tagMind ControlConfidence Ch. 03

Confidence Ch. 03


"Any fantasies you'd like to try, Allison?" I asked as I stroked her unconscious friend's head that currently rested on my lap.

The big tittied blonde stared off into space for a moment as she went through a list. "There's one thing I've always wanted to try, but I've been too scared. Plus, we'd have to leave to do it."

"And what's that?" I asked.

"Sex in public," she replied. "Not in front of an audience, but in a place where you might get caught. Even getting caught by one or two people could be fun, but I'd never perform for a crowd."

"I have a balcony," I said, pointing.

Her face went beet red. "Oh god. Really? Right now?"

I laughed. "Backing down so quickly?"

She squirmed a bit in her seat. "No. I just ..."

Tina stirred. Her eyes fluttered open and she found herself lying on my couch with her head on my lap as I stroked her hair.

"What happened?"

"Nothing you didn't enjoy, pet," I said.

The haze lifted and she remembered the orgasm. "Oh god. That was wonderful.

I smiled down at her. "Slut, we're just getting started. "But you just rest for a moment. Ali and I are going to step out for just a little while."

Tina's head shot up, her eyes wide with panic. "You're leaving me?"

I took her chin in my hand. "Relax, pet. We're just going out on the balcony."

She relaxed and curled up on the couch. "Oh okay, Master. I'll be here if you need me."

Allison and I got up and walked toward the balcony.

"She went from 'Sir' to 'Master' quickly," Allison said.

"It was that last orgasm," I said with a wink.

She chuckled. "Yeah. From the look of it, I can believe that."

I opened the sliding door and waited for her to exit. She paused, nervousness back on her face. "Can anyone see us?"

"I thought that was the point?"

"Yeah, but you know."

"We're on the eighth floor so people probably won't be able to make out who it is."

"Oh Ok."

We stepped out and the night air hit our skin. It felt refreshing in the summer heat. I didn't waste any time, taking her in my arms and kissing her. My hands grabbed her ass and squeezed. She moaned and nibbled on my neck as I moved her backwards. She squealed when the metal railing touched her back.

"Cold!" she said.

"Warm it up," I told her.

"God, what is it about you? I feel like I could do anything. Act out any fantasy."

I looked deep in her eyes. "You just may."

"Oh god. Just fuck me. I need you in again me so bad."

"When I'm ready."

"What about when I'm ready?"

I spun her around. She face the world naked, her beautiful breasts bared for all to see. I grabbed her by the wrists and brought them down, holding them firmly until she got the idea. Then my hands slid up her sides, moving forward to touch her stomach and then up until I cupped her breasts. My mouth was at her neck, kissing, licking, biting. She began to moan. I squeezed her big tits and her head rolled back.

"Yes," she whispered.

"The whole world can see you, Allison. The whole world is about to watch you get fucked."

She shivered as I spoke. She felt my hard cock pressing against her ass, but I made no move to try to put it in her yet. Her hands crept back and grabbed my ass. It may have been just to squeeze. It may have been to encourage me to fuck her. It didn't matter. I was in control. We both knew it.

One of my hands moved down to play with her clit. The other played with a nipple.

"Oh god. You're driving me crazy," she said.

"Am I?" I shoved two fingers in her.

"You know you are. Stop teasing me and fuck me."

"I'm sorry. What?" I stopped moving my hand in her pussy.

"Stop teasing me and fuck me!" she said, this time she pulled my ass to her, trying to accent her order.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "Again. What?" I asked in a forceful tone.

She got the hint. "Please, will you fuck me?"

"Much better." I pushed her head forward so she leaned over the balcony and looked down at the street. A group of guys had stopped and were looking up.

"Oh no," she said. "We'd better stop. There are some—"

My cock slammed into her pussy.

"Fuck!" she squealed. She tried to push back out of view of the guys but I held her forward. I pumped her hard. The embarrassment just made her wetter. "Jeff, please," she begged. "A couple of them are pulling out their phones."

I spanked her ass, but kept fucking her.

"Oh god. They're going to film... film... Fuckkkkkkkkkk!" Her orgasm was huge. I swore her tits bounced up and slapped her in the face. "Oh god. I've never cum that hard before."

I kept at her. She kept moaning. She also tried to hide her face from the guys with her hair, but she stopped trying to push away from the railing. It felt too damn good.

I heard a gasp, but this one came from behind and to my left. I turned to see my neighbour, Sunita, staring at us. She stood there in a nightdress. A breeze pressed it against her body accenting her big hips and petite breasts. What really caught my attention was what had to be inch long nipples standing at attention. I gave her a cocky smile and waved. She stood like a deer in headlights. An involuntary wave came back at me.

"You're fucking amazing, Jeff!" Allison screamed. "I'm gonna cum aga-Oooohhhhhh!"

"You like what my cock is doing to you, Allison?" I asked, although I was staring at Sunita the whole time.

"I love it!"

"Has anyone fucked you as good as me?"

"Oh god no! This is the best." She surprised me here by leaning farther over the balcony and screaming right at the guys. "The best!"

I guess her inhibitions were breaking down. I pulled out, spun her around and moved back in, shoving my cock into her needy cunt. My mouth enveloped a tit as I continued to fuck her. I remembered to go light on the nipple but forcefully on the rest.

"Oh man," she said breathless. "I was just getting used to those guys. One of them wants to know what apartment we're in." She laughed at that.

I pulled my mouth off her tit. "I remembered you wanted more of a private audience."

"Oh?" she said, looking around. "Did Tina come ou-"

I took her pause in conversation to mean she'd seen Sunita.

"H-Hi!" she said. "Just a sec. I need to—Ohhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk!" When her orgasm finished she said, "Jeff, please. I'll pass out if I cum like that again. Besides, I think your neighbour wants a turn."

The statement brought Sunita out of her trance and she almost dove back into her apartment. I wondered if her husband was home.

Slowing the pace, I began to kiss Allison. It soon became affectionate instead of hot, and was finally able to pull out of her.

She pouted when she saw my cock. "You didn't cum."

I touched her cheek. "Don't worry. We have all night and you don't want me running on empty."

A mischievous smile crossed her face. "This is true."

We reentered my apartment to find Tina lying on the couch, smiling at us.

"That sounded like fun," she said. "And it looks like Master is ready for more."

"Master needs a beer," I said. "Go grab me one, pet?"

"Yes, Master!" she said and bounded off the couch to the kitchen.

"Wow. She's eager," Allison said. "She really gets off on being told what to do. Maybe that's why she let the doc do it for so long. I wonder what would have happened if he'd ordered her to fuck him."

"I might have done it," Tina said as she returned with my beer. "But he never dominated me sexually, just asshole-ishly. So it never turned me on. Here you are, Master."

"Thank you, pet."

"Would you like me to take care of your cock?"

"Yes I would. Come service me, deep throat, no hands."

The girls and I enjoyed ourselves for several hours, taking breaks to rehydrate, eat, and even just hang and chat. Later, we all heard a moan from next door. We listened as another followed. This one louder.

Allison smiled. "I think our antics finally got to her."

"Got to whom?" asked Tina.

"His neighbour," Allison answered. "Cute Indian girl. Although I think her ass is bigger than mine, and her tits are smaller than yours."

"Did you see her nipples though?" I asked.

"No. Why?"

I held my fingers an inch apart.

"Really?" asked Tina. "That's longer than me."

Sunita let out another big moan. I went to the wall and banged on in. "Keep it down!" I yelled.

The room went quiet. I put my head to the wall and listened. She stayed still for a while. Then I heard the springs of the bed as she got off and stomping as she left the room.

Moments later someone was banging at my door. Gee, I wonder who?

Tina moved to answer it but I waved her off and went myself. I opened it to find an angry Sunita.

"You have some nerve!" she yelled.

"Excuse me?"

"I've had to listen to your noises all night and you bang on the wall when you hear me?"

"Just you?" I asked. "You weren't with your husband?"

She opened her mouth but didn't know what to say to that. Finally she asked, "What is it to you?"

"I just think it's a shame that you've got no one to please you over there."

"That is not your concern!"

"No? I think you came here to make it my concern."

"I came here because you're being an ass." She put her hands on her hips and tried to look threatening, but the effect was lost when she glanced down at my cock.

I grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her into the apartment then shut the door.

"What are you doing?" she yelled. "You cannot keep me here."

"I'm not trying to," I said. "I just find it curious that you came over here to yell at me when you probably could have done it through the wall. I answered the door naked and you didn't tell me to cover up. You masturbated on this side of the apartment knowing we'd hear you when you could have done it discreetly in the guest bedroom on the far side."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, you didn't come here to yell at me. You came here to get fucked."

"You're crazy."

"Am I? I don't see you making a break for it. You're just standing there yelling at me. I'm not holding you back."

"I... I..."

"Sunita, there's no shame in admitting what you want. You saw what I did to Allison. It's understandable you'd want to try. And you've been hearing her and Tina scream all night."

Her head spun around to the girls. "There are two of them?" she said. "That explains it."

The girls giggled. I reached out and took her hand. She offered no resistance. I pulled it forward and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She stared at it and began to stroke it. "I ... no ... this is wrong. My husband..."

"Obviously doesn't keep you satisfied," I said. "Now I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to, but I would like to give you the same kind of pleasure I've given these two girls. Would you like that?"

She just nodded as she stared at my cock and stroked it.

"Then get on your knees and suck my cock."

Her head jerked up. She looked at me again. "But I ... we don't."

"Tina, come show her how," I said.

"Yes, Master."

"Master?" Sunita said, looking at Tina. I could only wonder what was going on in her head by that point.

Tina moved beside Sunita and pulled her down to her knees. Dazed, Sunita allowed herself to be led.

"It's very simple," Tina said. "You just pretend your mouth is a dynamic pussy. Move it over his cock like this." She demonstrated with a few strokes. You use a little suction and you can get your tongue involved. You want to caress it, use enough pressure so it feels great for him. You can tell by his reactions. If this is your first time we should just stick to bobbing and sucking and I'll teach you as you get used to it. Here."

She aimed my cock at Sunita.

"But he pees through that," Sunita said.

That seemed to annoy Tina. "Bitch," she said, grabbing Sunita by the hair. "Suck it!"

As Sunita's mouth opened to complain, Tina shoved it onto my cock.

"Trust me," Tina said as she face fucked Sunita on me. "You'll learn to love it. He has the best tasting cum."

Sunita tried to pull off hearing that, but Tina tightened her grip on the Indian woman's hair and kept her going.

"I said 'suck,' slut!" Tina almost yelled. That gave both Allison and me pause. I glanced at the clock. 1am. Oh here we go.

"I won't cum in your mouth," I said, easing Sunita's fears. She didn't know I had my own reasons why I wasn't going to do that.

Sunita started to get the hang of it and soon Tina let go. "That's it. Suck Master's cock. Do it well and he'll fuck you."

Sunita looked over at Tina with worry over all the "Master" talk, but she kept bobbing her head on my cock. I let her practice for a while until I was ready to fuck her.

"What's your favourite position?" I asked.

"Position?" she asked after she popped my cock out of mouth. "We only do it missionary."

"You people wrote the kama sutra, right?"

She blushed.

"Alright," I said. "Let's fix that." I chuckled to myself. Here I was making fun of her and I'd been a virgin two days ago.

I took her to the coffee table where I had her drop her nightdress. That ass was huge. If I kept fucking her I'd have to make her do some aerobics to trim it down a bit.

"One leg one the table," I ordered.

She obeyed.

"Tina get in front of her. Hold her steady and suck on her tits."

Sunita started to protest, but I grabbed her hair, making her gasp. After Tina went to work on her tits, her protests were forgotten. The familiar moans we had heard from the other side of the wall now played for us up close and personal. I lined up my cock with her pussy and pushed it in. She was soaking.

Grabbing hold of her hips I started pumping slowly. She moaned with pleasure and began to push back in rhythm with me. When she started to really get into it I said, "Slut, find out if she likes her nipples pinched as hard as you."

"Hard?" Sunita asked. "No sex is supposed to be gentle. It is making love. It is ... oh yessssssss!"

I took that moment to start slamming into her.

"Take it, slut," Tina ordered. "Take Master's cock."

I was amazed that Tina's aggression was directed at Sunita while still obeying me. I was certain this would be a battle for dominance between Tina and me by now. Was it because of the addiction? Did she enjoy the slave role so much that her confidence was in being a great slave? Meh, why question what's working?

"Allison, come smack this big ass for me."

Allison obliged. Sunita didn't know how to react. The sensations were all new to her, scaring her, but pleasuring her at the same time. The girls and I continued to assault her body with pain and pleasure. I was surprised that she hadn't cum yet. I later found out that some girls don't cum all the time like my first two experiences. Sunita's orgasm was building, but she'd only have one and then need to recover. Had I not been on the drug I would have wondered if I was not satisfying her, but as it was I was determined that I make the bitch cum one way or another.

Her moans and writhing told me she was enjoying herself. She started muttering in Hindi. Probably the equivalent of "Oh god, oh god. Fuck me, fuck me!" Or maybe not. I didn't care. At last, her body began to shudder. Tina and Allison had to hold her up as her legs started to give out. The scream she let out must have been heard five doors down. She pulled off my cock and grabbed onto Tina. Her body shook violently as she wrapped her arms and legs around the startled girl and they both fell in a heap on the floor.

"Ali, come suck me," I ordered. Allison rushed to me and dropped to her knees. Her mouth felt amazing.

I looked down at the other two. Tina shook her head and muttered, "Noobs." Every couple seconds Sunita would shudder and tighten her hold on Tina. It took over a minute before she finally eased off the oriental girl. As she turned over I saw a look of shock and awe on her face with a hint of a smile.

"I never," she whispered. "I never."

"You never came like that before?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Honestly, if that was what an orgasm feels like, I don't think I've ever had one. Now I know why she calls you Master."

"Maybe you'll be calling me it too," I said.

She smiled at me. "I just may."

My cock started to swell. I was gonna cum, but it wasn't going to be in this girl's mouth. I pulled out and sprayed her tits. "Hold still," I said. "I want a pic of this."

I quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed my phone. When I returned, although there was still plenty of cum on her tits, Allison was licking her lips. What the fuck?

"Sorry," she said when she saw my expression. "Tina said it tasted so good I just had to have a taste. She's right." She scooped up some more with her fingers in a sensuous motion and sucked it into her mouth. I was so stunned by the fact that she'd had the first taste that I didn't say anything about the second.

"Shouldn't you be filming this?" she asked.

I turned on the camera on my phone. It was done now. No sense in not making the most of it. But then Tina, not wanting to be left out, rushed into the frame and starting licking Allison's tits and then kissing her to share my cum. Really? Fuck.

1:30am. The girls definitely had to be out by 9am now, just to be safe. Oh good luck with that happening. They probably won't wake up until 11am unless we get to bed right away.

"Man, I'm tired," I announced.

The girls laughed. "You've been fucking three girls for hours," said Allison. "I'm surprised you're still standing."

"Yeah, you're right. I'm going to crash. You girls can entertain yourselves if you like or join me in bed, but my cock is as worn out as me, so it'll just be sleep."

"And cuddling?" Tina asked hopefully.

"And cuddling," I agreed.

She jumped to her feet, but then reached down and pulled Sunita up. "On your feet, bitch. Time to get cleaned up."

"What?" Sunita asked, her head still fuzzy.

"Master, may I prepare her for you?"

I had no idea what she was talking about. "Yes, you may, pet."

"We'll just be a few minutes," Tina said. "Got your keys?" she asked Sunita.

"I left the door unlocked," Sunita replied.


Tina yanked Sunita to the front door. When my neighbour realized they were going out into the hall naked she panicked. "Wait! No!"

Tina grabbed her by a nipple and pulled her into the hall. My door closed. Then I heard Sunita's door open and close. Allison and I exchanged confused glances.

"Care to join me in the shower?" I asked.

Her smile was priceless.

We only spent about fifteen minutes soaping, fucking, and rinsing off. I didn't intend to fuck her going in. I was on a schedule. But a look at the soaped up naked body and having her hands all over me changed that plan. It was quick, but intense and now I was really running low on cum.

Shortly after we got into bed, Tina returned with a naked Sunita in tow. I was glad I'd gone for the king-sized bed even though I lived alone. I originally bought it to impress whatever girls I'd bring home. Until last night I'd never brought any home.

I noticed the girls' hair was damp. Apparently they'd also showered.

"Didn't want to use my shower?" I asked.

"There wouldn't have been room for four, Master. And I had to teach this slut to eat pussy."

"And how was that?" Allison asked Sunita.

My neighbour just blushed, but didn't say anything.

"Did you enjoy licking Tina's pussy," I asked.

Sunita looked at Tina. I swear it was to see if she had permission to speak. Tina nodded.

"Yes, I did, Jeff," she said.

"You will address him as 'Sir,' slut," Tina said.

"Yes sir," Sunita said timidly.

What the fuck did Tina do to her in the other room? Part of me was very happy that she was still calling me Master despite her boost of confidence. This girl seemed a formidable opponent, but the cocky, confident side of me wanted her to be defiant so I could put her in her place. The drug was definitely working on her, but I still wondered why she was still submissive to me.

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