tagErotic Poetryconjugal visit

conjugal visit


my chick got locked up
for working the streets
she's a bad bitch
the others can't compete
once a month
we get a conjugal visit
i always show up
i'll be damned if i miss it
we're behind closed doors
but a guard is standing outside
i wanted to bring my strap-on
but my request got denied
we started with a kiss
and then off came the clothes
we both were ready to fuck
but this setting we wouldn't have chose
we're sucking each other's pussy
everytime it seems to get better
we've got out tongues on each other's clit
i don't know whose pussy is wetter
we only have an hour
so we have to make it good
i'd fuck her every day
if only i could
i leave smelling like pussy
and the aroma lasts all day
i didn't take a shower
so the scent wouldn't wash away

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