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Confessions of a Cheating Wife


At 51 years old, I finally have gotten the courage to tell my story. I am 5'4", 120 pounds, still shapely and fit. I have blue eyes and used to have dirty blonde hair with some strawberry highlights. But, I am not sure of my true hair color any more since I am a bottle blonde. I go by the screen name of peanutbutterthighs on discreet dating and married affairs websites. I use peanut butter thighs because they are easy to spread. I lost my virginity at 16 after a date with the high school's stud athlete. I thought I was in love. After that experience a date with me was defined as a movie or dinner and a fuck. By the time I met my husband in my junior year of college, I had been with 8 other men. But one date with my husband and I knew that he was the one for me. He was 6'4", 225 pounds with broad football shoulders tapering to a small waist and all muscle. He was a linebacker on the university's football team. And to top it all off, he was hung like a horse. The last time we measured (20 years ago) it was just over 13 inches long and 6 inches around. To this day, he still has it. We got married the summer after our graduation.

I have been married to the same guy for 30 years and I don't want that to change. However, I need sex often, sometimes two or three times a day. In 30 years of marriage, I have probably been with 100's of guys and my husband doesn't suspect a thing. I would shag them all afternoon then go home and make love to my husband all night. At first, I fucked guys at work to get ahead or get an advantage.

I was faithful for our first year of marriage. In that time I took a job in record keeping for a large metropolitan hospital. It was an entry level position that usually turned over every 9 to 10 months as people were promoted. My boss, John, was a good looking married man in his thirties. He asked me to step into his office for my annual review. I asked if I had time to go to the restroom first. In the restroom, I took off my bra and panties, applied some lipstick, powdered my nose, and brushed my hair. I sat cross legged throughout my review which went very well. I learned that with my degree in accounting, I was in competition with a coworker for a promotion in the insurance and billing office. I thanked John for his confidence in me and made sure to shoot him my beaver as I uncrossed my legs to stand and shake hands. John smiled, shook my hand and said that he had always admired my head for figures. I told him that I had many hidden skills as well. He asked what those might be. And I told him that I lick envelopes very well. John replied that he would have to see me lick envelopes to know if I did it well. We shagged in his office chair and to this day I believe that the stains of our encounter are still on that chair.

Needless to say, I got the promotion. I was finally putting my accounting degree to work on a limited basis. I was in a different office, so John was no longer my boss. My new boss was a woman in her mid sixties. I continued a torrid affair with John. For the next year, I took lunch at my desk so that I could spend the noon hour with John. There was an advantage in shagging John. I learned that I could control decisions made in John's office that affected my work load.

In my new position, part of my job was getting insurance companies to pay for services. One particular company was very difficult to deal with as they always wrote off most of our services. This means that we cannot bill either the insurance company or the patient for those services. In other words, we eat the bill and perform those services for free. My bosses were very upset with this company and shuddered each time a patient listed this company. Knowing that our hospital was unhappy with them, an executive from this company, Pat, came for a courtesy visit. Pat was handsome in his mid to late forties. He had a disarming smile that just melted me. As before, I made a quick trip to the ladies room to prune up my looks and remove my bra and panties. Then I caught him in the elevator. From the ring on his finger, I knew he was married. I gave him a big smile and accidentally dropped my pen. As I bent over to pick it up I could tell that he was interest. Looking at my nipples standing like erasers under my blouse, Pat tried to make conversation, "It must be a little chilly in here. We should go some place warm." I told him that I don't like it just warm, I like it steamy hot. Pat invited me to lunch but we only made it to his hotel room. Following that encounter, we only had a problem with their company rejecting services one more time. In response, I called Pat which jumped many layers in the chain of command at their company. I suggested that he look into the situation personally since I was sure that his bosses would not look favorably knowing that he was sleeping with his clients. We never had another problem with that company again. Although his visits were few and far between, I continued to screw Pat for many years each time he visited our town. At 24, I was making a name for myself at work as a problem solver. Little did they realize how these problems were solved, but I did get results.

Shortly after solving the insurance problems with Pat's company, my boss retired. I applied for her position, but did not even get an interview. I had three years of experience with the hospital and excellent annual reviews. Instead, they hired a snot-nosed kid fresh out of college with the same degree that I had. The only thing that I could see that he had over me was a penis. So, I decided to put it to good use.

He was married and a few years younger than me. But I planned very carefully how I would entice him. Soon we were shagging every noon hour and my old boss John was a distant memory. I quickly became his deputy assistant as I leap-frogged past many with more seniority. I continued to shag men that I could use to my advantage in my career. After a while I got to the point in the hospital where there were no more jobs for me to advance. I was 34 and had been with about 30 men who were instrumental in my career advancement. At this point there were no more men to shag that could get me anywhere. Then I realized that it wasn't the career advancement that came with each affair; it was the thrill of being naughty and almost getting caught, then not getting caught that I enjoyed. I have decided that it is the risk taking that turns me on; the sneaking around and getting away with it. As a result, I began shagging strangers that I would encounter either through my work or daily routines.

I am easy! Shoot me a cute smile from across the room and I melt. If a good looking guy gives me a nice smile, I begin to fantasize about what it would like to shag. After returning the strangers smile, I usually begin scheming how I can make it happen and I usually succeed. Believe it or not I envision each guy to look like my husband nude. Most of the guys that I have shagged do have some similarities to my husband. I have even fantasized of my husband while shagging someone else.

We have two kids. My husband thinks they are his? They might be? Unfortunately both times I got pregnant; I went bareback with a lover around the same time. The first time I was out for drinks with my husband and another couple, Jim and Beth. A cute guy standing at the bar shot me a big smile. I decided that I had to have him that night. I waited until he went to the men's room and I told everyone at our table that I needed to use the ladies room. Beth asked as women do if I needed company. I told her not really but she was welcome to come along if she had to go. I held my breath as she said she would take another margarita instead.

When I got to the restroom the cute guy had disappeared inside. So I acted like a stumbling drunk and entered the men's room. There were 3 men in there and the cute guy was one of them. I slurred my speech trying to stay in character, "Hey, this isn't the ladies room!" and I stumbled out. I waited for him in the hall. The cute guy was the second man to leave the restroom. I stopped him and said I saw your smile at the bar and had to meet you. I stuck out my hand as if to shake. When he extended his hand to meet mine and introduce himself, I reach right past and grabbed his crouch. I could feel him grow hard as I shook it. I told him that I was here with my husband and anther couple so anything we did needed to be quick. We were soon in a men's room stall going at it.

My husband almost caught us when he went to the bathroom to pee. When I got back to the table he was telling Jim and Beth that, "Although it got very quiet when he entered the bathroom, he was pretty sure that there was a man and woman shagging in one of the closed bathroom stalls." Good thing he was too embarrassed to investigate any closer. He asked me if everything was alright, since I went to the ladies room 15 minutes ago. Beth even said that she went to the restroom to check on me, but didn't see me. I told them that I met my old boss John and his wife at the back of the bar and sat down to talk. They had just left to catch a late movie at the mall so I came back to our table. The cute guy at the bar stood at the bar with a grin on his face like the cat that ate the canary. My husband was so horny that we had made love in the car while we were still in the parking lot of the bar. I gave him head on the drive home. We did it again in the car parked in our driveway. And a couple of more times in our bed before we both collapsed in each others arms and fell asleep.

I missed my period at the end of that month and discovered that I was pregnant with our first child. I was worried the entire pregnancy that the child would not look like my husband. My husband and I had been trying to have a child for years. In all the affairs with men at work, I insisted that they wear condoms. I met one stranger at a bar without a condom and now I am pregnant. Good thing that our son does look a lot like my husband. After all we were making love 5 to 7 times a week even when I was menstruating. So my husband had quantity of opportunities to make me pregnant, but he had those same opportunities for years and I had not become pregnant. No, I don't want any DNA test done.

With my second pregnancy, I still had not learned my lesson. We were on a vacation at staying at really nice hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub. My husband had just volunteered to take our 9 month old son back to the hotel room while stayed to enjoy the pool. Shortly I noticed a college aged young man smiling at me. I was now 36 and had been working to get my figure back and I was flattered by the attention. I returned his smile a spread my legs so that he could get a good look at the goods covered by my one piece swim suit. The kid was probably 6 foot tall with muscles bulging out all over him. He looked like a younger and shorter version of my husband. After a few my smiles, he got in the hot tube. Now was my chance. I followed him into the hot tub and told him that he had a nice smile. He kind of blushed. As with the man at the bar, I introduced myself and extended my hand to shake. Again, I reached right past his extended hand to grab and shake his crotch. In the bubbly waters of the hot tub, he was the only one that knew what I was grabbing. I didn't have time for a lot of fore-play as my husband might come looking for me. I figured that this tactic had worked once before when time was short maybe it would work again.

To my surprise the kid's package did not match the advertising. He was only about 5 inches and average girth. How disappointing! When you get what I get every night you tend to get stretched out. From my experiences in a hard, ball-slapping shag, it is difficult to get much sensation from anything less than 7 or 8 inches. I gave him a hand job under the bubble, but as more people entered the hot tub we decided to get in the pool for privacy. The swimming pool was filled with parents and kids. Fortunately, our situation did not allow for any ball slapping action. Instead, I climbed on wrapping my legs around him and pull the crotch of my swim suit to the side. He bore his 5 inches into me as we did a slow grind so that we would not draw attention. To my amazement his 5 inches really got me off. (note to self, undersized cocks require a slow grind to feel) He smothered my moans of enjoyment with kisses. We shagged for 20 minutes before he filled me with his juices. I returned to the hotel room to find my husband playing with our son. We sang our son to sleep and proceeded to make love 3 or 4 times that night. After all it was a hotel room and that is what people do in hotels.

Again, I found out that I was pregnant at the end of that month. Again, no DNA tests for our daughter as I am afraid of the results.

Since then I have shagged probably 200 guy; some coworkers but mostly strangers. Although I knew their name because we introduced ourselves, I don't know their names today. As I stated above, I rose to a level in my career where I could go no further. I recently took a job at a hospital in a small community as their CFO, second in the chain of command. Now, I am in a new town and new job where I supervise others. I want to maintain their respect if I have to discipline or fire someone. That means No fucks at work. Lately I have been try to find partners at online dating and married affairs websites. I need someone very horny and extremely discreet. My husband doesn't know and he is not going to find out because he is still the best lay and biggest cock I have ever had.

Size is not what I seek; I have that at home. I crave quantity of shags and the thrill or risk of cheating. I have insisted on my lovers using a condom since my husband's vasectomy but at my age I'm not too concerned about fertility anymore. I have started barebacking which provides more extreme orgasms for me. My husband has always though that I had an extremely wet pussy; little does he realize that his swimmers are swimming in a pool provided by other men.

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The story outline is ok, nothing original but it works. Once you stated his cock size I just knew this story was going to suck. Its ok to say big, but be realistic. The story has no detail so we the readermore...

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