tagMatureConfessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 04

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 04


Wednesday Lady- Wet and waiting beauty..

I was teaching Yoga and meditation to select few elite people in the downtown school and though I was young, I was quite popular. I had done Kundalini awakening of late and had started feeling lusty and was constantly bothered by stiff erections. My masturbations had increased three fold in recent time and my cock was feeling never more healthier whether in sustaining the hard-ons or in squirting profuse quantity of cum each time around.

I was also a counselor of alcoholics and people undergoing depression. It was in this contest and time that I met Mrs. Jaya Malini (JM in short), an ex cabaret dancer in Movies, presently ageing and undergoing depression and had started hitting bottle in a big way.

I was asked to call on her personally as she was reluctant to come out openly to my school because she was so well known and did not like this word to get around. It was a Wednesday and I had told her over the phone that I would visit her every week on the same day.

She lived in palatial bungalow overlooking the River in posh area. There was a beautifully maintained garden. She personally let me in. I looked, rather stared. It is not often that I stare at women thus but let me describe her and you tell me if I was wrong I doing so.

She was big and beautiful and looked like bounty in human form.

She was more than 6 ft tall, taller than my Tuesday lady JL, but had very fair and buttery complexion unlike JL.

This woman, JM was softly and abundantly curved everywhere. She was wearing a silk sari, blue in color, with a matching sleeveless blouse with a deep V – neck from which swelled forth, delectable twin peaks of her 38-inch breasts. She had rounded face and black eyes, which looked a bit drunken and sleepy. She made way for me to step in and I could catch her heady perfume.

We talked for sometime in her living room sitting on her velvet couch, when I heard her out.

She was a loner and had been exploited during her career in movies as a cabaret dancer and unfortunately every man she came to trust had cheated her and had ill-treated her.

She had taken to drinking to get over the depressing thoughts and had heard of me through a mutual friend that I was capable of helping her out. She was 38 yr old, unattached and had obviously made millions in her prime and lived well now.

She was extremely beautiful to look at and her eyes were like magnets, which captivated me. Only her soft Melon like tits, deep navel below which her blue sari was tied round the ample soft waist and fully rounded big posteriors could make me look away from her magnetic eyes. She looked delicious but depressed. I wondered how a feast to my eyes in her form could be actually feeling so sad and helpless herself. I vowed within myself that I would cure her soon with everything at my disposal and assured her so in as many words. These words did become Prophetic soon, of course, much to our mutual delight.

On day One, I told her to come back wearing a tracksuit with comfortable fitting. I wanted to teach her basic yoga relaxation exercises first off.

When she came back wearing one I could barely stifle my aroused gasp. It was red in coloe and accentuated her plentiful curves in all its luxury.

She was abundantly formed; the Maker had not held his hand back and had given her everything in plenty. Her beautiful face, soft and jiggling globes of bosom hardly contained in her suit, her fully rounded soft waist, her melon like rounded buttocks were enough to make my cock raise its lusty head inquiringly in my shorts.

I had to hand hold her during some initial exercises and she told me to relax and not be afraid of touching her during the course. With thudding heart and drying mouth and raging hard on, I complied with this, teaching her bending and stretching me gasping frequently appreciating how wonderful her body looked during these stages more loudly than her who was practicing the exercise for the first time! That's what this alluring woman did to me, the first day of our meeting.

I used to crave for Wednesdays and looked forward to the day from the crack of dawn. I made it a point to be with her from dawn to dusk on that day and gradually our relation became more friendly and intimate.

I told her to quit the bottle by reducing the intake gradually and she was doing just fine as she became more cheerful and happy in my company during the exercises. She was also learning meditation slowly and all this had telling effect on her composure and health.

She had started looking like a fresh blooming flower nowadays to my eyes and even said so.

It was on one of these days that I was able to get really close to her.

I had prepared an Herbal concoction, a drink substitute for alcohol for her to drink and we were talking and drinking this sweet nectar like drink. I had not told her that it was an eastern aphrodisiac, not sure of its capabilities myself but soon the effects started showing in us both. We both felt hot and sweaty and felt like removing our dresses. I was soon in my shorts, shirtless and she was in one-piece swimsuit, which she had worn below her tracksuit. JM did not believe in bras as they constricted her big breasts uncomfortably nor liked panties tightly gripping her ample fleshy waist. Thus the one piece suit. She told me that I was very nice and helped her a lot, but her eyes bore a look similar to a drunken person, but this time drunk on lust due to the aphrodisiac's hot effects.

I told her that an extra ordinarily beautiful woman like her deserved much more but I was able to offer only this much.

Then her drink dropped and I grabbed to hold it and so did she. In the melee, our fore heads dashed against each other, and I was face to face with her. Unconsciously I kissed her lips and her drink glass dropped to floor with a thud and we were unmindful of the drink spilling, only of our ravaged breaths and hot mingling of our mouth and tongue.

"UMMMMM," she groaned and I grabbed a handful of her succulent breasts and handled the globes by rotating them in my palms making her groan in wanton desire I kissed her more and praised her that she was looking like an angle and that I wanted to have her now.

She embraced me fiercely her soft tits mashing on my chest making my cock grow an inch more inside my tight shorts.

"Are you sure you want me so much or are you just saying..."she started arguing and I did a very spontaneous thing by saying,

"Look here.. A man's mouth can lie but never his cock," and I dragged my shorts down my lean and lanky hips and thighs to prove my point. My point proved itself very well standing tall, its pink cock head dribbling precum already. It was a good specimen indeed and I was standing butt naked in front of her.

She gasped and said, "OHH You darling, You really like me then..Ha? What did you see in me, honey, an old hag like me.. You so young and me older...."

She was confused and trying to reason, but I wanted none of that. I grabbed her forcibly with both hands drew her to me and kissed her almost viciously, making her wince as my teeth bit her lower teeth hard and my hands covered her super big ass in my hands and squeezed authoritatively. Both these actions made her lose some of her reasoning and give way to abandon, but not quite. She started to say something in protest abut did not succeed as my hands grabbed her soft tit balls and squeezed them, and nuzzled her nipples, They were pink and round nubs with a wide areola around them. As I licked, the areola darkened in color, become more prominent on her majestic globes and next I caught one nipple after another between my teeth alternately, licking them in circles when they were captive between my teeth.

"OOOHHHH" , she gasped now totally abandoning herself to the sea of sensations flooding her, her lust heightened by aphrodisiac and all her resolve dissolved.

I was totally naked and her hands naturally found my raging rampant manhood and squeezed the stem firmly making me shudder as electric sensations ran up down from the depth of my balls. As I snatched her suit down her ample waist and over the big rearing ass globes, my cock spasmodically twitched up almost saluting the wealth of womanhood thus displayed. She was much bigger than me. (A foot taller and a couple of feet wider and fatter too). But I am a man who thinks, Bigger the better. You know that already.

I lowered myself to look at the marvel of the bountiful waist and firm, rounded ass globes and her firm fleshy strong thighs and her beautiful womanhood nestled in the junction of her big thighs. I separated her thighs and had my first look at her pussy.

No, it was pure Indian Yoni in al its glory. Long and soft lipped covered with a trimmed bush her outer lips opened and her pink insides smiled widely at me.

It is an insult to call it a cunt, as it was the perfect Yoni described in Kamasutra.

I dipped my face her arousal had an aroma of its making me heady and faint. I latched my mouth on the juicy cave, lapping energetically all over it. She was gasping and moaning, hardly able to stand in this duration and stomped her feet impatiently as my tongue and teeth enjoyed the delicious soft flesh and her sweet come.

I had my arms round her delectable soft bum cheeks and my right hand explored the supple flesh kneading and pinching all over them, while my left hand firmly supported her waist locking her in my embrace. Sweet come from her trickled all over mouth and dribbled on the sides of my mouth and her moans became continuous now as her hands squeezed her ample breasts as if to control the lust brimming within her.

She had a prominent bud like clitoris, nestled at top her pussy lips like a crown on a deserved head.I licked and stabbed it with my tongue and she screamed,

"OHHH Darling I can't control this... Please make love to me now.. Make me your woman..OHHHH..." Guttural sounds came from her mouth as her body shook spasmodically in tune with my tongue action on her wet exposed juicy yoni.

I stood up and stabbed my blood engorged prick into her soft underbelly while embracing her and kissing her sweet and hot mouth repeatedly. I was mad with lust for her flesh so beautiful displayed that I started kissing her all over neck, biting her here and there, down over her broad shoulders , leaving reddening bite marks as mouth traveled downward to her big ripe tits, kissing sucking and playfully biting her there again, teeth marks appearing no sooner my mouth left the spot on her fair skin of her soft globes, catching both nipples, in my hand, twisting them once clock wise and next counter clockwise, making her moan like a chained animal. I sucked both her nipples holding her pliant globes in my palms and then left them with a lingering bite making her catch her breath and shudder . I spent more time now on the soft swelling plains of her wide belly biting all over playfully, and dipping my tongue playfully in her deep navel. She was squirming madly. I had enough problems holding out on my own, along with stopping her from breaking away in the middle of this erotic teasing.

I now left her under belly, traveling downwards and my mouth playfully bit all over her big wide and soft thigh flesh. The skin was so sensitive and fair over there that each kiss, lick and bite of mine would leave a telling teeth impression on those spots.

I lifted her one leg up from the ground and spent time licking all over her dainty and sensitive ankles, feet and then suckled slowly toes separating them and holding each white toe up with my hand to my mouth. She was going mad with lust and was uttering all kinds of indecipherable words in throes of passion. I bit firmly on her big toe and her red nail polish shined with my saliva as I kept her foot back on ground.

By now the entire front side of her body was covered with red bite marks from my teeth and I turned my attention to her milky white soft buttocks by turning her around the waist as she stood her ground and subjected her back side to similar treatment from my hungry ravenous mouth which repeatedly kissed and bit her soft flesh of her buttocks all the way to her puckering asshole. I kissed and bit her mercilessly every where sparing not an inch of her delicious big body which I devoured like a man who was hungry for a week would to a six course deluxe meal.

I got up and my erect 8- inch long cock with its fair skin taut over the shaft shining in the semi dark room probed softly between her ample ass cheeks and my hands pulled and pinched her now erect sensitive nipples of those jutting breasts, heaving up and down on her chest with raging passions boiling within her.

"OOOHHH, you Darling, I can bear no more. Please take me. MMMMM" She groaned sultrily and looked at me with lust mad eyes. She wanted it right now and I could not delay a minute more..

I took her down to the soft velvet couch nearby and made her lie down on her right side, as I lifted her firm fleshy trunk of the other thigh up and over my chest and head, her feet and toes looking sky wards, thus exposing her wet aching pussy wide open side wards. Her soft thighs nested softly on my chest and shoulders as I aimed my hot prick with its head inches away from her almost virgin pussy, now eagerly palpitating for union with me. Her thighs so deliciously splayed thus gave me vantage view of her prefect juicy yoni even as I penetrated very very slowly into her hot melting interiors.

Molten lava like juices of hers mingled with dribbling precum of mine as I enjoyed the hot cozy grip of her deep pussy chamber, which now I teased with slow and firm 'In and Out' strokes, heightening her limits of lust, as she pinched her pink nipple bids and moaned outrageously. It was understandable as it was her first lovemaking after so many years and she was nearly out of control with the surge of feelings, she knew nothing about yet.

My control was at its breaking point as I seesawed her succulent wet pussy with firm and deep strokes of my big shaft. My cock grew in size as I humped her and soft wet splotching sounds now started coming from our hot junction. There sounded a rhythmic 'SLAP..SPLOTCH THATCH' as my flesh met her flesh as my cock pounded her deep, never ending pussy passage and my hot balls thudded against her white soft and cool bum cheeks. Thus the temperature difference between them made me go crazy with abandon as I gripped her upstanding thigh on my chest firmly with both hands and drove my waist and my shaft forward and deeper into her now slushy interiors. Her own juices trickled out the sides of my impaling cock and cooled the sides of my shaft, thrilling me no end. We came together shortly with such force that I saw stars and rainbow in front of my eyes as if I blacked out. It was her first climax, and she screamed, the nerves on her fair neck standing out as she did so. She whimpered,"OWWW..UMMMM...AHH" etc a little softly now, as I fell in a swoop on her soft sweat covered body, completely spent and exhausted. Her thighs were splayed and one thigh still curved out crooked around my chest and I nibbled on her soft thigh flesh, kissing anywhere I could get my mouth to, again making the old bite marks redden at the very spots.

We capped the day session with some Yoga Postures too and made love in each and every one of them. She was ravenous for sex and I was there matching her stroke to stroke, groan to groan and we humped around all over her palatial home without a care in the world. We must have climaxed six times in the six-hour long day session itself.

I sprayed her womb with my molten seed each time, spending blissfully, unmindful of things like pregnancy, safe period etc. Later she told me that there would be nothing more fitting to our relation than to bear my child for her. She even tells me that 'if I try hard enough, I can make her pregnant despite her age and slim chances now'. By those words, 'trying harder', she means fucking her more than 6 to 10 times on each Wednesday is actually implied and I try to do justice to make that happen! Lucky me, eh?

Again I am dwarfed by the sheer physical size of this woman, when we stand face to face, she being taller, bigger and bulkier, but she is like putty in my hands each time we meet, so much so that we are used to fall all over each other no sooner I am admitted through the front door of her home and door shutters barely shut.

What happened on subsequent days, how we learnt newer things, improved our own performance to mutual delight will have to wait till the second part of this story.

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