tagMind ControlCompurape 2.0

Compurape 2.0


Vera Sanders pulled her Taurus to the curb in front of a small yellow house on Maple Street and waited for a moment with the car running. Usually Suzie was watching for her, and came out of the house with her gym bag the moment she pulled up. Both of them looked forward to their mornings at the fitness center. Today was Dance Aerobics.

Suzie didn't come out, so Vera laid on the horn. She waited another minute or so, and when Suzie still hadn't appeared, the brunette shut off the engine, got out of the car, and sprinted up to the door in her lavender and black spandex.

Rick answered the bell, shirtless and holding a beer. Rick was Suzie's husband. He was worthless, as far as Vera was concerned, even if he did make a lot of money as a computer software designer. His eyes fell immediately to Vera's chest.

"She says she'll be out in a minute," he told her. "You can come in and wait if you want."

Vera was tempted to go back out and sit in the car. She had little use for Rick, and didn't like the way he was checking out her form in the spandex. But it was hot outside. And anyway, Rick wouldn't misbehave with Suzie there. Suzie was petite, but strong willed. She didn't take any crap from Rick.

Vera stepped through the foyer, into the living room. "Hurry up, okay Suze?" she called out toward the bedroom as she plopped down on the couch. She kept her legs together and folded her arms over her chest so she would not be on display, but she needn't have bothered. Rick left her alone and went off into the kitchen. Probably for another beer.

Vera's eyes wandered around the room. Rick and Suzie had a nice place. Suzie had decorated well.

The young couple had gotten themselves a new toy, she quickly noticed. The computer that usually sat on the desk next to the television had been replaced by a newer model. This one had a twenty-one inch monitor.

The screen saver currently running drew Vera's interest. It wasn't one of the standard screen savers you see all over, but something different. It featured photographic images, but they were coming and going so rapidly that she could not make them out. It was just a blur, yet somehow she found the effect fascinating.

While keeping her eyes on this display, she called out another prompt to her tardy friend: "Suzie, we don't want to be late!" It was nearly eleven.

Something new popped up on the computer screen unexpectedly. Dancing across the rapidly changing background now was a tiny red ball, no more than a few pixels across.

Fascinated, Vera followed the random movements of the little blip from her perch on the couch. She was trying to catch the repeating pattern--didn't all screen savers have a repeating pattern? But this one didn't seem to. One moment the spot was up and to the left, the next down and to the right. Her eyes tracked the movement unerringly.

It was very relaxing...


Rick stood in the kitchen doorway, watching his wife's best friend on the couch. He had caught the way she kept her body covered as she sat down. The hot brunette wanted to flaunt her assets for the jocks at the health club, but she didn't want Rick to have a peek. She was always snubbing him like that.

Well, that behavior would come to an end today, he hoped, thanks to a little computer program he had brought home from the lab.

Compurape was a compilation project. He and two of his friends, both neuroscience majors in college, had put it together.

It had started as a lark. What if all the best research about subliminal conditioning, emotional response, neurotransmitters and the like, was put to work creating a program designed to make women "fall into your arms"?

They didn't expect to succeed. At best, they envisioned some goofy thing that they could hype and sell for a few bucks on the internet. But when the program was done, and they tested it, they found they had something real on their hands. Compurape did a lot more than "influence" women--it took them over completely. Now they were raking in the money.

Rick watched Vera nervously. He didn't have any doubts that the program would work on her--this new version was particularly effective. But he was nervous that his wife's luscious friend might not stick around long enough to let it do it's job. Vera was so worried about getting to her stupid aerobics class, she might bolt out the door.

Even as he was thinking this, Vera stood up and stepped away from the couch. Rick held his breath, afraid his afternoon was ruined. But Vera was not leaving; only stepping closer to the computer.

As he watched, the athletically built brunette gradually stopped fidgeting and grew still. She dropped her arms to her sides and riveted her gaze on the computer monitor.

She was caught now, for sure. And Rick was in for one hell of an afternoon.


Vera got up from the couch partially out of impatience that her friend was taking so long, and partially for a closer look at the computer screen. The images were clearing up, it seemed to her, and maybe slowing down. Or maybe it was just her ability to perceive them that was changing. Was that possible? She still didn't know what she was looking at, but she thought she was catching undertones...sexual undertones. Was that a male torso that flickered on and disappeared? The thigh of a woman? She was sure the word "submission" flew from one side of the screen to the other, followed by other words she didn't quite catch...

The little dancing ball made it hard to see the rest. She wasn't able to take her eyes off it--up, down, left, right... It was getting bigger, too.

No, not bigger.


Lots closer.

Vera gulped. There was something disturbing about the way she was being drawn in to this. She could feel herself losing track of her surroundings. Her breathing was becoming more rapid, and she was growing flush. It was like...like her body was preparing for sex.

She was aware of the pressure of her nipples on the fabric of her sport bra. Her labia were tingling, and she was getting wet. It was absurd, but she felt a strong desire to climb up onto the desk and rub her aching pussy all over the computer screen. To hell with the gym, she wanted to work-out right here, fucking and fucking...

It was the ball. The red ball. She wasn't just seeing it, she was feeling it, responding to it. Every time it passed the center of the screen there was a subtle sensation down below, like someone blowing gently against her clit...

Then the computer spoke to her. It gave her a command.

There were no words spoken. The order appeared as text on the screen. It appeared inside her mind, as well.

--Do not move.--

Vera became as still as a statue. The computer program continued to run.


Vera read the words with glazed eyes. She could offer no objection.

There were a few more minutes of images. The red ball was gone now. In Vera's mind, the ball had consumed her, and she was inside it. The fitness center was forgotten, her life was forgotten. Vera knew only Compurape.


"I am ready for sexual activity," Vera said aloud.


Rick was naked when he came out of the kitchen. The phone was off the hook, he was four beers into a twelve pack, and he was feeling fine. He walked right behind Vera on his way to lock the door. She did not move a muscle.

The fit 5'5" brunette, her hair cropped a bit shorter than Rick would have preferred, stood mesmerized in front of the flickering screen as he came up behind her and ran his hands up and down her sleek Barbie doll figure. Even in spandex, she had no unsightly bulges. A couple of awesome bulges protruding from her top, though, and he squeezed these now from behind, knowing she would not object. In fact, she would not move a muscle until he wanted her to.

He rubbed his erection against the fabric covering her firm, rounded ass. He kissed her neck and slid his hands down into her crotch.

The spandex had a nice feel to it, but nude would be nicer. Rick leaned forward to the keyboard and typed in a command.

--Strip naked now-- he typed, and stood back.

Compurape version 2.0 was working flawlessly. Vera Sanders, a woman who preferred not to be in the same room with him, immediately and without expressing any distaste, peeled her way out of her exercise outfit and left it on the floor. Sport bra and thong quickly followed, without any additional inducement.

She was a sight to behold. Free now, her tits stood out proudly--big full ones, with prominent nipples. Her belly was smooth and taut and tan, and below that was just a tiny nest of fur over an invitingly wet and swollen pussy.

And her ass--her beautiful dimpled ass. He dropped to his knees and kissed it while his fingers reached around to dig into the moistness of her cunt. He plunged his fingers in and out of her box for several minutes, getting her wet and sloppy.

When he was ready for more, he reached forward to the keyboard with sticky fingers (they were working on voice activation for future releases) and typed again:

--There is a cock behind you. Suck it--

Rick waited eagerly, but Vera didn't turn around. Then he remembered--she couldn't take her eyes off the screen.

The volume was turned down to the computer speakers. Rick stretched to turn it up until an audible hum filled the air. He didn't personally get anything out of this sound, but the complex signal had significant impact on the pre-frontal cortex of the woman in front of him. Now she was free to move her eyes from the screen, but mentally she remained imprisoned.

Vera turned around and dropped to her knees. She used her hand to guide the head of Rick's substantial prick into her mouth, which was the most awesome feeling.

As gorgeous and wanton as her mouth was, though, Vera obviously was not an experienced cock sucker. Probably she had never given head before this. She gagged around him every time he tried to push past her tongue, and she let her teeth scrape against him constantly. Finally he had to stretch over the top of her and type out specific cock sucking instructions on the keyboard.

The words were translated into audible signals, and the sensations on his dick improved noticeably. She was even able to deep-throat him.

He was standing in his living room while his wife's best friend, who hated him, sucked obediently at his prick. What could be better than this?

Of course...doing the same thing while his wife watched.

Pulling free from Vera's delightful mouth, Rick keyed in a command. --Wait--. Then he ran into the bedroom.

Of course little protestant Suzie would ordinarily have no part in this. She was a bit prudish, and would kill him if she knew what he was doing to her friend. That was why he'd suckered her into viewing the Compurape "screen saver" on the computer he'd put in the bedroom. She was sitting on the bed now, also naked. Also completely subjugated.

His instructions for Suzie were simple. He keyed in the order.

His naked young wife was a pert blonde with long wavy hair and the tiniest waist he'd ever seen. She weighed barely a hundred pounds, and had tits like cupcakes. She stood and stepped through to the living room, where she went to the couch and sat down. Putting her feet up on the coffee table with her legs splayed open, she started masturbating herself.

Rick again went to Vera. He typed the appropriate command to start her sucking again. This time he added that she should make passionate moaning sounds as she did so.

Suzie was programmed to rub herself vigorously while she watched what her husband and best friend were doing, and to orgasm repeatedly. Rick's gaze jumped from the beautiful brunette slurping his rod to the hot little blonde staring at them and fingering herself. It was Suzie's orgasm (and the way her big brown innocent eyes took in the sight of his blow job) that took him to the brink.

"Watch this, Sweetheart...Watch what Vera is willing to do for me..." And he pulled back out of the brunette's mouth at the last second, just as Suzie slammed through an orgasm she was helpless to stop. He stroked himself and immediately cut loose with a volume of hot cum. He hit the fitness buff on the chin, then the cheek. He spasmed again, and splattered one under her nose. Finally the last few squirts shot right onto Vera's waiting tongue.


Rick wasn't stupid. He wouldn't have spent himself this way if he were not quick to recover. There was a greater prize waiting for him. He keyed in commands that started the ladies kissing and fondling each other, and went for another beer between rounds.


Suzie had not been shocked or repulsed at what she was forced to witness. She had only a passive awareness of the act. For her, the buzzing in her mind and the messages conveyed therein were all that mattered. She'd been instructed to masturbate--she'd masturbated.

Now the messages were telling her to suck Vera's tongue. Vera was her friend. Suzie sucked her tongue. The messages told her to massage Vera's cunt. Although she had never touched another woman's vagina in her life, she did so now, running her fingers deep into the other woman's body.

And so on...

Then Rick came back. He got behind Vera and fucked the brunette from behind while Suzie was on her knees eating cunt. Suzie had to lick her husband's cock as it plunged in and out of her best friend.

Rick had known Vera would be a great fuck, and she certainly was. Those thigh exercises had paid off. She was firm; her pussy was oh-so tight; and she had those big hooters that were great to hold onto. When he felt Suzie's tongue tickling him as he slipped into the other girl, it almost put him over the edge again.

Almost. He had something else in mind to finish off the afternoon.

The one thing Suzie had never let him do was fuck her ass. She was so tiny, and his cock was a thick seven inches. It would hurt her terribly, and he had no right to ask such a thing, she had told him in the past when he brought it up.

Today he wasn't asking. He slipped out of Vera before her hot cunt drained him completely, and commanded via keyboard that she lie down on the floor. Then he ran into the bedroom and typed a directive on the keyboard that controlled his little blonde wife:

--Present your ass for fucking.--

Subtle changes to the signal affecting his wife's brain. She felt what he was typing in the deepest recesses of her mind, and was helpless to resist the edict.

She had followed Vera to the floor, still gazing into the brunette's cunt and pecking at it with little kisses. Without stopping that action, she scooted around and lifted her ass high off the floor. She reached back with both hands to pull apart her cheeks, and arched her back.

Rick dropped to his knees behind between Suzie's legs, placing his hands on her silken hips. The ass wiggling in his face was so small, so perfectly white and round and sexy. She'd never even let him finger her there.

She didn't need lubing. He was still slimy from Vera's cunt. He clamped her hips in his hands and eased forward against her hot anus while pulling her back into him.

If he hadn't been rock hard he would have buckled, she was so tight. But finally the head of him popped through into her nether regions.

He had wanted to be gentle. He didn't want her too sore later--it would be impossible to explain. But he was driven now, hungry for her anal cherry. He plowed into her, falling on her, piercing her all the way as he flattened her to the floor.

That action brought his own face to Vera's pussy, and that was all right with him. He took a great mouthful of cunt and started fucking his wife's fragile ass with long, barely restrained strokes. In...out...in...out...

The incredible ass fuck ended with a gush of hot jism deep up his tiny wife's anal channel. The most satisfying orgasm of his marriage--of his life, even.

Weakly, Rick climbed to his feet. He keyed in the commands that were necessary to start the ladies cleaning themselves up, then went to take a shower. He had a meeting later with a man who was willing to pay big money for a shot at a black woman he knew...

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