tagIncest/TabooConfronting Mother Ch. 5

Confronting Mother Ch. 5


NOTE: It probably would be a good idea to check out the other 4 stories in the series before reading this one.


Her eyes open. It must have been the sun peaking through the drapes that woke her. She smiled remembering last night. What a roller coaster ride. She turns her head upon the soft pillow and next to her is an empty bed. Where is her mom?


Her mom is sitting at the kitchen table. Her name is Cathy. Cathy's face is buried in her hands as she cries. An overwhelming sense of guilt has come upon her. Not for what she did last night, but for the stupid revengeful act she did to get back at her daughter. Cathy tries to compose herself as she hears her daughter Kelly moving around in the bedroom. How will she tell her daughter that she seduced her best friend?

In walks a glowing Kelly Thompson. The high school senior gives her mom a knowing smile as she saunters towards the fridge.

Cathy is taken by her daughters tall, thin frame encased by a small t-shirt and pink cotton panties. Her eyes land on Kelly's shapely backside. What a body. What a lover.

Kelly seductively glances again at her mom as she prepares her bowl of cereal. Silently, she walks toward her mother and sits on her lap facing her. After each spoonful, Kelly dances her tongue around the metal utensil giving Cathy a bolt of excitement between her legs.

Cathy tries to talk, but is interrupted by a spoonful of cereal flakes. The irony is not lost on Cathy as her daughter feeds her. 18 years ago, the roles were reversed and innocent. Today they are complicated and fueled by lust.

With each scoop, Kelly's face inches closer to her mother. The two have yet to say a single word, but instead are using body language to communicate. Softy, Kelly's lips begin to kiss her mother's neck, her chin, and finally her full lips.

"Good morning mommy!" smiled Kelly.

"Hi sweetie how's my little girl?"

"A little horny, can't you tell?"

"Teenagers!" cries Cathy in mock horror.

Kelly laughs and gets up from her mom's lap and into her own seat.

"Kelly, we need to talk about all this some more."

"Why, I thought we settled it last night in bed?"
"We did. I have to thank you for the nice surprise last night," whispered Cathy. "It's just that I think there are things we haven't discussed."

"Like what?"

"For instance, did you mean by not letting any girl keep us apart that we couldn't date?"

"Of course not, I meant that I'm not going to sleep with your girlfriends and you aren't going to sleep with mine," smiled Kelly as she brushed her long brunette hair from her face.

Cathy looked down at the table. This was going to be hard.

"Is their something wrong mom?"

"Uh, well...you remember a couple days ago that I told you I had found someone else?"

"Yeah, who is she? I bet she's a hottie."

"Well the thing is..." Cathy's sentence interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Shit, it's 7:30, Monica is here, and we were supposed to walk to school together today. I gotta get ready. Get the door for me will ya."

Cathy's heart almost stopped. She should have known Monica would be over this morning. Good thing she didn't finish confessing.

Cathy opens the door and at the doorway is Monica Moyers. The same girl's pussy she devoured just to get back at her daughter. Monica was wearing jean shorts that showed a lot of leg.

"Hi Mrs. Thompson."

"Monica, come in. Kelly's getting changed and should be out in a minute."

Both of them sat on the couch in awkward silence.

"I can't stop thinking about that night Mrs. Thompson. It was so hot!" whispered Monica.

"I enjoyed it too Monica," smiled Cathy, "too bad we have to feel awkward around each other now."

"Yeah. I was thinking maybe we could...you know, do it again."

Cathy laughed to herself. It really does feel good to have a hot looking 18 year old want you.

"I don't know about that Monica. I think maybe we shouldn't."

"Shouldn't what?" asked Kelly as she walked into the room in another gorgeous outfit.

"Uh, nothing dear. You have everything for school?" replied Cathy.

"Yeah mom, we gotta go or we'll be late."

Kelly gave her mom a quick hug and a grabbed a little handful of her ass as well. The two teens then left for school together.


"What was that all about?" inquired Kelly.

"What do you mean?"

"My mom told you, 'maybe we shouldn't'. What were you talking about?"

Monica was trapped. She didn't know what to say. No believable excuse came to her mind.

"It was nothing Kelly."

"I'm pretty close to my mom, she's gonna tell me."

"I noticed. What was up with that?" accused Monica remembering Kelly's hug with her mom.

"Noticed what Monica? Stop trying to change the subject."

"Oh, so I'm supposed to forget that I saw you grab your mom's ass. And you want me to tell you my secret when you won't tell me who this new guy your seeing is."

Kelly swallowed hard, "I'm not dating a guy."

"What! So what was all that talk?" cried Monica.

"This is hard for me to say. Please don't hate me."

"Kelly, what could you possibly do that would make me hate you?"

"I think I'm bisexual."

Monica breaks out into a laugh. "You have got to be kidding me? You can get any guy in our school?"

"I know, but I am. You aren't going to tell the whole school are you?"

"No silly. Then I'd be a pretty big hypocrite."

"What do you mean, Mon?"

"I like girls too Kelly."

Both girls start laughing. It looks like they have another thing in common after all.

"Oh we can't go to school now. I wanna know how all this happened." Kelly said excitedly.

"I know! We can go to me house."


Cathy was in her car heading to work. She was a secretary in a law office. She used to love her job. It was here that she met Tori and her life changed. Unfortunately now that Tori and her were over, work was extremely uncomfortable.

Cathy kept thinking of how she was going to tell her daughter about Monica. It was an evil thing to do. Although Kelly hurt her by dating Tori, she was the adult and should have known better.

Walking into the office, everyone was oblivious to Cathy. She quietly sat down at her desk and saw the chair next to her was empty. Maybe Tori wasn't going to show up today.

In walked the brunette Tori in a sexy yellow sundress. She was holding a box as she sat down at her desk.

"Cathy, you'll be happy to know that I'm quitting."

Cathy tried to hide her excitement. The bitch was leaving her in peace.

"So where are you going?" asked Cathy.

"Away from you and your daughter. I can't look you two in the eye anymore after what I did."

What was this? Was Tori showing remorse?

"You feel bad Tori? I thought you didn't care who you hurt?" struck back Cathy.

"I made a mistake, I chose lust instead of love. But so did you." Tori leaned closer to Cathy and continued, "Would you have told me about Kelly?"

Cathy knew she wouldn't have. Tori was right, she had a big hand in the crumbling of their relationship. Cathy just stared at her desk. Her silence answered Tori's question.

"Cathy," Tori got up and walked towards the bathroom, "I need to give you something before I leave."

Tori took Cathy's hand and guided her inside the bathroom. The door was locked and the two ladies were alone.
"Remember this room, Cathy?"

This was where it all started. Their first kiss, their first 'I love you', their first time. Cathy was beginning to get emotional as she thought of their 4-month romance.

"Cathy, I have to give this back to you."

It was the beautiful gold necklace that Cathy gave to Tori on their first real date.

"You don't have to." Cathy began to speak, but was interrupted by Tori's finger on her soft lips.

"Cathy, I hurt you and your daughter. I feel horrible. I'm going to move away and start over."

Cathy's hand rested on Tori's shoulder as she looked Tori in the eyes, "In a weird way, I'm gonna miss you too."

"Thank you. Cathy, I did love you. You have to believe me."

"I do. I have to thank you for introducing me the best pleasure I've ever had."

Tori's hand brushed away Cathy's hair from her face as she leaned in and kissed her former lover. The two women began kissing more passionately. Their hands traveling around each other's bodies as their wet tongues danced together.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Don't you think you've been in their long enough?" a voice was heard.

"Cathy, I know a room no one is using. I want to finish this."

"I don't know Tori. What about Kelly?"

"Fuck Kelly! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so cruel, but she will never know. Besides, I want to give you one more thing."

Cathy's body heat was rising. She wanted Tori one more time, so she nodded and said, "Ok."

The two women, hand in hand, unlocked the door and bolted out.

"Hey, aren't you two supposed to be working?" screamed their boss Nancy.

"We're on our break," responded Tori on her way to the abandoned room.

After opening, closing and locking the door, Tori and Cathy were all over each other. Tori was unbuttoning Cathy's blouse as she kissed her neck. Tori proceeded to lay her lover on the meeting table slowly undid Cathy's bra. Seeing the freed breasts, Tori began to suck on one nipple while tightly pinching the other. Moans of pleasure came forth out of Cathy as she let Tori lick and suck her tits.


"So who is she Kelly?" inquired Monica.

"I don't want to say right now, I'm kind of embarrassed about the whole situation. Give me some time and I'll eventually tell you."

"Ok, but I won't tell you who my girl is until you do, deal?"

"All right," smiled Kelly. She could hardly believe her luck. Her best friend in the whole world also is into girls.

The two girls walked into Monica's empty house. They could talk here safely and not get bothered by anyone. The two 18-year-old seniors sat on Monica's bed and just giggled.

Monica spoke first, "So when did this start for you?"

"Winter break. I found out that someone I knew was actually a lesbian. I was shocked and disgusted and at the same time it kinda turned me on. I never really thought of it before. I've always been straight and into boys, but thinking about it made me realize that I'm might be missing something truly great."

"For me it was kind of always there. I always knew I was different. I had crushes on female teachers and classmates, but it wasn't until this girl kind of seduced me that I knew for sure?" Monica whispered.

Kelly leaned toward her best friend, "What teacher did you have the hots for?"

"Oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm saying these things out loud. Uhhh. It had to be Mrs. Bentley, 10th grade English."

"Really? I guess she was kind of hot come to think of it. I remember she has really nice legs."

"I used to think of her when I... you know...played with myself."

Both girls erupted in laughter. They were starting to get more comfortable talking about this taboo subject with each other.


Monica's mom Gayle was heading back home. She forgot some important papers she needed for work. With all the drama at home with her daughter admitting to like girls and her husband being a usual asshole, Gayle was a little scatterbrained.


"Oh Yes, Tori, that feels so good," Cathy exclaimed as she felt two fingers go inside her dripping wet pussy.

The two women were now naked and glistening with sweat. Cathy was on top of Tori in a 69 position. Cathy went back to licking the first pussy she ever had. Her long red tongue darted inside Tori's lips and the juices that flowed into her mouth sent her on a natural high.

"Fuck my pussy sweetie, give me an orgasm for the last time. Cathy oh... you eat pussy so much better than you did when I first taught you."

Cathy felt a little sad. Tori was her first and it was going to end very soon. She almost wished she hadn't of been such a bitch and let them both share Kelly.

Cathy did something she had never done. She spread Tori's ass apart and began to lick. Tori had begged her to lick in this way, but Cathy always refused. Not today. Cathy dived right in, her finger entering the backside of her lover as her tongue nudged its way in licking and tasting a whole new world. Cathy realized that this wasn't that bad. It actually turned her on.

Screams of pleasure filled the room as Tori felt the sensation of her former lover eating her ass.

"Oh Cathy, thank you! Yes, oh yes! You knew how much I wanted you to do this. Ughhh! Fuck me, yes! Lick my ass sweetie!

Both women began furiously alternating eating pussy and anus. Moans and squeals filled the room. It was a good thing that this place was far from the other workers.

Tori was the one to cum first. Cathy's tongue far up Tori's ass send her over the top. Her body spasmed and wave after wave of ecstasy came over her.

"Oh my god yes! I'm cumming. Lick me faster, Oh Cathy yes! Ahhhh!

After Tori was done she moved over Cathy's sexy nude body and kissed her on the lips. She could taste where Cathy's tongue had been and it made her kiss more passionately.

"Let me return the favor and take you to the mountain top," smiled a horny Tori.

No time was wasted as Tori's head went right between Cathy's legs and began bathing her pussy with some kisses and wet strokes over her tongue. While Cathy didn't mind getting her ass eaten, her primary joy was when attention was given to her sensitive and enflamed clit.

Tori's tongue licked from the top of Cathy's pussy to the bottom and everywhere in between. When inside her twat, Cathy could feel the tongue wiggle and shake as it was looking for her clit. When it was found Cathy practically jumped from the oak table in shock and pleasure. Tori kissed and sucked and gently pulled and pushed her lovers clit. Cathy couldn't take it any more as she began to cum.

"Oh yes! Tori yes, you eat me so go, never stop, ahhhh! I love you Tori, please make me cum, and make me scream. Tori! Oh Tori! Ahhh, yes. Oh god yes!"


"O my gosh, you slut!" laughed Monica.

"I know, I've only been a lesbian for a short time and I've already been with 3 women. Soon to be four."

Monica suddenly stopped laughing. What was Kelly saying? Did she want to be with her?

Noticing Monica's uneasiness, Kelly quickly added, "Oh I mean, I have a date soon with another girl. I didn't mean, you know."

"Of course," Monica blushed. She was kind of disappointed and relieved at the same time.

Kelly continued, "I met her at a lesbian bar. I know, isn't that wild. It is so weird seeing all these women together holding hands and kissing and dancing. I met her there and we hit it off. We have many of the same interests. I think it'll be fun.

"So is she the girl you don't want to tell me about? Do I know her?"

"Monica no. Her name is Hannah and she's a really pretty Asian girl. Very sweet. You don't know her. The other girl you do."

"It isn't Marsha Gonzales is it?" Monica asked.

"No, no. That's right she is a lesbian too. She's a little too much of a dyke for my tastes though. I like feminine women."

"Me too, I like feminine girls to. Like you," Monica swallowed hard realizing she just let one of the many cats she had out of the bad.

"You got the hots for me, Mon?"

"Don't make fun. I kinda do. This isn't easy you know."

"I know. I'm sorry. I think you are hot too, but I don't know if I want a relationship or anything. I'm new to this too," Kelly answered.

"I know. I don't want one right now either. Things are too crazy for that. I could be your Andy Rove though."

Kelly laughed. Andy Rove was a good friend who also was a sex partner

"You mean like a fuck buddy?"


Gayle opened the front door of her home and saw her daughter's backpack on the sofa.

"Gosh, I don't need this right now," she thought to herself.

She picked up the papers she needed and slowly walked towards Monica's room. She heard two voices. Sure enough, she recognized her daughter and her best friend Kelly's voice. She was about to barge in when the thought occurred to her. What if they are in the middle of something? She leaned her ear against the door and listened.


Tori was getting dressed, as Cathy was still spread eagle on the table.

"I meant it when I told you I love you," Cathy confessed.

"Yeah," replied nervous Tori.

"Maybe we could still see each other. I mean, Kelly and I and you."

Tori's jaw dropped. If only she had heard this when it mattered. Now it was too late. The damage was done and there was no turning back.

"I don't think Kelly would have me anymore Cathy."

"If I know my daughter, then she's like me and won't be able to stay away from you either. Imagine us all together. I was so stupid and selfish. I should have shared. I love you both."

"Cathy you don't know what you are saying. I quit. I'm leaving town. It can't happen."

"Why not? You can move in with us. You are a smart girl. You'll find another job. This can work.

Tori head falls in shame.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Cathy gets up from the table and brings Tori in her arms.

"You are making this really difficult, you know that Cathy."

"What do you mean?"

Instead of word, Tori motioned towards the corner of the room towards a red light.

"Oh my god! It's a camera. What are we going to do? Shit, they are going to see this and we'll lose our jobs. Oh no! Fuck!" Cathy instinctively began covering her breasts and began fumbling for her clothes.

"No, Cathy. You are gonna lose you job."

"I don't understand," questioned Cathy.


Monica sat stunned. Her mind was whirling a thousand miles an hour. What had just happened? She looked at her best friend crying into her hands. The same girl she told her mom she had a huge crush on. But this was too weird, she wasn't prepared for this.

"You think I'm sick don't you. Why are you looking at me like that? Say something Mon," sobbed Kelly.

"Uhh...I don't know...it's just that..." Monica nervously laughs before retrying to answer, "I'm shocked Kelly. I don't think you are sick. Please don't think that."


Gayle hears the whole thing. Kelly has been sleeping with her mother. Gayle quickly grabs her papers and heads out the door. She doesn't want to hear any more. How could Cathy do this to her daughter and how could Kelly want to have sex with her mom? Cathy drives off shaking. She knew Cathy was a lesbian and that her daughter was very curious, but this was too much. Then a thought hit her. Could her daughter Monica want the same type of relationship with her?


"Cathy, I did this. I set this up. I knew this conference room had a camera and I purposely suggested this room to get revenge."

Cathy was speechless. She started crying.

"You and your daughter screwed me. I showed you how to have pleasure and I showed your daughter what it was like to be with an experienced woman and both of you reject me. I will not take that Cathy."

"How could you? You cheated on me and with Kelly. You are the problem. Oh god, how could you do this?"
"You are the hypocrite. You cheated on me with your daughter. You committed incest. I find out and at first I'm disgusted, but I get over it and want us three to be together and you all of a sudden go prude. You wanted your cake and eat it too. You wanted to fuck me while on the side fuck your own daughter. So don't go crying to me about it's all my fault."

Cathy slaps Tori across the face as hard as she can.

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