tagMatureConfessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 01

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 01


I want to describe the incredible fortune I have landed in terms of being able to make love to different mature rich woman, every day of the week without any catch, any obligations, without spending a single penny!

I am a 21-year-old young computer scientist, presently unemployed. My main occupation now is to satisfy the sexual libido of my seven rich mature beautiful women lovers, day 'in' and day 'out '( pun intended) who are magnanimous enough to take care of my expenses and I have now no time to work or nor the necessity to earn money with a job else where.

NO, Don’t take me as a gigolo or a male prostitute. My lovers and me are sincere people who are passionately involved in our relationships and the smell of money is not even remotely present in the scheme of things.

It all started this way....

I have had a couple of girlfriends in my life, but I was always curious about having sex with a mature, rich middle aged lady in 30s to 40s. I have been fascinated with their big juicy boobs, soft big and cushiony buttocks and of course my imagination of their rich, experienced deep and wide pussies,which will be so unlike the teenage girls and their tight and small cunnies

My theory of such imagination has been compounded by the fact that richer they were, idler, they will be with many a servant to take care of domestic chores, their time and money giving them the freedom to eat rich food lavishly and all affordable cosmetics to take care of their appearance, complexion and beauty. But if their husbands could earn that kind of money, they would most certainly working their asses off, leaving their women with all comforts but little companionship.

I have now seven such women to take care off and I have allotted one day of the week to each one, without revealing about other six, of course!!

They are:


Mrs. B-A rich millionaires and a widow of 38 years, a buxom and full-bodied juicy woman, almost a nymphomaniac in bed. Her ass is big and juicy and her pussy is soft and hairless and takes a lot of pounding easily.

It is unbridled pleasure to be in bed with her and come liters of man-juice in her warm pussy.


JL- a Female wrestler 36 years old, a single divorcee owns gymnasium in swanky uptown and makes loads of money through it. It is a unique experience to be caught by her in a 'bind' or cinch in bed, as her well-toned hard body and her stamina well worthy of her Wrestling profession makes her a dominating and voracious bedmate.

The no of times she make love and drains me and satiates me is just out of this world


JM-A 36 year Old cabaret dancer who acts in movies, unattached to anyone and very surprisingly a virgin at that age, when I met her. She is a big voluptuous woman with incredible soft and large breasts and curvaceous buttocks and a juicy honeyhole with wet fat flapping lips for her pussy.

Needless today she saps my amorous energies thoroughly to make amends for the years she missed out.


SD-A dark skinned 40 year old divorcee with lots of flesh and absolutely insatiable in bed, which is stark contrast to her decent social worker image built up in the elite society she moves in. She likes nothing better than showing her trimmed cunt tucked in between her abundant thighs and pumpkin like hips as soon as I and enter her home and close the door behind me.


MRS.Jay-A retired legendary Film actress, Very rich, easily a billionaire without husband or children. she is also into charity and takes care of A film training Institute as its CEO . She is a woman who I Love to screw as she is submissive in bed and I make violent love to her almost raping her till we are bathed in sweat and our hearts hammering wildly and uncontrollably.


Saritha- a Dark Skinned widow, not very rich and woks as a part time Secretary to Mrs. J.

She is a voyeur who saw me once humping Mrs. J, her Boss on her Board table violently that she herself seduced me into screwing her on this weekend day in the office on the very table, doing a lap dance on my thighs in her boss's seat. She is very innovative and a kind woman who takes care of me in many ways. That she has formidable tit pairs, sensitive very-erect nipples and can come a hundred times in one day with me socking it to her inviting accommodating womb has something to do with my kind impression of hers!


Its a special day as I usually visit any one the above six woman above of my choice and have sex with me in a manner that I have fantasized and not the way I do it to them on their regular days.

For example I violently hump and rape the woman with who I usually do tender love making with. I have public sex with uninhibited with the lady who has sex only in the confines of her bedroom in darkness usually or the other way round.

It gives me incredible to rotate strike and have variety in sex on this weekend

Rest day!!

All this in detail follows in the coming chapters...Literally coming, I mean!!

Can you wait long to hear it?

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