tagIncest/TabooConfronting Mother Ch. 3

Confronting Mother Ch. 3


Cathy sped off in her 97' Jetta. She was pissed off at the two women she loved most, her lover, and her daughter. She kept driving and decided to go to a small local bar and get drunk. She couldn't take all this excitement any longer.

In the bar, Cathy walked through the small group of people dancing and sat down and ordered a margarita. As she sipped, she scanned the room and saw men and women together holding hands, kissing, and flirting with each other. Why couldn't she be normal? Why couldn't she fall in love with a handsome man and be happy? Instead, she was a lesbian who for the past week had made love to her daughter. Oh the guilt.


"Tori, where do your think mom went?" asked Kelly, as she lies naked next to Tori.

Tori kisses Kelly's forehead and says, "I don't think she likes the idea of you and I being intimate."

"Well she will have to get used to it then."

"I'll have a talk with her, I think it would be cool if we three were together. It certainly is kinky. Plus, I gotta see you eat your mom's pussy."

The two laughed, touched and teased each other until they feel asleep in each other's arms.


It was Cathy's 3rd drink when in walked in Gayle Moyers. Cathy recognized her and waved hello. Gayle was alone and smiled as she sauntered up next to Cathy and sat down.

"It's been a long time, Cathy! How are you doing?"

"Ah, things could be worse," Cathy spouted back.

"Tell me about it, my daughter is driving me crazy these days, I'm sure Kelly is the same way with you?"

Cathy tried to hide a smile; "Yeah she can be a handful."

"Can I ask you a question...wait I'm sorry, you're probably meeting some hot stud soon."

"No, I just had a rough day and decided to get out of the house."

Gayle smiled, "Same here, I sometimes come here when I've had a rough day at the hospital. Some days I wish I wasn't a nurse. Those long hours."

"Yeah," Cathy just stared knowingly at Gayle's hazel eyes and short dark black hair. She was an attractive woman, a few years younger.

"Then I come home to a messy house, my husband hardly ever helps and my daughter...well I'm boring you."

"No, no, what about your daughter?" Cathy managed to say. She didn't really care about the conversation, she just wanted to watch Gayle's full lips move back and forth as she talked.

"Well, she has been very curious lately. I was putting away some laundry in her room and found a videocassette. It was a porno tape. But it was a lesbian flick."

Cathy's ears perked up, "Really, so what is the problem?"

"Well, this type of behavior is unacceptable to me, especially the lesbian stuff. I tried to talk to her but she didn't want to."

"Wow, what are you going to do?"

"First I'm going to get myself a drink and then ask you for a favor."

"Anything," Cathy said quickly. She meant it too, anything!

"I wanna know if she is just curious or is she really a lesbian. She won't talk to me; she just stares angrily at me. Maybe you could talk to her and find out for me. She likes you, all the girls do."

"I guess I could...Monica is a nice girl, I'm sure it is just a phase, but I'll help if you want."

Gayle sprung from her seat and hugged Cathy. Cathy could feel Gayle's tits against hers as she held tightly.

"Thank you so much! You don't know how much this has been bothering me."

They talked for 30 more minutes and the two mothers left in separate cars.

As Cathy drove back home, she almost forgot about the little situation brewing at home. A devious smile emerged as she had a plan to get back at her daughter.


Cathy walked into the house and peered into her daughter's room. There slept Tori and Kelly in a loving embrace. Cathy was jealous, but not sure of who. She went to bed and plotted her next move.


The next morning Cathy and Tori sat at the kitchen table. Kelly left for school. The air was tense. Finally Tori spoke.

"Cathy, what is the problem?"

"The problem is that you were fucking my daughter!"

"You jealous?"

Cathy just might be, "I don't know, all I know is she is mine!"

"So you can fuck her and still fuck me, I don't think so," Tori was getting angry.

"I don't wanna fuck Kelly any more, I only want you."


"Yes, but this whole situation makes it difficult."

"Why can't we all three be together, Kelly loves you and I love you, and I can get to know Kelly more?"

Cathy moves closer to Tori and hold her hands, "Tori, I love my daughter, but this is not healthy for her. I want to fuck her as much as you do, but it is wrong."

Tori quickly breaks free from Cathy's hands, "I can't do that. Kelly and I had the hottest night last night. I will not stop fucking her."

Cathy slapped Tori and swore at her.

"How could you do this to me, Tori? I thought you loved me."

"I only loved your body."

"Bitch, leave my house, never come back again."

As Tori leaves she yells, "I can't wait to suck on Kelly's perky tits and finger her wet pussy. There is nothing you can do about it."

Cathy slammed the door and flopped on the couch. She began to cry. What was she going to do?


Kelly was beaming. 24 hours ago she hated Tori, now they made love and had a date for later that night. Hopefully Tori convinced her mom that the three of them could have fun together.

From across the hall walked Monica. She was wearing a short skirt with a white tank top so tight that it showed off her shapely breasts.

"Hi Kelly!"

"Monica, you look hot!"

"Really, you think so? I got this the other day at the mall. My mom thought I looked like a hooker."

"No, you look great."

"Thanks, so what's up? Why are you so happy?"

Kelly couldn't tell Monica why she was on cloud 9.

"I just am."

"You're in love! Who is he?"

"Monica, no that isn't it."

"Kelly we have been friends are whole lives, I know when you are in love. Don't hold back on me."

"Well this person is so hot and the best fuck I've ever had! Are you satisfied, I'm not telling you any more."

"Who is he Kelly, come on!"

"Sorry, Monica."


The phone rings. Cathy wipes her eyes and quickly steps to pick up the phone.


"Hi Cathy, it is Gayle."

"Gayle how are you?"

"Fine, do you think today would be a good day to talk to her. She walked out of the house in a whore's outfit. I can't have her act this way any longer. She'll listen to you."

"Ok, ok, how should we do this?"

"I'll leave to go shopping and you can stop by and start up a conversation. I'll be sure to be gone for several hours."

"Ok Gayle, I'll try not to let you down."


Tori drove by Cathy and Kelly's house and noticed that Cathy's car was gone. She parked and went to the door. A note read that she would be gone for a few hours and be back later. Tori smiled. It was a little past three and Kelly would be home. Tori had been so hot thinking about getting together again. She couldn't wait till tonight, she had to have this hot 18 year old now! She went around the back and got inside and waited for her young teen.


Cathy was in her Jetta, parked down the block in viewing distance of Monica's house. She would wait until Monica got home. This would be fun, she thought.


Kelly and Monica laughed as they walked home. Monica was still trying to find who this awesome lover was.

"Monica, I told I'm not telling."

"Please, at least give me details, how big was he?"


"I can't believe you. We tell each other everything. I haven't had sex in a long while, I need this Kelly. Please!"

"Monica, I wish I could tell you, but I can't right now, maybe later."


They approached Kelly's house and the two girls waved goodbye. Kelly went to the door and saw the note from her mom. She walked in.


Cathy saw her. She couldn't believe the outfit Monica was wearing. Gayle was right, it was trashy. Unlike Gayle, Cathy liked it. She always thought Monica was a pretty girl. She had a nice body and full lips. In this outfit she looked delicious. This was going to be fun.


Kelly opened the door and headed for her room. She opened the door and on her bed naked was Tori.

Kelly squealed in delight. She began to give Tori a strip show. She slowly took off her T-shirt and caressed her breasts. She swayed her hips back and forth as she unbuttoned her jeans. Tori, sitting at the edge of the bed was hollering at whistling.

Kelly clad in bra and panties only gave her new lover a lap dance. Moving her ass up and down in front of Tori's face. Tori grabs Kelly's panties and pulls them down for all to see. Kelly swirls around and pretends to be embarrassed. Her pussy lips are red and glistening, her nipples are erect underneath her black lace bra.

Tori stands up and reaches for the clasp in the back and releases Kelly's tits. Tori's head slowly moves between them as she licks and kisses the side of Kelly's bosom.

"Oh Tori, yes! Did you talk to mom?"

Tori looks up from Kelly's breasts and says, "Your mom doesn't want neither of us."

"As long as I have you Tori!"

"Oh Kelly!"

The two horny women lie on the bed naked, touching and kissing each other. Kelly's hands travel south fingering the wet snatch of her mom's former lover. Their tongues dance together in a passionate kiss. Kelly slides down Tori's slender body kissing her body along the way. Her head reaches its goal and her tongue searches for the prize. Tori moans get louder and louder with each progressive lick.


It had been 10 minutes since Monica entered the house so Cathy began her stroll up the walkway. She wore tight leather pants and a belly shirt the showed off her flat tummy. She was looking hot. Heck, her daughter picked it out for her.

She knocked on the door. Opening the door was Monica. Her deep blue eyes wide as she looked at Kelly's mom.

"Mr. Thompson, hi."

"Hi Monica, is my daughter here?"

"Uh no, she went home."

"Oh well, I was wondering if I could have something to drink, I'm parched."

Monica's eyes never left Cathy's body as she got her a drink.

Cathy's hands intentionally grazed Monica's as she took the cup. She sipped the ice-cold lemonade and made sure Monica saw her deep red tongue.

"Why don't we talk for a bit, before I head home."

"Sure Mrs. Thompson."

"Call me Cathy."

Monica just smiled. Was Kelly's mom flirting with her?

"Wow that is some outfit on you Monica. It is very becoming," What was it Gayle wanted her to do?

"Thanks uh...Cathy."

"Did your mom approve of it."

"Oh no! She went ballistic."

"I always let Kelly wear whatever she wants."

"Yeah I know, Kelly looks great!"

"Really, have you been checking out my daughter Monica?"

"Uh...no, I just said she looked nice."

"I see, I'm sorry. Have you ever checked out a girl before?"

Cathy put a hand on Monica's bare leg and said, "Come on, you can tell me. All girls think about it."


"Oh Tori, yes!" cries Kelly as her cunt is being devoured by her 30 something lover.

Tori lifts her face which is covered in the sexual juices of 18 year old Kelly. Tori slowly begins to stick two fingers in and out of Kelly's ass as she continues to eat her out.

Kelly's head is thrown back and her nipples are hard. She moans and whimpers Tori's name.

"Tori, yes, lick me, oh harder, finger my ass harder!"

Kelly eyes the beautifully naked Tori get up and reach for a strap on in her bag. Kelly's eyes widen as she sees Tori with a long cock.

"I'm going give you the fucking of your life little girl," Tori sexily tells Kelly.

The tip of the cock touches Kelly's pussy lips. Kelly gasps for air as she can anticipate the pleasure that is about to come.


"Well...uh, it feels weird talking to you about this," Monica tells Cathy.

Cathy's hand rubs her thighs and she finally says, "You don't have to worry, but if it will make you feel better ask me whatever you want."

"Have you...uh ever checked out a girl?"

"Yes, in fact I'm doing it right now."

Monica swallowed hard. Kelly's mom was coming on to her and she was getting wet from it. She tried to stay calm.

"Have you ever...uh, ohhh, yeah...been with a girl?," Monica barely spit it out. Cathy's hands were slowly moving under her mini skirt.

"My, you are all wet. Are you getting turned on Monica?" Cathy smiled lustfully as she traced the young girl's pussy lips.

Monica closed her eyes and managed to nod.

"Monica, you never answered my question. Have you ever checked out a girl?"

"Yes, Mrs. Thompson I have!"

Cathy's fingers were now inside Monica. Cathy stood up and smelled the young teen's neck.

"Hmmm, I love you perfume Monica."

Monica's eyes landed on Cathy's breasts. She then looked up and Cathy's lips were inched from her face.

The two women kissed. First a peck, then a little more, and then their mouths opened and in flew their tongues.

"Oh Monica, you are so HOT!" cried Cathy.

Cathy slowly laid Monica on the couch with her finger still fucking her pussy. Cathy withdrew and stood up. She slowly took off her shirt and bra. Cathy lowered her tits to Monica's face. Monica began to kiss and suck Cathy's tits.


Tori's breasts bounce up and down as her hips sway back and forth. Her fake cock is all the way inside Kelly causing her to scream and moan.

Kelly's arms reach up to grab Tori's jiggling tits. Her hands cup them and gently squeeze them. Kelly can feel the strap on cock inside her. It is moving in and out at an incredible rate. Her breathing is fast and her body is beginning to quiver.

Tori can sense that Kelly is about to come. Her screams and moans are getting more intense. This knowledge causes her pussy to drip with excitement. She is getting off fucking another girl with a long hard cock.

"I'm cumming, Tori, ohhhh, ahhh!" Kelly screams.

Her whole body quakes and a pleasure like none other sweeps across her glistening wet teenage body.

"Fuck me! Harder, faster, oh, yessssss!"

Both women are screaming each other's names as powerful orgasm reach them. With the help of the strap on, each woman can feel the violent spasms of pleasure in each other.


Using her teeth, Cathy slowly took off Monica's black silk panties exposing a black bush that reeked of young sexuality.

"Oooh, aren't we excited!"

"Yes, Mrs. Thompson, I'm so horny!"

Cathy proceeded to lick Monica's thighs and kiss her pussy lips. Little black hairs stuck to her tongue as she entered Monica's hot little box.

Monica was trying to think of something to compare this experience. She couldn't. Her boyfriend, her hand, nothing could even match the excitement of what her best friends mom was doing to her.

As Cathy continued to eat this young girls pussy, thoughts of her daughter Kelly floated to mind. Monica was a hot little slut, but nothing compared to burying her face between her daughter's legs and giving her little girl the most powerful orgasm ever.


Tori lying on the bed exhausted. Her chest heaving up and down and her naked body covered with sweat. She just watched as Kelly sucked on her long fake cock.

Kelly's tongue and lips were giving this strap on dildo the royal treatment. If this were a real live man, he would have cum almost instantly. This was, however, a fake penis. A penis that had fucked her pussy to a fantastic orgasm. Kelly tasted her juices on the cock and got another tingle between her legs.

She bent down and ustrapped the dildo and cleaned Tori's dripping wet pussy. At the brink of another orgasm for Tori, Kelly quickly got up and sat down on her lover's face. She could feel the hunger from Tori's mouth. She devoured her sweet flower with every flick of the tongue.


Cathy and Monica were now in a 69 position. Each of their private parts were now in each other's faces. Cathy having already brought Monica to the heights of pleasure from eating her twat, focused her attention on her ass.

Monica couldn't believe the sensations she was feeling at the other end of her body. She felt fingers and tongues circling her anus. It felt unbelievable. Monica could hardly concentrate on sucking her first clit.

Cathy's tongue probed some more of Monica's ass hole. Tori had taught her this kind of pleasure. She now grew to love it. Licking another persons ass hole had a different taste to it that a cunt. It was dirty and at the same time so fucking hot.


Laughing and giggling like two little schoolgirls, Tori and Kelly just stared into each other's eyes and kissed and whispered sweet nothings in each other's ears.

"I love you so much, Tori."

"I love you too dear."

"Do you mean it, are you my girlfriend now?"

Tori smiled at Kelly's pretty little face. She looked so much like her mom.

"You are so gorgeous Kelly."

Tori tried to avoid answering the girl's direct question. Deciding on a relationship was all too sudden and all too quick.

The two lovers kissed and hugged each other.


Now on the floor, Cathy and Monica made out; speaking a few words and then going at it like wild animals.

"Your mom wanted me to talk to you about sex and acting like a proper lady."

Monica was tonguing her older lovers ear, "Really?"

"She was afraid you were becoming a lesbian and a slut."

They kissed on the mouth and Monica giggled, "Too late for that!"

A finger is shoved inside Cathy's pussy, "Ohhh, honey, be a good girl and do as your mommy says."

"Yes Mrs. Thompson."


"My mom's going to be home soon. You better go."

Both girls were dressed, but still flirting. They would steal kisses and grab the others ass or crotch.

"Try to talk to your mom about the three of us if you can."

"I'll try, but I'm so angry at my mom right now I don't know if I want to."

The shared a long goodbye kiss and Tori went on her way.


Cathy drove the few blocks home and parked in the driveway. She was exhausted. Teenage girls sure do have a lot of energy she thought.

Kelly was sitting on the couch and saw her mom with a grin on her face.

"What is with you? Did you change your mind about Tori and I?"

"No, I found someone else?"

"What, who?"

"My love life is none of your business. It never should have been in the first place."


"Kelly, watch you language with me. I'm still your mother. I will retain order in this house. The last month has been chaotic, but that is over. We are now back to being a normal mother and daughter."

"I'm still going to see Tori," Kelly yelled. She tried to get her mom riled up.


Kelly was steamed. What was her mom trying to pull? She had to find out what was going on.

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