tagLoving WivesConditioned Ch. 01

Conditioned Ch. 01


Rob stood tall in his tux and Cheryl decked out in her wedding dress as they took their vows of marriage. Her strange father was there to give her away, when she walked down the aisle Rob noticed how the white dress beautifully accented her long dark hair. The wedding and reception took forever and finally the honeymoon started, they left in the limo headed for the coast where they could become more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, but lovers and partners. They had done some heavy petting, but she would never allow him to go further than her breast which he had seen only a few times in his car. They were more a "B" cup with large nipples that really responded to being kissed by standing up and getting hard quickly. She was very nervous at the hotel, and wouldn't come out till Rob turned off the lights, he expected she'd have on some cute lingerie, but when she came out of the bathroom she was naked, his eyes had adjusted to the light from the window and he could see how beautiful she was. The hair around her pussy was thick, long, and curly, no razor had ever been there. Her hips were just wide enough to go with her small breast and large nipples which were already standing up. He was already in the bed naked, no covers over him. His large cock was standing up straight and he was absent minded rubbing it with his right hand. She came over to the bed and looked down at him, she could see his cock and she paused for a moment before climbing onto the bed, not covering up either.

"That thing is huge." She said quietly and nervously.

"Don't worry sweetheart." He answered, "We'll take it slow."

He pulled her close to him and began to run his hands all over her body, he was concerned that for her first fuck she'd have to take his cock, before he met her, there had been other girls who had complained about his size, but they usually managed to take it. He took his time sucking her tits and feeling the nipples get hard in his mouth, he ran his hand down her stomach and felt the flesh jump as he neared his goal. She didn't resist at all and when he reached between her legs she spread them to allow access. She was dripping wet and he dwelled between the folds till he found her clit. He lightly rubbed her clit as he listened to her breath quicken, he flicked his finger up and down on her clit and she began to groan and wither on the bed. His hard cock was pressed up against her side, she made no attempt to touch it, she just kept moaning and pulling him down to her tits. After a few minutes she began to hump his hand and he inserted a finger into her, she was looser than he expected so he inserted two more and began to fuck her with his fingers. That set her off and she began to shake and moan loudly as he pushed deep into her pussy.

When she relaxed he decided to go ahead and mount her, he climbed on top and began running the tip of his cock up and down over her clit and down to the opening of her cunt, she immediately began to hump back as the new sensation began her on track to another climax, he paused at the opening and put some pressure by pushing his cock in, the head slipped in easily and her cunt gripped it tightly. He slowly pulled out a little and in more each time waiting for some resistance because he believed she was a virgin. Finally he was fully inserted and there was never any resistance, that's when he realized she wasn't a virgin and wondered why she made such a big deal about waiting till they were married.

He began pumping at a regular pace and she was matching his thrust, she was groaning and thrashing around on the bed as her next orgasm built, he began to hammer into her like a piston. His whole cock slammed in over and over again. He knew he wouldn't last long and felt that tingle that told him any time now he was going to cum. Although he said he would be gentle, he was hammering into her making her head bounce up an down, he looked at her face, it was contorted in joy and little squeals were coming out of her open mouth, her eyes were close and as he looked at her he hammered away and then he came, they hadn't even talked about it but it was too late now as the first shot of cum was deposited deep inside her, and then another, he was grunting like a pig and she was almost screaming as the last few squirts filled her cunt, then he held his cock in her as she began to calm down.

After they disengaged she went to the bathroom and closed the door, she emerged a few minutes later in a teddy that was fairly conservative and a housecoat that she allow to hang open. Rob laid on the bed naked, got up and peed then cleaned up and returned back to bed and Cheryl. He was still naked and she seemed to frown at that.

"Are we eating in?" Cheryl asked.

"What do you want?" Rob said, "You want to go out or we can stay in. He wandered to the balcony and opened the curtains, he slid the glass door open and walked out into the warm night.

"You can't be out here naked." Cheryl said as she joined him on the balcony. "Someone might see you."

"You should join me," he teased her. "We could fuck right here."

"I need more of a break horny man." She laughed and went back in.

The whole honeymoon went like that, she'd fuck once during the day or early evening then she was done. He asked her to go to a nude beach with him, but she didn't want to, so they didn't. He hadn't realized how conservative she was before now. She didn't want anything to do with oral sex and definitely not anything anal, just a good fuck and once the fifteen minutes was over she was ready to do something else.

The day before they came home to their new house he talked her into going into a triple X theatre with him. They sat in the middle and watched some young looking girl fucking two guys on the screen, she sat quietly for some time, there were a few other couples in the place and a lot of men, most of whom were busy wanking their exposed cocks. Rob sat next to her and could tell she didn't approve at all. She watched one guy at the end of their row squirt his cum all over the seat in front of him and then get up and leave, she looked back a Rob and he seemed mesmerized by the film.

"Aren't you going to get your cock out?" she whispered to him.

"I suppose so." He said slowly looking at her wandering why she asked him that.

"Pull your pants down around your ankles like that guy there," she whispered pointing at a guy that was a few rows below sitting beside some lady that was giving him a hand job.

"Okay" he answered and lowed his pants and boxers to the floor. His hard cock was sticking straight up and he began to rub it with his right hand. Cheryl reached over and began to rub his balls.

"Look down there." Cheryl whispered and pointed, some young lady who was sucking one guys cock while someone else was fucking her from behind. Cheryl pushed his hand aside and began rubbing her hand up and down his cock, "Is that what you want me to do?" she asked Rob.

"What?" Rob answered as he began to growl from the hand job he was getting.

"Yeah," she answered. "You want me to come in here and turn into some kind of slut." She paused she felt his cock swelling.

"You want to fuck me from behind as you watch me suck off some stranger." She paused again, she was sure he was very close. "Then you want to watch as some strange guy bury his cock into my cunt that you just came in and ram me from behind so hard that I forget my name . . ." with that last sentence Rob shot his cum into the air and all over himself. She had cum all over her hand that she scraped on the seat in front of her. She giggled at Rob trying to clean up and make himself descent.

"I wasn't expecting that." Rob said as he finished cleaning up the best he could.

"Are you done?" Cheryl asked noticing his pants were still down but his cock was soft now.

"That depends on you." He said reaching over and began pulling up her dress.

"That was all just fantasy to get you to cum so we could leave." She said as she pulled her dress down and pushed his hand away.

"Look" she pointed to the young girl who was now in the aisle on her back with some black guy fucking her, standing around her were about five other guys all with cocks out waiting their turn. "Let's get out of here." She finished.

After their visit to the theater Cheryl seemed to take on a superior moral attitude which followed them home after the honeymoon was over. She never mentioned the way she had talked to him in the theater and didn't repeat the performance. Rob understood she did that just to make him cum and get out of that theater. They had one last fuck that night, she seemed more distant though and didn't seem to cum as hard as other nights which was making Rob wander if he'd pushed her too hard in going to the theater.

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