked tight around my clit so he moved up and down with my bucking hips, never losing his rhythm.

I felt the orgasm wash over me with an intensity that surprised me. I was infused with a current of electrical explosions emanating out from my sex, up my torso, down my legs, over my arms and enveloping my head. My toes, fingertips, nose and lips tingled. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and a low guttural groan escaped from my lips. My whole body arched up, only my feet and head making contact with the chair. I gripped his fingers with my inner walls and pushed his head down with my hands, forcing him to grind hard into my clit. I shook with delight as warmth spread through me. Panting and shaking, I was totally immersed in the residual shock waves that continued to flow. Finally, I relaxed my grip and sank back into the chair, still swimming in my drug-induced stupor.

I had just started to doze off again when I felt him between my legs, his hard, warm cock rubbing up and down the length of my slit. He pressed the smooth head against my opening and pushed his body forward. I was so slippery and wet but he didn't slide in easily. His member was thick, so wide that I felt my vagina stretching more than I was used to. He pulled back a bit and pressed again. A couple more inches entered my hole. After pulling most of the way out once more, he shoved hard and filled me completely. It hurt but at the same time it felt fantastic. His cock was not only really thick, it was quite long so my pussy was stretched in every direction. After pushing my knees up near my shoulders, he pounded into me hard and deep, over and over. His cock was like a jackhammer, relentlessly spreading my vaginal walls to their maximum width with every downward thrust. I could hear his breath turn to pants and felt him stiffen as his movements got jerky and his pace quickened. Without warning, I felt a wave of contractions deep within my pussy. I squirted my juices on his cock and balls as he filled me with streams of thick semen. We both moaned in unison as he fell against me, slick with sweat. He continued to lie against me and kept his cock buried inside me as I felt it deflate.

I must have fallen asleep again. When I woke up, my bra and blouse were done up and my skirt was again wrapped around my legs. I no longer had the rubber mask over my nose and the cotton balls in my head were starting to clear up.

I slowly opened my eyes and focused on the light at the end of the big, flexible arm. It was shining down on me but at waist level, not on my face. I wondered if that light had been focused on my pussy while I was lying there spread and exposed. I hoped so. I moved my muscles and found all to be in working order. It was then that I realized I was panty-less. Oh good, I thought. That means it truly wasn't a dream. I had been fucked by my well-hung dentist.

Dr. Dave came into the room and smiled when he saw me. "You're finally awake", he said. "How do you feel?"

"A bit groggy", I replied.

"That's normal but it will go away within minutes", Dr. Dave explained. "Your filling replacement went smoothly and I checked for other cavities while I was at it. You have a few cavities I want to explore further. Today, I only filled one of them since you weren't under any pain control but over the course of your treatment, I intend to probe others. For now, they don't pose any danger but they will need to be filled soon. Please come back for weekly Saturday morning examinations. Your bill will be mailed to you. Good day." And with that, Dr. Dave walked away.

I stood up, a little shaky at first. I smoothed down my rumpled skirt and adjusted my blouse. He was right; I was feeling more alert by the minute. My bare pussy felt used and my nipples were a bit sore. What a marvelous feeling on a Saturday morning. I left the office and headed for my planned walk around the lake.

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