tagLetters & TranscriptsConfessions of an Erotic Nature Ch. 02

Confessions of an Erotic Nature Ch. 02


January 20


I know you feel safer doing this with another woman, but I know you Stella, and I know what you really desire terrifies you the most. I know you fantasize about two men.

Tell me the truth, could you see two men fucking you? I want to hear it all. I want to be in your erotic realities. You are such a sexy erotic women, you can have any man. Describe it to me, my sweet French whore.


January 20

Dear Hank,

You asked me to describe my fantasy of having two men – well I just have images that come in and out of my head when I'm alone but I'll try and put them into some kind of story for us.

Maybe a swanky hotel fits in perfectly with my French whore fantasy. I don't want you to be adversaries, I like the idea that you are such good friends with enough money for only one of you, but you are both so hungry for sex that you decide to share your favourite whore – me.

I like the idea of having drinks in the hotel lounge flirting with both of you. Whispering things to both of you. Having you both whisper things to me. After a while, we would all take the elevator up to our room. I would take turns kissing each of you in the elevator. In our room, you both would get undressed and get into the king size bed – leaving room for me in the middle. I would go into the bathroom and re-emerge in a black corset, stockings and high heels – the way you see me as your old world French whore.

I would start to kiss one of you while the other one grabbed my breasts from behind, making me moan. Then I would start to suck the man I was kissing while the other man spread my legs from behind and started to play with my cunt, making me moan more. Then this man would start to lick my pussy all the while I am spoiling the first man with my tongue.

I would want one of you to suck on my breasts while the other sucked on my clit. I would want one of you to fuck me while the other put his cock in my mouth. I want to do all of this and then switch and do the same things with the other man.

I love the idea of you both talking to me, asking me if this is what I want, if I love your cocks, telling me how good I am at sucking them, how I am your favourite whore of all the whores. And you both make me cum over and over in different ways telling me how delicious I taste and feel.

Then you have to decide between you – which one is going to fuck me and cum in me and which one is going to have me suck them until they cum in my mouth. Afterwards, I would love to fall asleep in both of your arms – all of us exhausted and incredibly satisfied.

Well, it's my fantasy and you did ask.

Love, Stella (aka your favorite French whore)

January 20th

I love your stories, Stella. The fact that they may one day become real turns me on even more. You are my temptress, my naughty French Whore. I want to go deeper into our erotic world and explore each other more and more. I love you, Baby. Hank

January 21st

My dearest Stella;

I remember with such vividness our first meeting, how you stirred me, how at night with my man we talked about you and Hank and all the wonderful possibilities that might exist. I would love the chance to kiss you, hands cupping your face or tangled in that delicious mane of hair.

Your erotic journey has just begun my darling. You know that the two of us would love to be part of that journey.

Marianne (& John)

January 22

Tell me, how did you feel when you read her letter, Stella ... and what naughtiness did you think about?


January 22

Dear Hank,

I was actually very moved by what Marianne wrote in her letter. She's sensual and erotic and I have never been desired by a woman before.

You were right – I must be an exhibitionist because I love the idea of both you and John watching us. All of this is so exciting and taboo and our dirty little secret.

And just the thought of how you will devour me when I return to you is enough to push me over the edge.


January 23

"I have a capacity for delicate perversions. The love of only one man or one woman is an enclosure. (Anais Nin, Henry and June)"

Dear Hank,

After we watched Henry and June last summer, I had to buy the book. It was hypnotic reading for me. I never had this experience before – reading something that spoke to me on so many levels. For starters, her husband, Hugo, is just like Adam (my ex). The nicest man in the world, but she always feels is too young for her and too submissive. He adores her. Her world becomes incestuous with her analyst, Henry Miller, Hugo and – wait for it – her cousin. If his name was Mark (like my cousin) I would have fallen out of bed reading. But it's Edouardo.

She too was the oldest of two brothers. She too was always trying to find the love she felt she didn't rec've from her father growing up.

She loved fashion and makeup and was incredibly feminine and led a pretty hedonistic lifestyle between Paris (where she slummed with HM) and in the French countryside with Hugo (who worked for a bank). Oh and she was "sickly" with something that she doesn't identify but that kept her bedridden many years (makes me think of my migraines).

Have I convinced you that she is my alter ego yet?

Incredible. Lyrical. Intelligent. Hypnotic. And at times sarcastic and laugh out loud funny. Henry Miller thought she was the best writer and she was.

Hmm, can you tell I was affected?

And you, Hank, you know that I have always seen you in some way as my Henry Miller. He was strong and masculine and didn't take shit from anybody and appreciated beauty and sensuality.

And loved to fuck.


January 25

To my beautiful intoxicating Stella.

Your taste never leaves me. It has become the fuel for my desire in ways you cannot imagine. I close my eyes and feel your breath and soft touch envelop my being. Your skin is like white porcelain to my touch. I ache for your beautiful body. I will undress you slowly taking every advantage of your willing desire. You will touch me with hands so soft and mouth wet and wanting of all of me. To kiss, to lick to hold you firm as you take in my hard throbbing member – I'm lost in a delirious world of our carnal erotic pleasures.

My Stella, my love, my beautiful French whore.



January 26

Dear Hank,

Last night was wonderfully delicious lying under my ceiling fan in my bedroom as we feasted on each other – it was the perfect way to get through this heat spell. And talking about the things that might happen with Marianne when I get back from Europe just made the hot summer air even hotter. The only thing that will get me through the next three weeks away from you is knowing how amazing it will be to have you between my legs again when I return.

I think all of this talk is turning us into sexual deviants! Telling me to seduce Simon (who you know has it bad for me) at the wedding this weekend is very naughty of you, Hank. But I do like how you think. So I will dance with Simon leaving him in a confused state of arousal, as you watch our little show. And then we'll come home and fuck. Our last weekend together for three long weeks.

Did I ever tell you that when I was married, we used to go to nightclubs and I would invariably make eye contact with one or two men that lasted the evening as we all got lost on the dance floor. It was intoxicating – bodies dripping wet to loud, pulsating music – spinning us into an orgy of exposed desire and imposed restraint. It was my homage to Erica Jong's famous "zip-less fuck." And it was also the beginning of the end of my marriage.

Simon won't know what hit him.

Love, Stella (in the red dress)

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