Connie Nielsen's Nude Affair


The harder and longer Connie sucked on Natalie's clit, the more Miss Portman approached a climax, whether she wanted to reach one yet or not. Luckily, the Dane always seemed to stop short of letting her cum so far. She still nibbled on Natalie, only now on her labia, which oddly had the intended effect. If she was a psychic, she couldn't have done a better of anticipating what her guest needed. Hell, if Natalie didn't remind herself that Connie had a beau, then she could easily become very infatuated with her hostess.

Unfortunately for Natalie's efforts to restrain her own orgasm, Connie decided that it was time to get her off. She apparently felt that Miss Portman had waited long enough. Perhaps she was right, too, as Natalie's willpower was crumbling by now. When Miss Nielsen applied her mouth to her clit and sucked on her, the actress squirted on the Dane's lovely face.

"Natalie, ma amie, did you just cum?" Connie winked at Natalie, before standing up and kissing her on the mouth.

This time, there was plenty of tongue involved. The two women shared Natalie's juices, loving the flavor of the younger actress's sex in their mouths. Miss Portman now knew that she hungered for Connie Nielsen. She badly craved the taste of her ass.

"Curious question, babe: how clean is your butt-crack?" Natalie finally asked Connie when they broke their kiss.

"Clean enough to lick, if that's what you're wondering, ma cherie," Connie responded with a hint of lustful clairvoyance.

"How did you read my mind?" Natalie asked, before planting another kiss on her new fling's delightful lips.

"Well, if it's as salacious as mine, you'd have to want anilingus at some point. You can be sure that I'll rim you in time. For now, however, it's your turn. Where do you want me to bend over?" Connie grinned lasciviously.

"How about right here, where you just finished tasting me?" Natalie suggested.

"Wunderbar! I just hope that I don't faint from the climax that you're likely to give me. I may not gush, but I have some powerful orgasms! Now, will you please bend me over and lick my ass!" Connie exclaimed.

Natalie was quite willing to do what Connie pleaded with her to do, spreading the Dane's ass-cheeks to taste her sphincter. She ran her tongue along that crevice with an intensifying excitement. The anal sweat was tasty, as she experienced it for the first time. She wasn't disappointed by her new fuckbuddy's bottom. She loved the flavor of Connie's tush. She became almost as excited by the act as Connie was herself.

Speaking of Connie, she was about to collapse as she had warned Natalie, or so she felt for a moment. The anticipation of being rimmed was one thing; the experience itself was twice as potent. The sensation of having something soft probe between her butt-cheeks was one that made her feel the proverbial butterflies. She had never realized just how much pleasure she would feel from Natalie's lips and tongue. She both wanted to cum and to make it last longer. The thought that someone was treating her bottom like it was a dessert was more than enough to make her wet in itself.

As she was already stimulated from having eaten Natalie out, Connie couldn't resist her climax quite as long as her guest did earlier. She groaned with her orgasm, as her juices leaked out of her satisfied sex. All of that in her pussy, and that was one hole that Natalie hadn't actually touched yet.

"Thaaaankkkk youuuuu, Naaatttaaallliieee!" she tried to say, while she screamed from a second release.

Multiple orgasms were still new to her, having only had them with Lars before, and that only twice. The fact that Natalie hadn't stopped as soon as Connie came indicated that she had intended to cause both climaxes. Either that, or she was just addicted to Connie's butt. Whatever the case, it was good news for the Danish actress. She had finally met her equal in sheer sensuality, someone who fully appreciated the delights of a lengthy copulation.

If Lars wanted to keep her as a lover, he would just have to accept that she had a mistress in the European sense. If she accepted him following the rock tradition of groupies, why couldn't he tolerate her practicing this Old World custom? They each had their extracurricular partners, so it was only fair. They could make love when together and pursue their other lovers when apart. Connie knew for certain that she wouldn't give Natalie up now. As a matter of fact, she was in love with Miss Portman.

She actually hoped that Lars eventually took a mistress himself. Not only would he understand it was like for her then, but he wouldn't miss out on that pleasure. Surely, having two people who loved him would be the perfect balance of variety and passion! If that didn't happen, it was his loss, just as it was with his preference for the "textile" life. She wouldn't make his choices for him, nor would she allow him to force his upon her. She was done with monogamy and wearing clothes all of the time.

"I have to confess something, Connie," Natalie interrupted her contemplation after getting off her knees.

"Which is?" Connie inquired. Please, God, Odin, whomever You are out there, let it be love, she thought.

"I think I'm falling for you," Miss Portman clarified.

Thank you, Connie exclaimed to whatever Deity had been so kind to her.

"So am I, ma cherie. So am I," Connie reacted, before kissing her and cleaning her own anal sweat from Natalie's mouth and face.

"Then we have more naked weekends together? What about your boyfriend?" Natalie probed.

"When he's around, he can join us, naked or not. Something tells me that we can get him out of his clothes. When he's not around....," Connie explained with a wink.

"He can fuck his groupies and think about us naked together?" Natalie finished her statement.

"Precisely! Now, speaking of nudity, there's a lot of other things that we can do in the buff!" Connie declared.

"Such as?" Natalie wondered, genuinely curious about her new lover's lifestyle.

"Well, for one thing, I have an indoor pool...," Connie smiled.

Natalie just giggled and asked, "Sounds wonderful, but where are the towels?"

Connie didn't say a thing. She just led the way to the linen closet, exulting in the knowledge that her young mistress was ogling her ass while she followed her.

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Mistress is simply mistress

THERE IS NO SUCH THING as "mistress in the European sense"!WHAT A STUPID THING!MISTRESS HAS THE SAME SENSE ALL OVER THE WORLD,not only in Europe!And IT'S NOT "an old world custom",but A THING THAT OCCURSmore...

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