tagBDSMConfessions of a Sex Slave Pt. 03

Confessions of a Sex Slave Pt. 03


September 15

Dear Master,

Today I couldn't find a cock to fill up my poor cunt. I really tried! I'm so sorry...

I know we both need me to be fucked silly and used by a complete stranger. A stranger with a huge cock, so that I remember what it's like to feel stretched to the limit. Humping back at it at the same time that I try to get away because it hurts so good... Feeling the ache between my legs for days as my poor little cunt tries to recover.

But you won't let me. You'll send me to get fucked again, won't you? By someone else? Imagining you making me into your little one-night stand whore makes me so wet...

There is that eighteen-year-old boy, Arthur, who seems quite eager to use me like I need. He keeps calling me his little cockslut, his filthy worthless whore. I love it. I'm not even sure he knows what it means and I love it.

I almost wish he didn't speak English and I didn't speak Italian. If there was a way we could just meet somehow. I would bend over for him, pull down my pants and beg him to fuck me. He wouldn't understand my words, but the dripping pussy spread open for him and the pleading in my voice would tell him what I was offering.

I masturbated on camera yesterday, rubbing my clit for him. I flipped over and shoved a plug in my ass to show him how easily he would slip in. I wanted him to imagine my dirty hole closing over the head of his cock. Pumping inside a woman like he's never done before.

My legs spread open so that my pussy was on full-view, I felt so hot and would have done almost anything for a cock, any cock, at that moment. I imagined him beating off to the video, showing all of his teenaged friends the American whore spreading herself open to their probing eyes.

I thought of the scenario you had suggested; sucking them all off, being covered in jizz. Being used quickly and frantically, like a prostitute rented for the hour. I know they would all blow their loads fast and it would make me feel powerful and smug to have sucked all of that cum out of their young, quivering cocks.

I even rented a hotel room but he couldn't make it...
September 16

Dear Master,

Today I went to Gabriele's in the morning. In the afternoon I had an appointment at a latex designer here in Rome. The outfits were very beautiful and I can't wait to order something so that I can wear it for you. Some of them are see-through and I know how much you love that. I imagine wearing them somewhere and you finding a dark corner to just fuck my brains out in. I won't even care if anyone sees me taking it on my hands and knees at your whim. The desires of your cock are mine to fulfill. Anywhere. Anytime.

In the evening I went out with Gabriele and some of his friends. Afterwards we went back to his place and I set up the camera in his room. I'm sorry the quality wasn't very good and I didn't do exactly what you wanted me to. I was tired and drunk.

I did take it in every one of my holes though, like a good slut. If you watch the video you'll see how I moaned and screeched as he pounded my ass. I was thinking about how much you would love to see that, how you would watch him pumping in and out of me as you rammed your cock into my mouth over and over. After my ass started to ache, I told him that I needed him in my mouth, since he'd fucked my other holes. Can you believe I said that? Shy little me! Like a flower blooming I'm coming into my whoredom. I think it's beautiful in a dirty sort of way.

You can actually see me suck him off until hot cum filled my filthy mouth. I was happy when he picked up the camera and turned on the light. I knew you would jerk your dick off to seeing me coax the load out of his balls. Again, I only wish you'd been there behind me, shoving my head onto his cock as you made me scream with pleasure and quake on your own, deep in my twat.

The dirty talk rolled off of my tongue like never before. I feel like I've reached a new level of sexual need and wantonness. You helped me get here. I hope you like it. Hope you like how you have made me crave cocks and pussies constantly. What I wouldn't do to get one...

September 17

Dear Master,

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was get G hard and ride him until he came, groaning, in my tight pussy, just as you demanded. It filled me with pleasure to have his cock pumping inside me, but it made me glow to know I was doing it for you.

I rented the hotel for Arthur and myself. I planned everything out. I bought thigh-high stockings and a blindfold as he had requested. I planned on wearing nothing but that and positioning myself ass up for his use. The first thing to touch me was to be his cock slamming into my vulnerable and exposed cunt. You cautioned me that it might be unwise and I scoffed - what would he do, rape me?

Even if he slammed me hard enough to hurt, I'd beg for more.

Then I begged to be able to fuck Gabriele again. How hot would it be, I asked, to put on the same outfit and leave to have my pussy used again and again, without even showering. Two cocks in one night and Gabriele wouldn't even know. What a fucking whore!

Then right before I executed my plan Arthur cancelled again. I was so bummed! What does it take to fill my cunt around here??? Do I need to walk around with a sign: "Horny American Girl - FREE FUCK!"?

Disappointed, I spent the evening with Gabriele.

When he came home I was naked. He started to strip and I quickly ripped off his underwear before swallowing his cock up in my soft, wet mouth. He groaned and told me he could have me do that for hours. Know what I made him do? Watch the video we had made at full volume while I sucked softly and languorously on his cock. He tried occasionally to thrust further or push my head down until all of him was enveloped in the cocoon of my mouth. I would shake my head and lick the shaft with only my tongue until he stopped trying to force his will on me. He was just to be a tool for my desire. For our dirty fantasies. He exploded in my mouth within a minute of the grand finale on the video and I knew you would enjoy me telling you that.

I left for the hotel at around midnight and talked with you until 2am. You demanded that I sign up for that hook-up website and start looking for some cocks to fill my hungry pussy. I hadn't had one since morning!

With your orders ringing in my ears, I hunted for cock until it was quite late, sending messages that said only, "Your cock is beautiful, want to chat?"

September 18

Dear Master,

I showed up at Gabriele's apartment at 11am. He was reclining in only boxers and I immediately felt myself start to get wet. After the disappointment of Arthur cancelling again and salivating over all of those rigid members on the internet, I was aching when I woke up.

I ripped off his boxers after stripping myself nude. I made him hard with my hand and mouth and then mounted him, working myself off furiously against his pelvis. I was a bit mad with the need to cum. After I came, I flipped over and pulled him on top of me, shoving my hips against his so that his dick plunged into my cunt without him even moving to do so. I humped back on him until he came, fingering my clit while he did.

I can't get all of these dirty thoughts out of my head! The fantasy that came unbidden was again of some sort of timed "fuck Emma" race. I could hear the other people waiting to fuck me urging him on, telling him he was taking too much time and there was a line, after all. Then I imagined overhearing two of them agreeing to double-team me so as to get more time in whatever hole each chose. And I came again, quivering on my fingers, as he too groaned that he had reached his peak.

It was almost as if I had been out of my body and came back as my orgasm faded. I knew that I was there, with him, but what I was thinking about was being somewhere else. With several somebody elses. A line of cocks ready just for me. Yummy.

He rolled off of me and I breathed heavily, dozing.

The next thing I knew, his cock was pressing at my pussy from behind again. I bumped back against it. I want cum so badly. Dripping out of my pussy so that I can smell it every time I pull down my underwear. A constant reminder sticking to my panties that I am merely a vessel. A little cumslut ready to spread her legs if I see a man get hard. I felt a rush of liquid heat as I thought about my cunt filled up with cum by a number of men.

I grudgingly reached for a condom and quickly slipped it over G's rod, laying back with my legs spread so he could mount me. Why do I feel so empty when there isn't cock filling me up?

I used his shoulders to fuck myself up and down as hard and fast as I could as he thrust up into me. It felt so good, but... I wanted that feeling I get when you fuck me hard. That sharp spasm when you hit my cervix. That explosion of pleasure when you shoot your load deep inside me.

I turned over and worked myself off again while thinking of that same scenario. I just can't stop thinking about being abused by endless cocks! You're such a generous master to help satiate that need.

We ran errands and did lunch in the park. He started annoying me so when he tried to fuck me again before we went dancing I just sucked him off.

That sounds almost funny, that I sucked him off rather than fuck him because he was annoying me. I didn't want to make him think I didn't want his cock, because I do, even when he annoys me. First of all, I always want something in one of my holes more than I want them to remain empty. Also, he's a "sure-thing" and I know that even when pussies like Arthur bail, I can ride Gabriele and reduce that burning need to fuck for a little while longer.

I need the way you humiliate me though. The complete wanton slut you bring out with only a look or a word. How I would give anything to be at your feet, ready to do as you wish...
September 19

Dear Master,

Your little bitch in heat needs some of her master's cock...

I delayed Gabriele twice in the morning/afternoon, pleading that I needed a shower, which I would have after the gym. After our shower I was all clean and spread my legs for him again.

I love the way that sounds... "spread my legs." So base and just... It reduces me to what lies between my legs, as I was meant to be. I can imagine you saying, "Emma, when I tell you to spread your legs, you fucking get on your back and make yourself available for anyone who wants a pass, do you understand?" Mmmmm. Oh, I understand.

I thought of you and how I was going to open my legs for someone else soon. I turned over and we fucked doggy-style while I stroked my clit. Gabriele came before I did, but I kept working back on his softening cock, using it because that's what he's there for, to fill me up and help me cum. I mean, isn't that what you intended? For Gabriele to be a vanilla trinket for me to entertain myself while I'm away? There's more, since he and I knew one another before, but still... I'm a lucky slut to have a dominant so understanding and generous.

I thought of meeting a random man and fucking him, on your demand. How I would send you a video of me working on his cock and how you would cum all over your hand jerking to me being your cockslut. You order me around and I jump to your demands for more and more and more filthy fantasies. Do you like me being your fuckdoll? I hope so... Because I love it.

September 20

Dear Master,

I've spent all day panting after cock. I hope I make you happy...

I had to change my underwear more often than usual. Sloppy wet from writing this journal and trying so hard to line up a hard cock for me to ride. Over 100 men have messaged me in the last couple of days. Can you believe that??? Even if half of them pussy out, that's fifty guys I could fuck on a days notice.

I only want the big cocks though. Maybe we can figure out a compromise. Nice men with huge cocks get to fuck me on video. Cute, nice boys with small cocks get blowjobs and cum on my face and tits while it's being recorded. I like the sound of that... You know I like a small cock sometimes, so I can get it all in my mouth, slobbering until drool drips down their balls and covers my chin. Fuck, I love sucking dick! I'd want them to be cute because I have to see their face while I suck them off. Huge cocks can just fuck me doggy-style and I don't care what they look like. The only thing my pussy and ass see is cock. Big beautiful cock. Is that too far? How whore-ish can I get before you reign me in?

I set up a date for 11pm. I was going to go back to his place but you made me get a hotel. In the end it was better because that way I got to send you videos of my whore initiation. I mean, I didn't know his name, address, and I hadn't seen his face. Just his huge, beautiful, turgid dick. You're right though, it was safer. I just got so desperate for a cock and I so wanted to please you that I let my pussy do my thinking. Can you believe that? You with your throbbing cock being more rational than me about getting laid. What has the world come to?

I showered and got ready. I wore my skinny jeans, brightly colored peasant top, and black and silver sandals. Classy. I like doing degrading, humiliating, absolutely filthy things looking classy or innocent. Contrasts. It makes the beautiful more beautiful and the filthy more filthy. I had an intense moment, when I arrived at the meeting spot, when I realized that any one of the men at that metro could be this guy.

It could be that weird looking guy under the awning of the bakery. Uh oh.

Or he could have brought friends... it could be those four guys loitering at the entrance to the metro. Mmmm...

Or that really cute guy over at the bus stop staring at me. Meow.

Or it could be any guy that walked up to me and said, "Wanna fuck?" Would I have said no? I probably should have. But I wouldn't have. Maybe. Only if I thought you would be mad. Maybe I would have called you and begged to fuck this ballsy stranger. What would you have said?

Eventually he called me and I realized he was in a car. That's when I found out his name - Mohammed. He was ok looking. Young, slim, not too shabby. I was a little nervous, but he drove us right to the address I dictated and we had a drink. After maybe 30 minutes I invited him back to my room.

Oh! I forgot to say that I had checked in less than an hour earlier. I booked the room on the internet and they had to look up my reservation in the system. Then I walked in 30 minutes later, looking classy, this rough young guy with a swagger at my side. I'm sure they knew what was up...

We got to the room and chatted a little before starting to kiss. I straddled him and rubbed my cunt against his hardening rod, which pushed against my dripping slit through both of our pants. I took off my shirt. I wanted to rub my big tits in his face. His hands pawed at them in a completely untutored way. A young, grasping stud gearing up to pile-drive me. He stood and flipped me over. His arms were skinny but lifted me with relative ease. I took off my pants while he took off his and we were both in our underwear. Not for long. I wanted a look at that cock. A taste. Ok, ok! I really wanted it pressing against the back of my throat until I gagged and moaned and begged for more!

It was a very nice cock. Thick, especially towards the top, uncut. My eyes glinted and I jerked my hips in response. Oooh. A big dick to fill my cunt.

I sucked him into my mouth and he immediately told me how good it was in broken English. He was only 3 years younger than me, but I felt so much... more than him. Like he is a Level 2 Fucker and I'm a Level 8. Typing that makes me laugh.

I knew that he thought I was just some dumb whore who doesn't know better than to get used by guys on the internet. Because clearly guys fuck and girls want more. But I know, and you know, that I'm even more hardcore than most of those guys. So I felt superior as he ordered me to suck his balls, stroke his cock, lube up my tits and let him fuck them. And when he shot his load all over them after less than a couple minutes I wanted to crow my victory. I am a better whore than you... Na-na-na-na-naaaa.

But I was also annoyed. I wanted that fuckstick in my cunt and now it was soft and useless to me. But he was young and I knew that if I sucked on that shrinking piece of meat it would soon be rock hard again. So I did. I craved his cock so much, and I was so ready for it, that I forced him hard with my mouth before urging him to smush it in me still half-soft. I knew the squeezing of my pussy would bring his soldier to full attention. After a few strokes, he was indeed hard again. Mmmm.

He really worked me over. My favorite part was when he turned me on my stomach and fucked hard while I lay on my hand and played with my clit. My head was off the edge of the bed and I could only see the floor and bed sway as he pounded me. I thought about the date I would have the next day with that Dutch dominant. I thought about all of the fucking you wanted me to do two days later. I realized I didn't remember his name. And I came, screaming, while that stranger plunged his big fat cock in me, straining the walls of my pussy.

Eventually he wanted me to suck him off. Mohammed forced my head down, he slapped me in the face with it, he jerked on my hair to have me lick his balls. I started to get annoyed at how long he was taking. I mean, he hadn't tried to make me cum (I'm just such a horny bitch that I did on my own) and he was expecting me to suck on his cock for over thirty minutes after we'd fucked for nearly an hour??? Eventually he did squirt his hot load all over my tits. I took one finger and rubbed it around a bit, giggly because I was covered in cum, which I adore.

Then I kicked him out. Said I needed a shower and to call you and saw him to the door. He looked nonplussed. What did he expect? He came without condoms (luckily I had one) and I had gotten all of the cock I could get. I was done with him. The last blowjob was just because I hate to see a hard cock go to waste, not because I wanted him to feel good.

We talked for a really long time after. You made me cum without touching myself. Can you believe that? Then I cried, because in all of that dirtiness and filth that we enjoy together, there is beauty. Because while he fucked me with his cock, you were fucking my mind.

We've entered a new stage and I know we both realize it. You own me. And I love that. As of today, I am your lover, your friend, your wife-to-be, and your slave.

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