tagCelebrities & Fan FictionConnie Nielsen's Nude Affair Deux

Connie Nielsen's Nude Affair Deux


Connie's swim with Natalie had gone much better than either of them hoped, since they couldn't keep from groping each other throughout the session. In fact, Natalie kept finding reasons to fondle Connie's ass. The Dane swore to herself that she would get her share of Natalie's tush as well, in every way possible.

The chance to do so came sooner than expected, when Natalie asked if she could take a shower. Connie had a very wicked grin on her face, which prompted the brunette to ask why she smiled that way.

"I think that you should let me fuck you afterward, don't you? You can shower, but I want to sample your butt as soon as it's clean enough to devour. What do you say?"

"Fine with me, but you're joining me in there, right?"

"Absolutely, babe. I want to get the chance to clean you to my standards. I hope that you'll do the same for me," Connie assured her.

"By all means. I can see that you like to pamper your lovers, don't you?" Natalie noted.

"Oh, of course. I also like to go down on them. Or haven't you noticed?" the Danish actress giggled.

"Very much so," Ms. Portman answered, as they began washing each other off.

Naturally, both ladies lingered in the shower, exploring each other's skin once more. They caressed and fingered each other at will, in fact. After all, it was the first time that either of them had showered with a female lover. They wanted to truly enjoy the encounter.

Once they were dried off, Connie invited Natalie to bend over the bed, so that she could rim her at last. The brunette was nervous for a second, but she soon felt a great tingle from the experience of being eaten by her Danish girlfriend. Connie's tongue was literally everywhere on Natalie's backside, not allowing the American adjust to any sensation. Instead, she constantly had a new surge of pleasure from the Dane's oral worship.

"You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say that you want to own my ass or something. You have a major obsession with it," Natalie teased Connie after a while of this butt-licking.

"Who says that you do know better? I wouldn't mind permanent access to your bottom. I would share it with Lars, of course, but I would enjoy having my way with it whenever I pleased," Connie laughed deviously.

"Then your wish is my command, Mistress," Natalie quipped.

"It isn't fair to tantalize me like that," Ms. Nielsen pouted.

"Now you're assuming wrongly, babe. I would love to submit to an older woman. That would be extremely hot, as long as it didn't control my life 24/7. I'm not ready to be a full-time slave. However, letting a woman dominate me sexually on a frequent basis would be rather nice, as long as there were some rules or limits," Natalie assured her.

"Really? In that case, let's just keep the dominance part about anal sex. We own each other's butts, and nothing else. In every other way, we're equal lovers. What do you say?" Connie proposed.

"So, wait? I get to control your tush, too?"

"That's only fair, don't you think? Besides, it will be fun."

"Agreed, then. We're each other's butt slaves. Maybe we should sign contracts or something, provided that they aren't made public."

"Works for me. I think that we can keep them out of the public eye. There is one other matter," Connie observed.

"What is that?"

"I want you to move in with Lars and me. Don't laugh. I know it sounds drastic and risks more exposure. I know that Lars would have to agree with it. But I truly think that he would, once he realized it meant regular threesomes for the rest of his life. And we would have the chance to let our love become threefold. What do you say?" the Dane offered.

"Honey, I'm all yours. Well, and Lars's, if he agrees to this. But mainly yours, since you suggested. He just gets the fringe benefits," the younger woman consented, as she turned to kiss her new partner.

"I'll let you know quickly how he reacts. Not that he will say no, particularly when he learns that you share my nudist kink among others. He's a red-blooded male, after all. And then you'll truly live with us," Connie sighed with pleasure at the idea.

"Indeed. But I have to warn you that I'm a vegetarian. If and when I cook, there's no meat involved," Natalie informed her lover.

"Honey, that's not an issue. The only meat that you really need will be the two of us. Any other flesh is totally optional," the redhead winked between kisses.

"Dine away, then, madam. Dinner is served. Bon appetit. You get the idea," the brunette chuckled at the Dane's comment.

"Oh, in that case, I'm glad that I brought my appetite to this banquet," Connie reacted, as she resumed feasting on Natalie's ass.

"I thought that you were going to fuck my ass, too," Miss Portman reminded her.

"Trust me. Fucking is next on my agenda, along with spanking that cute tush of yours," Miss Nielsen assured her paramour.

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