tagIncest/TabooConfidence Boost Ch. 05

Confidence Boost Ch. 05


Time was short and with so much to do it made for some long days. Daddy would be returning soon from New York City. I arranged for his things to be moved from his dingy apartment across town to Julie's house. Horny Hank the mechanic from the Dealership moved the heavy stuff. I made Julie reward him with a blowjob.

I tied Julie spread-eagle face-up to the table in the basement with her head dangling over the edge and covered with a leather half-hood. I had also encased her pussy in a chastity belt to prevent Hank from getting too amorous. I thought the hood provided enough concealment for Julie just in case Daddy ever took her to the Dealership.

Hank said the filthiest things as he tea-bagged Julie. He took delight in twisting the piercings on her nipples until she bawled. He shot his load of cum all over her traumatized tits as I videoed the whole scene. Hank smiled at me his still erect cock pointed in my direction.

Smiling, I slapped the head of his cock. He bellowed in pain. Now that I had his attention I seethed, "If you ever breathe a word of this to anyone you pathetic fuck I'll make sure your wife gets a copy and Big Jim will get a copy too. Understand?"

Hank nodded his understanding then scrambled up the stairs and out the door while trying to pull his pants up. His antics made me laugh and I'm sure his ears rung with humiliation from my mocking laughter.

I turned my attention back to Julie. Leaving her tied to the table I bathed Hank's cum from her breasts with warm soapy water. I cooed, "Is that better my poor battered, Bitch?"

Julie whimpered, "Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am."

I had gotten aroused watching Julie service Hank. It was more than just the sexual act. It was the complaisant way Julie preformed it, just to please me. I fetched a key from my jeans before I shed them and my panties. I unlocked Julie's chastity belt and pulled it off of her.

She spread her legs exposing her puffy pussy lips to me. Her beaded tongue went to work on my sauntered snatch as I lovingly kissed her labia before sliding my tongue into her. Julie's manipulation worked its magic, her tongue slithered around the folds of my cunt. She stabbed the tip near my clit teasing it from its hood. Then she flicked her beaded beast of a tongue across it.

I climaxed all over her face, screaming, "Cum...cumming...cum!"

After the white lights had quit exploding behind my closed eyes I said, "Julie you have a talented tongue. You may cum, too."

While sitting fully on her face I pressed my thumb on Julie's displayed clit pushing it into the beaded jewel stapled behind it. I watched amazed as fluid shot high into the air from her frothy cunt. Her scream of release was stifled in my snatch.

Later that day, I had Julie give notice at the diner, her sole purpose from now on was to take care of Daddy and give him the sexual confidence he needed. I took her to the beauty salon had her hair and nails dyed and painted the same shade of pink. I wanted Daddy to know she was my gift to him so she needed to have some form of my trademark pink. I also got her left breast tattooed with Daddy's initials to formalize Julie's transfer of ownership.

The night before Daddy arrived home Julie made a remarkable suggestion. "Haley, ma'am, may I suggest you prepare me for your father's return."

Surprised I stroked her pink locks and asked, "What do you have in mind?"

"It has been over a year since I have been fucked by a man's cock. It may not hurt to stretch my labia."

I cocked an eyebrow, "I have never done anything like that Julie. I don't want to damage you."

She kissed me her beaded tongue rapidly raiding in and out of my mouth and whispered, "I appreciate your concern for me. To be honest the procedure is somewhat painful but I'm sure Todd will enjoy having his cock completely engulfed by my cunt. It will please me to pleasure your father. I'll talk you through it."

I allowed Haley to take me by the hand and lead me downstairs. I watched mesmerized as she lit several candles around the basement. She asked me to take a spreader bar off a peg on the wall while she went to the work bench. She rummaged through several drawers and pulled out a six chains, each about 18 inches long with a weighted metal ball on one end of it and a big alligator clip at the other.

She stripped off her clothes then picked up the armful of equipment and brought it all to the X-cross. Julie stood with her back against it. She raised her arms along the cross pieces and rested them in the cuffs attached to it. She signaled me and I closed and locked the cuffs.

"Thank you Ma'am now if you will cuff the spreader between my ankles."

I knelt before Julie who stood with her legs spread shoulder width apart. I buckled ankle cuffs to her legs and clipped the spreader bar to them. I detected her sex scent, she was excited. I followed the fragrance to its source. I lightly glided my index finger between her puffy pussy lips wet with anticipation. I jammed two fingers into her snatch and sawed them quickly back and forth.

Her clit rose from her nethers and I lightly bit it. She screamed and fluid splattered on the concrete floor barely missing my face and drenching my hand and forearm to my elbow.

She puffed air in and out of her lungs, "I'm sorry...Ma'am. I'm so sorry to cum without permission."

I ignored her apology, "Tell me about the weights."

"Clip three to each pussy lip right across from each other evenly spaced."

I kissed each lip of her cunt as her juice dripped from it. Then I clipped the weighted chains, Julie hissed as each clip pinched shut on her tender skin. I repeated the process five times, kiss, clip, hiss.

Once all the weights were in place I stood up and looked at Julie. Her eyes were wide and her face was contorted in pain. She puffed air through her teeth.

"Did I do it right?"

She wheezed, "Yes...Ma'am."

"Good." I slapped her right breast. The basement resounded with the smacking sound followed by Julie's shriek. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face to mine and sizzled, "That's for cumming without permission." I slapped her tit again and Julie screamed again. "That's for practically cumming in my face, you filthy Bitch."

"Apologies, Ma'am, apologies. Please forgive me."

I kissed her breast and licked the hard nipple. I playfully blew my warm breath on it Julie moaned. I kissed her lips exploring her mouth with my tongue. I broke the kiss and whispered in Julie's ear, "I forgive you, Julie but you need to learn who's in charge."

Before walking up the steps I went to each candle and blew it out. After the last one was extinguished I said, "I'll leave you alone to think about it."

With a wicked laugh I ran up the steps and closed the basement door leaving Julie in the dark tied to the cross with weights stretching her labia. I was so turned on by my cruelty that I flopped on the king-sized bed in the master bedroom and masturbated myself to a screeching orgasm. I fell asleep thoroughly sated.

Daddy's phone call woke me up the next morning. He cheerfully greeted me on my cell phone, "Morning, Haley. How's my Baby-girl?"

"Fine Daddy," I squealed.

"Don't forget I'm coming home this evening. The airline says our plane will land on time."

"I can't wait. I found a nice place for you to live in fact I've already moved you into it. I have a couple of other surprises for you."

"I got to go, Haley, I love you."

"I love you too, Daddy."

Snapping my cell phone close I ran down stairs to check on Julie. Her head hung limp her chin resting on her chest.

I cried, "Julie are you alright. I'm so sorry I left you down here all night that wasn't my intention. I fell asleep. I'm sorry. I'm usually not so cruel."

Julie blinked herself awake. She smiled weakly at me as I knelt down to unclipped the weights from her distended cunt lips. She whimpered with relief as I removed the weights and kissed the ugly red marks left from the clips.

I unbuckled the cuffs from her ankles and let the spreader fall to the floor. It rattled away from the cross. I rose to my feet and studied the rapture look of reprieve on Julie's face, it was so sexy. I kissed her lips and pushed my finger into her swollen snatch and pressed my finger against her clit.

"You may cum, Julie. Please cum for me."

Julie's eyes rolled over white and her head shook rapidly from side to side as a deep wail of release rose from her. Her body quacked as her quim again spat a stream of fluid splattering noisily onto the floor.

I kissed her ear and whisper lovingly into her ear, "That's a good girl. My Daddy is going to love fucking you."

Julie opened her eyes and smiled weakly at me as I undid her cuffs. She practically slummed into my arms I half carried her up the stairs taking her into the bathroom and depositing her into the bathtub. She cooed as the hot water soothed her aching muscles. After bathing Julie I let her sleep until it was time to get dressed and go get Daddy.

It was raining hard when it was time to pick up Daddy at the airport. I stood by the baggage claim tapping my toe impatiently. Lightning tore through the sky and I nervously fretted with my hair which was pulled into a severe ponytail sprouted from the top of my head. Finally, I caught sight of Daddy and squealed with pleasure. I waved and he and Big Jim both waved back.

They approached me after they had retrieved their bags. I kissed both of them on the lips in turn. Big Jim was quite surprised at my show of affection. Daddy cleared his throat and said, "We need to give Big Jim a ride. You don't mind do you?"

I stepped back smiling at them and opened my raincoat. "As a matter of fact I do mind Daddy. I arranged for Sheffield's Town Car Service to take Big Jim home. I have other plans for you, Daddy. You don't mind do you Big Jim. I promise to make it up to you, later."

Their eyes bugged out and their mouths fell open at the sight of my outfit. Just the response I had hoped. I was wearing my thigh high black leather boots with a heel that not only pushed my butt my breasts as well. Under the boots but still visible above the tops were pink fishnet stockings. Around my hips I wore a black leather micro-mini skirt that barely covered my buttocks. My huge boobs were encased in black leather halter top.

Big Jim's white teeth contrasted with his dark complexion. "I can see Haley missed you Todd. I've wanted to check out the new Town Cars that Sheffield bought any way."

"Thanks, Boss," croaked Daddy.

I clutched his arm and headed for the terminal exit leaving Big Jim in our wake. I whispered into Daddy's ear with an impish grin, "I want you to know two things. I love you and I'm not wearing any panties."

"You're such a naughty girl, Haley. I love you." My father laughed and picked up his pace.

A decent tip to one of Daddy's skycap buddies from when he had driven a yellow cab allowed us to park next to the curb. Julie dressed as a sexy chauffer was waiting with my pink Cadillac.

She was wearing strappy stilettos with a pair of black fishnet stockings connected to a suspenders hanging from a leather waist cincher. Of course she was without panties. Her only top was the man's suit jacket that I had gotten altered to fit her frame. She wore a black leather eye mask to hide her identify from Daddy. Her long pink colored hair may have been disguise enough but I wasn't willing to take that chance. On top of her pink locks rested a leather billed chauffer's hat which she tipped at our approach.

I nodded to Julie as we got to the car and she dutifully opened the rear door for us. I giggled at Daddy's quizzical look as she presented him with a tiny paper cup with two pills in it and another paper cup with water in it to wash them down.

"Take your medicine, Daddy. It's Sidenafil and Vitamin B12," I said sliding into the car. "You're going to need both."

As soon as Julie slammed the door shut I kissed Daddy. My tongue probed his mouth and wrestled with his. I slipped my arms out of my raincoat as Julie eased the big Caddy into the evening traffic. I reached behind my neck and unsnapped of my halter top and pulled it down so Daddy could get access to my breasts.

He wasted no time and lovingly mauled my big boobs and gently pinched my nipples until I squealed. He sucked on one and then the other. He whispered in my ear, "I missed you so much, Haley. I can't wait to get you home to fuck you."

I unzipped Daddy's trousers and his hard cock leapt out like it was spring-loaded. I jerked it a couple of times smearing his pre-cum up and down his shaft. I lay back on the seat pulling my micro-mini skirt up revealing my inundated cunt. "Why wait, Daddy. Fuck me right now."

Daddy's dick penetrated my pussy fully in a single thrust. He was excited and his cock jack-hammered in and out of my snatch nailing it to the car seat. His warm agitated breath raised goose bumps on my neck.

"Your pussy feels so good, Haley." He huffed, "I missed you so much."

I slapped Daddy's ass in response urging him to continue to pummel my pussy. I diddled my clit and stuttered, "Big...cock...fuck...me."

Soon Daddy buried his cock into me balls deep and spewed his seed into the wet depths of my cunt. He bellowed with his release and I barked as my cunt contracted and convulsed around his cock in orgasm. White light of delight blinded me and I blinked through it with bliss.

We had no sooner sat back up and rearranged our clothing that Julie pulled into the drive way of her house, which would soon be Daddy's home too. She pulled into the garage, parked the car and opened the car door for us. We went into the house through the kitchen.

I led Daddy thru the kitchen into the living room and had him sit down on one of the big leather couches. The fireplace's flickering flame provided the only light. I smiled slyly as Daddy caught sight of Julie's portrait above the mantel.

"Haley, what is this place? Is that Julie? My goodness, look at her face, what rapture."

"I love you Daddy. Most men would look at her tortured tits, her stretched snatch but you look at her face. Yes, that is Julie and this is her house and you are moving in."

Julie obediently entered the room after I clapped my hands to summon her. She stood next to me without the chauffer's cap or suit jacket. Shadows danced off her breasts and firelight twinkled off the metal chain that hung between her tantalizing tits clipped to her naked nipples. She wordlessly handed me a black riding crop with a pink leather tongue on its tip. She shyly looked at my father.

I felt a warm gush of wet warmth dampen my pussy in response to her vulnerable sexuality. I grabbed Julie by the D-ring of her collar and jerked her face to mine. I kissed her hard ramming my tongue fully into her mouth to wrestle with her beaded tongue. I reached for her breast and twisted the barbell jewel that ran through her nipple. I broke our kiss as Julie moaned and looked at Daddy. "Isn't she delicious? Don't you just want to fuck her silly?"

He sat on the edge of his seat opened mouth. He blinked trying to comprehend what he was seeing. "Haley? Julie? What the fuck is going on?"

"Daddy you told me that in order to succeed, you needed someone to hold on to, someone to motivate you. Julie is to be that someone." I gushed, "I dyed her hair pink so every time you fuck her you will remember I was the one who gave her to you."

"Haley what are you talking about Julie is a human being not a piece of property."

Shaking my head I said, "Julie had an incestuous BDSM relationship with her father. He passed away last year and Julie has been miserable because she doesn't have a Dom. She needs to someone to take care of her. Daddy you need to take care of someone, so it's the perfect solution."

Daddy stood in front of Julie, who looked at the floor. He paced around her inspecting her body. He traced his finger along the outline of the Triskellion tattoo on her ass and chuckled, "Daddy's Slave. Is that true?"

Julie hesitated so I swatted her ass with the riding crop. I hissed between my teeth, "Answer my father, you bitch."

She yelped and Daddy yelled, "Haley!"

"Daddy, you have to discipline her. If you don't she'll think you don't care about her."

"Oh, I see," said Daddy tapping his finger on the growing red welt on Julie's buttock. "Is that a fact, Julie?"

"Yes, sir to both your questions, my father loved me enough to give me the discipline I needed and in return I was his sex slave."

Daddy s trundled around to the front of Julie. As his eyes feasted on her cunt I took the riding crop and split Julie's puffy pussy lips with the leather tip and said, "Look at her pussy, Daddy. Her labia hang down like bomb bay doors and she ejaculates like Ole Faithful."

He grinned at me and then turned his attention to Julie's left breast. He asked, "My initials?"

I nodded, "Proof of ownership."

He gently kissed Julie's breast mindful of the still inflamed and red area around the tattoo. "How is this relationship supposed to work?"

"You will live here with Julie. You will assume all responsibility for her, financially, emotionally and physically. In return she will satisfy your every desire at least until I come home from college on holidays then I'll fuck you both silly. If it doesn't work out or you get tired of her you have to give her back to me. You can't just sell her off and you will be the one that leaves this house."

Daddy nodded, his understanding of the terms, then gently placed his finger under Julie's chin and raised her face so he could look into her eyes. "And, is this what you want Julie, this arrangement is fine with you?"

She boldly looked into my father's eyes, "Yes, Todd. I want you to own me but only if you care about me. I want you to care enough about to discipline me and give me direction. In return I will take care of your every need."

Daddy kissed her his tongue penetrating Julie's mouth, their tongues entwined with passion. Julie lowered herself until she was squatting in front of Daddy. She unzipped his trousers releasing his cock and balls. She ran her tongue the full length of Daddy's shaft, it took his breath away.

I kissed Daddy's mouth my tongue darted in and out his mouth. I grabbed Julie's hair and forced her to bob on Daddy's dick. I broke our kiss and said, "Don't you just love her beaded tongue?"

He smiled and nodded so I dropped to my knees next to Julie. I pulled her off Daddy's cock and kissed her. I could taste my own nectar on her tongue that she had gleaned from Daddy's cock from our earlier fuck. I broke our kiss and sucked on Daddy's still very full balls while Julie twirled her tongue around his cock helmet.

Suddenly she pushed me and I fell on my bottom with a thud. She had just taken his nut sack into her mouth when Daddy grabbed Julie by her pink hair and pulled her off of his balls. She fell forward on her knees and gripped Daddy's wrist. Her eyes widen in fear and tears of pain welled up in her eyes.

He snarled into her face, "Bitch you don't ever push my daughter. I see you need to learn your place. Get on the table."

Daddy pulled her by her hair until she was posed on the coffee table on her hands and knees. He roared down at her, "You want discipline, Bitch, I'll give you discipline. Time to learn your place, Haley, will spank your ass while you suck my cock. Haley will continue to swat your ass until I cum. And you better not bite my dick either. Do you understand?"

Julie meekly nodded her head and grimaced, "Yes sir."

He shoved his cock into Julie's mouth. He laughed as she chocked on his cock. He nodded to me so I began to lash her ass with the riding crop. Daddy still had Julie by her hair and she grasped the edge of the table for support as he thrust his turgid cock down her throat.

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