tagMatureConfessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 03a

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 03a



JL- a Female wrestler, 36 years, single, owns a gymnasium in swanky downtown and makes loads of money through it. It is a unique experience to be caught by her in a 'bind' or cinch in bed, as her well toned hard body and her stamina well worthy of her Wrestling profession makes her a dominating and voracious bedmate.



I was returning home from a concert one night from the city and I could not get a taxi in time, being a rainy night. Cursing my fate, I started walking till as far as I can get a taxi.

There was noise behind me and when I turned I was shocked to find there criminal looking characters stalking me menacingly with their cigarettes burning on their lips. Before I could cry out for help, they were upon me and I was hit about my ribs, stomach and something hard like a baton crashed down on the back of my head and I went down crying on the lonely pavement like fused electric bulb.

The next thing I noticed was That I was lying on a soft bed in an unknown room and Lo! There was beautiful mature lady looking benignly down at me.

She was wearing tight fitting body suit that accentuated her full figure and her 6 ft tall stature was stunning to say the least. I asked her weakly where I was etc.

She explained that her name was JL and that she was professional wrestler till recently and now owns a hi-tech gymnasium in the downtown. I was told she was passing by after a party too on the road when she saw me lying helplessly unconscious on the pavement with rain beating down hard on my prostrate body. She and her driver lifted me last night (now it was morning 9 AM )and had a doctor examine me while I was still unconscious and had given an intravenous analgesic. I was waking up just now. Of course I had lost my wallet, wristwatch and a gold chain from around my neck before she had reached me.

I stared a at her while she recited the night's happening. My eyes even in the weak condition did not miss much. She was as I said earlier about 6 ft tall built solidly and with abundant curves and strong y muscled thighs and arms expectable of wrestler. Nerves stood out boldly thickly on her biceps and legs, which could be seen through the skintight body suit she was wearing. She had strong face nice features, dark-probing eyes and he tits were phenomenal.

They were not just big or anything. They were wide rounded and filled out her frontage majestically with a 3-inch deep cleavage. I could see her big nipples make dents on the front of the suit despite her bra and probably not even erect yet!!

I thanked her profusely and explained that i was a budding lyricist for a musical group and prided myself as a poet in making. She was very leased to know this and said that she had great regards for people with artistic talent and brain and berated herself that she was plain brawn. I casually praised her that her looks could give film stars a run for their money and that I like d her. I also said I was in awe of her as she was so strong and courageous to be a wrestler and I couldn't lift a finger even to protect myself, she was protecting and taking care of me too!

Our friendship grew over the next few weeks and she grew very fond of me. I made no secret of my own feelings of her and coined a couple of poems on her praising her inner beauty (while I was actually thirsting over her 'outer' beauty). To make things easier for me she was unattached.

She told me on one drunken night with my hand allover her strong body my mouth kissing her in every possible way loudly making slurping sounds as she recounted her violent childhood and that hoodlums had raped her while she was a weak 16 year old teenaged girl. With ruthless challenge she had taken to body building and then into wrestling only to find outlet for her simmering boiling anger and hatred to men in general and humanity in general. She was wronged and hurt and she was pouring out her feelings. She told me that she felt safe and comfortable with her only because I was weaker than her and almost like a child needed protection myself.

It was obvious that this 36-year-old lady with superb body needed all the care and love and I was aching in my balls from the bottom of my heart to give it to her.

I started kissing her eyelids drinking in her tears and softly licked her cheeks for salt and I put both my palms on her soft boobs lifted their heaviness and dropped them back in succession. We were in her living room on her couch watching some television, a wrestling match actually, which she pretended to watch with her body alert to my manipulations. She sighed and lifted her strong arms a signal from me to take off her tight tops, which I did in a jiffy, my heart thudding against my ribcage wildly, my mouth drooling and my cock straining against my jocks for release.

I drank in the view of JL's impeccable 40 inch size tits covered in her a dark big bra, the soft dark globes heaving with a sweat beads tricking down the valley in between. I pushed my face into the soft cushioned globes, warm and soft and used both my hands to cover them and squeeze them affectionately. Her skirt with frills was now over her strong knees exposing her wrestler's strong big thighs .She sighed and said OOOOH, , This is so nice and loving...No One ever did this to me before...

I used my two thumbs of both hands to part her bra out forcibly and out poked her berry sized dark nipples sniffing the room air. She had big aureole and had goose bumps already on them as I eagerly licked the surface and teased the hardening nubs of her nipples. I sucked and bit them alternately causing commotion in her athletic body as her strongly muscled thighs parted in a anticipation of the inevitable that she had been denied all these years.

. I tore her bra out, throwing it down completely making her gasp' 'OOOhhhh..'

Stand up JL, I commanded, she stood up breathing heavily towering over me physically, an undoubtedly amazon with lust laden looks.

When i undressed, I looked puny and contrastingly weaker against her strong big build athletic body, well toned bulging ebony muscles shining in their body glory.

I took vicarious pleasure in being a 'man ' an unlikely match for her stronger and much bigger body frame and tore away her skirt down exposing her thick thighs and sniffed at her groins. I covered my both hands against her bulky waist hugged her soft wide stomach close to my face. Her stomach itself was three times wider than my face I played havoc on her luxurious behind, kneading the big globes, fingers skirting below the panty lines. She was so big soft and strong in different areas, that I was going crazy trying to do justice loving them caressing them adequately!. I knelt below on the floor looking up at my big strong amazon looking down with pure lust, I parted her big trunk sized thighs apart, which balanced themselves perfectly, her athletic muscles rippling to adjust her weight as she threw her hair back with a flick of her neck, abandoning herself to the worship of her womanhood that was to follow.

I peeled down her panties away from her bulging butt globes pinching them enroute, down the wide marble expanse of her thigh plains. Her cunt hair was very thin and covered her swollen pubis mound barely. I sniffed her juicing pussy and used both hands to part her heavy nether lips, exposing the shining slick womb valley within. I licked the cream between her well-developed thick pussy lips, parting them using my forefinger and thumbs for wider access to the treasure cove within. She shuddered, her body towering above my kneeling form, shaking a like a female elephant in pangs of lust. Her whole well muscled body was rippling as she uttered a primordial cry like a female Tarzan, " AHHHHHHH..." the cry came from the depth of her guts, a signal of the volcano of female pent-up lust of years aching for release. Her hands gripped her swelling boobs squeezing the melons mercilessly, trying to control her surging feelings in vain.

I licked her pussy thoroughly and she dribbled her juices down her thighs as my fingers and naughty tongue- teeth combination played havoc to her anxious womanhood. She was tasty and heady and I licked her nectar as they poured out of her big womb copiously. My cock was over erect, dribbling pre-cum down between my thighs to the floor below. I was rampant and mad with lust to tear this amazon's wet cave of womanhood with my hot raging throbbing cock in a frenzy of fucking, the first of such kind in her 36 year old ripe life.

I stood up, realizing again that physically I was no match to her but the only salvage for lust ravaged amazon body now expecting thorough lovemaking to satiate her awakened lusty demands racking her.

I hugged her, kissing her mouth to mouth, her pussy juices mixing with her spittle in her own mouth as my 8 inch long hard throbbing cock probed her wide soft expanse of her underbelly below her surprisingly small but deep navel.

I made her lie down on the soft couch, getting ready for the final act, even as she kissed me back gasping OHHH Darling..Loverr.. Ummm.. Ahhh etc in between our wet slurping kisses.

I opened her majestic thighs wide lowering my loins in the inviting soft V- valley between her parted legs. Her wide big gash of pussy shone from the lubrication of past few minutes. As my fingers parted the wet squishy mass of her pussy lips languidly, I lowered my hard cock to wet inviting cavern below. She was so hot and wet inside that the penetration must have caused some of her liquid lust to overflow over the brim of her cunt lips down to her prominent ass crack in a trickle. Her response to my penetration should have been seen to be believed. She reared up at me grabbing me with her strong athletic hands over my bony frame squeezing me down on to her soft and strong torso and stomach with scream like OIII..MAAAAAAA, that echoed across the big living room.

My cock now ploughed her mature well developed soft and big pussy almost violently stabbing deep with in her touching off her nerve centers sending electric sensations on her body. she was covered with goosebumps all over as gasps and loving moans became continuous as my hard cock pushed deep into her womb and back again, the sides of cock shining with her come which was no making a small pool on the sheets below her massive ass globes. I spanked on her well formed fat ass cheeks occasionally with sounds like Chatt.. Phatt...coming from them, as she picked up rhythm and her soggy cunt gobbled my cock deep into her honeyed pussy chamber, no sooner than it came out of the steamy pussy for air. My balls were slapping hard on her massive soft ass cheeks lustily and were soon covered with her stream of discharge now flying around like a spray from between our sweet junction of groins. It was even hitting my stomach and waist and her hands that covered my bony waist as she powered it back and forth into her juicy pussy chamber. Her well-developed pussy lips clutched my cock strongly in spasms rhythmically as I pounded her mature wanton womb with lusty abandon.

My cock built up the tempo and reached the pinnacle in good time her cunt already pouring forth a liter of come, a sign of the dam of control bursting her the decades of abstinence and suppressed passion. I came in her without a care on possible pregnancy as she had expressed her dream to be a mother some day. Who better than the first penetrator top impregnate her big well developed womb of 36 years than me, I thought and squirted my man-juice deep, deep into her wet womb.

This is only the first of my copulation with her. In the next installment I bring you other wonderful and varied types of fucks I enjoy in an unbridled way, without a care in the world with this Oh so accommodating woman. She is like a nymphomaniac with me. Just a kiss, a twist of her nipples from my hand, a provocative bite on her neck and of course rough licking and biting all over her well formed pubis and rounded ass cause her to become so madly passionate and hungry that she can take hours of pounding from me on the bed, on the kitchen table, on her Treadmill in the gym, in the bathtub anywhere, anytime of day, noon or night. I always make it a point to be at her doorstep at 6AM itself and won't think of leaving her alone till midnight.

Come Wednesday, another soul cries for me..Duty calls...They have to be honored...

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