tagMatureConfident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 11

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 11


In this chapter the married 19 year old Asian model hears stories about her endowed, 84 year old boss.


As the wealthy and powerful Mr. Sterling kissed my neck, he told me how incredibly sexy I was. Being alone with him knowing my husband was downstairs was so thrilling. As his hands ran over my ass then cupped my 34D tits he told me that he had made arrangements for my husband to be out of the country the following week, where he was sending him to one of the European offices. Groaning like crazy I told him I couldn't wait to be with him for the weekend.

"Oh god. I can't wait to be yours baby," I groaned as his fingers ran across my aching nipples through the sheer fabric of my dress.

"Yes baby. Just you and I," he said as I turned my head to the side and met his tongue in a flicking kiss that sent sparks into my wet pussy.

"Let's get you out of this sexy dress," he said as he began unzipping the back.

"Oh God yes," I groaned just from the way he skillfully and confidently unzipped my dress.

At that moment I didn't care at all about my husband being downstairs. I wanted my husband's boss to see my body and what I wore for him. Pulling the tight, fitting dress down and letting it fall to the floor I stepped away from it revealing my stockings, garter belt and high heels.

"Perfect," he said with a hunger in his eyes. "So sexy. So incredibly sexy."

"I dressed for you," I groaned as his eyes were glued to me.

"You have an amazing body Doreen," he said with a dark hunger as in took in the sight of me.

This was something I had heard a million times, but hearing it from a man that fucked hundreds of young, sexy teens really turned me on. He then took my hand and lead me to his bedroom. It was his wealth and power and the thought of him having an enormous cock that had my thong soaking wet. I knew he was a man that got whatever he wanted, and I thrilled beyond words that what he wanted right now was me.

As soon as he closed the door to his bedroom, he popped a cork on a very expensive bottle of champagne and he toasted to me being the sexiest girl he had ever seen. Being alone in his bedroom and dressed in garters, stockings and pumps with a lace bra seemed while he was in an expensive suit so sexy to me.

"You look absolutely sexy Doreen," he said as is eyes trailed up my body from my pumps to my stockings to my garters.

"Fuck, you turn me on like crazy," I said hotly, as I looked down at the massive imprint in his pants.

Grinning at me knowingly he continued to run his eyes up and down my body.

"So incredibly sexy," he said in a deep, resonant voice that had my body turned on like never before.

Just to be looked at knowing all he was thinking about was fucking me, had me climbing the walls.

Taking my glass he put them down, and as soon as he did he took me in his arms and we kissed heatedly for almost ten minutes. During the kiss his hands all over my ass and my tits and I was rubbing his massive cock threw his pants. Kissing my husband's boss was one of the sexiest things I ever did, as he had me so turned on. The fact that he was 65 years older than me had me on fire, and having the biggest cock I ever felt only added to the thrill of being with him.

"Fuck, you're so fucking huge," I groaned in disbelief. "I heard so much about you," I groaned.

"Real big for you Doreen," he snarled as I rubbed his massive cock through his straining pants.

"Very sexy, "he said as he pulled down my soaking thong. "A perfect ass, so sexy, so beautiful," he said as he pulled my thong down.

Lifting each of my high heel pumps he slipped my thong over them. He then put his hand on the small of my back and had me lean forward. As I put my hands on the edge of a table he began running his hands across my exposed ass.

"Tonight I'm going to eat your beautiful pussy and ass Doreen. This weekend I'm going to fill your sexy pussy with the biggest cock you've ever had," he said with absolute arrogance that had me groaning, saying 'Yes,' as he began kissing my ass.

For the next 10 minutes I came like a volcano as his expert hands and tongue had me going insane with lust. Feeling my husband's bosses tongue go into my pussy and asshole had me on fire, and the way he finger fucked my pussy with one hand while he finger fucked my scorching cunt as he sucked my throbbing clit had the backs of my feet coming out of my high heel pumps as I exploded all over his mouth.

After I came he pulled me to him and we kissed heatedly until he told me he should get back to his guest. As I went into his master bathroom to freshen up all I could think about was the way he got me off and the feeling of his massive cock. I knew the next three days were going to be torturous for me waiting for his limo to pick me up ad being with him. I knew I would fill the time with shopping for things that I would wear just to turn him on and while we fucked.

When we came back to the party everyone except my husband seemed to know where I was and what I was doing with the wealthy and powerful Mr. Sterling. I could tell by the looks I was getting from all the young women there with their husbands or boyfriends that they all must have fucked him at one time.


During the party I got an ear-fill from a group of the wives that Mr. Sterling had reputation for fucking every hot-young-wife and all the sexy little High School interns. One of the women named Jennifer who was 25 told me that when her husband was first hired by Mr. Sterling five years ago he had a luncheon at his house for her and two other girls whose husbands were recently hired at his company. She told me that they had just got back from their honeymoon.

She said he had his personal limousine pick them up and in the car was an expensive bottle of champagne for them.

"We each came to the luncheon dressed to impress our husband's new boss wearing short skirts and sheer blouses with high heels, she said. " When we got there we were all brought out to the pool for lunch where he was swimming and doing laps." She said in a sly voice then added, "When he got out of the pool we all made a little groan when we got a look at his amazing physique.

One of the girls said, "Do you believe he's 79?" as me and the other wives just shook our heads in amazement and said, "No way," under our breath.

She said, not only did he have an amazing body, but that they all noticed he had a huge 'package' running along the length of his long, swim-trunks.

"We all heard the rumors about him being really hung, and related the story's that we each heard. As we rode in the limo we even joked about how women can exaggerate, but until we saw for themselves the sight of his huge, hanging bulge in his swim shorts we instantly believed that they weren't rumors at all, in fact they understated his true size," Jennifer said.

"After the luncheon Mr. Sterling asked us to join him in the pool. When we looked at each other and said we didn't bring our bathing suits he took us to a cabana by the pool and said to pick out anything we liked."

"The room was stocked with all types of bathing suits, mostly bikini's and all very sexy and skimpy and some very sinful. Each one of us wanted to impress him so we all chose the more wicked ones, and I went for the most daring because I really wanted him to notice me. I chose a slingshot bikini that I knew my husband would have died if he saw it on me and the other two wore these hot tear-drop bikinis that one of the girls even said her husband would kill her if he saw her wearing it."

"We all came out wearing our bikinis with our high heel pumps. When we came out his eyes were all over us as he grinned slyly and commented on how sexy we all were. I was really happy to see his eyes glued to me, and one of the girls even said under her breath, "Well it looks like you got his attention."

Stepping out of our heels we joined him in the pool. It was lots of fun swimming with him as he lifted each of us up and playfully tossed us back into the water. It was so exciting to feel his hands around our waists and especially when we pressed up against that massive bulge. Of course every time I did I made sure to let him know I felt it by purposely wiggling my ass against it. At one point he had his arms around me and one of the wives and started kissing both of us."

"She and I were both moaning like crazy as his hands drifted to our asses as we kissed him. The other wife who was watching instantly came in and met him for a kiss. He was like a powerful magnet that we couldn't or didn't want to resist."

"He went from kissing each of us for a few seconds to kissing us each for a few minutes. He had a way of making us each feel like we were his, and there was no doubt we each wished we were."

"While he was kissing me the other two girls pulled down his bathing suit and all I heard was, "OH MY GOD," from both of them."

"When I looked down I nearly died when I saw his huge cock. They had four hands on it and only covered half of it. They started pumping it slowly as if they were worshiping it and I immediately went on my knees next to them and put my two hands on it. I couldn't believe how powerful it felt in my hands. I felt the most incredible power surge through my fingers as I stroked it with the other two wives. The three of us never felt a cock so huge and so powerful in our lives."

"When we got out of the pool we all knew we were going to fuck him, as our moans filled the air by the pool with lust crazed sounds. It was as if we were in some kind of wild spell. As we each dried off our eyes were riveted to Mr. Sterling's massive dick as it huge to his knees and was as wide around as a baseball bat. After drying off we stripped our bikini's and stepped back into our high heels and followed him to a big futon-like couch on the other side of the pool. Watching his huge cock bounce from knee to knee as he walked had us all going crazy."

"We spent the whole afternoon and most of the night on his futon as he fucked each of us non-stop. It was the wildest thing that ever happened to any of us. Each of us has never been so stretched-out or ever came that hard in our lives. We each must have cum 50 times that day. He was a machine and fucked harder than any guy we ever fucked including our husbands. The other thing was the amount of cum he could shoot and the amount of times he could instantly recover and keep fucking."

"The most amazing thing was that enormous, tireless cock of his. None of us have ever fucked anything so huge. All of us saw stars that day, every time he worked that monster into each of us. He had us so turned on that while he was fucking one of us he had the other two were kissing each other and finger fucking and eating each other as we watched in horror as he fucked the shit out of one of us three with his huge cock. As we fucked him I know we each secretly wished we were the only one with him. I hand no doubt if he asked each of us to leave our husbands we instantly would have."

"After we left all we could talk about in the limo was how amazing he was, and especially how enormous his cock was. Although none of us said anything about fucking him again we each made calls to him the next day saying we wanted to be with him again, but alone without the other two wives."

"I had a few chances to be with him while my husband was away on business for him. We spent a few weekends at his house in the Hamptons. It was absolutely incredible. The wealth and the power, not to mention the incredible sex," she said with a wide grin as she bit her lower lip.

"We even went to a few parties together. I felt so sexy to be on his arm. I really felt like I was his. Every time the weekend ended I got so depressed when I had to go back to my life with my husband, especially going back to him sexually. There is nothing in the world like Bob Sterling," she said with a sly grin.

"Wow, that's a wild story," I said after I listening to her story.

"Trust me. Even though I felt like I was his and that I would have left my husband in a second if he asked I'm just one of hundreds of wild stories in the sexual exploits of Mr. Bob Sterling," she said coarsely. "Just like those two High School girls over there (she said referring to the two interns that were acting as hostesses) will be tonight," "and maybe even you," she added with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

When Jennifer finished her story another young women Kate, who was 22 and married told us her story. Her story was similar to Jennifer's in that when she came to her husband's office to bring him an envelope he had left at home that morning Mr. Sterling immediately took her on a tour of the office.

"I have to admit that I was real curious about him from hearing so many stories from a girl I met who worked for him when she was doing a summer internship while she was in her Senior year of High School. My husband was recruited by Mr. Sterling while he was finishing his MBA. The intern Katelin was assigned to work for my husband."

"Katelin and I had lunch one afternoon and she gave me the run-down on the company, especially Mr. Sterling. She told me that within two days of being at the company she had heard from at least 30 girls who slept with him that he had an enormous cock and that he was incredible in bed."

"She said that all the girls were between 18 and 21 and some were engaged or married, and a lot of them were wives whose husbands worked for him. She told me that she had been working as an intern for a month now, and during the second week had her 18th birthday. She said that when Mr. Sterling learned it was her 18th birthday he invited her to dinner."

"She told me that even though she had a boyfriend who made plans to take her out that night she canceled on him to go out with Mr. Sterling. She said he took her to dinner at a trendy, high-classed restaurant that people had to wait 6 months to get a reservation to, and when they came in a lot of famous people said hello to him."

"When she told me the things he did to her in bed that night I could not believe that this was an 80 year old man she was talking about. She was really descriptive about the way he fucked her and told me that he fucked her non-stop all night, and that he made her cum more times in one night than two months with her boyfriend or any other guy combined. She said he was so huge she couldn't take more than half of him, and that she saw stars from the way his massive shaft stretched her apart."

"She told me that after that night she was with him every weekend as he flew her all these lavish houses he owned in Palm Springs and the Hamptons. She told me she broke up with her boyfriend and that he got so jealous he followed her to his house one night and got caught spying on her by his security guards and that after they brought him into the house Mr. Sterling forced him to watch her get fucked by his huge dick as his guards held him on his knees. She said at one point he even took his huge cock in his hand and made her suck it right in front of her boyfriend's face, and when he came she took it and sprayed it all over his face."

"The way she was talking to me gave me the impression that she felt she was his and that she wanted me to know it. I knew that it had to be the reason because she saw me as a threat, because I was the new young wife of his newest employee."

"Well after hearing what Katelin had to say about my husband's boss I just had to meet him myself. When I came to his office that day I dressed purposely to catch Mr. Sterling's eye. I wore a tight, black mini skirt with black pumps and tan thigh high stockings and a tight, sheer white blouse with a lacy, black bra."

"As soon as my husband introduced me to his boss I nearly melted from seeing how handsome he was. I couldn't believe that he was almost 80 years old. I also instantly felt the power he had over my husband and all the other men my husband's age that worked for him. The way he leered at me with absolute purpose from head to toe with no regard for my husband or anyone being there was an absolute turn-on to me."

"He immediately took my hand and told my husband that he was going to give me a tour of the company. As he walked away he looked back and told him that he was going to take me to lunch after the tour and that we'd be gone for the afternoon. My husband seemed thrilled that his boss was going to spend his day with me, but not nearly as much as I was."

"As he showed me the different departments with his arm around my waist I could feel every girl's eyes all over me as if they knew I was his newest fuck. I even saw the High School intern Katelin and when she saw me she shot me a dagger-like lance. I knew it wasn't because I was married, it was because she told me that she and Mr. Sterling had been spending a lot of time together and that she had even broke up with her boyfriend because she was fucking him a few nights a week. It was obvious by the look she shot me that she was jealous just like all the other girls in the office that had fucked him, I just grinned at her slyly and when I walked by her I bent down and whispered, " My turn,"

"As we went from department to department with his arm around my waist he told me I looked really sexy. God, I felt so hot when he did that. When we took the private elevator to his Penthouse suite I could not believe the view of the city and as we rode up I felt his hands wrap around my waist and his lips on my neck as he told me how sexy I was. I groaned and turned my head and we kissed lightly, but it let him know that I wanted him."

"I could not believe how easily I was letting him take me. Here I was having just come to my husband's office and minutes later I was going to his bosses Penthouse about to fuck him. I was in heaven, feeling more sexual than I ever have in my life. Knowing that this was such a powerful man who had so many girls and hearing that he was so endowed had me spinning and being so turned on."

"As he kissed my neck I was groaning loudly and when the doors opened to the Penthouse suite I could not believe the way it looked. The furnishings, including a bathroom with a sauna and a hot tub and a bedroom with a master bathroom looked more like a $5000 dollar night hotel room at an exclusive resort than an office suite."

"After showing me the Penthouse he stood behind me again and kissed my neck and asked me if I came dressed the way I was because of him. I couldn't believe his arrogance but surprised myself when I admitted that I did, and even more surprised when I asked him if he liked what he saw."

"Within seconds we were kissing like lovers and seconds later he had me stripped to my stockings and heels. I felt so sexy to be dressed like that I front of him and loved the way h scanned my body and told me how sexy I was. After kissing me he lifted me in his arms and carried me to his bed where he went down on me and gave me the most amazing head, making me cum five times before he said he had to fuck me."

"After that he stripped."

She then looked at Jennifer and said hotly, "Of course you know when I saw that monstrous cock of his I nearly died."

"Oh yeah-I sure do remember," Jennifer said in a hot breath.

"Because my husband is so average in size I was never into giving him a blow-job. The only time I liked sucking cock was when I fucked my Ex-boyfriends father who had a really, really big dick, or at least I thought it was really big, until I saw Mr. Sterling's."

As we were all looking at her she said, "Yeah, that's right, my boyfriends father."

She then broke into that story.

"It was prom night and my boyfriend got so drunk at the prom with his fiends that I called his father and he had to pick us up at the prom. His parents were divorced and his father was real hot. He was 63 and was in great shape. He had this full head of silver hair and an incredible physique. He was always dating girls that were in their 20's. He owned a chain of restaurants and always had these young waitresses dying to be with him. I had three best friends that worked for him that told me stories they heard about him being super-hung and once I heard that I was very curious."

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